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The Selection Process

Preliminary Screening on Minimum Qualifications (HRM) .. 3
The Selection Committee(s)

3 Responsibilities of Selection Committee

4 Selection Criteria

4 The Written Interview.

4 The Oral Interview

5 Other Information

5 Scoring

5 Scoring Procedure

6 Selection of Finalists ..

6 Review of Additional Qualifications -- Supervisor Interviews, the Board's Resume, and Transcripts

7 Final Recommendations to IRM Senior Management 7 Selection of Trainees/Feedback to Remaining Applicants ...... 7

Trainee Positions

Initial Placement in Program
Salary and Pay Adjustments
UMP Trainee Classifications and JEPs


Training and Education

Selection of a Mentor
Developing an Individual Development Plan (LDP)
Selection of College or University
Requirements and Reporting ....
Hours of Work and Course Schedule
Study Skills
Payment Responsibility
Continuing Education after UMP Graduation

10 10 11 11 11 11 11 11

Reviews and Evaluation of Progress

Performance Management Program (PMP) Review 12 Roles of Branch Manager, Section Chief, Mentor, and Traince Branch Manager Responsibilities

12 Section Chief/Supervisor Responsibilities.

12 Mentor Responsibilities

13 Trainee Responsibilities

13 Recommendation for Graduation

13 Procedures if an Individual Fails the Program

13 Procedures to Extend an Individual's Time in the Program.. 14

Administration of the Upward Mobility Program

The Upward Mobility Program Committee .....
Selection of Members and Their Term
Responsibilities of the UMP Committee
UMP Committee Meetings ......
Procedures for Changing the Program
Procedures for Appeals.

14 14 14 15 15 15

Appendix A · Description of Targeted Selection Process and
Selection Dimensions

17 Appendix B · Job Evaluation Plans (JEPs) for the UMP Trainee Positions


The objective of the Upward Mobility Program (UMP) in Information Resources Management (IRM) is to provide Federal Reserve Board employees in career ladders with limited potenual an opportunity to participate in a formal training program and receive classroom and on-the-job training. This will enable them to qualify for positions in IRM that require automation, analysis, or telecommunications skills, thereby offering beller career possibilities for employees involved in the program.

of the

Applying for the Program

Identification of Target Positions
There will be two Trainee positions in the UMP at all times. Senior IRM
management will idenuify which of the job familics will be filled each time
there is an opening in the program. The following four job families have been
idenuified for the IRM UMP:

Computer Applications Programmer
Information Systems Specialist
Financial Reports Analyst
Computer Operator

Announcement of Openings in the Program
UMP vacancies will be posted on thc Career Opportunities Board in the lounge
area of the Martin Building and announced in “Across the Board." Any Board
employee who is interested in a career in any of the four job families is
encouraged to review the qualifications for the posicd job(s) and submit an
UMP application form. UMP positions will begin at the Trainee level with the
potential to go to the entry level of the job family at the completion of the
program. Applicants should carefully consider the qualifications listed and the
commitment necessary to complete the program prior to completing the
application form.

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Ongoing Publicity About the Program and Openings
General orientation meetings will be held prior to cach new UMP posting.
Announcements of vacancies will be sent by the UMP Commillee to all
Administrative Assistants at the Board, the Employees Committee, the Black
Employees Advisory Commillee, and the Federal Women's Program Advisory
Regular Human Resources Management (HRM) posting procedures will be
Articles will be published in "Across the Board" and thc "Information
Exchange" announcing graduations from the program and subsequent open-

Posting of Openings
UMP positions will be posted in accordance with the Board's vacancy posting

Minimum Requirements
Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered
for the UMP:
• High School Diploma or equivalent

Employed at the Board full-uime for at least one year by the date the
posting closes
Last PMP rating was at least CMS--consistently mcels slandards
Currendy serving in a nonexempt job, FR-31 through FR-36 or Wage-
Board or Printing Grade equivalent for the Computer Applications
Programmer, the Information Systems Specialist, or the Financial
Reports Analyst Trainee jobs

review qualifications



currcnuy serving in the FR-31 through FR-34 or Wage-Board or Printing Grade equivalents for the Computer Operator Trainee job.

How to Apply – The Application Form, Transcript Release
Form, and Supervisor Notification
Any Board employee who meets the minimum requirements may obtain an
UMP application form from HRM (see sample form in Appendix C). Appli-
cants must submit the completed form L HRM. Applicants will also be asked
to sign a transcript release form and notify their supervisor that they have
applied to the UMP. HRM will send for the most recent college transcript

Frequency of Openings
UMP positions will be filled when a vacancy occurs. It is expected that the
program will last from one to two years depending on the Trainee's qualifica-

Targeted Process
Selection UMP Trainces will be selected on a competitive basis

Targeted Selection guidelines and methodology. (See Appendix A for a Process and description of this methodology.) Specifically, the Trainces will be selected on Dimensions dimensions which have been defined and validated through a job analysis

procedure to ensure that they are job related. Dimensions are defined to be those aspects of demonstrated behavior that lead to success or failure in the target position.

The dimensions which will be used in the selection process for the Computer
Applications Programmer and the Information Systems Specialist positions
are as follows:


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Oral Communication Skill
Planning and Organizing
Practical Learning
Technical Knowledge
Tolerance for Stress

Written Communication Skill
The dimensions for the Financial Reports Analyst job are listed below:

Judgment and Decisiveness
Oral and written Communication Skill
Organizational Sensitivity
Planning, Organizin,g and Controlling
Technical Knowledge

Tolerance for Stress
The dimensions for the Computer Operator job are

Oral and written Communication Skill
Practical Learning
Technical Knowledge

Tolerance for Stress
Descriptions of the dimensions are given in Appendix A. Each applicant
should read and swdy Appendix A carefully and be prepared to address each
dimension during the written and oral interviews, i.e., pinpoint those segments
of background (work, education, community service, etc.) which will demon-
strate experience and accomplishments for each dimension.

Preliminary Screening on Minimum Qualifications (HRM) Applicants initially will be screened by HRM to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements as stated in the minimum qualifications standards for the position. Individuals meeting the minimum requirements will then be referred to IRM.


The Selection Committee(s)
Each Selection Committee will be comprised of three members, all of whom
must be formally trained in Targeted Selection Interviewing Techniques. One
member will be an IRM Officer. The remaining two members will come from
the section in which the Trainee will be supervised. One member will be the
Section Chief and the other will be the mentor selected for that Trainee
position or another appointed section member.

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