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contract for performance of part of the work or maintain in-house capability, as well as a potential Contractor's longstanding relationship with its suppliers. Determinations that no subcontracting possibilities exist will be documented.

(c) Subcontracting plans are not required from Covered Companies or for contracts for services that are personal in nature.


Planning and Reporting on Small and Disadvantaged Small


(a) Annual Review and Statement.

(1) At least annually, the Small Company Specialist will consult with Bank management concerning the Bank's acquisition record with Covered Companies, possible categories of acquisitions above $10,000 to be wholly or partially set aside for Covered Companies and ways of increasing Covered Company participation.

(2) Each year, the Small Company Specialist will document the proportional and dollar amount of the Bank's acquisitions let to Covered Companies and its plans for the following year.

(b) Report to the Board of Governors. The Bank will submit a report to the Board of Governors each year. This report will set forth (1) total contract dollars attributed to Covered Company purchases, and (2) the proportion of contract dollars let to Covered Companies. The report will discuss what specific product of service categories have been most accessible to Covered Companies, the experience of Covered Companies in obtaining awards through subcontracting and FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF CLEVELAND


The Bank has a self-certification process to classify small businesses and socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses. We currently accept similar self-certifications filed with other Federal Reserve Bank offices and certifications made by the Small Business Administration.



The Bank entered into 395 contracts with socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses in 1991 with a total value of $456,767.04. Also in 1991, the Bank entered into 3,360 contracts with small (non-minority) businesses. These contracts had a total value of $14,596,835.37. Each of the contracts in these two groups were executed in 1992 and were of various durations. As the Bank does not have a policy to provide preference to woman-owned businesses or socially or economically disadvantaged businesses not classified as small, it does not collect separate data on such businesses. The total numbers and values of contracts shown in this paragraph include both woman-owned and non-women-owned businesses.

The attached table, referenced as Appendix A, lists the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland's 1991 expenditures by commodity with socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses. During 1991 the Bank did not enter into agreements with socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses for financial services, investment banking, underwriting, accounting, legal services, asset management, or asset disposition.

Appendix A

1991 Socially and Economically disadvantaged

Small Business Expenditures by commodity

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Leasing, Consulting and Manpower Services $1,367.50
Personnel Services

Transportation Services

343.78 Office Services and Equipment Rental

102.974.90 Equipment Maintenance

11,749.99 Facilities Maintenance

2,771.08 Utility Services

0.00 Weapons, Ammunition and Supplies

0.00 Motor Vehicles

41.70 Furniture

14.815.90 Commercial Furnishings

47,410.58 Special Machinery

0.00 Communication Equipment

0.00 Data Processing Equipment and Supplies

65,318.59 Security Systems and Safety Equipment

229.42 Audio-visual Equipment and Supplies

0.00 Office Equipment

1,148.24 Instruments and Laboratory Equipment

522.00 Food Preparation Equipment

0.00 Material Handling Equipment

2,489.50 Refrigeration, Air Cond. and Circ. Equipment 907.38 Shop Machinery and Building Equipment

871.00 Plumbing. Heating. Sanit. Equip. and Supplies 472.67 Hand and Measuring Tools

2,297.54 Lumber, Plywood, and Other Wood Products

0.00 Hardware

976.12 Construction and Building Materials

224.92 Lighting Fixtures and Lamps

19,180.32 Electrical Supplies

7,761.67 Paint and Supplies

0.00 Chemicals and Chemical Products

2,548.25 Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

8,007.70 Toiletries

26,137.86 Clothing. Individual Equipment and Insignia 2,227.62 Medical Supplies

292.10 Publications

6,648.40 Supplies

103,257.13 office Supplies

3,660.82 Paper and Supplies - Print Shop

438.76 Containers, Packaging and Packaging Supplies 9,539.18 Fuels and Lubricants

1,887.22 Miscellaneous


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