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Natural and Civil History, Geography,

Mathematics, Poetry, Memoirs of monthly Oc-
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Printed and sold by W. Owen, near Temple-Bar, and
by the Author, at his House in Fleet-street.


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The MOHAWK INDIAN Warrior Ali'ith his Tomax , Scalping-Knife &c

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Miscellaneous Correspondence,

in Profe and Verse: Fot J ANU ARY, 1759. . Å

S there is lately arrived from A- they are born, and letting it lye on as ,

merita, a Mohawk Indian War- long as is necessary for chat Purpose. Tior, one of General Johnson's Guards, Their Nostrils are large and open ; who had distinguished himself at the their Eyes small, but quick and picrBattle of Lake George, (where General cing, their Ears large, &c. Fobnfor beat the French) by his finga The Indian Warriors have only a Iar Valour in taking the French Gene- proper Covering round their Waift; sal, Monfieur Defeau, Prisoner; and the Rest of the Body being naked. as the abovenamed Indian Warrior (for Their Faces ate usually paintedsome the Gratification of the Curious) is half Black, others one third, Trianexposd to public View, dress d in the gular-wise; others with bearded Ara: fame Manner with his native Indians, rows, inftead of Whiskers. Their when they go to War, with his Face Dress and Appearance vary according and Body painted, his Scalping-knife, to their Rank, as well as the Temper apd Tomax, or Bartle-axe, and all and Disposition of their Minds, as the other Implements that are used by they have been more or lesą civiliz'd. the Indians in Battle, we imagine a Their Cruelty of scalping their EneCopper-plate Print of this extraordina- mies is probably owing to long Cory Person will be agreeable: To Itom amongst them, and the bale Inwhich we add the following Account. finuations of those who may have an

These Mobazuk Indians are some- Influence over them ; but where they what remarkable in their Perlons; have had the Advantage of different they much esteem a very broad, flat Instruction, there are many Infances Foreheads which they iake care to of their discovering a different Dispoa give their Children, by binding hard Gtion. on that Part 2 Plate of Lead as Toon as

MATHENÍ ATIĆAL Questions Answered.

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Question 205, answered by the Propofer Mr. R. Waddington.
y the N.wrónias philosophical Principles of the Mathematics, I find the Length of
Pendulums vibrating Seconds in the Latitudes as follows, viz.

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