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chymist Amethyst Anatomist Annalist Antagonist Antichrist Cábalift Catechist Deipnosophist Dogmatist Emblematist Epigrammatift Epitomist Etymologilt Evangelist Exorcist Formalitt Herbalift Humourist Humanist Gymnosophist Janfeniit Latinift Methodist Mercurialist Mineralift Monopolift Naturalist Oculist Organist Physiognomist Platonick Royalist Satyrift Separatift Calvinist. And the Termina tions EAST, EST and IEST ; together with the Participle Passive of the Verbs in EASE, IECE, and ISS, and of the other Terminations that rhyme to them.

IT. Admit It Bit Befpit Benefit Chit Cit Commit Emit Acquit Fit Flit Grit Hit Kit Knir Nit Pit Quit Omit Ourwit Permit Pretermit Remit Refit_Re-admic Sit Slit Spit Split Submit Perquifit Transmit Tit Whit Wit Writ Unfic Unknit. And the Terminations EAT, EET, ET, ETE and ITE.

ITCH and ICH. Bitch Bewitch Dirch Flitch Hitch Itch Pitch Stitch Switch Twitch Witch Unbewitch Unstich Nich Which Rich Enrich, And the Terminations EACH and ETCH.

ITE and OIT. Bice Blite Cite Kite Contrite Despite Difupite Indite Indist Invite Excite Incire Impolite Police Mite Quite Rite Spite Site Smite Trite White Write Requite Recite Rechabite Re-unite Tripartite Unite Bipartite Quadrupartite Expedire Appolice Opposite Appetite Atture Carmelite Caramite Chrysolite Exquilite Favourite Herma-phrodite Hypocrite Indefinite Infinite Marcasite Neochyre Parafite Profelyte_Requisite Sodomite Jebusite Israelite Aconite Doit Quoit Exploit. And the Terminations IGHT and IT.

ITH and ITHE. Frith With Pith Smith Forthwitha Herewith Wherewith Therewith Blithe Lithe Hithe Scythe Tithe Writhe. And the Terminations EATHE and EETH,

IVE. Alive Strive Drive Revive Thrive Hive Contrive Survive Five Cive Slive Dive Rive Shrive Thrive Wive Arrive Connive Deprive Derive Survive Gyve Give Sive Live Forgive Misgive Overlive Outlive Ablative Accusative AF firmative Alternative Communicative Commutative Comparative Consecutive Contemplative Copulative Correlative Apperitive Appellative Carminative Deliberative Imitative Imperative Declarative Defensative Definitive Demonstrative Derivative Diminutive Discretive Distributive Donative Executive Exhortative Expletive Figurative Frequentative Fugitive Generative Genitive Inchoative Indicative Infinitive Inquisitive Interrogative Intransitive Laxative Lenitive Deliberative Narrative Negative Nominative Nunçupa ive



Nutritive Opiniarive Operative Optative Positive Preparative Prerogative Preservative Primitive Privative Provocative Purgative Portative Representative Relative Restoracive Sensitive Significative Speculative Substantive Superla. tive Talkative Vegerive Vegetative Vindicative Vocative Vomitive Soporative Intuitive. And the Terminations EAVE, EEVĖ, LIVE and IEVE.

IX Admix Affix Flix Infix Intermix- Fix Mix Crucifix Six Transfix Prolix Prefix Unfix Sardonix. And the Plural of the Nouns, and third Person singular of the Present Tense of the Verbs in IX. Also the Words in Ex, and the feveral Terminations they rhyme to them.

IXT Betwixt Sixth. And the Participle Pallive of the Verbs in IX and EX.


O, preceded by a Consonant. See OO and OW.

OACH. Broach Coach Roach Loach Poach Abroach Approach Incroach Reproach. And the Words in AUCH and ETCH.

OAD, Goad Load Road Toad Woad Unload Overload Broad Abroad. And the Terminations AUD, OD, ODE and OOD. OAF. Loaf Oaf. And the Terminations OFF and UFF.

OAK. Choak Cloak Croak Oak Soak Stroak. And the Words in OCK and OKE.

OAKS. Coaks, the only Primitive Word of this Termi. nation, rhymes to the Plural of the Nouns, and third Per. son singular of the Present Tense of the Verbs in OAK, OCK and OKE.

OAL. Foal Coal Goal Soal Shoal, And the Termina. tions OLE, OL, OLL, OUL and OWL.


OARSE, Hoarfe. This Word rhymes with those in ORCE, ORSE, OURCE and OURSE.

QAST. Coast Boaft Toast Roast. And the Words in AUST and OST.

OAT. Bloat Boat Float Coat Doat Goar Groat Moat Oar Scoat Throat Ferryboat Perricoat O'erfloat. And the Words in AUGHT, OOT, OT, OTE and OUGHT.


OB. "Bob Cob Fob Gob Hob Job Knob Lob Mob Rob Sob Throb Squob. Also the Words in AB and AUB :/ and the following Termination,


OBE. Globe Lobe Probe Robe Conglobe. OGE, See OSE. OCK. Block Crock Clock Cock Dock Frock Flock Hock Knock Lock Mock Nock Pock Rock Shock Smock Srock Unlock Unstock Shittlecock Weathercock. And the Words in OAK, OKE, OOK and UCK.

OCT. Conco&t. To this Word rhyme the Participles of the Verbs in OCK.

OD. Clod Cod'Hod Nod Pod Odd Plod Rod Shod Sod Tod Trod Unshod Untrod. And the following Terinination,

ODE. Abode Bode Code A-la-mode Corrode Displode Explode Mode Ode Rode Strode Episode Incommode Forebode Ourrode Outstrode. And the Terminations OAD, OOD, OUD: and the Participle Palsive of the Verbs in ow.

ODGE and OGE. Dodge Lodge Dillodge Podge Doge Horologe.

OE. See OW. O'ER. See ORE.

OFF, OPH and OUGH. Of Scoff Cough Trough Slough Seroph Antistroph. And the Terminacion AUGH.

OFT. Croft Loft Oft Soft Toft Aloft Scoff'd Cough’d.

OG. Bog Clog Cog Dog Frog Fog Hog. Jog Log Nog Prog Shog Agog. And the words in OGUE.


OGUE. Brogue Rogue Vogue Disembogue Monologus Pedagogue Astrologue Prorogue Collogue Decalogue Bemagogue Dialogue Epilogue Synagogue Theologue Apologue Catalogue, and the Words in OG.

DICE and OISE. Choice Joice Voice Rejoice Noiso Poise Counterpoise. Also the Termination ISE, and those that rhyme to ir.

OID Void Avoid Devoid. And the Words in IDE; and the other Terminations of that Rhyme. OIF. See IFÉ.

OIL. Boil Broil Coil Foil Moil Oil Soil Spoil Toil Despoil Imbroil Difimbroil Parboil Recoil Turmoil; and the Words in ILE.

OIN. See INE. OIR. Devoir Memoir Choire. And the Words in IRE. OINT. Joint Oint Point Anoint Appoint Disappoint Disjoint Counterpoint Unjoint. And the Termination INT.

OIST. Joist Hoist Moist. And the Words in IST, toge.
ther with the Participle Passive of the Verbs in OICE and

OKE. Broke Bespoke Besmoke Choke Moke Poke


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Smoke Spoke Joke Stroke Yoke Forespoke Invoke Pro. voke Revoke Awoke Artichoke Unyoke. And the Terminations OAK, OCK and OOK.

OL and OLL. Droll Knoll Roll Troll Toll Stroll Scroll Poll Control Enrol Loll Extol Capitol. And the Terminations ALL, AWL, OLE and OUL.

OLD. Bold Cold Fold Gold Hold Old Mold Scold Wold Sold Fold Behold Freehold Copyhold Infold Manifold Marigold Overbold Untold Uphold Untold Unfould Outfold Oversold Undersold Foretold With-hold. And the Participle Passive of the Verbs in OL, OLE, OUL and OWL.

OLE. Bole Dole Hole Jole Mole Pole Sole Stole Whole Cajole Console Condole Parole Patrole Pistole. And the Termination OAL and all that rhyme to it. OLF. See ULF. OLK. See ULK.

OLM. Holm. This, the only Word of this Termination, may be rhym’d with the Words in ALM.

ÓL'N and AL’N. Sroll'n Swoln Fall'o Befall'n.. OLT, Bolt Colt Dolt Holt Jolt Molt Revolt Unbolt Thunderbolt. And the Words in ALT.

OLVE. Abfolve Convolve Evolve Involve Devolve Dif folve Resolve Revolve Circumvolve Intervolve Solve.

OM, OAM, OMB, OME and OOM. Burthensom Christendom Cumbersom Frolickfom Humourfom Mettlefom Quarellom Troublesom Martyrdom Wearisom Come Some Become Misbecome Overcorne Hecatonib Womb Tomb Entomb Bomb Bloom Boom Broom Loom Doom Gloom Groom Room Rome Spoom Whom Dome Gnome Home Tome Foana Roam Loam Comb.


OMPT. There are but two Words of this Termination: viz. Prompt and Accompt. The firit of them rhymes to che Participle Passive of the Verbs in AMP and UMP; the other to the Words in OUNT.

ONOAN,ONE,OON and OWN. Ainazon Garrison Anon On Don Gone Undergone Con Lexicon Oraison Cinnamon Caparison Comparison Venison Unison Gone Ourgone Sim. pleton Foregone Overgone Undergone Skeleton Upon fuppon Done Son Won Durdone Undone Boon Moon Noon Soon Spoon Ducatoon Swoon Buffoon Lampoon Poltroon Loon Bartoon Drone Cone Stone Hone One Prone Bone Crone Torre Throne Zone Shoge Outshone Enthrone Poitpone Alone Attone Dethrone Hoan Moan Gioan Loan Roan Grown Mown Own Shown Sown Blown Known Unknown Flown Thrown Disown Overthrown Overblowa Foreknown Overgrown Outgrown. Outflown. And the Termination UN..


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OND. Bond Fond Pond Abscond' Beyond Correspond Defpond Counterbond Vagabond Diamond. Also the Ter. mination OUND. And the Participle Passive of the Verbs in OAN, ONE, ON and OWN. ONE. See ON.

ONG, ONGUE and OUNG. Along Among Belong Song Long Prong Strong Thong Throng. Wrong. Oblong Erelong Prolong Tongue Young. And the Words in UNG.

ONGST. Amongst. This word rhymes to the second Person singular of the Present Tense of the Verbs in ONG:As, Belong'st Throngʻit, guc.


ONSE and ONCE. Sconse Enfconfé Once Nonce. And the Words in AUNCE and OUNCE. Also the Plural Number of the Nouns, and third Person singular of the Verbs in ON, ONE, and the Terminations that rhyme to them.

ONT. Front Affront Confront Font Wont. And the Words in OUNT and UNT.

OU. Coo Shoo Halloo Loo Too Woo You. And the Words in O, OW, EW and UE.

OOD. Brood Food Good Hood Mood Rood Stood Wood Underitood Wichstood Gainstood Misunderstood Brotherhood Likelihood Livelihood Neighbourhood Sisterhood Widowhood Womanhood Seerwood. Also the Termina tions UD and UDE, and the Participle Pallive of the Verbe in 00, and of all the other Verbs that rhyme to that Terämination.

OOF. Aloof Hoof Loof Proof Roof Woof Behoof Dif. proof Reproof. Also the Words in OAF, and the several Terminations that rhyme to them.

OOK, Book Brook Cook Crook Flook Hook Look
Rook Shook Took Nook Miftwok. Overtook Undertook
Overlook Unhook Forfook Berook Partook. And the Tere
minations OAK, OCK, OKE and UCK.

OOL. Cool Foul Pool School Spool Tool Wool Befool,
And the Words in OLE, OWL and UL.
OOM, See OM. OON. See ON.

OOP. Coop Groop Hoop Loop: Poop Scoop Soop Scoop Swoop Troop Whoop Droop Unhoop Cock-a-Hoop. And the Words in OAP, OP, OPE, OUP and UP.

OOR. Boor Door Floor Moor Poor Battle-door Black-amoor. And the Terminations OAR, OR, ORE, OUR, UR and URE.

OOSE and OOZE. Goose Loose Choose Nooze Ooze Unloose Cartooze. Also the Terminations OS,OSE, OUS,OUSE and USE; And the Plural of the Nouns, and third Person

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