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EXT. Next-Pretext Context. And the Participle Pallive of the Verbs in AX and EX.

EY. See AY.

1. IB and IBE: Bib Crib Pib Glib Nib Rib Drib Squib Bribe Ascribe Circumscribe Describe Imbibe Inscribe Prefcribe Proscribe Scribe Subscribe Superscribe Transcribe Tribe Diatribe.

ICE. Advice Arrifice Avarice Dice Cockatrice Cicatrice Benefice Edifice Grice Lice Mice Nice Orifice Price Preci. pice Prejudice Rice Sice Slice Spice Splice Sacrifice Twice Thrice Trice Vice. And the Terminations IECE, IES, IS, ISE, IZE, and OICE.


ICK. Brick Chick Crick Nick Pick Prick Quick Stiek Rick Thick Slick Tick Trick Lick Kick Bestick Bishoprick Cholerick Arithmetick Bailiwick Arabick Afterick Candle. - stick Catholick Empirick Flegmatick Heretick Lunatick Politick Rhetorick "Splenatick Schismatick Turmarick. And the Terminarions EAK, ECK, EEK, and IKE.

ICT. Addiet AMi&t Conflict Contradi&t Evict Inflict Strict Interdict. And the Participle Passive of the Verbs in ICK.

ID, IDE, and UIDE. Bid Did Kid Lid Forbid Amid Slid Bestrid Overbid Qurdid Underbid Undid Unbid Pyramid Abide Aside Astride Belide Bestride Betide Bide Backslide Confide Chide Decide Divide Deride Glide Hide Guide Diffide Misguide Pride Ride Preside Provide Collide Bride Stride Side Slide Stride Tide Wide Subside Subdivide Regicide Homicide Parricide Fratricide. Alfo the Words in OID, and the Participle Passive of all the Verbs in IE

IDES. Besides Ides. And the Plural Number of the Nouns and third Perfon Singular of the Verbs of the fore: going Termination.

IDGE. Bridge Ridge Abbridge Quarteridge Vicaridge. And the Termination EDGE, and all that rhyme to it..

IDST. Midft Amidst. And the second Perfon Singular of the Verbs in ID and IDE; as Bid’st, Did'it, c.

JE. See Y. IECE. See EASE.

IEF and EAF. Brief, Belief Chief Thief Grief Handker. chief Misbelief Relief Thief Leaf Sheaf Deaf. And the Words in IF.


or Y.


IES. Obsequies Exequies. These Words rhyme to the Terminations ICE, IECE, IS, ISE, and IZE; and to the Plural of the Nouns, and third Person Present of the Verbs in E, EA, EE, and IE or Y.

IEST. See EAST. IEVE. Sec EAVE, IEW. See EW. IFE, and OIF. Fife Knife Life Rise Strife Wife Coif. And the Words in IFF. Cliff Whiff Skiff Sriff. Also the Termination EAF.

IFT, Drift Adrift Gift Lift Rift Sift Shrift Shift Swift Thrift Unchrift Uplift. And the Termination EFT, and Participle Passive of the Verbs in IFF.

16. Big Dig Fig Jig Grig Pig Rig Sprig Trig Twig Whig Wig Swig Perriwig Whirligig. And the Woids in EAGUE and IGUE.

IGE. Obligę Disoblige. And the Words in IEGE.
IGH, See Y. IGH’R. See IRE.

IGHT. Affright Aright Alight Bright Blight Bedight Benight Delight Despight Dight Flight

Fright Fight Hight Height Knight Light Might Night Plight Right Sighe Spight Wighc Slight Tight Spright Upright Overlight Yesternight. And the Terminations IT, ITE, and OIT.

IGN. See INE. IGUE and EAGUE. Fatigue Intrigue League, IKE and IQUE. Alike Belike Dike Like Pike Dislike Spike Oblique Unlike Strike Millike Woman like Scholarlike, and many other Words by joining the Adjective Like of that Nature that are made

to Substantives. IL and ILL. Bill Distil Daffodil Drill. Dill Fill Fulfil Hill Codicil Camomil Ill Kill Mill Pill Rill Still Shrill Skill Spill Squill Till Thrill Will Instil Overfil Until Utenál. And the Terminations EAL, EEL, EL, ILE, and OIL.

ILCH. See ELCH. ILD, See ELD. But note, that three Words of this Termination, viz. Child Mild Wild rhyme to the Participle Palive of the Verbs in ILE.

ILE, OIL, and UILE. Bile Chyle Awhile Compile Defile File Ilé Mile Nile Revile Reconcile Erewhile Smile Seile Style Pile Tile Vile While Crocodile Juvenile Volatile Boil Broil Coil Toil Moil Oil Quoil Soil Spoil 'Toil Despoil Imbroil Disembroil Parboil Recoil Turmoil Guile Beguile. Also the Termination IL.

ILK. See ELK. ILM. See ELM. ILST. Whilft. To which rhymes the second. Person Singular of the Verbs in ILE; as, Defil'ft, &c. ILT. See ELT.

ILTH. Filth Tilth. And the Words in EALTH.

IM, IMB, IME, and IMN. Brim Dim Grim Him Nim Rim Interim Skim Trim Swim Limb Begrime Chime Clime Crime Climb Grime Lime Mime Prime Miftime Maritime Rime Rhyme Thyme Time Sublime Hymn Lima. And the Words in EAM and EEM.

IMES. Berimes Sometimes. These two Words rhyme to the Plural of the Nouns, and third Perfon Singular of the Verbs of the preceding Termination.

IMP. Gimp Pimp Imp Limp Shrimp. "IMPSE. Glimpse. Which Word rhymes to the Nouns and Verbs of the last Termination, in like Manner as is above directed in the Termination IMES.

IN. Begin Bin Chin Culverin Din Fin Gin Grin In Ian Kin Pin Shin Sin Spin Skin Thin Tin Twin Win Therein Wherein Within Unpin Underpin Affaflin Capuchin Jeffamin Javelin Medicin Palatin Ravelin Sanbedrin Seraphin Cherubin Kilderkin. And the Terminations EAN, EEN, and all those that rhyme to them.

INCÉ. Mince Prince Quince Rince Since Wince Con. vince Evince. Also the Words in ENCE, and the Plural of the Nouns and third Perfon of the Verbs in IN, and of all that rhyme to that Terminacion.

INCH; Clinch Flinch Pinch Inch Winch. And the Words in ENCH.

INCT Extinct Diftin&t Indiftin&t Instinct Precinct Succinct. And the Participle Passive of the regular Verbs in INX.

IND. Bind Behind Blind Find Hind Wind Kind Grind. Mind Rind Wind Unkind Unbind Unwind: Mankind Womankind Human-kind Underbind Remind Rescind. And che Participle Paffive of the Verbs in IN, INE, and OIN.

INE, IGN, and OIN. Brine Chine Calcine Carabine Confine Combine Countermine Dine Decline Define Divine Enrwine Fine Hine Incline Inshrine Interline Line Mine Nine Opine Recline Refine Repine Pine Shrine Shine Rine Swine Fine Thine Twine Trinė Vine Whine Machine Marine Fascine Sapine Superfine Transmarine Ultramarine Undermine Untwine Aquiline Brigantine Columbine Concubine Discipline Eglantine Feminine Libertine Masculine Magazine Ne&arine Origine Palatine Peregrine Porcupine Secandine Serpentine Turpentine Alinine Chrystalline Me. decine Her ine Genuine Boline Allign Consign Design Re Gign Sign Coin Foin Groin Join Loin Adjoin Conjoin Dife join Eloin Eftoin Injoin Purloin Rejoin Subjoin Unjoin. And sometimes the Terminations EAN, EEN, and IN.

ING. Bring Cling Fling King Ring Sling Sting Swing Wing Thing Wring Sting Spring Sing Unking Underling Hinderling Chitterling Tenderling:

INGE and INDGE. Cringe Hinge Sprindge Swinge Twinge Tingę Hinge Infringe Fringe Unhinge Impinge Sindge. And the Words in ANGE and ENGE.

INK. Brink Chiok Drink Link Shrink Spink Skink Wink Bethink Cinque Think Stink Slink Sink Pink Ink Clink.

INKS and INX. Methinks Linx Minx: Which rhyme to the Plural of the Nouns, and third Person singular of the Present Tense of the Verbs in INK.

INT. Print Squine Afquint Dint Septuagint Imprint Ca-lamint Balfamine Hint Mint Flint Pint Splint. And fometimes the Words in ENT.

INTH. Hyacinth Labyrinth Niath.

IP. Chip Dip Hip Nip Scrip Sip Slip Strip Trip Equip Whip Tip Snip Skip Clip Drip Grip Lip Pip Rip Ship Outstrip Overnip Elderfhip Fellowship Guardian hip Horsemanship Rivalship Workmanship

Mattership. And the Terminacions EAP, EEP. EP and IPE,

IPE and YPE. Gripe Ripe Stripe Tripe Wipe Over-ripe Unripe Pipe Snipe Swype Type Prototype Antitype Arche. hype. And the Words in EAP, EEP, and IP. IPs. Apocalyps Overships. Blubberlips Eclipse. Also the Plural Number of the Nouns, and third Person singular of the Verbs of the two laft Terminations, and of the others that rhyme to them.

IPT. Manuscript Conscript. And the Participle Passive of the Verbs in EAP, EEP, EP, IP and IPE. IQUE. See IKE. IR. See UR.

IRE, Admire Aspire Atrire Bemire Confpire Dire Desire Expire Fire Inquire Incire Inspire Hire Gire Ire Choir Lyrc Mire Quire Require Sire Tyre Squire Wire Retire Spire Tire Acquire Transpire Respire High'r Nigh'r Fryar Brier Also the Nouns Verbal form'd from the Verbs in Y: as, Dyer Lver Buyer, &c. IRCH. See URCH. IRD. See URD. IRGE. See URGE.

IRK and IRQUE. Firk Kirk Quirk Irk Shirk Smirk Stirk Cirque. And the Terminacions ERK, ORK, and URK. IRL. See URL.

IRM and ERM. Firm Affirm Infirm Confirm Term Sperm.

IRP and URP. Chirp Usurp.

IRT, ORT and URT. Dirt Flirt Girt Skirt Shirt Syuirt Ungirt Wort Hurt Spurt Blurt Unhurt. And the Words in ERT.


IS, ISS and IZZ. This Is Amiss Ephemeris Bliss Kiss Dismiss Miss Hils His Piss Bepiss Abyss Subinlss Remiss Analysis Antithelis Epiftalis Genesis Hypothesis Metamor.phosis Metropolis Parenthesis Periphralis Apotheofis Me: tempsychosis Hizz Whizz. And the Termination ICE, and all the other that rhyme to it.

ISE, IZE and UISE. Arise Advise Aflize Advertise Agonize Allegorize Anathematize Anatomize Apoftatize Authorize Baptize Canonize Cantonize Catechize Cauterize Characterize Chastise Cicatrize Circumcise Civilize Compromize Comprize Cowardise Criticise Devise Despise Demise Disguise Documentize Dogmatize Exercise Enterprize Epitomize Etymologize Eternize, Evangelize Excise Exercise Exorcize Familiarize Fertilize Gourmandize Idolize Immortalize Manumize Merchandize Methodize Miladvise Monopolize Moralize Naturalize Otherwise Overwise Overprize Pardise Particularize Patronize Prize Philosophize 'Premise Pulverize . Recognize Revise Satyrize Serpentize Scandalize_Signalize Solemnize Surprise Rise Size Sise Wise Guise Trice Surmise Stygmatize Symbolize Sympathize Tantalize Temporize Tyrannize Unwise Wea. therwise Precise Bastardize Remise. And the Words in ICE, with all the Terminations that rhyme to them. Also the Plural of all the Nouns, and third Person singular of the Present Tense of all the Verbs, in IGH and Y.

ISH. Dilh Fish Wish Impoverish Heathenish Devilish Gibberish Womanish Feverish Aguilh Yellowish. Mr. Dryo den and our other Poets make this Termination rhyme with the Words in ISS.

ISK. Brisk Risk Frisk Whisk Disk Bisque Obelisk Basilisk Tamarisk. And the Words in ESK.

ISM. Prism Schism Chrysm Anglicism Aphorism Afterism Barbarism Catechism Criticism Catholicism Chriftianism Gallicism Heathenism Hellenism Judaism Lacinism Libertinism Nepotism Ostracismi Paganism Paroxism Priapism Pedantism Rheumatism Scepricism Solecism Stoicism Epicurisın Syllogism Witricism. ISP. Lisp Crisp Wisp.

IST. Litt Arrift Delist Mift Fift Refit. Twift Wrift Perlift Confift Exist Wist Inlift Sublift Uncraft Arborist Al4


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