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Allo' the Plural Namber of all the Nouns, compounded
with the Word Man; as, Aldermen, &c. which see in the
Termination AN.

ENCE and ENSE. Thence Fence Whence Sense Cleanse Hence Dense Condense Pence Cense Commence Conser quence Continence Concupiscence Confidence Competence Conference Circumference Benevolence Beneficenco Defence Dispenfe Abstinence Diligence Deference Expence Evidence Eminence Eloquence Excellence Incontinence Im penitence Influence Innocence Infolence Impertinence Im, pudence Improvidence Indifference Indigence Indolence Immenfe Incenfe Inference Intelligence Irreverence Incence incidence Accidence Appetence Magnificence Malevolence Munificence Maleficence Negligence Pretence Pestilence Providenco Penitence Pertinence Propense Prepense Preeminence Preference Prevalence Recompence Omnipotence Reference Residence Reverence Offence Suspense Tense Violence Affluence Vehemence Eduence Frankincense. And the third Perfon Singular of the Verbs and Plural of the Nouns in EN, and all the other Terminations thas rhyme ro it. Also the Words

in ANCE and INCE. ENCH. Bench Drench Srench Trench Wench Quench Tench Wrench French Intrench Retrench. And the Terminations ANCH and INCH.

END and IEND. Atrend Ascend Amend Apprehend Bend Blend Befriend Commend Contend Condescend Comprehend Diltend Defcend Defend Depend Discommend Dividend End Extend Expend Fore-fend Fiend Friend Incend Impend Lend Mend Mifpend Offend Obrend Portend Protend Pretend Rend Recommend Reprehend Reverend Sule pend Send'Spend Tend Vend Tranfcend Unbend Dividend. And the Participle Pallive of the Verbs in En,

and of all the other Terminations that rhyme co it. ENDS

. Amends. This Word rhymes to the Plural of the Nouns, and third Perfon singular of the present Tense

of the Verbs in END.

and INGE.

ENTE. Revenge Avenge. And the Words in ANGE ENGTH. Length Serength. ENSE. See ENCE. ENT and BANT. Afcene Artent Absent Aflent Augment Armipotent Bent Battlement Banishment Content Ciraim, rent Conrinent Abolilhiment Abstinent Absent Accident Aca complifhment Accoutremerit Acknowledgment Admonish, mene Advertisement Aliment Arbitrament Argument Blin, dishment : Aggrandizentent Altoniffiment

. Benevolent Cha. baz.


Aisement Competent Complement Confident Consequent Corpulent Decriment Diffident Different Diligent Dilcouragement Disfranchisement Disparagement Divertisement Document Discontent Descent Diflent Element Event Ex tent Eloquent Eminent Emolument Encouragement Equivalent Etablishment Evident Excellent Exigent Experiment Extinguishment Foment Frequent Firmament Ferment Fla. tulent Fraudulent Government Indent Intent Invent Imbel. lishment Imminent impediment. Impenitent Impertinent Implement Impotent impoverishment Imprisonment Impovident Impudent Incident Incompetent Incontinent Indif. ferent Indigent Innocent Infolent Instrument Insufficient Irreverent Integument Interfluent Intelligent Lament Lent Leant Languishment Ligament Lineament Luculent Meant Monument Magnificent Malecontent Malevolent Management Medicament Misreprefent Miscontent Mispent Munificent Muniment Negligent Nourithment Nutriment Orna. ment Oftent Ourwent O'erspent. Occident Omnipotent Opulent Orpiment Prevent Portent Parliament Puoidhment Pent Present Penitenr Permanent Pertinent Pestilent President Predicament Prevalent Profiuént Prominent Provident Repent Relent Rent Represent Refent Ravishment Redolent Re-establishment Refluent Regiment Reverent Rudiment Sacrament Sediment Sentiment Setrlement Succulent Subsequent Şupplement Sent Scent Shent Spent Torment Tent Tournament Temperament Turbulent Vent Unmeant Went Underwent Unspent Unbent Förewent Outwent Underwent Overwenr Vehement Violent Virulent. And the Terminations ÁINT and ANT.

EP. Step Outstep. And the Terminations AP, APE, EAP, and EEP.

EPT. Accept Adept Except Intercept Crept Kept Slept Wept Swept.' And the Participle Pallive of the Verbs in EAP and IP.

ris ER: Err Parterre Administer Prefer Ater Her Defer Deter Infer Refer Transfer Prefer Confer Arbiter Character Biographer Cosmographer Astronomer Geographer Historiographer Typographer Swaggerer Tillager Villager Dow. ager Cottager Massacre Victualler Remembrancer Slanderer Wanderer Mander Malander Warrenner Purchaser Alabaster Flatrerer Smatrerer Idolater Theatre Caterer Amphitheatre Foreigner Provender Lavender Messenger Passenger Porrenger Scavenger Challenger Carpenter Diameter Barometer Sorcerer Artificer Officer Sacrificer. Dulcimer Mariner Gar. dinet Examiner Cylinder Lingerer Harbinger Juniper Canister Minister Register Sophifter Presbyter Admonisher Furbisher Polisher Whisperer Scrivener Law-giver Driveller


Foolishness Forgerfulness Forwardness Friendliness Froward

Dirge Urge Purge Surge Spurge. And the Termination ber of the Nouns and third Person Singular of the Verbs in AIR, ARE, EAR, EER, EIR, ER and ERE. vert Expert Inexpert Exert Insert Pervert Revert Subvert Animadvert Controveit Malapere Pert Wert. Also the Terminations ART, IRT, ORT and URT.

ERVE. Nerve Subserve Enerve Serve Swerve Conserve Deferre Diserye Observe Referve Preserve. And the Words

ES, ESE, and ESS. Access Address Antipodes AbsoluteDefs Abusiveness Advisedness Adulteress Almightiness Affin ness Birrerness Blessedness Beggarlinefs Bodiless Boisterour redoels Bless Backwardness Barrenness Bashfulness Baltli. Confess Chearfulness Comelinefs Comfortless Contented. ness Brittleness Compress Chess Acquiefce Arless Caress Bess Cloudinefs Clownishness Covetousness Courtlinel's Craftiness Crookedness Dress Distress Depress, Digress Dif. Dizziness Drunkenness Diffolureness Drowziness Excess Feeblenefs Faithfulness Fatherless Fickleness Filthinels. Emptinefs Erroneousness Evenness Excessiveness Featherless Giddiness God liners Governess Gracefulness Greedinese. nefs Fruitfulness Fulsomness Ghess Ghaftliness Gentleness Happiness Heaviness Harbourless Harmlesness Haughținess Haitiness Heinousness Hideousness Hoarinels. Hollowners.

Philosopher Cofferer Philologer Embroiderer. Loiterer
Adrologer Customer Almoner Falconer Probationer Statio-
per Coroner Commoner Confe&ioner Ufurer Penfioner
Extortioner Waggoner Prisoner Commissioner

Pra&itioner Parishioner Grasshopper Pallover Follower Sepulchre. Cu cumber Trumpeter Phunderer Plunderer Murderer Treafua her Lecturerlaterpreter Ravither Lucifer Chorister. Also ther Words in EAR, and all the other Terminations to

ERGE, IRGE, and URGE. Serge Verge Emerge Cierge

. ERM. See IRM. ERN. See EARN. ERSE, EARSE, and IERCE. Verse Disperse Herse Alverfe Averfe Latersperse Transverse Alper fe Traverse Cona verse Disperse Immerse Perverse Reverse Universe Serse Rehearse Amerce Coerce Commerce Fierce

Pierce Tierce. And the words in ARCE ; together with the Plural Nome in ARVE

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Holiness Homeliness Idleness Impress Ingress Imperiousness Inconsiderateness Joyfulness Irksomness Knavilhncfs Less Lasciviousness Lawfulness Laziness Licenciousness Lioness Limberness Littleness Liveliness Lofriness Lonesomness Loathsomness Loveliness Lowliness: Lumpishiness Lustful ness Lustiness Luxuriousriefs. Mess Malicioufness Manliness Marchioness Maiterless Meagreness Mellownefs Merriness Mightiness Mindfulness Miltiness Moneyless Motherlefs Motionless Mustiness Nakedness Narrowness Naltiness Naufeousness Naughtiness Neediness Niggardliness Nimbleness Nobleness Noisomness Nothingnels Numberless Oppress Obsequionsness Offensiveness Officiousness Obdurateness Openness Outrageousness. Press Possess Profess Painfulness Patroness Peaceableness Peevilhness Pennylefs Pensiveness Perfidiqufness. Piciless Poecefs Populoufáefs Positiveness Pretciness Prioress Prophetess Publickness Pursiness. Queftionless Quietness. Recess Regress Redress Rapidness Rag. gedness Ransomless Readiness Reasonke fs Reasonableness Rebellioufness Remediless Reservednefs Refolureness Re. {pe&tfulness Restlesness Restiveness Righteousness Rosiness Rottenness Ruggedness Rustiness. Stress Success Suppress Savageness Scornfulness Scrupulousness Seemliness Senfelef.. ness Sensibleness Seriousness Shadiness Shallowness Shamefulness Shamelesness Shepherdess Sicklincfs Silliness Sinful: ness Skilfulness Slavilhness Slenderness Slipperiness Slothfulness Sluggishness Spiritless Sorceress Sordidness Sortisho ness Sparingness Sprightlinefs Spitefulness Stateliness Steadiness Stedfastness Stinginess Stubbornness Scurdiness Sube milliveness Sullenness Sumptuousness Supperless Supersticiousness

Surliness: Tranfgress Tardiness Tediousness Tenderness Thankfulness Thoughtfulness Thirstiness Thriftiness Towardliness Tractableness Trustiness Tutoress Unless Undress Nevertheless Valiantness Ugliness Vigorousness Unadvisedness Uncertainness Uncharitableness Unealiness Unnevennefs Uofaithfulness Unfeignedness Ungodliness Unhappiness Ungraciousness Unhealthiness Unlikeliness Unluckiness Unmannerliness Upmercifulness Uimindfulnefs Unpleasantness Unreasonableness Unquietness Unrighreousness Unruliness Unreemliness Unskilfulness Un. iteadiness Unthankfulness Untimeliness Untowardness Unwariness Unwholesomness Unwillingness Unworthiness Uncleanliness. Voluptuousnefs Voraress Usefulness Waiwardnels Wakefulness Wantonness Wariness Waftfulness Watchfulness Weaponless Weariness Weighrinefs Wholesomness Wickedness Wilderness Willingness Wilfulness Worldliness Worthiness Wretchedness Yellowness, Youthfulness These

Diocese. To this 'Termination rhyme the Words in EASE, and all ahe other Words trae rhyme to that Ending.

ESH, and EASH. Flesh Fresh Afresh Refresh Meshi, Thresh Lealh. And the Terminations ASH and ISH.

ESK and ESQUE. Desk Moresque Grotesque Burlesque. And the Words in ASK and ISK.

EST. Attest Arrest Best Behest Bequest Crest Contest Derelt Digest Divest Funett: Guest. Infelt Inquest lovest Jelt Imprest Left Molest Neft Obrett Pest Protest Quest Rett Request Test Suggest Chest Vest Weft Wrest Vowrest Ma. nifest Interest Dilinterest Almagest Anapest. And the Ter. minations AST, EAST, and IŠT, with all that rhyme to them.

ET, and EBT. Bet Beset Beget Bewer Debt Aber Coro nec Get Forget Sherbet Jer Overset Frer Let Wet Mer Underset Regret Wher Net Pet Set Unset Curver Yet Spet Vower Coverlec Violec Amulec Rivulet Parapet Amulet Leverer Epither Flageuler Cabinet Marmoser Baronet Anchorer Alphabet. And the Termination EAT, and those: that rhyme to it.

ETCH. Screrch Retch Esch Ferch Sketch Verch Wretch :And the Terminations' ACH, ATCH, EACH, ICH, and ITCH.

ETE. See EAT. EUD. S e EWD.. EVE. See EAVE. , EUGH. See EW: EUM. See UME. EUT. See UTE. EW, IEW, and UE. Anew Accrue Brew. Adieu · Blue Blew Askew Bedew Beshrew. Bestrew Crew Cue Clue Chew Drew Dew.

Due Ewe Eugh Imbrue - Endue Ensue Eschew. Few Flew Flue Forelhew. Grew Glue. Hew Hue Jew Ourgrew Knew Foreknew linbrue In-Lieu Mew New, Perdue Purlue Purlieu Pew Slew. Sew Stew. Shew Spew Screw Strew Renew Rue Review Interview Subdue True Shrew Sue Threw: Unsew. Upskrew Undrew Withdrew Counterview. Rough hew. Yew Undue View Untrue Uaglew Relidue. And the Terminations O, 00, OU, and. OW.

EWD. Lewd Shrewd Feud. And the Participle l'affive of the Verbs of the pzecedent Termination.

EWN. Hewn Shewo. Rough-hewn. Chrewn, from the Verb Chew, is us'd by Sir R. Blacmore. And fome of the Words in ONE, OON, and OWN.

EX. Sex Wex Kex Vex Yex Annex Connex Perplex Complex Reflex Convex Circumflex. And the Plural Num; ber of the Nouns and third Person Singular of the Present Tense of the Yerbs in ACK, AKE, EAK, ECK, EEK, and ECT.

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