Wonder of a kingdom

Rodwell and Martin, 1816

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Seite 118 - There's a lean fellow beats all conquerors ; The greatest strength expires with loss of breath, The mightiest in one minute stoop to death. Then take Long Life, or Health ; should I do so, I might grow ugly, and that tedious scroll Of months and years much misery...
Seite 125 - If thou art rich, thou art poor ; For, like an ass, whose back with ingots bows, Thou bear'st thy heavy riches but a journey, And death unloads thee.
Seite 235 - And as great seamen, using all their wealth And skills in Neptune's deep invisible paths, In tall ships richly built and ribb'd with brass, To put a girdle round about the world ; When they have done it (coming near their haven) Are glad to give a warning-piece...
Seite 339 - Oh, frail condition of strength, valour, virtue In me (like warning fire upon the top Of some steep beacon, on a steeper hill) Made to express it! like a falling star Silently glanc'd, that like a thunderbolt, Look'd to have stuck and shook the firmament.
Seite 333 - When will our human griefs be at their height? Man is a tree that hath no top in cares. No root in comforts; all his power to live Is given to no end, but t
Seite 318 - I'll make th'inspired thresholds of his court Sweat with the weather of my horrid steps, Before I enter ; yet will I appear Like calm security, before a ruin ; A politician must like lightning melt The very marrow, and not taint the skin...
Seite 268 - Now all ye peaceful regents of the night, Silently-gliding exhalations, Languishing winds, and murmuring falls of waters, Sadness of heart and ominous secureness, Enchantments, dead sleeps, all the friends of rest, That ever wrought upon the life of man, Extend your utmost strengths ; and this charm'd
Seite 283 - D'Ambois; cousin Guise, I wonder Your honour'd disposition brooks so ill A man so good, that only would uphold Man in his native nobless, from whose fall All our dissentions rise ; that in himself (Without the outward patches of our frailty, Riches and honour) knows he comprehends Worth with the greatest: kings had never borne Such boundless empire over other men, Had all maintain'd the spirit and state of D'Ambois ; Nor had the full impartial hand of nature, That all things gave in her original,...
Seite 148 - Of the rank multitude, whose thicken'd breath, Like to condensed fogs, do choke that beauty Which else would dwell in every kingdom's cheek. No, I still boldly stept into their courts, For there to live 'tis rare, oh, 'tis divine!
Seite 235 - Fortune, not Reason, rules the state of things, Reward goes backwards, Honour on his head; Who is not poor, is monstrous; only need Gives form and worth to every human seed.

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