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Messrs. Dease and Simpson's Discoveries on the coast of Arctic
America, 1836-39....

..187 Descend the Mackenzie to the sea-Survey the western part of the shores of North America from Return Reef to Cape Barrow--Discover two new rivers, the Garry and Colville--After reaching Elson Bay, return to winter at Fort Confidence, on Great Bear Lake--Survey resuined in the ensuing spring-Dangerous rapids on the Coppermine river-Encamp at its mouth-Copper ore found here-Victoria Land discovered and 110 miles of new coast traced

--Re-ascent of the Coppermine comirenced-Boats abandoned, and the Barren grounds traversed on foot-Spend another winter at Fort Confidence--The following season a third voyage commenced-Richardson's River examined-Coronation Gulf found clear of ice---Coast survey to the eastward prosecuted-Simpson's Strait discovered-Back's Estuary reached--Deposit of provisions made by Back five years previous, found -Aberdeen Island, the extreme point reached -Parts of coasts of Boothia and Victoria Land traced-One of the boats abandonedDescent of the Coppermine, and safe arrival at Fort Confidence. Dr. John Rae's Land Expedition, 1846-47...

.192 Hudson's Bay Company dispatch Rae and a party of thirteen men to complete the survey between Dease and Simpson's furthest, and the Fury and Hecla Strait-Expedition leaves Fort Churchill--Reaches Wager River-Boats taken across Rae's Isthmus -Winter residence constructed-Short commons-West shore of Melville Peninsula, &c., examined-Party return to their encampment, and proceed to Fort Churchill Gratuity of £100 awarded to Dr. Rae. Captain Sir John Franklin's Last Expedition in the Erebus and T'error, 1845-51...

.....196 Probability of the safety of the expedition-Montgomery's lines on ice-imprisoned vessels- Lady Franklin's devotion and enthusiasm-Verses-Her appeal to the northSir E. Parry's opinion-Outfit and dispatch of Franklin's expedition-Names of the officers employed-Outline of Franklin's services Notices of the services of other of the officers-Searching expeditions sent out in 1818—Different volunteers offer“-AF sence of intelligence of Franklin-His latest dispatches and letters--Copper cylinders -Franklin's views and intentions-Letters of Captain Fitzjames-General opinions of the most experienced arctic officers as to Franklin's safety-Offer of services and suge gestions by Dr. King-Opinions of Captains Parry and James Ross thereon--Consultation of officers at the Admiralty-Report of the hydrographer-Advice tendered by those consulted_Views of Mr. Snow and Mr. McLean-Public and private rewards offered for discovery and assistance to be rendered - Second report of Admiral Beaufort to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty-Various private and official letters and dispatches, pointing out, or commenting on plans and modes of relief- Abundance of animal food found in the arctic regions—A ballad of Sir John Franklin. The Government and private Searching Expeditions....

.281 List of the vessels and commanders, &c., now employed on the search in the arctio regions-Notices of those returned home. Voyage of the Enterprise and Investigator under Captains Sir J. C. Ross and E. J. Bird, 1848-49

281 Names of the officers employed in this expedition-Ships arrive at UppernavickProceed on their voyage-Force a passage through the ice-Enter Barrow's StraitAfter being driven about in the pack, take shelter for the winter in the harbor of Port Leopold-Surveying trips carried on down the inlet, and round the northern and western shores of Brothia_Foxes trapned and liberated with copper collars on--Fury open water-Beset by the loose pack, and the temperature falling, the whole body of ice is formed into one solid mass, and the ships are drifted with the field into Baitin's Bay-The return to England determined on-Outline of Sir James Ross's arduous Pervices in the polar regions. Vovage of the transport, North Star, 1849..

290 Nanies of the officers of the ship--Official dispatch from the Commander--Saip


boset in an ico-fald in the northern part of Baffin's Bay-Drifted with it for sixty-two days Winters in Wolstenholme Sound-Dearth of animals there-Ship gets clear of ice and makes for I ancaster Sound- The Lady Franklin and Felix are spoken with Being prevented by the ice from reaching Port Bowen or Port Neill

, the provisions taken out by the North Star are landed at Navy Board Inlet-Speaks the Prince Albert -Receives dispatches for England-Returns home-Commander Saunders appointed to Malta Dock-yard. Second voyage of the Enterprise and Investigator under Captain Collinson and Commander M'Clure, 1850....

...294 Names of officers attached to the ships-Esquimaux interpreter appointed to the Enterprise-Vessels arrive at the Sandwich Islands-Expressed intentions or the commanders of the vessels-Ships reach Behring's Strait-Communicate with the Herald and Plover--Latest dispatches of Captain Collinson and Commander M'Clure-Position of their ships. Voyage of the Plover, and Boat Expeditions under Commander Pullen, 1848–51..

......307 Purport of instructions issued from the Admiralty-Ship arrives in Behrir.g's Strait -Discovers new land and islands to the north of the Strait-Winters in Kotzebue Bound-Lieutenant Pullen and party proceed in boats along the coast to the Mackenzie River-No tidings gleaned of Franklin's ships-Letter from Lieut. Hooper--Latest official dispatch from Commander Pullen–His intentions—Sir John Richardson's ad-ice.

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Voyage of the Lady Franklin and Sophia, purchased government ships, under the command of Mr. Panny....



Nature of the instructions given-Printing Press supplied-Ships sail and reach
Wolstenholme Sound-Prevented by the ice from examining Jones' Sound-Reach
Wellington Channel, and are left there by the Prince Albert.
Voyage of the Resolute and Assistance, under command of Captain

Austin, with their steam tenders, Pioneer and Intrepid, 1850–51...313
Ships purchased and are renamed by the government-Officers employed-instruc-
tions given to search Wellington Channel, and push on to Melville Island--Official
dispatch from Captain Ommaney-MS. newspaper started on board the Assistance
Extracts therefron.
Voyage of Captain Sir John Ross in the Felix private schooner

Is fitted out by the Hudson's Bay Company and private subscription- Arrives at
Whalefish Islands, and overtakes the Advance and Resolute-Proceeds in company
Esquimaux reports of the destruction of Franklin's ships, and murder of the crew
Proved by investigation to be devoid of foundation Letter of Sir John Ross to the
Secretary of the Admiralty.
American Government Searching Expedition in the United States

sbips Advance and Rescue, under the command of Lieutenant De
Haven, 1850-51....

.325 Lady Franklin's appeal to the American nation-Mr. Clayton's reply-Second letter of Lady Franklin to the President-Suggestions of Lieutenant S. Osborn, R. N.-Debate in Congress-Resolutions agrecd to-Munificence of Mr. H. Grinnell Ships fitted out and dispatched—Names of officers employed-Dispatches from the commander. Remarkable Voyage of the private ship Prince Albert, under the

command of Captain Forsyth, R. N., to Regent Inlet and back, 1850

.348 Fitted out by Lady Franklin and by private subscription--Reasons for the expedition -Officers and crewDiscover traces of Franklin-Fall in with other ships---Visita Regent Inlet-Is forced to return homo-Rewarks on this royage


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The American Grinnell Expedition in search of Sir John Frank

lin, in the Advance and Rescue, under the command of Lieutenant E. De Haven, in the years 1850-51....

... 361 Officers of the Expedition-Progress of the voyage-First encounter with an iceberg-Acres of broken ice-Landing at Whale Island-Procure winter clotbing and supplies at a Danish settlement-Perilous position of the Rescue— Polar bears Opeu sea-Joinod by the Prince Albert, Royal Davy-Crimson Clitfs - Treinendous Lule--Articles belonging to Franklin's ships--Three graves of Franklin's_menOther traces of the missing navigator-Approach of the Arctic winter-Battling with ice-Extreme perils-Five months in the ice--Arctic amusements and em. poloyments-Arctic night-Re-appearance of the sun-Liberation of the ice-bound vessels-Farther Explorations-Decide to return-Arrival at the Navy yard-Effects of the Expedition-WINTER IN THE ARCTIC OCEAN by Lieutenant De Haven. A Summer Search for Sir John Franklin, with a Peep into the

Polar Basin, by Commander E. A. Inglefield, in the Screwsteamer Isabel, in 1852..

411 First glimpse of Greenland-Singular accident--Examination of shores of Wol. Btenholine Sound-Northumberland Island-Point Frederick VII.- Appearance of the ice-Visits the graves of Franklin's inen at Beechey Island -Difficulties of advancing-Loss of spars-The return of the Isabel. Eighteen Months in the Polar Regions in search of Sir John

Franklin's Expedition, in the years 1850-51, by Lieutenant
Sherard Osborn, with the Steam-vessels Pioneer and Intrepid 421
Dangers of anchoring to an ice-berg-Entangled in the pack-Enters Baffin's Bay-,
Lancaster Sound-Philosophy of ice-bergs-Regent's Inlet-Visit to Beechey Island

Thorough search of that island-Visits Barlow's Inlet-Passing the winter in the
ships-Occupations- Expeditions organized in the spring-Visit to Jones' Sound
Description of the Esquimaux races-Return home.
Arctic Searching Expedition; a Journal of a Boat voyage

through Rupert's Land and the Arctic Sea, in search of Sir
John Franklin, by Sir John Richardson, in 1851..

438 Start from Montreal-Designated route-Intercourse with the Esquimaux-Sketch of the Esquimaux-Russell Inlet-Harrowby Bay—Cape Bathurst-Cape Kendall Coppermine River-Kendall River-The Esquiinaux of this region-Their religion -Their different races and tribes—The Kutchins-Fort Confidence-Basil Hall Bay -Bear Lake Return. The Second Voyage of the Prince Albert in search of Sir John

Franklin, under the command of William Kennedy, in 1853 461 Origin of this expedition--The outfit and instructions-Melville Bay-Prince Regent's Inlet-Port Leopold-Winter quarters at Whaler's Point-Fary Beacb-Incidents during the winter-Cape Garry-Batty Bay-Return to England. Arctic Explorations; the Second Grionell Expedition in search

of Sir John Franklin, in 1853, 54, 55, by Dr. E. K. Kane, in the brig Advance....

473 Outfit and purpose of the expedition-Visit to Danish settlements of GreenlandPass Crimson Cliffs-Smith's Sound-Discovery of the Great Humboldt GlacierButter Island--Establishment of provision depots Life on board the brig-Incidents of the first winter in the icePerilous expedition-Further examination of Humboldt Glacier-West Land--Robert Morris Bay-Bear-figlit-Peep into the Polar Basin--View of nature five hundred miles from the North Pole Littleton Island Second winter in the ice-Operations in the spring-Exploration of Kennedy Charinel-Third view of Humboldt Glacier-Bear hunts-Preparations for return-Departure from the brig--Conveyance of the sick-Anoatok-Sledge Party-Perilous ad rentura-Death of Christian Obison-North Baffin's Bay-The embarkation-Dik

fealt navigation – Murchison Channel-Narrow escape-Weary Man's Rest-Mer de glace- Cape York-Want of provisions-Seal hunt-Coast of Greenland - The Rayak– Disconsuging news-Arrival at Upernavick-Captain Hartstene's expedi. tion in the Arctic and the Release-Adventures of that expedition-Return to U per navick and discovery of Dr. Kane's party-Return to New York.

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