Researches on the Chemistry of Food

Taylor and Walton, 1847 - 156 Seiten

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Seite 156 - Numismatic Manual: or. Guide to the Collection and Study of Greek, Roman, and English Coins. Illustrated by Engravings of many hundred types, by means of which even imperfect and obliterated pieces may be easily deciphered.
Seite 156 - Book Of Genesis in English Hebrew; accompanied by an Interlinear Translation, substantially the same as the authorised English version ; Philological Notes, and a Grammatical Introduction. By W. GREENFIELD, MRAS Fourth Edition.
Seite 127 - One pound of lean beef, free of Fat, and separated from the bones, in the finely chopped state in which it is used for beef sausages, or mince-meat, is uniformly mixed with its own weight of cold water, slowly heated to boiling, and the liquid, after boiling briskly for a minute or two, is strained through a towel, from the coagulated albumen and fibrine, now become hard and horny.
Seite 131 - ANATOMY. other quarters, it is obvious that a part of the flesh is converted into an element of respiration certainly not conducive to good health. It is certain, moreover, that the health of a man cannot be permanently sustained by means of salted meat, if the quantity be not greatly increased, inasmuch as it cannot perfectly replace, by the substances it contains, those parts of the body which have been expelled in consequence of the change of matter, nor can it preserve in its normal state the...

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