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“We saw, by their efforts, the limits of France “In rapid progression o'er Europe advance, “Before her, Kings, Princes, and Commonwealths “ fall “On the Po, the Tessino, the Rhine and the Waal! “And who can behold, without sorrow and pain, “This flourishing Empire dismember'd again? “Her standards repell'd from the Sarre and the Dyle, “All the way to the out-works of Verdun and Lille: “The friends of political freedom will mourn “On this side the Rhine to see Germans return; “And even the cruellest heart it must touch,

“That Holland is basely transferred to the Dutch!

“But this is not all—the complaints of the Poles “Should ring in our ears, and sink deep in our souls' “That nation, once happy, united, and free,

“Near forty years since was divided in three:

“Before that atrocious event, 'tis confest,
“No people was ever more tranquil, more blest;
“Except once a year, when a question might rise
“Between two great parties—the sko's and the ski’s,
“And diets and councils of state came to blows
“To determine the claims of the ski’s and the sko's.
“And shall not Great Britain (of justice the pattern)
“Redress the oppressions of FRED'Rick and CATH'-
“And reclaim, for the Poles, by our voices and votes,
“ Their national birth-right—to cut their own


“But scarcely less vile than the seizure of Poland “Has been our base conduct to poor Heligoland; “That innocent isle we have stolen from the Danes, “And it groans with the weight of our trade and our chains, “On that happy strand, not two lustres ago,

“The thistle was free in luxuriance to grow; - D

“The people at liberty starv'd, and enjoy'd
“Their natural freedom, by riches uncloy'd.
“But, now, all this primitive virtue is fled;
“Rum, sugar, tobacco, are come in its stead;
“And, debaueh’d by our profligate commerce, We
“This much-injur'd race drinking porter and tea,
“And damning, half-fuddled (I tell it with pain)

“Their true and legitimate master—the Dane!

“The Dane –Oh wi thoughts at that word must arise ! “A Monarch so good, unambitious and wise; “Who firm and devoted by BonAPART stood, “And ne'er injured England—except when he could : “Yet this worthy Prince, we, by treaties, despoil

“At first of his ships, and at length of his soil.

“Akin to this crime, are the allied attacks on

“The royal, revered, and respectable Saxon!

“Good heav'ns, with what colours, what words

can I paint “The trials and woes of this suffering saint! .* At Dresden so bold, and at Leipsic so true, “To the aid of the French all his forces he drew, “And, from their united success he afar saw “A richer reward than the Duchy of Warsaw. “Had fortune not frown'd on NAPOLEON the Great, “How different, to-day, were AUGUSTUs's fate: “The Niemen, the Rhine, then, had bounded his

reign, “And Stralsund displayed his gay flag o'er the main; & & In Prague he, perhaps, had exalted his seat, “And Hamburgh and Dantzig had crouch'd at his

- feet;

“Then Prussia's proud King (if the French spared

his head) “Had begged through the world for a morsel of bread, “And the Elbe and the Danube, the Oder and Weser, “Had giv'n to Augustus the title of Caesar.

“Though Germany, England, France, Sweden and Spain,

“Russia, Prussia, and Portugal join to maintain
“These crimes, I assert, without fear of receding,
Unanimous EUROPE condemns the proceeding;-
“I have lately in Switzerland been, and declare
“The crowds which I met in the solitudes there,
“Men, women, and children, the goatherds, and

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But here a loud laugh quell'd the orator's notes : And glad to extinguish a preacher so dull, The Meeting unanimous bellowed “a bull!!” Save MATHEw alone, who, in accents of thunder

And great indignation, roar"dout “a Scotch blunder.”

In vain poor Sir James, in a treble-pitch'd sereech, Endeavour'd to follow the thread of his speech; Coughs, sneezes, and laughs, pealing loud thro’ the T00m,

Pronounc'd in a tempest, the candidate's doom;

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