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constitutional principle, he thought their martial costume should be exchanged for a Common Councilman's gown, and a full-bottomed wig.

Lord GEORGE CAVENDISH thanked his friends for their attendance, but observed, that as there seemed unfortunately to be a considerable difference of opinion among them, he trusted that in the Debate they would confine themselves to the most general topics, and not descend into particulars. A doubt having been started whether Mr. Bennet would be able to spare time from his prison inspections, to act as Commissioner, it was agreed that Mr. Creevey should be appointed in his stead. Some further conversation passed in a mysterious manner, which our Reporter, who was obligingly posted by Lord Duncannon behind one of the Elgin Metopes,* could not distinctly hear, and the Meeting soon after

broke up:

• The Elgin marbles were still at Burlington House.E.



To the old tune of " A Cobbler there was, and he lived in his stall."

YE noisy Reformers who rant and who bawl,
Come listen to me while I sing you of Paul;*
Not himt who at Putney, gave Burdett a fall,
But the worthy successor of Westminster Paul.

Ye Billingsgate muses, ye dames of the Hall,
Come sing from my ballad the praises of Paul;
We poets of Grub-street, who write for the stall,
Had never a fitter Mæcenas than Paul.

Evidently Paul Methuen, Esq. + James Paul, Esq. (since deceased) wounded Sir F. Burdett in a duel on Putney heath.-E.

If the air of a 'prentice, the face of a doll,
Were beauties, how lovely a creature were Paul;
If a wig-block well painted the heart could enthrall,
Even Freemantle's self could scarce rival our Paul.*

If a west-country tone 'twixt a stutter and drawl,
Were eloquence, Lord, what a speaker were Paul;
If a noddle with no more of brains than a ball
Were a head-piece, Oh dear, what a Statesinan were


You'd swear he was bred up at Coachmaker's Hall, Such a spouting and four-in-hand Dandy is Paul;t Had

you seen him, when last he enacted the Wall! Even Moonshine grew pale, and knocked under to


* These seem to allude to Mr. Freemantle, Secretary of the Treasury in the Talents’ Administration, who certainly wears a wig, but whether he deserves the imputation which the rest of the line conveys is not so clear.-E.

† Mr. Methuen was famous in private theatricals; it is presumed that he also belonged to the four-in-hand club.

He swears he belongs to no party at all,
And truly no party acknowledges Paul;
But, just as the Lion employs a Jackall,
The Whigs are so good as to tolerate Paul.

He had heard of the sudden conversion of Saul, And thought changing sides was befitting a Paul; But the Hebrew got reason and light by his fall, But dulness and darkness still stick to our Paul.

His like we shall ne'er see again, all in all,
If any thing ever should happen to Paul;
And now should the sense of my Song appear small,
I beseech you remember, my subject is Paul.



March, 1816. It is with the liveliest satisfaction that we announce to the public the failure of the above enterprize, and the total destruction of the Broom fireship, in an action in St. Stephen's Bay, during the night of Wednesday, the 20th instant. This Buccaneer expedition was destined for a coup de main against the royal arsenals in Treasury Harbour, which they intended to plunder and burn, if they could not keep permanent possession of them.

Up to the above-mentioned day the fleet had proceeded with apparent success, under the command of the Ponsonby flag-ship, an old hulk fitted up for the occasion: it consisted principally of the Tierney hired trader, the Wynne, armed en flute,

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