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propositions, without any reserve whatsoever; and furthermore, a reasonable compensation and allowance (to be determined as aforesaid) for the wear and tear, deterioration, and loss of value of the said notions, motions, ideas, and propositions, while in the service of his Majesty.


If by the events of the war, or any other cause, the Lord Viscount Castlereagh should fall into the hands of the said offensive alliance, either as a prisoner of war or otherwise, it is hereby stipulated and agreed, that the sole charge and custody of the said Viscount shall be committed to the President; well understood, however, that his Majesty the Emperor, shall, by himself or his Special Commissioner in that behalf to be appointed, be permitted, from time to time, to look through the keyhole of the room in which the said prisoner shall be confined, in order to ascertain that he is safely watched, and interdicted from all external communication; and in the

event (which God forbid) of the escape of the said prisoner, his Majesty the Emperor engages to use all his* address to catch him again.


Whereas the territories of his Majesty the Emperor ahound in poppies, insomuch that opium is the staple commodity thereof, the President engages to take off as much of the said opium as he can bear, provided always that the said Emperor shall not attempt to export a greater quantity of the said opium than he has hitherto done, and that the President may continue to receive, at the rate of the tarif now subsisting, the opium, digitalis, and other narcotics of his ancient allies, neighbours, and confederates.


And whereas the President is eminently desirous of diffusing and inculcating the most liberal and en

* Mr. Methuen had, at Lord Castlereagh's request, seconded the address at the opening of the session,

lightened principles throughout the world, it is agreed that his Majesty the Emperor may attend as often as he pleases at Mr. Lancaster's school, founded by the said President, for the purpose of learning and attaining the arts, crafts, acquirements, or accomplishments of reading and writing; and his Majesty and the President do jointly and mutually engage to support and maintain, within their respective territories, a full, perfect, and uncontrolled freedom of speech and publication upon all subjects whatsoever; provided always that any disturber of the public peace, who shall maliciously or contumeliously write or speak any words or matters, reflecting upon either of the High Contracting Parties themselves, shall be forthwith arrested and brought to execution without benefit of clergy.


The present Treaty shall be ratified, and the notifications exchanged in the course of three weeks, or sooner if possible.

In witness whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed it, and have affixed thereunto the seals

of their arms.
Done at Westminster this 5th of February, 1816.



SIR,_When you said that there were no original English Melodies, you must have forgotten all that amiable class of composition which amused you in your infancy, such as “ The Baby Bunting," “Goosey Goosey Gander," " A was an Archer," and several other ditties, very delectable to the ear of childhood, and which I presume to think are exclusively national. I therefore presume


will not be

displeased at my attempting to introduce some of those INFANTINE Lyrics to the public notice.

Men, it has been said, are no more than full-grown children; and I think that this apophthegm was never more truly applied than to that distinguished portion of our countrymen, to whom I dedicate my labours, and who in the common language are called the Opposition : as a sample of my work, I beg leave to submit to you my version of that celebrated decameter-monologue, which begins A was an Archer and shot at a frog."

I am, Sir, your obedient servant,

P. P.


A, was an ALTHORPE, as dull as a hog ;
B, was black BROUGHAM, a surly cur dog ;
C, was a COCHRANE, all stripp'd of his lace;
D, was a Douglas, who wanted a place;


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