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The COURSE complete in 5 Books, prica 10s. bound,




8. d.

WITH EXPLANATORY NOTES ; Adapted, as a Progressive Course of Reading, for all Classes

of English Schools and Families.


Lately one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools. Book the FIRST, adapted to Standard II. of the Revised Code, 192 pages Seventh Edition

1 0 Book the SECOND, adapted to Standards III. and IV. of the Revised Code, 254 pages, Seventh Edition

1 6 Book the THIRD, adapted to Standard V. of the Revised Code, 320 pages, Eighth Edition

2 0 Book the FOURTH, adapted to Standard VI. of the Revised Code, 448 pages, Sixth Edition......

2 6 Book the FIFTH,"containing saitable Elementary Reading for

special Highest Classes in large Schools, 496 pp. Second Edit. 3 0

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This is an entirely new series of to which the Third Book is intro. Reading Books, carefully adapted ductory, is a further extension of the throughout to the requirements of same general plan, with the addition of modern education. The Five Books a division on the more popular branches are arranged each in corresponding of Natural Science and Physics, ecquen. sections, on a serial and uniform scheme tially arranged. Book V. which comof progressive, yet constantly varied, pletes the course, forms a further ad.. selections. Book I. consists of rhymes vauce, and a completion of the general and fireside stories, fables and parables, plan, and aims at answering the

practiand short simple tales, all within the cal purposes of a Class-book of later comprehension of children who have English literature. mastered the first steps in reading. Book II. contains miscellanies, tales of

of this Series of Reading-Lesson adventure, imaginative and real, anec.

Books upwards of 80,000 volumes have dotes in natural history, and 'ballad already been sold. poetry-all preliminary to the Third Book. Book III. comprises literary selections in prose and verse, descrip

MR. LAURIE's excellent Gradua. tive travel, natural history (with refer- ted Series of Reading-Lesson Books has ence to the previous section), and nar- met with great and well-deserved sucratives of English history. Book IV. cess.


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