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ALFALFA, seed of, sent to the editor by Com. Jones, Young's experiments in agriculture, with remarks,

A. B. on Maryland lands, No. 1. 81, No. 2. 91.

for distribution, 392.

viz.-on wheat, 361; on barley, 370; on oats, 386;

ADLUM, John, on the manufacture of wine from wild AMPHICON on civil engineering, 205. On the Aus- on buckwheat, 387; on peas, turnips and carrots,

grapes, 261.

trian system, 210.

394; on potatoes, 409.

ADOPTION, singular system of in France, 32.

ANIMAL KINGDOM, on the study of, with reference BURNING, directions to escape, 399.

AGRICOLA, dissertation on lime, by, 369.

to agriculture 186, 194, 202, 209, 226, 235, 242, 249, BUTTER, general observations on the manufacturing

AGRICULTURE, of modern Italy, 1. As influenced 266, 273.

of, 285.

by geographical circumstances, 2. Science of, 2, ANIMALS, on the improvement of the breed of, 19. BYRON, Lord, list of his works, 64.

9, 17, 33, 65. On the establishment of schools teach- General principles of rearing, managing and feed-

ing theoretically and practically, with letters from ing domestic, 33. On the study of the animal king-


Emanuel De Fellenberg and William C. Wood-

dom with reference to agriculture—on the lan- CABBAGES, culture of, injurious to the soil, 179. Large
bridge on the subject, 25, 34. Of Louisiana, re- guage, nomenclature, description and classification

one raised in Aldie, řa. 215-do. in Northampton

marks on, 154. Of New England, by Thomas Gold,

of-external anatomy of, 186, 194, 202, 209, 226,

county, Va. 362.

161, 169. Remarks on, by the editor of the New 235, 242, 249, 266, 273.

CAMPO MARTO, farm of, in Italy, account of its ma-
York Statesman, 322. of Georgia, extract from ANTS, battle of the, by M. Hanhart, 264.

nagement, 1.
Mr. Bevan's report thereon, to the legislature, 338. APPLES, large ones, 109, 229, 308. On retaining good

CANALS, extracts from the report of the commission-
Arthur Young's experiments in, 361, 370, 386, 394.

varieties of, 165. Notice of Adams', 210. Japa- ers of the New York, 77. Remarks by "Anne
Act for the promotion of, in Pennsylvania, 410.
nese, description of, by D. and C. Landreth, 221.

Arundel,” on cutting one from Annapolis to Wash-

Method of keeping for twelve months, 285.

ington, 222. List of, in the United States, 286.
OF BARNWELL DISTRICT, S. C. addressed by APRICOT, notice of a large one, from Mr. J. Lafitte,
mark with the impression of a leaf, 340.

Progress of the Chesapeake and Delaware, 301.
Mr. Patterson, 17.

Report of the president and directors of do. to
-OF DORCHESTER COUNTY, Md. list of pre-

Gov. Kent, 381. Proposed one in Georgia, 325.
miums for the show in October, 1827, 227. Official ARRACACHA of South America, grows to perfection

Estimated cost of the Chesapeake and Ohio, 413.
account of their show, and distribution of premi-

in Florida, 40.

CANVASS, American, superiority of, 231, 242.

ums, 273. Addressed by Dr. J. E. Muse, 28). ASTRAPÆA WALLICHI, notice of, by W. Prince, 316. CARNATIONS, time for potting, 6.

OF HAMILTON COUNTY, Ohio, offer premiums ATHERSTONE, J. on the cultivation of woad, 193.

CARPENTER, George W. observations and experi-

for crops of barley, 204.

AYRES, Dr. E. on the cultivation of Guinea grass, 73.

ments on opium, 211.

OF HARTFORD COUNTY, (Con.) extract from

CARROTS, notice of a large one raised in Maryland,

the address to, by the Rev. C. A. Goodrich, on neat-


16-do. in Pennsylvania, 177. Directions for culo

ness of farm houses, 315.
BACON, recipe for curing, 328.

tivating, 179. Experiments in the culture of, 394.
OF LOUDON, FAUQUIER, PRINCE WILLIAM BAGGING, Cotton, proposal to furnish, by J. Travers, CARTS AND WAGONS, where best used, 284.
AND FAIRFAX COUNTIES, Va. addressed by 151.

CARTER'S LETTERS from Europe, proposals for pub-
Thomas Marshall, Esq. 306.

BALSAM APPLE, of Florida, seed of, sent to the edi- lishing, 96.
OF MARYLAND, list of premiums for the Show tor, 364.

CASTOR OIL, American, the manufacture of, profi ta-

of 1827, with remarks on, by the editor, 41. Meet- BALTIMORE, size of, in 1827,

ble, 373.

ing of the Trustees at Col. Bosley's, June 7, 1827, BARLEY, on the cultivation of, by Judge Buel, 2. Ex- CATTLE, manner of feeding in Piedmont-Colour of
104. Address to the members of the Eastern Shore, periments with, by Arthur Young, 370.

in Tuscany, l. Cheap fodder for, 105. Short-
by N. Hammond, 106. List of premiums offered BARN, description of one built by the Shakers in Han- horned not a native breed of Britain-excellent
by the society for the Eastern Shore, at the Show cock, Mass. 21.

food for, 179. Uses of salt to, when given freely,
of November, 1827, 187. List of judges for the BEANS, on planting with corn, 170.

179. Il effects of soiling, 193. Fodder for, 204.
Western Shore, 240. Official account of the Cattle BEDS AND BEDSTEADS, materials proper to be used Cure for wens, 204. Notice of a disease in, called
Show and Fair at Baltimore, Oct. 24th and 25th, in the construction of, 76.

shoulder brake, 229. The importance of selecting

257. List of officers for the ensuing year, 259. BEEE, inquiry as to the best mode of pickling, 232. good breeds, 243. Account of the large ox, Colum-

Official account of the Cattle Show and Fair at BEER, when and where first brewed, 210.

bus, 312. Weight of some at Washington, Pa. 315.

Easton, 323.

BEES, how to preserve from the worm, &c. 53. Man- Bulls of the Devon and short-horn wanted, 380.

-OF MASSACHUSETTS, addressed by the hon. ner of raising in Livonia, 181. Method of remov- Short-horned for sale by James Cox, 404.
John Lowell, their president, 265.

ing without destroying, 286.

CATTLE SHOW, Hartford, remarks on, by the editor
OF PAWTUCKET, R. I. premiums to be award- BEVAN, Mr. extract from his report on the agriculture of the Connecticut Courant, 208. At Baltimore,

ed at their next Cattle Show, 228.

of Georgia, 338.

257. At Easton, Md, 323.

-OF PENNSYLVANIA, proceedings of, in rela- BINGHAM, J. A. on the use of mules in the western CATTERPILLARS, how to destroy, 117.
tion to the plan of the Fellenberg school-list of country, 408.

CAULIFLOWERS, directions for cutting, 197. Hom

officers, 378.

BIRNIE, c. letter from, on the subject of fermented to keep for any length of time, 286.

-OF SALEM, N. J. premiums selected from their liquors, offered at the Cattle Show of 1827, 373. CELERY, large head of, 93.

list for October, 1827, 228.

BLANKETS, cheap and excellent substitute for, 235. CHEAT, remarks on, by a Farmer, 116–do. by A. P.

-OF SOUTH CAROLINA, papers read at their BONES, excellent glue made from, by the French, 210.

meeting 18th September, 1827, 233.


CHEESE, Parmesan, method of making, 1. American,

AGRICULTURAL Associations, benefits of, 283, 295. BORROWING AND LENDING, evils of, by A. P. 199. too much made, 120. To preserve from mites,

Axioms, 308. Fete, in China, 188. Implements BREAD, how to make without yeast, 71. Kind of pro- 152.

used in Italy, 1. Improvement, importance of, 210. per to be used by dyspeptic persons, 181. Expe- CHEESMAN, George H. queries by, on rolling land,

Institute and system of education of the Rev. E. De riment with, 283.


Fellenberg, brief sketch of, 50. Knowledge, read- BREWERIES, notice of the extensive ones at Albany, CHERRIES, very fine raised by J. Willis, 104. Re-

ing necessary to, 74. Meeting in Lancaster, Pa. quantity of barley and hops consumed therein, 45. marks on eight varieties of, by W. Prince, 260_

203. Penance, advantages of, 59. Query, 188. BRICKS, success of Mr. Båkewell's method of burning, do. on ten varieties by do. 363.

Schools, proposition to establish one in Pennsyl- 72.

CHESNUTS, flour made from, in Tuscany, l. Compa-

vania, by Mr. Morris, 267, 378.

BRODNAXE, W. E. on raising blooded horses, 359.

rative weight of American and French, by M. F.

AGRICULTURAL AND MANUFACTURING Society, BROOKE, Col. George M. on the climate and produc- Wheeler, 272.
of Muskingum county, Ohio, elect J. S. Skinner an ductions of Florida, 40.

CHRYSANTHEMUM, Chinese, description of the seve-
honorary member. Officers for 1827, 168. BROWN, Samuel, on the manufacture of coarse cotton ral varieties of, by William Prince, 252.
-Establishment in France, 264.

goods in the southern states, 249.

CIDER, on the manufacture and fining of, by B. B.
AGRICULTURISTS, biographical sketches of eminent, BUCKWHEAT, experiments in the culture of, 387. Cooper, 387. Methods of making good, 229, 237,
BUEL, Judge J. on the cultivation of barley, 2. Com-


ALBUM, Philadelphia, circular to the friends of, 112. munication from, on pear trees, 252. On the cul- CLARKE, George J. F. Esq. memoir by, on the culti

ALCOHOL, nature of, 210.

tivation of lucern, 322. Communicates Arthur ration of tho Spanish segar tobacco, 337,



CLAY, on burning, information wanted, by a subscri-


FECUNDITY, extraordinary, of a sow, 308.

ber, 251.

DAIRYING, profitable, 356.

FELLENBERG, Rev. Emanuel de, sketch of his Agri-

CLIMATE, amelioration of, 9.

DARBY, William, on suction, as the most rertain means

cultural Institute, and system of education, 50.

CLOVER, treatment of the second crop, 179.

of extracting poison, 279. Notice of his Geogra- Description of his school, at Hofwyl, by John Mur-
-SEED, time and method of saving, getting out
phical Dictionary, bv Agathedemon, 135.

ray, Esq. 164.
and cleaning, by Robert Sinclair,-do. by “Expe- DAVIS, Gideon, prices of his ploughs, 8.

School, plan of one, for Pennsylvania, 378.
rience,” 396.
DEAFNESS, sure remedy for, 392.

FIELD SEEDS, inquiries as to the time and manner of

COCHINEAL., on the culture of, (with cuts,) 188. DENNY, William H. interesting letter from, on the Bal- sowing, 308.

COCKROACHES, how to destroy, 13, 119, 143.

timore and Ohio rail road, 389.

FIGS, directions for drying, wanted, 53.

COKE, Thomas William, Esq. of Norfolk, (Eng.) biogra- DICKINSON, W. R. on sheep and wool, 284.

FISH PONDS, management of, in France, 255.
phical sketch of, 585.

DIET, influence of, on the intellectual faculties, 206. FITZHUGH, William H. queries on the manufacture
COMPOSTS, their application and cost, 201.

DOANE, Capt. (U. S. N ) presents a variety of beauti- of wool, and the employment of slaves, 260.
CONGRESSIONAL ITEMS, of general interest, so3,

ful shells to the editor, 72.

FLANNEL, observations on the use of, as an article of
311, 312.
DOCKS, proper time for pulling, 210.

clothing, by Dr. Barlow, 6. On the manufacture
CONSUMPTION, good effects of riding in, 321. Liver- DOGS, distemper in, cured by laudanum, 6. Account

of, in the United States, 87.
wort, a remedy for, 382.

of a faithful one, 80. Useless ones in the state of FLAX, how to dress so as to look like silk, 181, In-
COOPER, B. B. on raising fruit trees, and the manu-

Virginia, 107. Singular instance of sagacity in one, quiries respecting, by J. T. Kilby, 396.
facture of cider, 397. His experience in the use 151. Inquiry as to cure for certain diseases in, 239. FLORICULTURE, florists' flowers used in, 11.
of different kinds of manures, 411.

Cure for the mange, or itch, 263-4. Lines on the FLORIDA, climate, productions, &c of, 40. Answer
Joseph, his directions for making wine from
death of Piper, a celebrated fox hound, 287.

to inquiries relative to middle, propounded by a
cherries, currants, &c. 109.

DOMESTIC MANUFACTURES, advantages of, 191. gentleman in Switzerland, &c. &c. by D. B. Ma-
CORN, on the selection of, for seed, by Calvin Jones, DRILLING, importance of, 210.

comb, Esq. 217.
12. Preservation of, 124. Proper directions for DROVERS, excellent establishment for their accommo-

FODDER, cheap, 106.

stalking, 179. Sown broadcast on fallow, its fari- dation, 64.

FOOD, Animal, remarks on the texture of and the dif-

naceous product and value as long fodder; sown DUMPLINGS, dancing, 215.

ferent methods of cooking, 93.

broadcast on rye stubble and sward, ils product and DUNBAR, R. wants information respecting Guinea FORSYTH, William, his composition for the cure of

value, by J. H Powel, 207. Tall growth of, in

corn, 410.

diseases, defects, and injuries in all kinds of fruit

Ohio, 315. Large crop, 316. Remarks on the DWELLING HOUSES, situation and plan of, shading

and forest trees, 75.

height of, by Agricultor, 331.

by trees, 397. To preserve from danger by fire, FOWL, how to fatten, 199.
-GUINEA, its cultivation, great product, and va-
proper colour for, &c. 398.

FRUIT TREES, variety of, for sale in British nurse-
lue as food for cattle, 193. Queries respecting, by DYEING, African mode of, 299. (See Recipes for other

ries, 10. On trimming, by Joseph Kersey, 29. On

R. Dunbar, 410.


the management of various kinds, by John Willis,

-LAWS, British, effect of, on the agricultural


44. To cure the blight on, 61. Injured by the

productions of the United States, 52.

EBRIETY, maxims of, 288.

pea-bug, 101.

COTTON, estimates of the imports and consumption of

in Great Britain, in seven years, 5. Quality of the EDITORIÁL REMARKS, on the selection of horses for


breeding, 14. On the Baltimore and Ohio rail
Maryland, 7. On the qualities of the nankin, cul-
tivated in North Carolina, 81. Consumption of, in

road, 23. On systematic farming, 36. On

weaving GARDENING, directions for 44. Remarks in favour
in families, 40. On the cattle show for 1827, 41.

of ornamental, extracted from Mr. Carter's address

France, Switzerland, and the United States, 116.

to the New York Horticultural society, 268.

Report on the causes which contribute to the pro-

On the town of Salem, and its vicinity, 56. On
duction of fine Sea Island, by Whitemarsh B. Sea-

the good effects resulting from Agricultural Fairs, GARDEN SEED, remarks on saving, by An Old Gar-
80. On the Boston Medical Intelligencer, 93. On

dener, 149. Do. by D. L. Jr. 180.
brook, 129, 137, 145. Improper for wounds, 208.

the season and the crops, 120. On the culture of GARNETT, James M. proposes to publish the husban-

On the employment of in the manufacture of bag-

silk, 128. On wool, 132.' On American silk, 136.

dry and horticulture of the middle, northern and

ging, cordage, and coarse fabricks, 219, 225, 235,
Occasioned by a toast given by the sheriff of Suf-

eastern states, 367.
241, 249, 260, 274, 290, 298, 307, 314, 324, 330, 346,

folk, Mass. 144. On domestic manufactures-on

GEESE, extraordinary longevity of a pair in the state

358, 395, 410. Quantity of cloth made on the farm

the necessity of preserving pedigrees of celebrated GLUE, French method of making, from bones, 355.

of New York, 16.

of Dr. J. E. Muse, 242. Value of goods annually

horses, 192

manufactured in Great Britain, 220. Trade at

Ilavre, in 1826 and 7, 231. Exports of, from Pe.

fair, 205, 247. On the employment of cotton for GOLD, Thomas, on the agriculture of New England,

cotion bagging, &c. 219. Suggesting the propri-

161. On deep ploughing, 169. On grasses, 377.

tersburg, Va. for twelve months, 242. Thread of,

preferable to flax, for shoes, 247. Account of the

On agricultural societies, 394.

ety of ladies attending the fair-on the fair to

aspinster” used in Tennessee and Alabama, 249.

be held for the benefit of the Orphaline Charity GOLDSBOROUGH, R. H. on the Hessian Ay and rare

School, 223. Acknowledging the receipt of fruits GOOSEBERRIÉS, very large ones from the garden of

On the growth of Sea Island, in Virginia, by J.

and wines, 232. On the advantages of encourag-

Mercer, 260. African mode of dying a rich and

ing the breed of horses in Maryland, 248. On GORWOOD, his rules for choosing a race borse by ex-

Isaac McKim, Esq. 136.

lasting blue, 299. Remarks on the manufacture of,

the cattle show of 1827-on the utility of pub-

in North Carolina, 307. History of the trade and

lishing the accounts of races, and the pedigrees GOSYPIUM, on the manufacture of cotton, &c. by glave

ternal appearances, 382.

manufacture of, in Great Britain, 313. Printing in

of valuable horses, 264. On the Dorchester coun-

the United States, 327. Mr. Fisher's report to the

ty cattle show, 272. On the bad effects of simi-

labour, 410.

legislature of North Carolina on the establishment

larity in the names of horse 278. On Colonel GOURDS, large, 109.
of manufactures, &c. 346, 353. Present state and

Long's letter to the rail road company, 280. In GRAFTING, observations on, in answer to a "Young
future prospects of the market in England, &c. 411.
reply to “A Subscriber," on the use of ardent spi-

Backwood's Farmer," by P. 39. The peach on the
COWS, observations on by T. Pickering, 13. Winter

riis among labourers, 288. On the erection of rose, by A. Landrum, 53.
food for, 27, 315. Extraordinary one, belonging
to J. H. Powel, Esq. 100. Further particulars


, 303. On farming in New England- GRAIN, on the preservation of, from mice, 152. Pro

on economy in fodder, 321. On Fessenden's Far- per time for cutting all kinds of, 179. On the pro-
concerning it, 105. Extraordinary one owned by
mer's Almanac, 328. On the establishment of an

priety of substituting weight for measure in the
Dr. Elmer, in New Jersey, 176. Good ones want-
agricultural society in Ohio, &c. 352. Noticing the

selling of, by Justitia, 187.

ed, 232.

Southern Agriculturist--on the proper time for sow-

GRAPES, description of the "Scupperpong," 29. Ex-

COX, James, offers short-horned cattle for sale, 404.

ing oats. 363. On rail roads, 367. On the native

cellent quality of the "Alexander”-varieties cul-
CROPS, rotation of, 17. Essay on, by W. C. Nicholas,

black mulberry, 380. On distribution of seeds, 392.

tivated in Italy, 30. General reinarks on the com
49, 57. Do. by Sir H. Davy, 65. Prospect of, in
On the proposed rail road from the Chesapeake to

rinthian, or Zante currant, by S. W. Pomeroy, 97.
Virginia, 83, 396. North Carolina, 100, 179, 252,
the Delaware, 400. On the use of Mules, 407.

Experiments with the "Bland,” 39. Query res
220. Maryland, 100, 149, 179, 404. In Alabama, ELLIOT, Capt. J.'D. sends carrier pigeons and hogs to

pecting the kinds best for making wine, 53. Co-

107. In New York, 133. In Pennsylvania, 139,

the editor, 32.

rinthian, or Zante currant, further remarks on, 83.

149, 179. In Georgia, 164. Inquiries as to the ENGINEERING, civil, remarks on, by Amphicon, 205.

On the “Roanoke" or "Scuppernong,” and the

advantage of a certain rotation of, by a young Far- ENGLAND, national debt, rise of, '32.

wine made therefrom, by James G. Hall, 139. On

mer, 220.

CREAM, method of preserving, 210.

EQUESTRIAN performances, an account of some re-

the proper selection of, for vineyards, by William

markable, 94.

Prince, 221. Remarks on the native, by D. & C.
CUCUMBERS, on pickling with whiskey instead of vi.

Landreth, 221. Notices of some fine ones, by W.

negar, 94. Large one, 117.


Prince, 276, 284. Notice of the Isabella, and the

CULTURÉ, origin and principles of, as derived from FAMILY PHYSICIAN, American, by Dr. Ewell, notices wine made therefrom, by W. Prince, 294. Further
the study of vegetables, 9. Influence of, on vege- of, 302.

remarks on the “Isabella,” by “A Constant Rea-

tables and fruits, 10.

FAMILY RECORD, plan of, 7.

der,” 309. Do. do. by W. Prince, 325. On the

CUTS, box for transplanting plants, 38. Mail stage for FARMERS, observations on the different classes of, in Scuppernong, by Orion, 348. Great addition of, to
a rail road, 126. Rail road carriages, on Mr. Mill's limited circumstances, &c. 89, 97.

William Prince's garden from the Luxembourg,

plan, 142.' Illustrative of the culture of cochineal, FARMING, systematic, 36. In New England, 321.

356. Names and ities of the best French, by

189. Transplanting instruments and orange box, FARM HOUSES, on neatness and order in, by the Rev. D. N. Norton, 380. On the Scuppernong as a pa-
212. of the great ox Columbus, 312. Solution of C. A. Goodrich, 315.

live, by William Prince-different kinds cultivated

a question, by V. 351. Shewing the mode of culti- FAUNTLEROY, M. G. wishes a partner in a manufac- in Tennessee, 397.

rating potatoes, 363. Machine for measuring the tory of cotton--approves of Sinclair & Moore's self- GRASSES, on the different kinds of, 4, 11, 20, 27, 35,

depth of ploughing, 384.

sharpening plough, 383.

42, 58, 67, 78, 82, 90, 98, 105, 115, 131, 147.' 10-

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