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the rights to which, derived from the colonial government, were inchoate at the establishment of the commonwealth's land office.

At the end of the volume will be found some very important Resolutions and State Papers; particularly the correspondence between the commissioners of Pennsylvania and Virginia, on the subject of the disputed boundary between the two States ;t and papers in relation to the cession of the North Western Territory. I It will here be seen, that the great impediment to a ratification of the articles of confederation on the part of Maryland, (which was delayed until 1781) was the extensive western territories, held by some of the States; and the liberality of Virginia, in ceding her north western territory to the United States, will then be duly appreciated.


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List of Governors of Virginia during

the period comprised in this volume.

PATRICK HENRY, esq. continued governor until the Patrick Hen. latter end of the May session 1779, and on the first day ty, esq. of June 1779, Thomas Jefferson, esq. was elected.

Thomas JEFFERSON, esq. was governor until June Thomas Jef1781, when he resigned; and on the twelfth day of June ferson, esq. 1781, Thomas Nelson, junior, esq. was elected.

Thomas Nelson, Jan. esq. continued governor un- Thomas Neltil the thirtieth of November 1781, when he resigned, son,

Benjamin and Benjamin Harrison, esq. was elected.

Harrison, esq.

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