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Philters, Charms, &c.

• 285


- 286



Inquisition, or the Holy Office

• 297


- 307



Derivation of the strange and hideous forms of Devils,

&e illis-


The Narrative of Demon of Tedworth, or the dis-


turbances at Mr. Monpesson's house, caused by
Witcheraft and Villany of a Drummer


The Demon of Sedburgh, ictima

Julius Cæsar


'The Theorists of the in at the Battle of Marathon (11.360


bns Familjar Spirit, or ancient Brownie ibr -1 -361

Ginsies-Egyptians 3 1:53


Dia 10:01:378

Jugglers, their Origin, Exploits, &c.

Legend's, 80.4Miracles; 86. u ji 7,1148! 16d1 : 92 3931

Monki and Friups. --Saints and Hermits; 30?

Of the Hermit of the Pillar-(St. Simeon Stylites, St.

Telesephorus, St. Syncletia

Holy Relique-Mania, &c. &c. &c. viles '10 F-O,983 - 4811
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cretos AMONG the multifarious absurdities and chicaneries, which at different epocha of society have clung to, and engaged the attention of man, absorbing, as it were, his more active, intelligence, the marvellous and the ridiculous. i have alternately and conjointly had to contend, for pre-eminenee; that, whether it were a mountain in the moon or a bottle conjuror ; a live lion stuffed with straw or a mermaid; a Cocklane ghost or a living skeleton ; a giant or a pigmy; the delusive bait has invariably been swallowed with avidity, and credited with all the solemnity of absolute devotion.

If we look back towards what are called the dark ages of the world, that is, at times when men were mere yokels, and when the reins of tyranny, superstition and idolatry, were controlled by a few knowing ones, we shall see the human mind at its lowest ebb of debasement, grovelling either under the lash

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