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Schuyler, Capt. Peter, Jr., instructions

from Gov. Burnet, 32.
Schuyler, Gen. Philip, observes Eng.
land's canals, 37;

proposes canal
the Hudson Band

Champlain, 40; commissioner on ca.
nal from Wood creek to the Mo-
hawk, 44; correspondence with El.
kanah Watson concerning canals,
51.55; drafts bill "for establishing
lock navigation," 56; ancestry, 5o;
director in both canal companies, 57;
report on western waters of New
York, quoted, 58; president of
Western Inland Lock Navigation
Company, 58; inspects English ca-
nals, 60; Joseph Dennie's tribute to
Schuyler, 61; zealous for canals,
70; has been credited with first
suggestion of Erie canal, 74, 439;
proposes route of Champlain canal,

Schuyler, N. Y., citizens petition for

canal, 85.
Schuyler co., N. Y., votes against ref-

erendum measure, 393.
Schuylkill canal, 145.
Schwab, Gustav H., 251; speaks at
Syracuse convention, 261, 263; mem-
ber of canal committee, 263; dele-
gate to Buffalo convention, 1901,
272; to Albany conference, 1903,
282; advocates Davis-Bostwick bill,
284; speech in favor of bill, quoted,
285-288; at meeting of New York
Chamber of Commerce, 292; op-
poses Ontario ship canal scheme,
298; at hearing on Davis-Bostwick
bill, 299, 300;

member of Mer.
chants' Association of New York,
339; member of state committee for
canal improvement, 348, 351; at Ca-
nal Improvement Association ban-
quet, 354, 357; resigns chairman.
ship of Canal Enlargement Associa-
tion, 369, 387; canal papers, cited,
389 note; on committee to formu.
late plans for N. Y. State Water.
ways Association, 423; member of
executive committee of association,

Scottsville, N. Y., 146, 164.
Scoville, Jonathan, bill in Congress

for purchase of Erie canal, 235.
Scoys (now Waterloo), 26.
Scriba Grange, pro-canal, 390.
Seamans, Clarence W., 304.
Seibert, Simon, canal advocate, 216.
Seine river, water from poured into

Erie canal, 442.
Senatsycrosy, 17.
Seneca, N. Y., petition of citizens for
canal, 85.
"Seneca Chief,” canal boat, voyage

from Buffalo to Sandy Hook, 145,

341, 442.
Seneca Falls, trading post, 18; men.

tion by Augustus Porter, 26.
Seneca Indians (Sinnekes), keepers of

western door of the Long House, 6;
first mention of name, 17;
sional journeys to the Hudson, 19;

castles, 30;

trade encouraged by
Governor Burnet, 32-33.
Seneca lake (formerly. Kanadasaga

lake), connection with navigable
rivers, 22, 23; sail boats on, 24;
Augustus Porter's journey by way
of, 26; Elkanah Watson's journey
to, 5o; marshes adjoining, 130; con-
nection with Erie

mended by Gov. Clinton, 137; sur-
vey for canal to Chemung, river au.
thorized, 146; canal to Slontezuma
built, 147; depth of water, 148;
connection with barge canal advo-
cated, 402-403; bill prepared, 404;
recommended by superintendent of
public works, 404; inentioned, 411,

Seneca Lock Navigation Company, în.

corporated, 82; rights purchased by

statē, 147:
Seneca-Oneida-Mohawk river route for

barge canal, 287.288, 321.
Seneca river, tributary of Oswego

river, 22; value to the Genesee
country, 25; mentioned, 174; pro-
posed route of barge canal, 249,

257, 411, 503.
Seneca valley, 129.
Seward, Frederick W., 304.
Seward, George F., 304.
Seward, William H., governor of New

York, message, 1839, cited, 155;

speaks of benefits of canals, 181.
Seymour, A. P., of Oneida, 184.
Seymour, Henry, attends hearing on

canal terminal, 110.
Seymour, Horatio, governor of New

York, 181; argument for abolishing
tolls, 189, 195-196; transmits S. B.
Ruggles' report, 201; speaks at ca.
nal convention, 1867, 204; chair-
man of conference at Utica, 1885,
2073 remarks concerning Mohawk
valley, 354; recognizes value of ca.
nal as rate regulator, 361, 474; let.
ter, 1882, quoted, 453; opposes fed.

eral control of canals, 458.
Seymour, Horatio, Jr., plan for in.
creasing depth of canals, 205, 212,
218, 228, 279, 336, 395. 437, 462;
estimated cost of plan, 229, 242,
460; presides at Canal Improve-

ment Association banquet, 353.
Seymour, Silas, engineer, 395.
Shafer, Edward C., 292.
Shaible, William G., 395.
Shankland, W. H., of Onondaga, 184.
Sharon, N. Y., 146.
Shayne, C. C., member of Commerce
Commission, 240; alleged opposition

to barge canal bíll, 319.
Sheehan, William F., canal advocate,

216; lieutenant-governor of New

York, 392.
Shinnecock and Peconic canal, 172.
Shelburne, Earl of, letter to, from

Gen. Gage, quoted, 38.
Shepherd, Abraham, president of Ohio

Senate, 90.
Sherman, A. L., 384.


Smith, Jeffrey, reports on Christopher

Colles' petition, 44; introduces bill

for improving Mohawk river, 46.
Smith, Job (or Joab), of Seneca

Falls, 26.
Smith, Joseph, Indian interpreter, 27,
Smith, L. Porter, member of canal

committee of Buffalo Merchants' Ex-
change, 292; leader in barge canal

carnpaign, 345.
Smith, N., chairman of assembly com

mittee of the whole, 46.
Smith, Paul, barge canal advocate, 385.
Smith, Roy S., of Elmira, 425.
Smith, William H.,, member of pro-

canal committee of Binghamton, 385.
Smythe, William G., delegate to But.

falo convention, 1901, 272.
Sodus bay, 277, 427.
Sohanidisse, 17.
"Sold Year" river ("Kettel” creek),

Soule, Howard, engineer, 394.
South Hadley, Mass., first canal in

South Hampton bay.n.47., 295.

Sherman, Abiel, of Dutchess co., votes

against canal bill, 93.
Sherman, Frank E., 383.
Sherman, John, member U. S. Senate

committee on transportation, 452.
Sherman, Thomas W., report on Eng.

lish canals, quoted, 500.
Ship canals, route surveyed by gove

ernment engineers, 294-295; Sena-
tor Davis's argument against, 330;
ship canals in Hungary, Germany,
Italy, Corinth, France, 435; Sena-
tor Hill's argument against, 436.
437, 511-513.
Sickles, H. J., 184.
Silver Springs Signal, in favor of

barge canal, 353.
Simmons, J. Edward, 304.
Simmons, William, 424.
Simons, Seward A., 253.
Sinnekes. See Seneca Indians.
Six Nations, described in poem, 7:

answer to Governor Burnet regard-

ing Wood creek, 33.
Skaneateles lake, location, 24.
Skate, -, of Buffalo, 1820, 109.
Skeensboro. See Whitehall.
Skene, Frederick, state engineer and

surveyor, 395; annual report quoted,
408-409; memorial on canalization

of Hudson river, cited, 426.
Skene, Philip, grant of land to, 427.
Skenneckity (Schenectady),

Ramsay's journey from, 25.
Sloan, George B., temporary chairman

State Commerce convention, 1899,
246; chairman committee on resolu.
tions, 247; member of canal com.
mittee, Syracuse convention, 263;
delegate to Buffalo convention, 1901,

advocates improvement of
Erie canal, 277.
Sloan, Capt. James, quoted, 109.
Smeaton, John, engineer, 107.
Smith, Alexander R., member of Com-

merce Commission, 240; delegate to
canal hearings, 254; speaks at con.
ference to organize State Water.

ways Association,_424.
Smith, Edward, of Buffalo, 392.
Smith, Ezra, contracts for

part of
Champlain canal, 131.
Smith, Frank L., 406.
Smith, G. Waldo, delegate to Buf-

falo convention, 1901,. 272; mem-
ber of committee of fifty of N. Y.
Board of Trade and Transportation,

Smith, George B., of Chautauqua co.,

Smith, George W., speaks at Com.

merce convention, 246.
Smith, Henry, 222.
Smith, Howard J., of Buffalo, quoted,

265; assistant secretary of Canal
Committee of Buffalo Merchants'
Exchange, 292; leader in barge ca.
nal campaign, 345; prepares data for
rural press, 373;

member of Canal
Enlargement Association of West-
ern New York, 387.

South Schenectady, N.
Southold bay, 147.
Southport, L. I., 371.
Spaulding. Elbridge G., state treas-

urer, 392.
Sprague, E. Carlton, canal advocate,

Spraker, Daniel, Jr., of Sprakers, cir.
cular to Canal Advisory Commission,
quot 310-312; foresees difficulties

in canalization of the Mohawk, 414.
Spratt, Thomas, of Ogdensburg. 423;
member of executive committee of
New York State Waterways Asso.

ciation, 425
Spring, Justice Alfred, favors barge
canal, 383; speaks at banquet of
Ithaca Business Men's Association,

Springweiler, Philip W., member of

Constitutional convention, 1894, 392.
Squaw Island, proposed dam across,
Niagara river, 107, 111; embank

ment, 112.
Squier, Frank B., canal advocate, 339.
Stadler, Charles A., proposition for

private ownership of canal, 307.
Staley, T. Romeyn, 406.
Stannard, Capt. Asa, shipyard on Sca.

jaquada creek, 109.
Stanwix, Brig. Gen., John, instructed

to build fort at Oneida carrying
place, 36.
Stanwix, Fort. See Fort Stanwix.
Steadman, William, built military

road. 28.
Steamboats, tax, 97.
Stebbins, I. N., president of Orleans

Fruit Growers' Association, 299, 300.
Steel, Joel, journey to Canandaigua, 27.
Stern, Louis, 304.
Stetson, Francis Lynde, address be.

Senate Finance Committee,
quoted, 420.
Stetson, Lemuel, 224.
Stevens, Allen A., 383.

Stevens, Frederick C., speaks at Wy.

oming county convention, 353; Su-
perintendent of Public Works, 417;
member of Canal Board, 418.
Stevens, Olin J., of New York, 422,

423; member of executive commit
tee of New York State Waterways

Association, 425.,
Stewart, John., editor of the Canal

Primer, 391.
Still Water, canal to Waterford com-

menced, 6o.
Stilwell, Stephen J., 406.
Stone, Col. William L., quoted, 136-

Stoney creek, sluice in, 36, 37.
Stony Point, N. Y., 344, 380.
Stony Point Iron and Steel Plant, 328.
Storey, 0. W., engineer, 394.
Stow, Ely H., member of pro-canal

committee of Binghamton, 385.
Stow, Horatio J., 224.
Stranahan, Nevada N., supports canal

survey bill, 256; advocates improve-

ment of Oswego canal, 277, 278.
Straus, Oscar S., 304; president of

New York Board of Trade and

Transportation, 364;
Strauss, A., of New York, 319.
Strong. Dr. T. D.: 383
Stumberge, F. S., of Malone, barge

canal advocate, 385.
Stuyvesant, Peter, letter to the Duke

of York, quoted, 19.
Suez canal, 219, 297, 325, 435;
Suffolk co., N. Y., votes in favor of

referendum measure, 393.
Sullivan, Thomas A., member of Con-

stitutional convention, 1894, 392.
Sunday Star, Binghamton, 273.
Suppau, C. V., of Austria, 116.
Susquehanna river, navigable, 21; out.

let of Otsego lake, 22; importance
to New York state, 179; conserva.

tion of water power, 408.
Sutliff, C. G., at Lockport canal meet-

ing, 379.
Swanston, J. Edward, 304.
Swartwont, John, 85.
Sweet, Elnathan, state engineer; plan

for ship canal from Lake Erie to
Hudson, 206, 321; argument in fa.
vor of enlarging Erie canal, quoted,
236;_chairman of Board of Advis-

ory Engineers, 259.
Sweet, Sylvanus Howe, “Documen.

tary sketch of the New York State

Canals” quoted, 317, 470.
Symons, Col, Thomas W., engineer,

107; history of Buffalo harbor
cited, 113 note; predicts reduced
rate of transportation, 121,. 308;
member of Roosevelt commission,
245; at dinner given to Gov. Roose-
velt, 251; at barge canal hearings,
testimony before Ways and Means
committee, 254; member of Board
of Advisory Engineers, 259; speaks
at Syracuse convention, 261, 262;
member of canal committee, 263,

preparation of barge canal
bill, 282; delegate to Albany con-

ference, 1903, 282; advocates Davis-
Bostwick_bill, 284; reports cited by
Senator Lewis, 321, 322; at dinner
given by Merchants Exchange of
Buffalo, 340-343; address at Canal
Association banquet, quoted, 372;
member of Advisory Board of Con.

sulting Engineers, 398.
Sympher, Dr. Leo., "Die Entwicklung
der preussischen wasserstrassen,

quoted, 115 note; mentioned, 116;
280; disapproval of "electric mule,"

Syracuse, N. Y., survey for canal to
Port Watson authorized, 146; canal
convention, 1886, 208; represented
at canal union convention, 1887,
212;. canal meeting, 1868, 220; con-
vention, 1900, 260-266; trade af.
fected by differential rates, 261-262;
opposition to barge canal bill, 309,
314; senator from, absent from vote
on bill, 335; joint debates on barge
canal, 376, 390; prosperity advanced
by canals, 449; freight carried from,
in 1893, 454; freight rates to New

York, 455; salt industries, 509.
Syracuse Post-Standard, opposes barge

canal, 373.
Taber, M. E., 292.
Tabor, Charles F., canal advocate,

216; attorney general, 392.
"Tacitus,” pseud. See Clinton, D

Tagus river, water from poured into

Erie canal, 442.
Tallmadge, James, resolution in as-

sembly, 130; debate in Constitu.

tional convention, 224.
Tammany Hall, supports barge canal

bill, 331.
Taxation, for Erie canal, 95-97; for

barge canal, 356, 505.
Tayler, John, 440.
Taylor Edward I., of Lockport,

speaks at Buffalo convention, 1901,

Taylor, William B., engineer, 394.
Taylor Signal Company, 484.
Teltow canal, electrical equipment,

116-117, 280; siphon locks, 413.
Tennant, Willis H., of Mayville,

speaks at Syracuse convention, 261,
263; member of canal committee,
263; address at Utica, quoted, 266-
267; leader in the barge canal cam.
paign, 345; addresses Lily Dale
meeting, 359; joint debate with J.

I. Platt, argument quoted, 376-377.
Tenotoge, 17.
Terry, George L., 191.
Thames river, water from poured into

Erie canal, 442.
Thayer, Francis S., 169.
Thomas, David, engineer, 102, 103;

survey of Buffalo creek, 105; report
of survey of Buffalo harbor quoted,
107-108, cited, 110; report opposed
by James Geddes, 108; attends hear-
ing on canal terminus, 110; favors

Toomey, Daniel F., 359; presides at
Dunkirk canal meeting, 375; edi-

tor of Dunkirk Herald, 383.
Towne, Henry R., canal advocate, 339.
Townsend, Charles, member of Harbor

Association, 106, 109.
Townsend, Martin I., of Troy, 222.
Townsend, William, votes for barge
canal bill, 336; address at banquet

of Canal Improvement Association,
quoted, 354-355.
Tracy, Albert H., member of Harbor

Association, 106, 109.
Trade routes, 21-36.
Trading posts, 18-19.
Travis, Eugene M., 406.
Tremain, Henry Edwin, of New York,

190; member of committee of fifty
of Ñ. Y. Board of Trade and Trans-

portation, 364.
Trenor, John D., of the Greater New
York Canal Association, 339; com-
munication to editor of the Evening

Post, , quoted, 391.
Trent river, storage reservoirs, 410.
Troup, Col. Robert, “Vindication of

the claim of Elkanah Watson to the
merit of projecting the state's ca.
nal policy,

cited, 75.
Troy, N. Y., opposition to barge canal

bill, 314, 335; J. D. Kernan makes
address at, 359; city urges improve.
ment of upper Hudson, 426; pros-
perity advanced by canals, 449; in.
dustries, 493.495; on route of barge

canal, 503.
Troy Board of Trade, 221.
Troy Chamber of Commerce, barge

canal meeting, 387-389, 468.
Troy Times, supports barge canal bill,

Truesdell, Charles, engineer, 394.
Truesdell, John P., member of com-

mittee on canals, 220; speaks at

Commerce convention, 247.
Tryon, Wm., governor of New York,
report concerning rivers of New

York, cited, 38 note; quoted, 39-40.
Tubbs, J. Nelson, engineer, 259, 394.
Turner, William A., member of pro.

canal committee of Binghamton, 385.
Turner, William, member of Constitu-

tional convention, 1894, 392.
Tuscarora Indians, added to the Five

Nations, 6.
Ulster co., N. Y., votes in favor of

referendum measure, 393.
Ulysses, N. Y., citizens petition for

canal, 85.
Unadilla valley, survey for canal

through, authorized, 146.
Union and Advertiser, Rochester, op-

poses barge canal, 373.
Union for the Improvement of Canals

of the State of New York, 205;
documents, quoted, 207; resolutions
against freight discrimination, quoted,
209; third convention, 211;

Buffalo creek terminus, 112; sur.
veys routes from Seneca Falls to

the Erie canal, 147.
Thomas, Evan, 219; address at

Jamestown, quoted, 363.
Thompson, S. A., article in Engineer.

ing News, cited, 288, quoted, 510.
Thompson, Sheldon, contract to con-

struct pier at Bird island and em.

bankment on Squaw island, 11•112.
Thompson, Smith, 440.
Three River Point, trading post, 18;
junction of Seneca and Oswego
rivers, 22, 26; mentioned, 323;
canal meeting, 1903, 358; joint de-
bate on barge canal, 376; continuous
drop in canal from Lake Erie to,

402; on route of barge canal, 503.
Thurston, Conrad, 383.
Thurstone, William, secretary of

Board of Trade of Buffalo, 187,
212; secretary of canal convention,

Tibbits, George, of Rensselaer, advo.

cates canal bill, 94.
Ticonderoga (Ojeenrudde), French

fort proposed, 30; Mohawks advise

English to build fort, 30.
Tifft, George W., vice-president of

canal convention, 204.
Tilden, Philip S., 364.
Tilden, Samuel J., governor of New

York, message, 1875, quoted, 186;
debate in Constitutional convention,
224; urges value of the canal as a
rate regulator, 361.
Tilden commission, 169, 243.
Tioga co. N. Y., votes against refer.

endum measure, 393.
Tioga co., N. Y., Board of Supervis.

ors resolution, quoted, 175, 176.
Tioga Point, 171.
Tioga river. See Chemung river.
Tirandaquet. See Irondequoit.
Titus, Robert C., canal advocate, 216.
Todd, T. H., 175.
Tolls, first levied, 144; rates estab-

lished by constitutional amendments
1882, 144; reduced in 1852 and
1858, 152; petitions to abolish tolls,
181-182; controversy on abolition of
tolls, 182.196; finally abolished, 196-

Tompkins, Daniel D., governor, speech

1816, quoted, 84; suggests employ.

ing convicts, 88.
Tompkins co., N. Y., attitude on barge

canal question, 390; change of sen.

timent, .404.
Tonawanda, "N. Y., press supports

barge canal bill, 310; address by
George Clinton at, quoted, 349-350;
freight carried from, in 1893, 454;
industries, .490, 509;

on route of
barge canal, 503.
Tonawanda Board of Trade, banquet,

Tonawanda creek, navigable, 23; might

be used for canal, 88.
Tonnage duties, act of congress im-

posing, 130.

vention, 1892, 217-218.
United States, Board of Engineers on

Deep Waterways, report, cited, 65.


United States, Commission to investi.

gate ship canal, 1895, 294.
United States, Congress, act of 1793

imposing tonnage duties on vessels,

United States, Interstate Commerce

Commission, reports, quoted, 210-

211, 477-482.
United States, Senate, Committee on

Interstate Commerce, report on

freight rates, quoted, 501.
United States, Senate, Committee on

Transportation, report, quoted, 452.
Urban, George, Jr., leader in barge

canal campaign, 345.
Utica, N. Y., work on canal at, !35;

memorial of citizens to the legisla-
ture, 153; terminus of Chenango
canal, 161; mentioned, 174; canal
convention, 1859, 184-185; canal
improvement conference, 1885, 207;
represented at Canal Union con-
vention, 212; canal meeting, 1868,
220; meeting advocate ship
canal, 1835, 234; State Commerce
convention, 1899, 246-248; electric
power plant suggested, 279; banquet
of Canal Improvement Association,
353-358;, joint debates on barge
canal, 376, 390; prosperity advanced
by canals, 449.
Utica and Black River R. R. Co., com.


Victor, George Frederick, canal advo-

cate, 339.
Viele, L. S., 167.
Vilas, Wm. F., 321.
Vilcrick river (Wood creek), 37.
Virgil, "Aeneid," quoted, 421.
Visscher, S., clerk of senate, 79.

plaint of freight discrimination, 210.
Utica Chamber of Commerce, dinner,

1900, 266; address of George H.

Daniels, cited, 308.
Utica Observer, quoted, 355.
Utica Press, report of J. D. Kernan's

speech, quoted, 360-362; opposes
barge canal, 373.

Wadsworth, James, of Geneseo, meet-

ing with Augustus Porter, 27.
Wadsworth, James, of New York, ad.

dress before Buffalo Board of
Trade, quoted, 187-188.
Wadsworth, James W., member of

committee to investigate railroads,

Wagner, Joseph, votes for barge canal

bill, 336.
Wainright, J. Mayhew, 406.
Walbridge, Gen. Hiram, of New York,

address, 1863, cited, 200; advocates

canal improvement, 458.
Walden, Ebenezer, member of Harbor

Association, 106, 109.
“Walk-in-the-Water," steamboat, 427.
Walker, E. S., opposes ship canal,

Wallace, James P., president of canal

convention, 221; speaks at banquet,

Wallenmier, John G., state treasurer,

Walton, Jonathan & Co., of Schenec.

tady, 28.
Warner, John De Witt, 304; alleged

to be opposed to barge canal bill,
Warnick, Spencer K., votes for barge

canal bill, 336.
Washington, Gen. George, letter to

the Marquis de Chastellux, quoted,
41; has been credited with first
suggestion of Erie canal, 74, 439;
favored inland water transportation,
Washington, D. C., national river and

harbor congresses, 422.
Washington, co., N. Y., petition for

extension of Champlain canal, 134.
Waterford, N. Y., 258, 300, 426;

freight carried from, in 1893, 454;
on route of barge canal, 503.
Waterloo, N. Y., (formerly Scoys),

26; canal locks, 149.
Watervliet, N. Y., population, 474.
Waterways, used by aborigines, 7.11;

earliest improvements, 36-47; water-
ways of Europe and Asia, 114-117;
traffic in U.S., 117:118; natural
waterways of New York, 177-186,
Watson, Charles E., of Clinton, 354;

address at Canal Improvement Asso-
ciation banquet, quoted, 356-357.
Watson, Elkanah, quoted, 18;. com-

missioner on canal' from Wood creek
to the Mohawk, 44;, "History of
the Western Canals," quoted, 44-
45; journal of journey to Seneca
lake, quoted, 50; report on route
for canals, between the Mohawk

Van Alstyne, Henry A., state engi.

neer and surveyor, 395.
Van Auken, David, engineer, speaks at

Cohoes, 376.
Van Buren, Martin, speech in favor of

canal bill, quoted, 94; denies power
of congress to grant federal aid for

canals, 457
Van Courtland, Gen., journey to Sen

eca lake, so.
Van Curler, Arent, trip to Oneida,

1634, 17.
Vanderbilt, Aaron, 364.
Van der Donck, Adriaen, quoted, 16.
Vanderpool, Isaac V., state treasurer,

Van Dusen, A. A., 383
Van Gorder, Greenleaf S., speaks at

Wyoming co. convention, 353.
Van Ingen, J., clerk of assembly, 79.
Van Rensselaer, Jeremiah, journey to

Seneca lake, 50; member of West.
ern Inland Lock Navigation Com-

pany, 58.
Van Rensselaer, Stephen, canal com-

missioner, 72, 79, 81, 439, 440;. re-
port from joint committee of legisla-
ture, 86; attends hearing on canal

terminal, 110.
Venice, commercial decline, 420-421.

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