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Noble, Roger, resident of Geneva,

1789, 27.
Norfolk, Va., 428.
Norman's Kill, 295.
Norris, E. B., of Sodus, opposes barge

canal, 289, 374:
Norris, W. A., of Fort Ann, 284, 301.
North, Allan M., member of pro-canal

committee of Binghamton, 385.
North, Gabriel S., member of pro-

canal committee of Binghamton, 385.
North, Judge Safford E., of Batavia,

barge canal advocate, 387.
North, William, canal commissioner,

72, 79, 81, 439.
North Branch canal, 175-176.
North Sea canal, locks, 410; tidal va-

riations, 413.
North Tonawanda, lumber yards, 489.
Northern Inland Lock Navigation Com.

pany, bill for incorporating, 54-55;
route of canal,

55; corporation
formed, 56-57; commerce canal near
still water, 60; report of committee,
1792, cited, 69; absorbed state,

Norton, Ebenezer F., member of Har.

bor Association, 106, 109.
Norwich, N. Y., 146.
Noyes, William L., 191.
Nye, Olin T., amendment to barge ca.

nal bill, 337.

Ogdensburgh, N. Y., 146, 179; im-

portant port, 278; mentioned, 310.
Ohio river, early boats on, 23; ton-

nage, 1907, 177.
Ojeenrudde (Ticonderoga), French fort

proposed, 30.
Olcott, F. R., 304, 319.
Olcott, N. Y., 287, 296.
Olean, N. Y., trading post, 18; trans-

portation to Pittsburg from, 24; ca-
nal to Rochester, 146, 163-165.
Olmsted, Jonathan, 109.
O'Malley, Edward R.,. of Buffalo,

fight for Odell referendum bill, 269;
argument for Davis-Bostwick bill,
quoted, 290; member of canal com-
mittee of Buffalo Merchants' Ex-
change, 292; at dinner of Mer.
chants' Exchange, 341; active in
canal campaign, 386-387; attorney

general, 392, 418.
"Omnibus” canal act, 146-147.
Oneida, N. Y., Arent Van Curler's

trip to, 17; portage, .37 note.
Oneida co., citizens petition for canal,

85; water-supply for barge canal,

401; taxes, 449.
Oneida Indians, visited by Schuyler

and Livingston, 30; fishing place at

Kahioghage, 30.
Oneida lake, location, 24; Augustus
Porter's journey by way of, 26;
mentioned by Jonathan Carver, 37;
inundations, 79; part of barge ca.
nal, , 161; proposed route of ship
canal, 1835, 234; of barge canal,
ship canal surveyed by, U.

: co
gineers, 294; mentioned, 456.
Oneida lake canal, constructed, 160-

161; new canal constructed, 161;
locks rebuilt, 166; improvement

proposed, 1874, 238; mentioned, 444.
Oneida Lake Tanal Company, incor-

porated, 160.
Oneida river, 22; part of barge ca

nal, 161, 257, 503; improvement,

Onondaga, Fort. See Fort Onondaga
Onondaga Indians, central council of

the Five Nations, 6; first mention
of name,

appeal for guns for
fort, 18;' fishing place at Kaneenda,

Onondaga lake, location, 24; fort built

on, 31; act for lowering. 128.
Onondaga, port of (Kaneenda), French

fort proposed, 30.
Onondaga river, trade route by way

of, 10; Robert Livingston suggests

fort on, 28.
Ontario Canal Company, incorporated,

Ontario, N. Y., navigable streams, 21.

Ontario, Fort. See Fort Ontario.
Ontario, Lake (Cataracui or Cadara-

cui lake), route from Albany to, 10,
29; tributaries, 21-22; David Ram:
say's journey, 1771, 25;

canal to
Lake Erie projected, 62; ship canal
to Hudson river proposed, 234-235;

Oak Orchard creek, aqueduct, 102

Oakes, Frank S., of Cattaraugus, dele-

gate to Buffalo convention, 1901,
272; leader in the barge canal cam-
paign, 345; at Lily Dale, 359; ac.
tive in campaign for barge canal,
383-384; letter to Elliott T. Bur:
rows, quoted, 384.
O'Brian, John, assemblyman in 1872,

O'Brian, John Lord, 405.
O'Brien, John F., secretary of state,

O'Brien, Michael J., of Rochester, 386.
O'Brien, Niles M., 319.
O'Callaghan, E. B., "Documentary

history of New York," cited, 18, 20,

24, 25; quoted, 33-34, 37, 58.
O'Connor, Charles, 224.
Odell, Benjamin B., Jr., governor of

New York, 260; recommends refer.
endum measure, 269; reëlected gov-
ernor, 278; letter to, from Warner
Miller, quoted, 279; message sug.
gesting electrical equipment of ca.
nals, 280; message, 1903, quoted,
280-282; position on canal question.
284, 314; mentioned, 302; pledged
to canal improvement, 334; signs
barge canal bill, 339; address at
Seneca county fair, quoted, 365;
letter to, requesting canal literature,
370-371; speaks at Conesus, 390; at
canal dinner of Buffalo Chamber of
Commerce, 396; speeches at county

fairs in barge canal campaign, 468.
Ogden, Robert C., 304.


Oswego Falls, portage, 24, 76.
Oswego, Fort. See Fort Oswego
Oswego river, 22;. improvement of,

128; route of ship canal surveyed
by U. S. engineers, 294; mentioned,

427, 456.
Otihataugue, trading post, 18.
Otisco lake, location, 24.
Otsego lake, 22.
Overn, James J., engineer, 259.
Onekagoncka, 17.
Oneyde lake. See Oneida lake.
Oniada lake. See Oneida lake.
Onjadarakte (Ticonderoga), Mohawks

advise fort at, 30.
Onnachee, trading post, 18.
Onnondaga. See Onondaga.
Onondaga, N. Y salt manufacture,

50; tax on salt; 95.
"Onondaga castle," poem, 7.
Onondaga county, canal meeting, 358;

water-supply for barge canal, 401;

taxes, 449.
Owasco lake, location, 24.
Owasco outlet, aqueduct, 102 note.
Owego, N. Y., 146.

principal ports, 277-278; Ontario
route for barge canal, 281; objec-
tions to, 286-287; route of ship ca-
nal surveyed by U. S. engineers,
294; sa fety of navigation, 296;
early highway, for traders, 427.
"Ontario route, traversed by early

traders, 76, 295; recommended by
Albert Gallatin, 68, 295; by the
surveyor.general, 1808, 71; by citi-
zens of Utica, 1835, 234; opposed
by. Gov. Odell, 281; by. G. H.
Schwab, 286-287; surveyed by U.S.
engineers, 294-295; W. P. Judson's

argument in favor of, 295.297.
Onyagare, (Niagara), French fort pro-

posed, 30.
Orange, Fort. See Fort Orange.
O'Reilly, Henry, vice-president of

Utica canal convention, 184, 185;
secretary of convention, 1868, 221;
speaks at banquet, 222.
Oriskany, work on canal at, 135.
Oriskany creek, 98; aqueduct, 102

and note.
Oriskany level, recommended by Emil

Low for barge canal, 410.
Orleans co., N. Y., 335.
Orr, Charles A., canal advocate, 216.
Osborne, Thomas M., speaks at ban-

quet of Ithaca Business Men's As-

sociation, 402.
Osgood, Samuel, communication from

Thomas Eddy, cited, 69.
Osguage, 17
Oserander, ?R. P., of Wayne co., 379.
Oswego, N. Y., Onondagas recom-

mend' building fort at, 18; trading
house at, 35; seat of fur trade, 77;
represented at Canal Union conven.
tion, 1887, 212; principal port on
Lake Ontario, 277-278;' harbor im-
provement, 278; on route of ship
canal surveyed by U. S. engineers,
294; press supports barge canal bill,
310; barge canal lock, 401; freight

carried from in 1893, 454.
Oswego Board of Trade, 221, 254.
Oswego canal, act authorizing con-

struction, 131, 159; cost, length,
size, 159-160; enlargement urged,
157; enlarged, 160; tolls and ton.
nage, 160; mentioned, 166; tolls,
183; proposed enlargement, 198,
202;. Seymour plan for deepening
canal, 205; bills for increasing lock-
age capacity, 208, 212; locks en
larged, 229; improvement urged by
State Commerce convention, 247;
provided for, 258; not included in
canal referendum bill of 1902, 272;
bill for improvement, 275; tonnage,
277; arguments for improvement,
277-278; locks, 411-412; mentioned,
444;. tonnage in 1893, 462; no ma-
terial improvement in thirty years,

473; route, 503.
Oswego Canal Company, incorporated,

Oswego co., N. Y., opposes canal bill

of 1902, 277; supports bargc canal
bill, 335.

Paddock, Fred G., of Malone, barge

canal advocate, 385.
Pallace, John, Jr., amendment to barge

canal bill, 337; opposition to bill,

Palmer, George M., amendments to

barge canal bill, 337, 338.
Palmer, R. C., 182.
Palmyra, N. Y., 174, 495; industries,

Panama canal, 399, 435.
Paris, N. Y., citizens petition for ca.

nal, 85.
Parish, John, letter to, from Gouver.

neur Morris, cited, 63.
Parke, Baron, quoted, 243.
Parker, George P., attorney general,

Parsons, William B., 364.
Patridge, John N., member of Roose.
velt commission, 245; 2pproves bill
for barge canal, 250; at dinner

given to Gov. Roosevelt, 251.
Patton, John K., canal advocate, 216;
chairman of Assembly canal' com-

mittee, 405.
Paul, Edwin C., 259.
Paul, S. M., 259.
Pavey, Frank D., resolution to turn
over canals to federal government,

232, 238, 239, 244, 339.
Peacock, William, engineer, 87; sur.
veys western section of Erie canal,

104; survey of Buffalo creek, 105.
Peck, Wilbur S., of Syracuse, dele.

gate to Buffalo convention, 1901,

Pendleton, Judge Nathaniel, supports

canal bill, 91-92, 93.
Pennsylvania, business injured be

of purchase of canals by
Pennsylvania Railroad Company,

378, 479.
Perry, John M., 254.


Perry vs. Haines, decision, cited, 139-

140, 380-381.
Peter the Great, favored inland water

transportation, 436.
Persons, Henry H., canal advocate,

Philadelphia, grain exported in 1892,

Pickard, Clare A., 359, 383.
Pierce, George T., 167.
Pierce, Horace G., speaks at Buffalo

convention, 1901,,271.
Pierce, Dr. Ray V., canal advocate,

Pittsford, N. Y., 174,
Pixley, Henry B., of Utica, delegate

to Buffalo convention, 1901, 272:
Plank, Charles S., resolution relative

to tolls,..308; amendment to barge

canal bill, 337.
Platt, John I., address opposing canal

improvement at Commerce conven.
tion, quoted, 246-248; opposes canal
resolutions at Syracuse convention,
263; questions Gov. Odell's position

canal question, 284; opposes
Davis-Bostwick bill, 289;, Senator
Hill's reply to editorial, .291;
"avowed foe of canals,” 356; joint
debate with Senator Hill, argument,
quoted, 366-367; joint debates with
W. H. Tennant, 376-377; speaks at
Wayne co. fair, 379; joint debates
with G. H. Raymond, 390.
Platt, Jonas, resolution appointing ca.

nal commissioners, 72, 78-79. 440.
Platt, Thomas C., U. $. senator, in.

fluence in favor of barge canal sur.
vey bill, 255, 257.
Plattsburgh, N.Y., press supports

barge canal bill, 310.
Plunkitt, George W., votes for barge

canal bill, 336.
Poe Lock and Power House, 399,
Pope, John, U. s. senator, introduces

canal bill in Senate, 1810, 8o.
Port Watson, N. Y., survey for canal

to Syracuse authorized, 146.
Portage innnel, 165.
Portages, at Cohoes, Little Falls, Wood

creek, 7-8; Albany, to Schenectady.
10, 24; Little Falls, Wood creek,
Oswego Falls, Genesee Falls, 24;
Wood creek, Mohawk river, 34, 35;
Morris map showing portages, 35

Porter, Augustus, “Narrative of early

years, quoted, 26-28; journeys to
western New York, 26-27; meeting
with James Wadsworth, 27;
tioned, 29; corresponds with canal


commissioners, 90.
Porter, James S., member of Consti-

tutional convention, 1894, 392.
Porter, Peter B., canal commisioner,

72, 79. 81, 439; chairman of House
committee on canals, 80; argument
in favor of Black Rock terminal,
ITO: contract to construct pier at
Bird island, and embankment

Squaw island, 111-112.
Porter, Barton & Co., 28.

Porter's Basin, 111.
Portland, N. Y., trading post, 18; pro-

posed canal, 146.
Potter, Hemian B., member of Harbor

Association, 106, 109.
Potter, Orlando B., at canal confer-

ence, 207; address on canal im-
provement, 1895, quoted, 207-208;
member of executive committee of
Canal Union, 209; delegate to con-
vention, 212; letter to commercial
bodies of state, quoted, 213;

man of executive committee of Ca.

nal Union, 217.
Post, R. E., 383:
Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle, Senator
Hill's reply to editorial, 291-292;

opposes barge canal bill, 309.
Pound, John E., chairman of Lock

port canal meeting, 380.
Powell, Rev. E. P., of Clinton, 360;

address at Utica, advocating elec-
tric railroad instead of barge canal,

quoted, 362.
Prattsburg, N. Y., joint debate on

barge canal, 376-377.
Prescott, Benjamin, engineer of first

canal built in this country, 74.
Presque Isle, 25, 36.
Prideaux, Brig.-Gen. John, 45.
Prime, Spencer G., of Essex co., 317;

votes for barge canal bill, 336.
Prosser, E. S., of Erie, 184; delegate

to Canal Union convention, 212.
Putnam, Harvey W., member of Con.

stitutional convention, 1894, 392.

Queens co., N. Y., votes in favor of

referendum measure, 393.
Quinby, Franklin, 220; at dinner

given to Gov. Roosevelt, 251; dele-

gate to barge canal hearings, 254.
Quincy, -, remark on conservatism,

quoted, 513.
Quintus, John C., history of Buffalo

harbor, cited, 113 note.
Rafter, George W., engineer, 259;
speaks at Buffalo convention, 1901,
271; favors Ontario route, 295, 375;
anti-canal articles, 374;. '"Hydraul.
ogy of the State of New York,"

cited, 375 note.
Railroads, competition with canals,

192-193, 204, 264, 274; oppose abo-
lition of tolls, 196; opinion that
railroads would benefit by increased
traffic because of canal improve

ment, 483.
Raines, John, quoted, 270; opposition

to barge canal bill, 334; speech re.
garding superintendent of public

quoted, 417.
Raines, Thomas, 168.
Ramsay, David, “Narrative," quoted,

follows usual route to Lake
Erie, 26.
Ramsperger, Samuel J., canal advo-

cate, 216; votes for favorable report
on barge canal bill, 317; votes for
barge canal bill, 336; member of


Richmond, Van R., engineer, 394.
Richmond co., N. Y., votes in favor

of referendum measure, 393.
Ricker, George A., 293.
Ridgeway, N. Y., citizens petition for

canal, 85.
Riley, William, barge canal advocate,

Riordan, Daniel J., votes for barge

canal bill, 336.
Rivers, of New York state, 21-24, 33-

34, 39-40.
Roberson, Alonzo, member of pro-

canal committee of Binghamton, 385.
Roberts, Henry W., 354.
Roberts, James A., canal advocate,

216; state comptroller, 392.
Roberts, Nathan S., recommends route

for canal, 103; opinion that canal
should terminate in Buffalo creek,
108, 112; attends hearing, on ter:
minal, 110; work on Erie canal,

143; one of chief engineers, 394.
Robinson, Lucius, governor of New

York, 189.
Robinson, Thomas, secretary, Lieut:-

Gov. De Lancey's report to, quoted,

Roche, William J., address at Troy,

quoted, 387-389.
Rochester, William B., supports canal

bill, 91.
Rochester, N. Y., canal to Olean, 146,

163-165; canal convention, 1859,
183-184; Canal Union convention,
1887, 211-212; canal convention,
Dec., 1887, 212; meeting, 1868, 220;
trade affected by differential rates,
261-262; opposition to barge canal
bill, 309, 314, 319, 335: anti-canal
bureau, 373;' fountainhead of anti-
canal enlargement sentiment, 374.
375; canal advocates, 386; prosper.
ity advanced by canals, 449; freight

carried from, in 1893, 454.
Rochester Board of Trade, 221.
Rochester Chamber of Commerce,

pamphlet, “Twenty good reasons

why you should vote No," 373.
Rochester Democrat and chronicle,

opposes barge canal, 373.
Rochester Herald, opposes barge ca-

nal, 373
Rochester Post-Express, quoted, 294-

295; opposes barge canal, 373.
Rochester Union


quoted, 319-322.
Rochester Wholesale Grocers' Associa.

committee to which canal bills are

referred, 406.
Ransdell, Joseph E., president of Na-

tional 'River and Harbor Congress,
422; speaks at conference to

ganize State Waterways Association,

Ransom, Asa, of Erie county, 27.
Ransom, Willard T., 351.
Raquette river, 408.
Raymond, Charles W., engineer, 294.
Raymond, George H., speaks at Com.

merce convention, 247; helps to se.
cure passage of barge canal survey
bill, 255; member of canal commit.
tee of Syracuse convention, 263; ad.
dress favoring barge canal, quoted,
267; addresses State Farmers' Con.
gress, 268; delegate to Buffalo con.
vention, 272; advocates Davis-Bost.
wick bill, 284; secretary of canal
committee of Buffalo Merchants'
Exchange, 292; at hearing on Davis.
Bostwick bili, 299; remarks on pas.
sage of bill, quoted, 339; at dinner
of Buffalo Merchants Exchange,
341; leader in canal campaign, 345;
secretary of Canal Improvement
State committee, 349; officer of Ca.
nal Enlargement Association of
Greater New York, 387; joint de

bates with J. I. Platt, 390.
Raymond, Wm. Galt, of Troy Poly.

technic Institute, 389.
Reading, N. Y., citizens petition for

canal, 85.
Reed, Rufus S., of Erie, Pa., 26.
Reed, Col. Seth, of Geneva, 26.
Referendum measure of 1903.,

Barge canal; Davis-Bostwick bill.
Reinecke, Ottomar, 341.
Rensselaer co., N. Y., petition for ex.
tension of Champlain canal, 134;
taxes, 449; population, property, in.

dustries, 493-495.
Rensselaerwick, treaty with the Ma.

quas, 16.
Reservoirs, to supply water for barge

canal, 401.
Rexford Flats, 310, 376, 401.
Rhine-Herne canal, 116.
Rhine-Weser canal, 116.
Rhoades, C. M., of Cattaraugus co.,

Rich, c. H., of Cattaraugus co., 384.
Rich, Charles J., of Cattaraugus co.,

Rich, Herbert C., of Cattaraugus co.,

Richardson, James D., "Messages and

Papers of the Presidents," quoted,
Richardson, Judge John, removes first

spade ful of earth on Erie canal, 99.
Richardson, William, canal advocate,

Richelieu river, 428.
Richmond, Alonzo, 187; address on

A Free Canal," cited, 189.
Richmond, Daniel, engineer, 394.
Richmond, Dean, 182.
Richmond, Dennison, engineer, 394.

tion, 271.
Rockland co., N. Y., votes in favor of

referendum measure, 393.
Rodgers, James T., 405.
Roehrer, John, 292.
Roeper, W. H., anti-canal resolution,

Rogers, James T., resolution calling

for information regarding cost of
barge canal, 293; discussion of

barge canal bill, 337.
Rogers, Sherman S., canal advocate,


Rogers, W. A., of Jefferson co., op-

poses Davis-Bostwick bill, 289.
Rogers, William A., of Buffalo, canal

advocate, 392.
Rome, ancient, hydraulic engineering,

Rome, N. Y. (formerly Fort Stan.

wix), carrying place, 28; locks re-
built, 61; Erie canal commenced at,
98, 354, 357, 440; survey for canal
to Ogdensburgh authorized, 146;
terminus of Black river canal, 162;
route of barge canal, 257;

supports barge canal bill, 310; sup-
ply of water for barge canal, 401;
improvement of Black river canal
from Boonville to, 409;

route of
barge canal through, 410; freight

carried from, in 1893, 454.
Romer, Alfred, 254.
Romer, Col. Wolfgang William, visits

Wood creek, 1700, 31.
Roosevelt, Theodore, governor of New

York, 170, 240; appoints canal com.
mission, 245, 499; transmits report
of commission, 250; dinner in his
honor, 251-253; address, quoted,
252, 260, 265; approves barge canal

survey bill, 257.
Roosevelt (or Green) Commission,

206; appointed, .245; report, 249-
250; at dinner given to Gov. Roose.
velt, 251; report considered by ca-
nal committee Syracuse convention,

route recommended by, 287.
288; report, quoted, 325; dinner to
members of, given by 'Merchants'
Exchange of Buffalo, 340-343; state-

ment regarding freight rates, 499.
Root, Elihu, appears before attorney.

general to test constitutionality of

barge canal law, 418.
Rotterdam Junction, 295.
Rouse's Point, 179, 272, 428.
Rozan, James M., 292.
Ruggles, Charles B., report proposing

new fiscal policy, 223.
Ruggles, Samuel B., report as commis-

sioner on canals, 201, 235 note; re-
ports of New York Chamber of
Commerce, 298; advocates canal im.

provement, 458.
Russell, John E., of Massachusetts,

Russell, John Leslie, 224.
Russell, John W., votes for barge ca.

nal bill, 336.
Russia, canals, 114, 434.
Russia, N. Y., citizens petition for ca.

nal, 85.
Ryan, William H., 392.
Ryckman, Gerry E., 383.

navigation, 179; rival route, 194;

pleasure resort, 426.
St. Sacrément, early name of Lake

George, 177
Salamanca, N. Y.,

Salina, N. Y., act for draining marsh

lands, 128.
Salmon creek (or river),, navigable,

21; French fort proposed, 30.
Salt, tax on, 95.
Sands, Nathaniel, president of canal

convention, 204.
Saratoga (Saraghtoga), fort at, 35.
Saratoga co., N. Y.,, petition for ex-
tension of Champlain canal, 134;

favors barge canal bill, 335.
Saratoga Falls, dam above, 133; dam

carried away, 157:
Satterlee, Herbert L., canal advocate,

Saulte Ste. Marie, 399.
Sawin, Albert, of Erie, 184.
Sawyer, George P., delegate to Buf-

falo convention, 1901, 272.
Saxton, Frederick, surveyor, 27.
Scajaquada creek, shipyard, 109.
Scatcherd, John N., member of Roose-
velt commission, 245; at dinner to
Gov. Roosevelt, 251; at Merchants'
Exchange of Buffalo, 340-343; lead-

er in canal campaign, 345.
Schapleau, S. J., engineer, 259.
Schenck, Martin, state engineer and

surveyor, report, cited, 218; assists
superintendent of public works, 242;
speaks at Commerce convention,
246; at barge canal hearing, 255;
review of history of canal transpor.
tation, 255; services in canal devel.

opment, 395.
Schenectady, portage from Albany to,

10, 22, 24, 35, 76;. former name
Con-nugh-ha-rie-gugh-ha-rie, 18; Da.
vid Ramsay's journey from, 25; Au.
gustus Porter's journey from, 26;
first canal voyage from Fort Schuy.
ler to, 59; aqueducts, 102; canal
between Schenectady and Albany,
129; state electric power plant sug.

gested, 279.
Schieren, Charles A., mayor of Brook-

lyn, member of Commerce commis-
sion, 240; delegate to Buffalo con-
vention, 271:272; at meeting of
New York Chamber of Commerce,
292; member of committee of fifty
of N. Y. Board of Trade and Trans-
portation, 364; at head of Canal
Enlargement Association of Greater

New York, 365, 369, 387;
Schlosser's (landing and fort), trad.

ing post, 28.
Schoeneck, Edward, of Syracuse, 405.
Schoharie co., N. Y., vote on barge

canal, 390.
Schoharie creek, 147, 179.
Schuyler, Major Abraham, establishes

settlement at Tirandaquat, 19.
Schuyler, Col. Peter, father of Abra.

ham Schuyler, 19; report concern.
ing forts, 30; reply to charges of
the French, 31.

Sackett's Harbor, 427.
St. Johns, Canada, 179.
St. Lawrence co., N. Y., taxes and

school fund, 450.
St. Lawrenc river, navigation diffi.

cult, 29; survey authorized for ca.
nal to Lake Champlain, 130; canal
recommended by Gov. Clinton, 137;

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