Abbildungen der Seite

Lowery, S. S., 354.
Lowville, N. Y., 210.
Lumber Dealers' Association, banquet,

Lynch, his dam on Wood creek in

1792, 58.
Lynch, Charles V., 341.
Lyon, J. E., of Oswego, 184.
Lyons, N. Y., 24, 85, 174, 257; canal
meeting, 1903, 468; population, 495;

industries, 497.
Lyons Falls, 162-163, 409.


McAlpin, Gen. E. A., 364.
McAlpine, William J., engineer, 394.
McCabe, James H., opposes Lewis

bill, 304; votes for barge canal bill,
McCarren, Patrick H., votes for barge

canal bill, 336.
McCausland, John, of Rondout, speaks

at Buffalo convention, 271.
McClellan, Charles P., opposes Lewis

bill, 304; votes for barge canal bill,

McClintock, J. Y., of Rochester, 375,

McClure, David, speaks at Commerce

convention, 246.
McConnell, William F., 254; helps to

secure passage of barge canal sur.
vey bill, 255; at hearing on Davis.

Bostwick bill, 299:
McDonough, John T., of Albany, 237,
McEchron, William, member of Canal

investigating commission, 1898, 241.
Macedon, N. Y., 257, 497.
McFadden, Benjamin B., member of

pro-canal committee of Binghamton,

MacFarland, Robert J., of New York,

423; president of New York State
Waterways Association, 424;

ber of executive committee, 425.
McGonigal, E. M., of Wayne co., 379.
MacGregor, Clarence, 406.
McInerney, John J., 406.
Mack, Norman E., 341.
Mackenzie, James P., 406.
McKeown, John, of Brooklyn, 337.
Mackey, William F., canal advocate,

216, 256.
McKinney, Edward P.,

member of
pro-canal committee of Binghamton,

McLaughlin, Judge Chester B., pro-

poses constitutional amendment, 227.
McMillan, Daniel H., canal advocate.

216; resolution in support of Weber
bill, 236-237; member of Constitu-

tional convention, 1894, 392.
McNair, Matthew, of Oswego, 28.
McNeil, H. D., at Lockport canal

meeting, 380.
McVean, John, of Dutchess, 184.
McWilliams, John J., canal advocate,

Madison, James, president, special

message on canals, quoted, 80-81;
denies power of Congress to grant
federal aid for canals, 457.

Madison co., N. Y., vote of senators

for barge canal bill, 335; water-
supply for canal, 401.
Maguire, Charles I., member of pro-

canal comunittee of Binghamton, 385.
Mahan, Capt. A. T., 114; "The Hague

Conference," quoted, 316-317:
Mahany, Rowland B., canal advocate,

Main, Henry C., of Rochester, speaks

at Buffalo convention, 1901, 271.
Main and Hamburg canal, 223, 226.
Manchester, N. Y., 27.
Malby, George R., 278; amendment

to Davis-Bostwick' bill, 332-333;
speech, quoted, 333-334.
Malézieux, Emile, engineer, 501.
Malone, N. Y., 385.
Maltby, George W., 292.
Manchester ship canal, 297, 325, 383;

tidal variations, 413; cost, 487.
Manhattan island, purchased' for $24,

Manley, John W., 406.
Manufacturers' Association of New

York, conference to organize New
York State Waterways Association,
Maqua Indians. See Mohawk Indians.
Maps, early maps of New York, 35

Marakle, Willard A., of Rochester,

Marble, William A., canal advocate,

Marcey Grange, in favor of barge ca-

nal, 355.
Marcus, Judge Louis W., 253.
Marcy, William L., governor of N. Y.,

message, 1834, quoted, 151; warn-
ing against extravagant improve-

ments, 154; benefits of canals, 181.
Marine Industrial League of New

York, 271.
Maritime Association, 211.
Marshall, Henry, introduces barge ca.

nal bill in Senate, 251, 255; votes

for Davis-Bostwick bill, 336.
Martin, Alexander_C., 406.
Martin, Bernard F., votes for barge

canal bill, 336.
Martyn, George, 383.
Marvin, Richard P., 224.
"Mary Powell,” steamboat, 177.
Mas, F. R. de, minister of public

works of France, 116.
Mason, F. Howard, 341; at Lockport

canal meeting, 351; member of 'Ca.
Enlargement Association

Western New York, 387; secretary
of Buffalo Chamber of Commerce,

Mason, Frank H., consul-general in

Germany, report, quoted, 363.
Masten Park high school, Buffalo, stu.

dents addressed by Senator Hill,

Matthews, A. S., of Fort Covington,

barge canal advocate, 385.
Matthews, Gardner D., 304.
Maus, James K., member of pro-canal

committee of Binghamton, 385.


Mayer, Julius M., attorney general,

Mayville, N. Y., trading post, 18;

mentioned, 261, 263, 481.
Mead, ș. Christy, of the Merchants'
Association of New York, 254; ca.
nal advocate, 284, 339; secretary of
N. Y. delegation at National River
and Harbor Congress, 422; member
of executive committee of New York
State Waterways Association, 425.
Meade, George L., of Rochester, 386.
Meadows, – of Buffalo in 1820, :09.
Medina Business Men's Association,

Merchants' Association of New York,

meeting, to oppose Pavey resolution,
238; delegates to canal hearing,
254; service in the canal campaign,
339; circulars, quoted, 367-369.
Merritt, Edwin A., amendment to

barge canal bill, 337.
Meyer, Henry A., 425.
Middlesex canal, Mass., 76; no ton.

nage duties, 130; built prior to Erie

canal, 145:
Milburn, John G., defense of referen-

dum measure of 1903, 262; speaks
at canal dinner of Buffalo Chamber
of Commerce, 396; defends consti.
tutionality of barge canal law, 418.
Miller, A. B., at canal conference,

207; member of executive commit.

tee of Canal Union, 209.
Miller, Henry B., of Buffalo, 184.
Miller, Warner, letter to Gov. Odell,

quoted, 279
Mills, Col. A. G., 364.
Mills, Frederick C., engineer, survey

for enlarging Erie canal, 153, 154.
Mills, George C., 259.
Miner, Arthur S., member of pro-

canal committee of Binghamton, 385.
Miner, Edward G., president of Roch.

ester Chamber of Commerce, 386.
Minuit, Peter, purchases Manhattan

island, !4.
Mississippi river, connection of branches

by portage with Great Lakes, 10;
tonnage, 1907, 177; construction of
bridges and jetties, 399; competi.

tive influence, 452.
Mitchell, David, of Syracuse, 222.
Mix, Frank, barge canal advocate, 390.
Moench & Sons, of Cattaraugus, 384.
Mohawk, Wood creek, Oneida lake

route, 25, 26, 28.
Mohawk Indians (Maquas), keepers of

eastern door of the Long House, 6;
friendly relations with Dutch, 16;
visited by Schuyler, Livingston and
Hanse, 30; advise building fort at
Cayonhage, 30.
Mohawk river, trade route, 10, 22, 25,

26; plan for canal past Little Falls,
37-39; sluices between the Mohawk
and Wood creek mentioned by Jo-
nathan Carver; not mentioned by
other writers, 38, 45-46; Christopher
Colles's plan for improving naviga-
tion, 41.44, 438; bill for improving
navigation introduced by Jeffrey

Smith, 46; act authorizing survey
for canal to Wood creek passed, 47-
49; surveys made, 49; canal built,
61, 439; aqueduct over, 102 note,
129; floods, 143; dam below Cohoes
Falls, 156; proposed route of ship
canal, 1835, 234; of barge canal,
1900, 249, 257, 503; of ship canal
surveyed by U.°S.' engineers, 294-
295; objections to canalizing river,
310-312; engineering difficulties, 401;
controversy as to location of barge
canal between the Mohawk and
Wood creek, 409-410; difficulties of

canalization, 414; dams, 414-416.
Mohawk valley, difficulties of canal

construction, 143, route of Black
river canal, 162; Horatio Seymour's
ideas concerning importance of the
region, 354.
Mohican (Mahican) Indians, east of

the Long House, 7, 15, 16.
Moldau movable dam, 414.
Monroe, James, president, denied

power of Congress to grant federal

aid for canals, 457,
Monroe co., N. Y., decrease of popu-
lation outside of Rochester, 371;
votes against referendum measure,
375; taxes, 449.
Montauk Point, N. Y., 310.
Morteith, William, of Buffalo, 184.
Montezuma, N. Y., 130, 174;, enlarge-

ment of locks recommended, 200,

Montezuma marshes, 411, 497.
Montgomery, Henry J., 383.
Montreal, grain exported in 1892, 461.
Montreal-St. Lawrence route, com.

pared with New York, Hudson, Mo-

hawk route, 11.12.
Montresor, Col. James, 37 note,
Moore, Sir Henry, governor of N. Y.,

proposes construction of canal past
Little Falls, 37-39; report to the
Earl of Hillsborough, quoted, 38-39;
message to Assembly, quoted, 39;
does not mention water connection
between Wood creek and the Mo-
hawk, 45;

has been credited with
first suggestion of Erie canal, 74,
Moore, J. Hampton, M. C., speaks at

conference to organize State Water.
ways Association, 424.
Moose river, improvement, 163.
Moran, Daniel' w., amendment to

barge canal bill, 337; opposition to

bill, 338.
Morgan, Edwin D., governor of New

York, message, 1851, cited, 185: ap-
points Samuel B. Ruggles commis-
sioner, 201, 235 note.
Morgan, Lewis, 6.
Morgan, William J., state comptroller,

Morgenthau, Henry, 304.
Morison, George s., member of Board

of Advisory Engineers, 259; argu.
ment in favor of Davis-Bostwick
bill, quoted, 289-290.

Morris, Gouverneur, foretells connec-

tion of the Hudson and the Great
Lakes by water, 40; letter to John
Parish, quoted, 63; conversation
with Morgan Lewis, quoted, 63-64;
first idea of Erie canal, 64, 74, 439;
contemplated canal navigable by
ocean-going vessels, 65; conversa
tion with C. C. Brodhead, 66; canal
commissioner, 72, 79, 81, 439; views
embodied in report of commission.
ers, 73; letter to, from Robert Ful
ton, quoted, 83.
Morris, Robert, zealous for canals, 70.
Morris map of 1749, cited, 35 note.
Morrison, E. S., delegate to Albany

conference, 1903, 282.
Morton, Levi P., governor of N. Y.,

message, 1895, quoted, 237; member
of New York Chamber of Com.

merce, 298.
Moscs Kill, 131.
Motor Boat Club, 387.
Mott, Frank H., of Chautauqua co.,

Mott, Col. John T., of Oswego, 254;

delegate to Buffalo convention, 1901,
272; advocates improvement of Os.
wego canal, 277.
Moulton, Guy, engineer, 395.
Mount Morris, 164.
Mud creek (now Clyde river), navi.

gable, 21, 22; route to Albany by
way of, 24; aqueduct, 102 note;
route of canal south of Mud creek,

103; mentioned, 174.
Mud lake, 23.
Murphy, Charles F., message to Sena.

tor Grady, quoted, 331.
Murphy, Edward C., 259.
Murray, Judge Charles H., opinion in

Johnson vs. State Court of Claims,
cited, 428.
Myers, J., vice-president, Rochester

canal convention, 1852, 184.
Myers, John R., of Rouse's Point,

delegate to Buffalo convention, 1901,

favors enlargement of Cham-
plain canal, .301; on committee to
formulate plans for N. Y. State
Waterways' Association, 423;
ber of executive committee of asso-

ciation, 425.
Mynderse, Col. W., 90.
"Myron Holley," boat, 174.
Nash, Col. E. A., 384.
Nassau, Fort. See Fort Nassau.
Nathan, Max, 304.
National Board of Trade, meetings,

Buffalo and New York, 458.
National River and Harbor Congresses,

Nelson, Homer A., secretary of state,

N. Y., 222.
Netdashet (or Wetdashet), 17.
Netherland Company, incorporated, 13
Netherlands, canals, 115.
New Amsterdam, trading post, 18.
New London, N. Y., 257.
New Orleans, grain exported in 1892,


New York, N. Y., memorial of citi.

zens in favor of canal, 85; com-
merce, 198; canal meeting, 1868,
220; vote on barge canal bill of
senators from, 335; prosperity ad.
vanced by canals, 449;

exports in
1892, 461; relative decline of ex-
port trade, 472.
"New York," steamboat, 177.
“New York Barge Canal Bulletin,"

quoted, 405.
New York Board of Trade and Trans.

portation, "Canal improvement doc.
uments, quoted, 205, 207; repre.
sented at Canal Union convention,
211; calls State Commerce conven.
tion, 1899, 246; barge canal bill
drafted, 250; delegates to barge ca.
nal hearings, 254;

resolutions fa
voring barge canal, 364; committee
of fifty appointed, 364; campaign
for barge canal, 369; recommends
forestry amendment to constitution,

New York Central Railroad Co., per.

mitted to occupy, canal lands at
Little Falls, 187; freight rates, 307,

308, 326.
New York Chamber of Commerce,

meeting in support of barge canal
bill, 292;

consistent supporter of
canal improvement measures, 298.
New York co., N. Y., votes in favor

of referendum measure, 393; taxes,

New York harbor, 180.
New York Herald, supports barge ca.

nal measure, 373.
New York Journal, supports barge ca.

nal measure, 373.
New York Mail and Express, endorses

continental canal scheme, 305.
New York Mercantile Exchange, 211.
New York Merchants' Association. See

Merchants' Association of New York.
New York Metal Exchange, 211.
New York Produce Exchange, joint

meeting with Buffalo Board of
Trade, 200; represented at canal
conventions, 211, 221; Evan Thomas,
president, 219; advanced stand on
canal measures, 220;.

suit vs. the
Grand Trunk Railroad, 241; confer-
ence of commercial organizations,
248-249; delegates to canal hear.
ings, 254; campaign for barge canal,
367; bureau established to dissem

inate literature, 373.
New York province, Assembly, "Act

last obstructing navigation," 18.
New York state, “Historical review of

waterways and canal construction,"
by H. W. Hill, 1.430; trade routes
and topography, 21-36; decrease of
population outside of cities, 371;
commercial supremacy, 419-421; nat.
ural waterways, 456; population,

New York state, Advisory Board of

Consulting Engineers, personnel, 398-


399; functions, 400-401; annual re.

port, cited, 417.
New York state, Assembly, reports of

committee concerning Mohawk river,
41, 43;, considers bill for improving
the Mohawk, 46; vote on canal bill,
1817, 92-93; "Journal," cited, 103;
reply to Gov. Clinton, 122; resolu.
tion opposing tonnage duties on ca.
nal boats, 130-131; appointment of
railroad investigating committee,
1879, 191; report of committee,
quoted, 191-192;

quoted, 192-193, 214; barge canal
survey bill passed, 256; Odell ref.
erendum bill, 268-269; referendum
bill of 1902, 272-273; "Journal,"
cited, 275, 281, 282, 283, 293, 300,
308; barge canal bill introduced,

1903, 282; passed, 337.339.
New York state, Attorney-General, re-

port for 1900, cited, 97; sustains
constitutionality of barge canal law,

New York state, Auditor, reports,

cited, 166.
New York state, Auditor of the Canal

Department, reports, cited, 183, 186,

187, 193, 196.
New York state, Board of Advisory

Engineers, personnel, 259.
New York state, Canal Boarde reports

Central Railroad Co. to occupy ca-

nal lands, 187; personnel, 1909, 418.
New York state, Canal Commission,

1898 (Clinton commission), report,
quoted, 229; debate on appointment,

241-244; report, cited, 244.
New York state, Canal Commission,

1899: See Roosevelt commission.
New York state, Canal Commissioners,

appointed, 72, 79, 439; reports,
cited, 73, 98, 100, 123, 124, 127,
162, 163, 187; empowered to pur.
chase rights and property of West-
ern Inland Lock Navigation Co.,
81; reports, quoted, 82-83, 84-85
88, 101, 111, 125-126, 129, 142, 143,
157; organizes, 87; report
Champlain canal, 89-90; application
to Congress for aid, 90; change
route of canal, 103; report on west-
ern terminal, 104-105; authorized
to improve Buffalo creek, 106; hear.
ing on western terminal and de.
cision in favor of Buffalo creek,
110; contract for construction of
pier at Bird island, 111.112;
thorized to borrow money, 123; to
make survey for canal from St.
Lawrence river to Lake Champlain,
130; to build Champlain canal, 131;
reports concerning Lake Champlain,
132-135; authorized to extend Cham.
plain canal to Fort Miller, 135;
De Witt Clinton removed from com-
mission, 136-137; establishes toll
rates, 144; powers of commission.
ers, 144; special report on aque-
duct over Genesee river, 15!;
port, 1835, in favor of enlarging

Erie canal, 153; attempt to abolish
office, 155; authorized to improve
Champlain canal, 156; office abol-

ished, 187.
New York state, Canal Lows, cited,

95, 97, 98, 99, 101, 102, 103, 105,
108, 110, 131, 133, 134, 135, 138;
quoted, inl, 112, 123, 124, 125-126,
128, 130, 142, 143, 147, 232, 233.

New York state, Commerce commis-

sion, appointed, 240; report, cited,

240-241, 473 note.
New York state, Commission to In-

vestigate Canals, 1846, 167.
New York state, Commissioners of the

canal fund, authorized to borrow
money for Oswego canal, 131.
New York state, Committee on Canals,

report, 1900, quoted, 96; cited, 286

note, 295, 308.
New York state, Constitutional Com-

mission, 1872, 155, 225.
New York state, Constitutional con-

vention, 1821, "Reports of proceed-
ings," quoted, 126.
New York state, Constitutional con-

vention, 1846, "Debates," quoted,

154.155, 224.
New York state, Constitutional con.

vention, 1867, attempt to abolish
Board of Canal Commissioners, 155;
action in relation to canals, 203,

New York state, Constitutional con.

vention, 1894, 222-223, 225:228, 237,
242; "Revised Records," cited, 382;
members from Erie co., 392; speech
of Henry W. Hill, "On the canal

amendments," 433-467.
New York state, Laws, 1840, cited,

149; 1825, quoted, 164; 1838, cited,

223; 1844, cited, 224.
New York state, Legislature, action

concerning canal from the Mohawk
to Wood creek, 41-49; legislation
concerning Erie canal, 71-72, 81-95;
act passed for the improvement of
mouth of Buffalo creek, 106; act
for construction of harbors of Black
Rock and Buffalo creek, 111; acts
to provide funds for canals, 119,
123; act “For the maintenance and
protection of the Erie and Cham-
plain canals,". 124; various acts re-
lating to canals, 128-135; “Omnibus
canal act" passed, 146-147; acts for
improving Champlain canal, 156-
159; for Oneida lake and Chenango
canals, 161; for Black river canal,
162; for Genesee Valley canal, 164.
165; resolution reducing tolls, 1873,
186; bill for increasing lockage ca.
pacity defeated, 1886, 208; appro-
priation for enlarging locks, 213; to
repair aqueducts, 219; bill for is.
suing bonds for canal improvement,
passed, 228; debate on appointment
of canal commission, 1898, 241-244;
review of canal legislation by s. F.
Nixon, 242-243; Davis-Bostwick bili




passed, .335-339; bonding features

amended, 402.
New York state, Legislature, . Joint

committee on canals, report in re.
lation to extension of Champlain ca.

nal, 135.
New York state, Senate, resolution ap-

pointing canal commissioners, 78-79;
reply to Gov. Clinton, 122; resolu-
tion opposing tonnage duties on ca.
nal boats, 130; resolution to apply
to the War dept. for opinion re-
garding canals, rejected, 139-140;
*Documents," cited, 210, 232, 235
note; "Journal," cited: 1886, 237;
1899, 244;

1901, 269; 1902, 272;
1903, 283, 291, 304, 318, 333, 335;
barge canal survey bill reported un.
favorably by finance committee, 255-
256; bill passed, 256; Odell refer.
endum bill, 268-269; referendum
bill of 1902, 272-273;

wick bill passed, 336; bill amend.
ing bonding features passed, 402.
New York state, State Engineer and

Surveyor, report for 1853,, cited,

estimate of cost of enlarging
Champlain canal, 158; of cost of
deepening, canals, 229, 242-243; let.
ter to Robert Hefford, quoted, 230-
231; appoints Board of Advisory
Engineers, 259; report, 1902, quoted,
296-297, 309; answer to Rogers res.
olution, 300-301; monthly bulletins,

cited, 417.
New York state, State Railroad Com.

mission, annual report, quoted, 451•

New York state, Superintendent of

Public Works, office created, 169;
plans to permít the New York Cen
tral Railroad Co. to occupy canal
lands at Little Falls, 187; estimate
of cost of carrying out Seymour
plan, 242; report, 1909, cited, 404,
409; Senator Raines' speech in de
fense of, quoted, .417; report on

tonnage of canals in 1893, 462.
New York state, Water-supply Com.

mission, created, 407; annual re-

port, cited, 408.
New York State Farmers' Congress,

opposition to canal improvement bill,

New York State Grange, opposition to

canal improvement bill, 268.
New York State Journal and Patriotic

Register, letters published in, 52.
New York State Tax and Transfer

Tax Reform Association, opposition

to canal improvement bill, 268.
New York State Waterways Associa.

tion, 422-426.
New York Sun, cited, 294; opposition

to barge canal bill, 309, 350; edi

torials, cited, 373.
New York Times, quoted, 356; sup.

ports barge canal measure, 373;
characterizes anti-canal sentiment as

“The Rochester Idea," 374.
New York Tribune, quoted, 304-305;

supports barge canal measure, 373.

New York World, supports barge ca-

nal measure, 373.
Newark, N. Y., 257, 495.
Newburgh News, cited, 294; opposes

barge canal bill, 309.
Newell vs. the People, case, cited, 225.
Newman, Jared T., moves resolution

at banquet of Ithaca Business Men's
Association, 403; speaks at confer-
ence to organize State Waterways
Association, 423; member of execu-

tive committee of association, 425,
Newport, N. Y., citizens petition for

canal, 85
Newport, Fort. See Fort Newport.
Newtown, N. Y., 146.
Niagara Canal Company, incorporated,

62, 128.
Niagara co., N. Y., 335; vote on barge

canal question, 387, 393; property,
industries, 488-493.
Niagara Falls, trading post, 18; Jon.

caire's journeys to, 19; transporta;
Ramsay's journey to, 25; fort built,
30; Capt. Schuyler directed to pur
chase land above the falls, 33; port.
age, 76; seat of fur trade, 77; jour.
ney to, in 1822, 174; trade rela-
tions, 278; state

electric power
plant suggested, 279; press support
barge canal bill, 310; power plants,
399; industries dependent on cheap
transportation, 489-490.
Niagara Frontier, to be benefited by

barge canal, 328, 344.
Niagara river, mentioned by David
Ramsay, 25;

fort at mouth sug.
gested, .30; proposed dam from
Bird island to Squaw island, 107
111; water shallow near Black Rock,
112; route of ship canal surveyed
by U. S. engineers, 294; commerce,
387; mentioned, 427, 456, 503.
Niagara Ship canal, 172; opposed by

J. D. Hayes, 202.
Nicaraguan ship canal, 435.
Nicholls, L. L., engineer, 394.
Nichols, Asher P., speech on canals,

quoted, 203-204; vice-president of
canal convention, 204; speaks at
banquet in Albany, 222; state comp-

Niles, Hiram, of Buffalo, vice-presi.

dent of canal convention, 204; reso-
lutions at convention, 1868, 221.
Nine Mile creek, 402.
Nissen, Ludwig, 304; member of com.

mittee of fifty of N. Y. Board of

Trade and Transportation, 364.
Nixon, Lewis, 251; speaks at Buffalo

convention, 1901, 271; moves reso-
lutions in New York Board of Trade
and Transportation, 364; speaks at
banquet of Canal association, New

York, 372
Nixon,'S' Frederick, speaker of As-

sembly, 241; speech, quoted, 242-
243; present at dinner to' Gov.
Roosevelt, 251.
Noble, Alfred, engineer, 294; letter

to G. A. Davis, quoted, 300.

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