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Gray, David, poem quoted, 8.
Gray, George E., engineer, 394.
Great Carrying Place. See Rome.
Great Lakes, water communication

with the Hudson advocated by El-
kanah Watson and Gen. Schuyler,
51-56; commerce limited, 108-109;
tonnage, 1906, 118; commerce, 267;
type of vessels suitable for naviga-
tion, 324; Daniel Webster's remarks
on, 465-466; depths of harbors, 512-

Great Sodus Bay, bridge, 496.
Great South Bay, 147.
Green, Capt. corr. 1758, 37 note.
Green, Andrew H., member of Com-

merce Commission, 240; at dinner
to Gov. Roosevelt, 251; meeting at
his office, 304; favors Lewis bill,
319, 323, 332; letter to New York
city electorate opposing barge canal,

quoted, 381-382.
Green, Fred Ř., of Chautauqua co.,

Green, George E., member of Roose.

velt commission, 245; speech
Odell referendum bill, quoted, 270;
defense of vote on referendum bill
of 1902, quoted, 273-275; telegram
to, from Bird S. Coler, 332; speech

of barge canal bill,
quoted, 334-335; votes for barge ca.
nal bili, 336; credit from press for
work for canal bill, 337; canal cam-

paign at own expense, 385.
Green, L. B., of Patchogue, 425.
Green Commission. See Roosevelt

Greene, Gen. Francis V.,, engineer,

107; member of Roosevelt commis-
sion, 245; at dinner to Gov. Roose.
velt, 251; address made, 253; din.
ner for, given by Merchants' Ex-
change of Buffalo, 340-343; address
at dinner, quoted, 342-343; speaks
at Canal Association banquet, New

York, 372.
Griffin,' F. B., of Clinton, 354; ad-

dress at Canal Improvement Asso-
ciation banquet, quoted, 355.
"Griffon," ship, 427.
Grout, Edward M., of Brooklyn, 425.
Guenther, Henry H., canal advocate,

Guthrie, S. S., of Buffalo, 204.

member of canal committee of Buf-

falo Merch · Exchange, 292.
Hall, Ralph A., of Chautauqua co.,

Halloway, A. I., 292.
Hamilton, Alexander, political max-

ims, 3, 465.
Hamilton co., N. Y., votes against

referendum measure, 393.
Hammond, Fred W., amendment to

barge canal bill, 337:
Hanks, Byron M., engineer, 395.
Hanley, E. K., member of pro-canal

committee of Binghamton, 385.
Hanse, Hendrick, report concerning

forts, 30; reply to charges of the

French, 31.
Harbor Association, Buffalo, 109.
Harbors, systems in Great Britain,

Hardenburgh, Maj. Abraham, sur-

veyor, 49; lays out canal between

Mohawk and Wood creek, 77.
Harding, Jackson, of Chateaugay,

barge canal advocate, 385.
Harrison, Jonas, member of Harbor

Association, 106, 109.
Harrower, W. C., 341.
Hartland, N. Y., citizens petition for

canal, 85.
Hatch, c. W., at Lockport canal meet-

ing, 379.
Hatch, Hyatt C., 251.
Hatch, Israel T., quoted, 168; speech

at Detroit, cited, 201-202; report on
commerce with Canada, cited, 202;
vice-president of canal convention,
204; offers amendment to barge ca.
nal survey bill, 256.
Hathaway, Judge Joshua, president of

Rome, 98.
Haupt, address at Rochester anti-

canal convention, quoted, 357.
Hawkins, John A., of Greater New
York, 317;

votes for barge canal
bill, 338; at dinner of Buffalo Mer-

chants Exchange, 343.
Hawkins, William M., canal advocate,

Hawley, Jesse, conversation with Mr.

Geddes, 64; letters of "Hercules
advocating. Erie canal, cited, 71; has
been credited with first suggestion
of Erie canal, 74, 439; mentioned,

Hawley, Merwin S., paper on canals,
“Hawley System," 307-308.
Hayes, Isaac I., of New York, address

in Assembly, cited, 188-189.
Hayes, J. D., of Buffalo, opposes Nia-

gara ship canal, 202.
Hazard, George S.,

president of Buf.
falo Board of Trade, 200; vice-
president of canal convention, 204;
quoted, 458.
Heacock, Seth G., 406.
Heath, John S., canal advocate, 392.
Hebert, Henry B., speaks at Com-

merce convention, 247; present at
dinner to Gov. Roosevelt, 251; dele.

cited, 74:

- 108.

Haack, R., engineer, 116.
Haines, Alfred, advocate of canal im-

provement, 261, 391; delegate to
Buffalo convention, 1901, 272;

Albany, conference, 1903, 282; chair-
man of meeting of Canal Committee
of Buffalo Merchants' Exchange,
292; leader in barge canal cam-
paign, 345; death, 396.
Hait, Charles E., member of pro-canal

committee of Binghamton, 385.
Hall, A. M., of Oswego, delegate to

Buffalo convention, 1901, 272.
Hall, Gordon W., of Lockport, speaks

at Buffalo convention, 1901, 271;

gate to barge canal hearings, 254,
255; member of canal committee,
Syracuse convention, 263; delegate
to Buffalo convention, 1901, 272;
chairman of Canal Enlargement As-
sociation, 282, 387; at hearing on
Davis-Bostwick bill, 299; member of
state committee for canal improve
ment, 348, 351; chairman of canal
enlargement committee of New York
Produce Exchange, 367; presides at
Canal Association banquet, 1903)
address, quoted, 369-372; canal pa.
pers, cited, 389 note.
Heckman, G. A., 254.
Hefford, Robert R., letter to, from

the State Engineer, quoted, 229,
230-231; member of Committee on
Canals and Harbors, 293; leader in
barge canal campaign, 345; member
of Canal Improvement state commit.
tee, 348, 351; identified with canal
affairs, 391.
Heingartner, consul at Riga, 1907,

Hell Gate, 180.
Helmer, Charles M., 292.
Hemlock lake, 23.
Hennepin canal, 435, 461.
"Hendrick Hudson," steamboat, 177.
Henry, John F., 209.
Hepburn, A. B., chairman of commit.

tee to investigate railroads, 191; at
dinner given to Gov. Roosevelt,
251 ; at meeting of New York

Chamber of Commerce, 292.
Herbrum, Schutzenwehr, 414.
"Hercules," pseud. See Hawley, Jesse.
Herkimer, N. Y., 295, 402.
Hewett, L. M., 292.
Hewitt, Abram s., opposes federal ca-

nal plan, 298.
Hickman, Arthur W., speech for abo-

lition of tolls, quoted, 194.195; mem.
ber of executive committee of Canal
Union, 209; delegate to convention,
212; canal advocate, 216; secretary
of Canal Union, 217;

meeting of Buffalo Merchants' Ex-
change, 292.
Higgins, A. Foster, member of Canal

Commission, 241.
Higgins, Frank W., 237.
High Falls, 162.
Hill, Charles B., 253:
Hill, David B., hearing on canal bill,

1886, 208.
Hill, Henry W., "Historical Review
of Waterways and Canal Construc.
tion in New York," 1-430; proposes
constitutional amendment, 227; in-
troduces seven million dollar refer.
endum measure in Assembly, 231;
addresses Merchants' Association,
238; speaks at State Commerce con-
vention, 247; chairman of Assem-
bly Canal" committee, introduces
barge canal survey bill, 251, 256;
member of canal committee of Syra-
cuse convention, 263; work for the
canal, 265; delegate to Buffalo con.
vention, 1901, 272; proposes con-

stitutional amendments, 275-276,
283; reply to editorial of John I.
Platt, quoted, 291.292; attitude on
canal questions, quotation from Buf.
falo Evening News, 318; speech in
reply to Senator Lewis, quoted, 322-
327; reply to Senator Malby's pro-
posed amendment, 333; votes for
barge canal bill, 336; credit from
press for work for bill, 337; pres.
ent at signing of bill by Gov. Odell,

at dinner of Buffalo Mer.
chants' Exchange, 341, 343;

dresses Buffalo meeting, 340; Lily
Dale meeting, 359; Buffalo His
torical Society, 366; joint debate
with J. I. Platt at Troy, 366-367;
speaks at Dunkirk, 375; at Masten
Park High School, 378; at Wayne
co. fair, 379; at Lockport, 380; at
Binghamton, 385; member of Con-
stitutional convention, 1894, 392;
bill to amend bonding feature of
referendum measure, 402; address
at banquet of Ithaca Business Men's
Association, quoted, 403; introduces
bill providing for rebate in fran.
chise tax of certain companies, 405;
member of Senate committee to
which canal bills are referred, 406;
chairman of committee to formulate
plans for N. Y. State Waterways
Association, speaks at conference,
423; first vice-president of associa.
tion, 424: member of executive
committee, 425; address "On the
Canal Amendments," 433-467; itin-
erary during barge canal campaign,
468; “Speech on the Canal Im-
provement Referendum measure,'
Hillsborough, Earl of, report to, from

Gov. Moore, quoted, 38-39.
Hinckley, N. Y., reservoir, 401.
Hinds, J. A., 209.
Hinman, H. W., 384.
Hinson, Charles W., supports barge

canal bill, .338; at dinner of Buffalo

Merchants Exchange, 341.
Historian of the Five Indian Nations.

See Colden, Cadwallader,
Hobart, Judge John Sloss, 53.
Hodenosaunee, 6.
Hofeller, Theo, 292.
Hoffman, John T., governor of New

York, message, 1871, quoted, 185.

Hoffman, Michael, report at Constitu-

tional convention, 224, 225.
Hokegan Indians, 7.
Hoile, James T., 'of Brooklyn, 425.
Holland Land Company, schedule of

sessions, 83; grant 100,632 acres in

Cattaraugus co., 101, 105.
Holley, Byron, engineer, 394.
Holley, Myron, treasurer of canal

commissioners, 87, 439; attends

hearing on canal terminal, 110.
Honeoye lake, 23.
Hooker, Sainuel P., 283.
Hooker, Justice Warren B., 383.
Hope well, N. Y., trading post, 18.


Interstate Commerce Commission. See

United States, Interstate Commerce

Irondeqnoit bay (Tirandaquet or Je-

rondaquat), trading post, 18, 32;
settlement by Abraham Schuyler,
19; fort built by Denonville, 30;

outstripped by Oswego, 277.
Irondequoit creek, navigable, 21; men-

tioned, 104; construction of en-

bankment, 141.
Iroquois Indians, Lake Champlain for-

merly named after, 7; commanding

position in Mohawk valley, 354.
Irving, John L., member of pro-canal

committee of Binghamton, 385.
Italy, canals, 315, 434.
Ithaca, N. Y., to be benefited by canal

from Cayuga lake to barge canal,

Ithaca Business Men's Association,

banquet, 402-403.
Ithaca Daily News, canal advocate,

Ithaca Journal, opposes barge canal,

Ives, John M., secretary of Rochester

Chamber of Commerce, 374.

Hopkins, Nelson K., state comptroller,

Hosack, David, "Memoir of De Witt

Clinton,” cited, 37 note; quoted, 64,
92, 99, 137:
Hovey, A. H., of Syracuse, 184.
Howell, David J., consulting engineer,

259, 290.
Hoyt, J. T. N., engineer, 259.
Hoyt, Peter H., 383.
Hudson, Hendrick, 443, 475.
Hudson, N. Y., 295.
Hudson & Mohawk Lock Navigation

Compauy, incorporated, 131.
Hudson river, navigable, 39-40; bill

for imp.oving Hudson river, 1791,
48; tonnage, 84; dam above Fort
Miller falls, 133; steamboat naviga.
tion, 177; ship canal to Lake On.
tario proposed, 234.235; canalizing
suggested, 258; route of ship canal
surveyed by U. S. engineers, 295;
conservation of water power, 408;
proposed improvement of

Hudson, 426; menționed, 456; fed-
eral government's jurisdiction over,

Hughes, Charles E., member of com.

mittee of fifty of N. Y. Board of
Trade and Transportation, 364; as
governor, approves franchise tax re-

bate bill, 406.
Hulbert, Archer Butler, “Portage

paths," cited, 24, 37 note.
Hull, John, Jr., member of pro-canal

committee of 'Binghamton, 385.
Humphrey, Charles, Speaker of the

Assembly, 234.
Humphrey, Correl, secretary of Buf.

falo convention, 1901, 272.
Humphrey, Richard, delegate to Buf-

falo convention, 1901, 272.
Hunt, Washington, governor of New

York, 181; message, 1851, quoted,

Hunter, A. W., vice-president of canal

convention, 221.
Huntington, George, report to Secre

tary Gallatin, cited, 69.
Hurd, Harvey J., speech in Assembly,

cited, 188; canal advocate, 216.
Husted, James W., speech in Assem.

bly, quoted, 1877 member of com-
mittee to investigate railroads, 191.
Hutchinson, Holmes, plans for doub.

ling the locks, 151; survey for en
larging Erie canal, 153, 154; report
on Glens Falls feeder, 156; engi.

neer, 394.
Hutchinson, W. Herbert, speaks at

banquet of Ithaca Business Men's

Association, 402.
Hyde, Georg H., opposes Davis-Bost.

wick canal bill, 289.

Jackson, Henry G., member of pro-

canal committee of Binghamton, 385.
Jackson, William S., attorney general,

Jamaica bay, 147.
James, Darwin R., 364.
James, Edwin R., member of Canal

commission, 24!.
James river canal, no tonnage duties,

Jamestown, N. Y., 310, 358, 359; ca-

nal meeting, 1903, 362-363; fac-

tories, 481.
Jarvie, James S., 304.
Jarvis, John B., engineer, 394.
Jefferson, Thomas, message to Con.

gress, 1806, recommending improve-
ment of canals and rivers, 66-67;
denied power of Congress to grant

federal aid for canals, 457,
Jefferson co., N. Y., vote on barge ca-

nal question, 360.
Jenks, Frank, of Chautauqua co., 383.
Jenne, Daniel C., engineer, 394.
Jerome, Walter W., engineer, 394.
Jerome, William, engineer of Cham-

plain canal, 133.
Jerondaguat. See Irondequoit.
Jervis, John B., engineer, surveys for

enlargement of Erie canal, 153, 154.
Jesup, Morris K., member of New
York Chamber of Commerce, 292,

Jogues, Isaac, Jesuit missionary, dis-

covered Lake George, 177.
Johnson, A. B., of Utica, communica-

tion in favor of a ship canal, quoted,

Johnson, Crisfield, "Centennial his-

tory of Erie county," quoted, 109.
Johnson, Ebenezer, member of Har-

bor Association, Buffalo, 106, 109.

Iagara. See Niagara.
Illinois & Mississippi canal, 399.
Indian trade routes, 10-11.
International Towing & Power Com.

Fany, proposition for electric equip.
ment of canals, 307.

Kimball, Bruce 1.750

Johnson, Edwin F., survey for ship

canal, 234
Johnson, Major J. Emil, 383.
Johnson, Sir William, 45.
Joncaire, Louis Thomas de, sieur de

Chabert, journeys to Niagara, 19.
Jones, Bert L., of Buffalo, 422.
Jones, G. Wilson, of New York State
Retail Lumber Dealers' Association,

Jones, Orsino E., of Chautauqua co.,

Jones, William B., of Albany, 422;

on committee to formulate plans for
N. Y. State Waterways Association,
speaks at conference, 423;, member
of executive committee of associa.

tion, 425;
Joslin, P. J., 175.
Journal of Commerce (N. Y.), atti-

tude on barge canal question, 350.
Judson, William Pierson, report fa.
voring Ontario route, quoted, 295.

Juilliard, Augustus D., 304.
Yunction caral, 171172.
Juniata river, 24.
Junius, N. Y., citizens petition for ca.

nal, 85.
Kabioghage (Salmon river), French

fort proposed, 30.
Kaley, John R., engineer, 394.
Kanadasaga. See Geneva.
Kanadasaga lake. See Seneca lake.
Kanadarque (now Canandaigua), 27.
Kaneenda (port of Onondaga), French

fort proposed, 30.
Keating, William, barge canal advo-

cate, 390.
Keefer, Thomas C., of Ottawa, quoted,

Keenan, Luke A., votes for barge ca-

nal bill, 336.
Keep, Charles Hallam, secretary of

Buffalo Board of Trade, 391, 392.
Keeper, Thomas C., 206.
Kellas, John P., of Malone, barge ca.

nal advocate, 385.
Kelley, Hugh, member of N. Y. State

Commerce commission, 240.
Kellogg, Spencer, 392.
Kelsey, Otto, state comptroller, issues

bonds for bargc canal, 396-397.
Kennedy, Hugh, 341.
Kenny, Hugh, of New York, 319.
Kent, James, chancellor, quoted, 126,

Kernan, John D., president state com-

merce convention, 246; speaks in
favor of canal improvement, 246,
247;. approves barge canal bill, 250;
at dinner given to Gov. Roosevelt,
251; makes address, 253; president
of Buffalo Commerce convention,
272; address at Troy, cited, 359-
360; address at Utica, quoted, 360-
362; speaks at Binghamton, 385;
Chairman of New York delegation
at National River and Harbor Con-
gress, 422; speaks at conference to
organize State Waterways Associa-

tion, 423; vice-president of asso.

ciation, 23
Kessinger, A. R., of Rome, 354.
"Kettel" creek ("Sold Year"" river),

Keyes, Thaddeus, journey to Canan-

Kieft, William, negotiates treaty with

Maquas, 16.
Kiel canal, 297,

engineer, 394.
Kimball, Maurice S., engineer, 394.
King, E. F., 372.
King William F., president of the

Merchants' Association, 238; advo-
cates Davis-Bostwick bill, 284, 290;
at meeting of New York Chamber
of Commerce, 292; canal advocate,

Kingman, Major Dan C., member of

Board of Advisory Engineers, 259.
Kings co., N. Y., votes in favor of

referendum measure, 393; taxes,

Kingsbury, E. H., mayor of Little

Falls. 354:
Kingsley, Charles F., 341.
Kingston, Canada, 286.
Kinkel, Albert, of New York, dele-

gate to Buffalo convention, 1901,
Kinter, George H., letter to Senator

Hill, quoted, 377-378.
Kirker, Thomas, speaker of Ohio

House of Representatives, 90.
Kirkland, Charles P., 224.
Kirkland, Joseph, mayor of Utica, 234.
Kloff, Cornelius B., of Staten Island,

Knight, Erastus C., state comptroller,

Koenig, Samuel, secretary of state,

Krantz, estimate of cost of trans-

portation in France, 500.
Kryder, -, devised arks for the Ju.

niata river, 24.
Kuichling, Emil, 259:
Kurtz, J., Jr., of Albany, 299.
Lachine canal, 145.
Lackawanna Steel Plant, 484.
La Famine. See Otihataugue.
Laimbeer, R. H., 220.
Laing, Philip A., address at Dunkirk

canal meeting, quoted, 375.
Lake Superior Power Company, 399.
Lambert, Justice John S., 383.
Lamont, G. D., 184.
Lamy, Charles, 216.
Landreth, William B., engineer, 259;
deputy in charge of barge canal con.

struction, 395.
Languedoc canal, 70, 435.
Laning, Albert P., canal advocate, 216.
Lapsing Kill, 162.
La Salle, Robert Cavelier de, launches

the "Griffon,'' 427; mentioned, 443.
La Salle, N. Y., 294, 427.
Laughiin, John, speech for canal im-

provement, quoted, 215; canal ad
vocate, 216; delegate to Syracuse
convention, 261; member of canal
committee, 263; motion for appoint.
ment of committees, 266; membe
of canal committee of Buffalo Mer.
chants’ Exchange, 292; at hearing
on Davis-Bostwick bill, 299; at din-
ner of Buffalo Merchants' Exchange,
341; leader in barge canal cam-
paign, 345.

Lautz, Frederick C. M., delegate to

Syracuse convention, 261; to Buf-

falo convention, 272.
Lawrence, O. S., of Malone, barge ca.

nal advocate, 385
Lawrence, Sidney, 167.
Leach, Charles B., of Chautauqua co.,

Le Couteulx, Louis, 111.
Lee, D. C., editor of Ithaca Daily

News, 390.
"Le Grand S. De Graff," lake freight.

er, 113
Lenox, N. Y., citizens petition for ca.

nal, 85.
Le Roy, N. Y., 146, 164.
Letchworth, Ogden P., address of wel.

come, State Commerce convention,
1901, 271; delegate, 272; speaks
at canal dinner of Buffalo Chamber

of Commerce, 396.
Letchworth, William P., 165.
Letchworth Park, 165.
Lettsom, Dr. John Coakley, 38 note.
Leutz, Trevor C., assistant consulting
engineer, 259.
Lewis, J. L., of Yates, 184.
Lewis, Loran L., canal advocate, 216.
Lewis, Merton E., introduces bill ask.

ing federal government to construct
canal, 291, 303, 304; bill defeated,
306; motion for recommitment of
barge canal bill to committee, 318;
speech in opposition to bill, quoted,
319-322; Senator Hill's reply, quoted,
322-327, speeches, cited, 374: speech
before' Rochester Chamber of Com.

merce, quoted, 374.
Lewis, Gen. Morgan, letter relating

conversation with Gouverneur Mor.

ris, quoted, 63-64.
Lewis,' Thomas D., of Fulton, 254;

chairman of Assembly Committee on
Canals, 268; delegate to Buffalo
convention, 1901, 272; reports sub-
stitute for Weekes canal bill, 275;
advocates improvement of Oswego

canal, 277, 278.
Lewis, W.' H., secretary of Rome Co.
operative Insurance Company, at
hearing on Davis-Bostwick bill, 299,

“Lewis bill," introduced by Senator

Lewis, 291, 303, 304; defeated, 306;
reported from committee, 317-318;
speech by Senator Lewis in support
of bill, quoted, 319-322; speeches
in opposition, quoted: Senator Hill,
322-327; Senator Davis, 330; Sena:

tor Grady, 3,31-332.
Lewiston, N. Y., trading post, 28.

L'Houmedieu, Irving, 317; votes for

barge canal bill, 336.
Lily Dale, N. Y., canal meeting, 359,

Lincoln, Abraham, memorial to, re-

garding canals, 198.
Lincoln, Judge Chas. Z., "Constitu-

tional history of New York," quoted,
155, 250.
Little Buffalo creek, 107;

canal to
terminate near mouth of, 108.
Little Carrying Place. See Little

Little Falls, N. Y., portage, 7, 24, 28,

39, 76; trading post, 18; canal sug.
gested' by Gov. Moore, 37-39; by
Christopher Colles, 42; by Elkanah
Watson, 45; locks, 60, 61, 143; 439;
aqueducts, 102 and note; railroads
permitted to occupy canal lands,
187; mentioned, 310, 401; home of
P. W. Casler, 356; barge canal lock,

Littlejohn, Dewitt C., of Oswego, 184.

209; addresses Canal Union con-
vention, 211; chairman of commit-
tee of Rochester convention, 212;
speaks at banquet, 222.
Livingston, Col. James, bill for re-

moving obstructions in Hudson and

Mohawk rivers, 47-49,
Livingston, Peter R., of Dutchess co.,

opposed to canal bill, 91.
Livingston, Peter Van Brugh, 173.
Livingston, Philip, 173.
Livingston, Robert, quoted, 18; report

to the Earl of Bellomont, quoted,
28-29, 30; reply to charges of the

French, 31.
Livingston, Robert R., canal commis.

sioner, 80, 81, 439.
Livingston family, 173.
Lockport, N. Y., locks planned by Na.

than S. Roberts, 143; frauds in
constructing locks, 167-168; repre-
sented at Canal Union convention,
1887, 212; press support barge ca.
nal' bill, 310; canal meeting, July,
1903, 351, 468; meeting Oct., 1903,
379-380; engineering difficulties at,

411, 413; industries, 489-493.
Locks. See Canal locks.
Lockwood, Daniel N., 392.
Long House, 6-7.
Long Island, vote on barge canal bill

of senator from, 335.
Long Island Sound, commerce, 179-

Loomis, James H., canal advocate, 216.
Lossing, Benson J., "Empire state,"
cited,' 37 note; “Life and times of

Philip Schuyler," quoted, 40.
Lotteries, 97-98.
Louis XIV, favored inland water

transportation, 436.
Love, John A., of Chautauqua co.,

Low, Emil, engineer, article in the

Rome Sentinel, quoted, 409.
Low, Seth, ex-mayor of New York,

298; canal advocate, 364, 365.
Lowe, James, 191.

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