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ports of Milford, Cardiff, Gloucester, Bristol, form their quarantine in a place near the Illand Bridgwater, or any of them, or any member or of Guernsey, called the Little Road, or at some aeek of them or any of them, or to Padstow or place herein before appointed for perforinance of St. Ives, being members of the port of Plymouth, quarantine on the coast of England, or to Ilfracomb or Barnstaple, being members of That no pilot Mall go on board any ship or vefthe port of Exeter, or to any other place within fel obliged to perform quarar.tine, in order to con

the laid ports of Milford, Cardiff, Gloucester, duct the same into any port or place, but shall Bristol, or Bridgwater, or within the said mem- perform fuch service in some other boat or vessel, bers or creeks, shall perform their quarantine in which boat or vesel shall keep as much to the Kingroad and Porshute Pill. All such ships or windward of the ship or vessel 10 to be conducted, peffels which are or shall be bound to the port of as půssible; and if any pilot or other person shall

Plymouth, exceptsuch parts thereof as have been go on board such ship or vessel, su h pilot or other Berein before-mentioned, and also except Fal- person shall perform quarantine, in like manner mouth, one member thereof, or to the port of as any person coming in fuch thip or veffel thali Exeter, except such parts thereof as have been be obliged to perform the same. berein before-mentioned, or to the port of Poul, That all goods, wares and merchandizes, liable or any of the members or creeks, or other places to quarantine as aforesaid, shall be opened, unwithin the said ports of Plymouth, Exeter, and packed and aired, unlefs his Majesty shall think Pool, except as before excepted, shall perform their fit, by his order in council, to direct otherwise, quarantine in some place between Woodend and and so remain a week; other than hemp and flaxs Saltath in the River Tamer. All such ships or paper or books, filk raw, thrown, or wrought, Feffelso as are or shall be bound to Falmouth, a linen, cotton-wool, cotton-yarn or manufactured, member of the port of Plymouth, or any creek wool raw or any wire wrought, feathers, gragrain thereof, or any other place therein, so all perform or mohair-yarn, human hair, guats hair, Car their quarantine in a place called St. Ives Pool, menia wool, carpets, cambļet.,, buidets, or other within the mouth of the harbour of Falmouth. mánuractures of filk and cotton, kids-skins, and And all such ships or vessels as are or fhail be fkins in the wool or hair, Ipunges, wine and oil Found to the ports of Sou: hampton, Chichester, in chests, thread, it ckings, all goods packed Sandwich, or any of them, or any of the members with straw or cotton, firaw hats, and bruihes, or creeks thereof, or of any of them, or any other matting and artificial flowers; which goods and piace within the same, shall perform their qua

merchandizes, to as aforesaid enumerated, are to rantine at a place called the Mother Bank near be opened, unpacked, and aired, unless his May Portfmouth.' And all such ihips or vesseis, as jesty shall think fit, by his order in council, to are or shall be bound to the eastern coast of Scot- direct otherwise, and so remain for the space of a tand, comprehending the ports of L'ith, Borrow. fortnight. stounnifs, Alloa, Dunbar, Kirkcaldy, Anstru- That' all goods imported by such ships and verther, Preston Pans, Dundee, Perth, Montrose, fels respect :vely thall be aired in the fullowing ard' Aberdeen, or to any member, creek, or other places, that is to fay? al! such goods as shall be parts thereof, shall perform their quarantine in imported to the port of London, or any member, Inverkeithing Bag. And all such thips and vessels creek, or other parts thereof, or to the River as are or ihall be bound to the western parts of Thames, or Medway, shall be aired in Standgate Scotland, comprehending the ports of Port Glaf- creek; all such goods 'as shall be imported to the gow, Greenock, Irvine, Campbeltoun, Oban, ports of Ipswich, Yarınouth, Lynn, Boston, Hulle Rothíay, Fort William, Air, Port Patrick Stran- Newcast or Berwick upon Tweed, or any of saer, and Wigtown, or to any member, creek, or them, or any member or creek thereof, or other other parts thereof, shall perform their quaran- place therein, fhalı be aired in Whitebooth Road, cine at Lamlash in the Island of Arran. And all between Hull and Grimsby: all such goods as fych ships or vessels as are or shall be bound to shall be imported to the ports of Carlife and the northern ports of Scotland, comprehending Chefer, or either of them, or any member or the ports of Inverness, Zetland, Orkney, Caith- creek thereof, or other place ther in, or to any nefs, and Storaaway, or to any member, creek, part of the Isle of Man, ihall be aired in a , lace or other parts thereof, fall perform their qua- called Highlake, near Liverrool, at the west end yantine in' Cromarty Bay in the Murray Frith, thereof; all such goods as shall be imported to And all such ships or yeltets as are or shall be the ports of Milford, Cardid, Gloucester, Bristol, bound to the south-west poits of Scotland, com- Bridgewater, or any of them, or any inember of prehending the ports of Dumfries and Kirkcud- creek of them, or any of them, or to Padstow or bright, or to any member, creek, or other parts St. Ives, being members of the port ot Plymouth, thereof, thall perform their quarantine at Cafthorn, or to ļlfracomb or Barnstaple, being members of at the mouth of the River Nith. And all such the port of Exeter, or to any other place within Miss os verfels shich are or shall be bound to the the said ports of Milford, Cardiff, Gloucester, He of Jersey, or any part thereof, shili perform Bristol, or Bridgwater, or within the said memtheir quarantine at a certain place on the coast of bers or creeks, thall be aired in Kingroad and the faid itland called Belle Crouts, or at fome Porthute Pill: all such goods as shall be imported place herein' þefore appointed for performance of to the port of Plymouth, except sach parts thereof quarantine on the coast of England. And als such as have been herein before-mentioned, and also thips or vesiels as shall be bound to the Islands of except Falmouth, onc member thereof, or to the Guernsey, Sark or Alderney, or either of them, port of Exeter, except such parts thereof as have or any part of them, or any of them, thall per- een herein before-mentioned, or to the port of


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Pool, or any of the members or creeks or other Sark or Man, shall take due care to prevent the places within the faid ports of Plymouth, Exeter, landing any goods, seamen, or passengers from om and Pool, except as before etcepted, shall be aired board the fame, until they fhall be put under the in some place between Woodend and Salcal in direction of the officers of his Majesty's cuftoms. the River Tamer; all such goods as thall be im- That the commissioners, and other officers of his ported to Falmouth; a member of the port of Plý- Majelty's customs, do use their utmoft ditigence mouth, or any creek thereof, or any other place and care, that the quarantine before directed be therein, shall be aired in a place called St. Ives duly performed. Pool, within the mouth of the harbour of Fal. That the commanders of his Majesty's thips of mouth; all such goods as shall be imported to war, as likewise the commanders of his Majesty's the ports of Southampton, Chichester, Sandwich, forts and garrisons lying near the sea-coarts, and or any of them, or any of the members or creeks all the justices of the peace, mayors, sheriff, balthereof, or of any of them, or any other place liffs, chief magiitrates, conftables, headboroughs,* within the same, shall be aired at a place called tything-men, and all other officers and ministers : the Mother Bank, near Portsmouth; and all such of justice, be aiding and assisting to the faid officers : goods as shall be imported to the eastern coast of his Majesty's customs, and to all others that of Scotland, comprehending the ports of Leith, shall be concerned in stopping all such thips as Borrowftonness, Alloa, Dunbar, Kirkcaldy, An- aforesaid, and in bringing them to the places apftruthers Preston Pans, Dundee, Perth, Mon- pointed for the performance of their quarantine, trose and Aberdeen, or to any member, creek, and in due performance thereof. or other parts thereof; shall be aired in Inverkeith- And the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's ing Bay; and all such goods as shall be imported Treasury, the Commissioners for executing the tô the western ports of Scotland, cor hending office of Lord High Admiral of Great Britain, the the ports of Port Glasgow, Greenock, Irvine, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, the Master GeCampbeltoun, Oban, Rothsay, Fort William, neral and the principal officers of the Ordnance, Air, Port Patrick, Stranraer, and Wigtown, or his Majesty's Secretary at War, and the governors to any member, creek, or other parts thereof, or commanders in chief for the time being of the hall be aired at Lamlash, in the Illand of Arran; said respective Ifes of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney,* and all such goods as shall be imported to the Sark and Man, are to give the necessary directions northern ports of Scotland, comprehending the herein, as to them may respectivly appertain. ports of Inverness, Zetland, Orkney, Caithness,

STEPN. COTTRELL. and Stornaway, of to any member; creek, or other parts thereof, shall be aired in Cromarty Bay, At the Court at St James's; the 25th of July 17830 in the Murray Frith: and all such goods as

PRESENT, fall be imported to the south-west ports of Scots The King's Moft Excellent Majesty in Council. lànd, comprehending the ports of Dumfries and Kirkcudbright, or to any member, creek, or other that several persons who formerly obtained or

IT having been represented to his Majesty, parts thereof, shall be aired at Cafthorn, at the

ders from his Majesty in council for grants of mouth of the River Nith; and all such goods as

land in the province of Nova Scotia, have not prothall be imported to the Ine of Jersey, or any part ceeded to locate and survey the lands directed to thereof, shall be aired at a certain place on the

be granted to them by such orders, but have, ir coast of the said inand called Belle Croute, or at such place herein before appointed for performance many instances, fold and transferred them to of quarantine on the coast of England, where the others, who have also delayed to carry them inter

execution, to the great injury of his Majetty's ships, in which such goods are imported, shall respectively perform their quarantine: and all such tivation and improvement of the said provinces,

revenue of quit-rents, and retardment of the cula goods as shall be imported to the islands of Guern- his Majesty is thereupon pleased, with the advice fay, Sark, or Alderney, or either of them, or any

of his privy-council, to revoke and make void part of them, or any of them, shall be aired in a place near the Illand of Guernsey, called the Little (and doth hereby revoke and make void) all orders Road, or at such place herein before appointed for lands in the province of Nova Scotia, which bear

made by his Majesty in council for the grant of performance of quarantine on the coast of England; date prior to the ift of January 1774, and have where the hips in which such goods are imported not yet been carried into execution and his MaTall respectively perform their quarantine. That whatsoever ship or person shall receive any

jesty is hereby farther pleased to order, that the men or goods from on board any ship or vessel governor or commander in chief for the time beunder quarantine, shall be compelled to perform forbear to issue any order of survey to the sur

ing of his Majesty's province of Nova Scotia, do, the like quarantine. ed, shall be employed in the hold of any ship of vince, of any lot or parcel of land within the Thatfuch persons as, after quarantine perform- veyor general of lands in the faid province, or.

to pass any grants under the seal of that pro.. vessel, for the taking any goods not liable to retain infection from the goods and merchandizes his Majesty in council, which bears date prior to

said province, in pursuance of any order made by before enumerated, shall be obliged to perform a the Ist day of January 1774: and that this his new quarantine. that the captains of every of his Majesty's London Cadette, to the end that ail perfons con

Majesty's order in council be published in the Mips of war, who shall meet with any such thipor teffel coming to any of the ports of Great Bria

cerned may have due notice thereof.

STEPX, COTTRELL: tia or of the Ines of Gyerdey, Jersey, Alderney,



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Havannah with the troops as flags; I therefore

stand in need of your excellency's advice and diWbiteball, July 29. The letters of which the rections in my present fituation, and shall be ex, following are extracts, have been received at the ceedingly happy to receive them as soon as possible. office of the Right Honouable Lord North, his I had letters written for your excellency on this Majesty's principal fecretary of fate for the home

occasion fince, the middle of the last month; buc department.

the vessel by which they were to have been conExtract of a Letter from General Sir Guy Carleton, veyed, went off and left them; therefore hope your K. B. & c. dated New York, June 20, 1783.

excellency will not think it my neglect in not

having the accounts before this." MY LORD,

I have the honour to be, .I TRANSMIT for your lordship's information a sopy of Colonel Deveaux's letter, conveying an

Your Excellency's most obedient, account of the recapture of the Bahama Inands,

And very humble Servant, (Signed)

A. DEVEAUX, together with a copy of the capitulation,

Colonel, and commanding Royal Foresters,
I am, my Lord, your Lordship's

June 6, 1783. New Providence,
Most obedient and most humble Servant,

Articles entered upon between Don Antonio Cls.
Right Honourable Lord North.

racoy Sants, Governor of the Bahama Islands,

&c. and bis Honour Andrew Deveaux, Colonel Extract of a Letter from Colonel Deveaux, to Sir

and Commander in Chief of the Expedition, &c. Guy Carleton, dated New Providence, June 6, 1783.

1. The government-house and public stores I Have the pleasure to inform your Excellency,

tò be delivered to his Britannic Majesty. that on the iit of April last, not having heard mand to march to the eastern fort, with all the

II. The governor and gårrison under his com. that peace was concluded, I formed from St. Augustine an expedition against New Providence, to

honours of war; remaining with a piece of canrestore it's inhabitants, with those of the adjacent

non and two shots per day, in order to hoist his islands, to the bleflings of a free government.

Catholic Majesty's flag. Provisions for the troops,.. I undertook this expedition at my own expence,

failors, and fick in the hospital, to be made at and embarked my men, which did not exceed six

his Britannic Majesty's expence, as also vessels ty-five, and failed for Harbour Island, where I prepared to carry them to the Havannah, partireeruited for four or five days; frue thence I set cularly a vessel to carry the governor to Europe.

111. All the officers and troops of the garrison sail for my object, which was the eastern fort on

belonging to his Catholic Majesty, are to rethe Island of Providence, and which I carried about day-light, with three of their formidable main in possession of their baggage and other efe

fects. gallies on the 14th. I immediately summüned the

IV. All the vessels in the harbour belonging grand fortress to a surrendet, which was about a mile from the fort I had taken; his excellency

to his Catholic Majesty are to be given up, with the governor evaded the purport of my fag, by every thing on board the said veifels, to his Bri

tannic Majesty: giving me fome trifling informations, which s took in their true light. On the 16th I took

V. All effects appertaining to Spaniards to poffefsion of two cominanding hills, and erected

remain their property, and the Spanish mer

chants to have two months to settle their ac. a battery on each of them of twelve pounders.

counts. At day-light' on the 18th, my batteries being compleat, the English colours were hoisted on


A. DEVEAUX. each of them, which were within mufquet-thot of their grand fortress. His excelleney, finding

"New Providence, April 18, 1783. his shot and shells of no effect, thought proper Constantinople, June 2'5. The plague has spread to capitulate, as you will fee by the inclosed in every quarter of this city and it's suburbs, as articles. My force never at any time confifted well as the neighbouring provinces of Asia and in of more than 220 men, and not above 150 of Bosnia; hitherto, however, the mortality at Cons them had musquets, not having it in my power stantinople is very inconsiderable. to procure them at St. Augustine.

Stockholm, Juiy 11. His Swedish Majesty landa I took on this occafion one fort, consisting of. ed here on the grh instant early in the morning, thirteen pieces of cannon, three gallies carrying having fajied from Abo on the 7th: he is almost twenty-four pounders, and about fifty men. entirely recovered from his late accident, though

His excellency surrendered four batteries, with still obliged to wear his arm in a flingo about feventy pieces of cannon, and four large gal- Vientid, July 12. The Emperor returned to lies, (brigs and snows) which I have sent to the this capital last night in perfect health.

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him that, at the earneft request of the ward, A in

when Thomas Wooldridge, Esq. appeared, and another had been elected at a wardrobe held and demanded his seat as alderman of Bridge for that purpose ; to which Mr. Wooldridge reWard Within : bus the Lord Mayor informed plied, that he should apply to the court of Kings


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Bench, and then withdrew. The Recorder re- This day was executed, opposite St. Ana quested to have leave for the nomination of a drew's church, Holborn, John Mills, on the Codeputy during his absence in Ireland and the

ventry A&, for unlawfully lying in wait and Oxford Circuit, and Thomas Harrison, Esq. late wounding John Brazier in several parts of his one of the city council, was appointed to oficiate body. He was attended to the place of execuin his stead.

tion by Sheriff Taylor, his under-sheriff, and Mr. Alderman Townsend, after paying many other proper officers, amidst a large multicude of compliments to one of the clerks in the Justice spectators. He was dressed in black, with a crape Room, Guildhall, for his unremitting attention bat-band in his hat, and died very penitent. He to the duties of his office, moved for a gift of was about twenty-leven years of age. fifty pounds, to be presented him, by way of A respite came to Newgate for John Higgin. gratuity, above his falary, which was agreed to son, who was to have been executed for taking without opposition.

bank-notes out of letters delivered into the Post2. The following letter was yesterday sent by . Office. Mr. Sheriff Taylor to the Right Honourable · Yesterday died in Newgate, Alexander Smith, Lord North

who was convicted in April session of forging a (Copy)

. bill of exchange for 521. 1os. with intent to deMY LORD,

JULY 1, 1783. fraud Messrs. Boddington, and ordered for execuTHE inclofed letter was delivered to me this tion this day. On his first being apprehended, he evening by Mr. Akerman, from John Higgin- swallowed a quantity of aqua-fortis, the effeét of fon, one of the unfortunate men under sentence which has occafioned his death. of death, giving an account of a dangerous con- 3. The following malefactors, capitally conspiracy which was formed by some of the crimi- victed in May lait, were carried in two carts, nals in Newgate.

and one on a fledge, from Newgate, and executed Upon the delivery of that letter I caused a at Tyburn, viz. John Wharton, for burglary in search to be immediately made, and no less than the dwelling-houle of Robert Alkey; and Atealing two brace of pistols, with knives and saws, were some money, and a quantity of foap; John' Ha. found in the condemned cells, and having in- zleworth, for robbing John Fitzpatrick, on the vestigated the matter, I have no doubt they in highway, of a filver watch and two half-crown tended to attempt to carry their scheme into exe- pieces; Robert Cullum, for breaking into the cution, with a view to effect their escape. house of John Hatch, in the night-time, with

I was advised by the Recorder to wait on your intent to steal his goods; William Rutley Pratt, lord ship; and I have only to remark, that the for a burglary in a dwelling-house, and stealing Recorder joins' with me in opinion, that an ex- à quantity of fiver plate; and William Harcourt, tension of the Royal mercy to this unfortunate for treasonably having in his custody a mould, young man, upon this ground, will be a means of and other implements, for coining half-crowns, farther discoveries, which may prevent bloodshed shillings, and lixpences. They all behaved very and other disagreeable consequences happening penitently. Before they left Newgate, they in the gaol from the numerous villains which are desired to be indulged in singing together, in constantly confined in it.

a private room, thé Lamentation of a Sinner, I have the honour to be, &c. and part of the 104th Psalm, which was rea

ROBERT TAYLOR dily granted. When they came out, they made To the Right Honourable Lord North, &c. &c. a very affecting exhortation to the other, pri


soners, some of whom behaved very disorderly, WHITEHALL, JULY 2, 1783. while others with much feriousness received the I Lost no time in laying before the King awful advice of the unhappy victims to public your letter of yesterday's date, inclosing one to justice. the keeper of Newgate from John Higginson, Earl Mansfield gave judgment in the Court under sentence of death, giving an account of of King's Bench, against Lord Portchester, in a dangerous conspiracy which was formed by the long-depending cause between his lordship some of the criminals confined in that place, and and Mr. Petre, respecting the damages recoverrecommending the unfortunate young man who ed in the actions for bribery at the general elecmade the discovery, to some mark of the royal tion at Cricklade. By this determination, it is mercy. The crime committed by John Hig- said, Mr. Petre recovers the sum of 14,00cl. beginson, and for which it was intended he should fides costs of suit, which will amount to near fuffer, is of such a nature as could not in itself 10,00ol. admit of any mitigation: but as the discovery 4. The state of the ordinary, as given in from made by him has been the means of preventing the several ports to the Admiralty Board, made, very dangerous consequences; and, by shewing up to the 30th of last month, is as follows, viz. favour to him on that account, may be a means Ships laid up in ordinary, June 30: at Deptford, of discouraging schemes of such a dangerous ten- one of 50 guns, eleven frigates, and nine sloops. dency, his Majesty on that ground, and from · Woolwich, fix fhips of the line, two of 50 guns, that cause alone, has consented to save his life. thirteen frigates, and eleven Noops. Sheerness, A respite has been sent to Newgate for that pur- two ships of the line, four frigates, and five pose this evening.

Noops. Chatham, thirteen ships of the line,

NORTH two of 50 guns, five frigates, and seven Noops. To Sir Robert Taylor, Sheriff of Londen. Portsmouth, twenty-eight ships of the line, two

Voi. III.


I am, &c.


of 50 guns, eleven frigates, and thirteen Roops. The Lords of the Admiralty have apo Plymouth, twenty-one ships of the line, one of 50 pointed twenty-four masters from the half-pay guns, seven frigates, and eleven Noops. Of which list, for the sole purpose of looking after the ships thirteen ihips of the line, three frigates, and ten in ordinary, and co make a report of their conNoops, were iaid up during the course of the dition every three months to the Board: eight of month of June; and there are eleven thips of the them are to reside at Portsmouth, fix at Plyline, one of fifty guns, five frigates, and eight mouth, eight at Chatham and Sheerness, and two Noops, now under orders to be laid up as soon as at Woolwich. These, with a few other fimilar the crews are paid off and discharged.

appointments, will be the means of preserving in 9. Judgment was given in the Court of King's our service, at a very trifling expence, our beft Bench, upon Lieutenant Bourne, of the marines, seamen, who might otherwise be tempted to enter who itood convicted of publishing a libel, and into the pay of foreign states. also of an assault upon Sir James Wallace, Knt. 17. The Court-Martial held at Chatham, on Captain of his Majesty's hip the Warrior, by twelve prisoners for mutiny on board the Rai. striking him with a cane.

sonnable, commanded by Lord Hervey, which beMr. Justice Willes pronounced the sentence. gan on che ioch inftant, ended this day. The He entered fully into the case of the assault; Court was composed of the following members, which, he said, being upon a superior officer fitting according to their feniority, viz. from an inferior, required a very severe punish

Sir Hyde Parker, President.
The Court therefore adjudged, that

Capt. Hudson Capt. Symonds the defendant be held in custody of the Marshal


Demerique of the Court for two years, and give security


Parker himself in a thousand pounds, and two fureties


Payne in five hundred pounds cach, to keep the


Inglefield Williams with Sir James Wallace for seven years.

Charrington Hood. Upon the libel, he said, that as Sir James Judge Advocate, Purfer Yates. Wallace had improperly published a letter in a The Court fat each day (Sunday excepted) public print, answering an anonymous paragraph, from eight in the morning til four in the afterthe Court, on the judgment of the libel (which noon. The evidence being summed up, and the the defendant had suffered to go by default) would charge fully proved on seven of them, and partly only fine him fifty pounds, and to be imprisoned proved on three others, the following sentence till the fine was paid.

was passed, viz. 11. The unfortunate Mr. William Wynne Benjamin Gravat, George Wright, Robert Ryland finished a very fine engraving of King Dible, William Barlow, William Thompson, John delivering Magna Charta to the Barons, Thomas Snudon, and Jacob Francis Death. on which he has employed himself during his Samuel Pile, William Day, and Jacob Cok, confinement.

lins---300 Lashes eacb. 12. According to the report of the Surveyor. William Knox, and Thomas Wilson-Ace General of his Majesty's Woods and forests, of quitted. the state of the inclosures in his Majesty's forests, The charge against them was as follows: Lord in pursuance of an order of the honourable House Hervey's fhip being at Spithead, and being or. of Commons, we find that no ground whatsoever dered round to Chatham, to be paid off, the had been enclosed in any of his Majesty's forests, fhip's company openly declared that they would &c. for the growth and preservation of timber, not go round, but would carry the ship into Since the fift day of January 1772, the period of Portsmouth Harbour themselves, and be paid off time limited in the said order, except foco acres there; and were accordingly proceeding to upthe New Forest, in the year 1775; ough it moor the thip without orders.

Lord Hervey appears that the inclosures of the New Forest observing this, previously armed bimself; and, are in good repair, have well answered the pur. at the risque of his life, feized the above mep, pose for which they were made, and have nursed and confined them. The people seeing their up a good stock of young timber in the forests of ringleaders secured, were so much intimidated, Whittlewood, Salcey, Rockingham, and Whiche that they went to their duty as before, and wood. And Mr. Pitt, the surveyor, farther dee brought the ship round. clares, that many thousand acres of land in his 18. This morning an information, filed Majesty's forests may be inclofed, and applied to against Mr. Charles Bembridge, (late accountant raising pines. There are also, and will ever be, of the pay-office) by his Majesty's Attorneywithin the inclosures now in being, and here. General, charging the said Mr. Bembridge with after to be made therein, some parcels of ground neglect of duty, in having connived at the conof a nature less fit for the growth of oaks, in cealment of certain items in the account chargewhich the faid Surveyor-General of his Majesty's able to the late Lord Holland, (as paymakerWoods and Forests purposes to plant the fort of general of his Majesty's land forces) to the pines fit for mafts, yards, and bowspr'ts; and amount of furty-eight thousand seven bundred nucferies are actually preparing for that purpose: and nine pounds, ten shillings, and a fra&tion, came and, from his observations and experiments, and on to be tried before the Earl of Mansfield, and the concurring opinion of very good judges, he a Special Jury, in the Court of King's Bench thinks is highly probable, that making inelolutes in Westminfter Hali. purely for the last-mentioned use, will be attended In the absence of the Attorney-Gencral, Mn with success, and prove very advantageous to this Lee (solicitor-general) conducted the prosecukingdom.

tiQp; he had for his affiftante, Sir Thomas Da.

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