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Published as the Act directs by Harrilon. & C. Novi i 1783.


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Enriched with the following truly elegant ENGRAVINGS: 1. A most delightful View of the East Front of BLENHEIM, the Seat of his Grace

the Duke of MARLBOROUGH. 2. An interesting Scene in ANNETTE, a Fairy Tale, by MASTER LENOX.


Modern Biography,

Elegiac Stanzas, to the Memory of the
Lord Kepp:1


Honourable Mrs. Heneage, Sister to Miscellany.

the Right Honourable Lord Petre

299 Philofophical Survey of the Works of

Address to the Mure

ibid. Nature and Art. No. X, 254 Sensibility, An Irregular Ode

300 Philofophical Tranfa&tions.

Translation of a Letter from a young An Account of the Usefulness of wash

and beautiful Nun in a Convent in ing the Stems of Trees. By Mr.

in Portugal, to an English Officer some Robert Marsham, of Stratton,

Time resident in that Country

gor F.R.S. 258 Prince Robert

302 Imperial Clemency. A Moral Tale 260 The Batchelor's Resolution

ibid. Annette; a Fairy Tale; by Malter Lenox 266 Grattan and Flood. An Epigrammatic The 'l'ouchstone. No. III. 270 Dialogue

ibid. Irish Parliamentary Intelligence; with Public Amusements.

an Account of the Rise and Progress Strictures on the State of the Drama - 303 of the Dispute between Messrs. Grac

Drury Lane.
tan and Flood

Mrs. Wilson

ibid. Review and Guardian of Literature.

Mrs. Siddoos's First Appearance this
Hoole's Translation of Orlando Furioso,


ibid. concluded 281 Mr. Ward

ibid. Potter's Inquiry into some Passages in

Covent Garden,
Dr. Johnson's Lives of the Poets 284 Mr. Johnson

ibid. Berkenhout's Effay on the Bite of a

The Rival Knights

ibid, Mad Dog


Additional Airs in the Castle of An.
History of the Political Life and Public


304 Services of the Right Honourable

Miss Younge's First Appearance this
Charles James Fox


Memoirs of the Manstein Family ibid. Partiamentary History.
Peggy and Patty; or, The Sisters of

House of Lords

House of Commons

307 Translation of the Comtesse de Genlis's

Political Retropea

312 Adelaide and Thcodore; or, Letters

Sir Guy Carleton's Letter to the Presion Education


dent of the American Congress ibid. Poetical Remains of James the First, Foreign Intelligence

313 King of Scotland

295 | Gazette Coombe's Peasant of Auburn

ibid. Monthly Chronicle Poetry


321 Verses on a beautiful Young Lady dan


327 gerously ill. By Master George Louis


ibid. Lenox

Civil Promotions

The Married Man's Soliloquy
297 Military Promotions

ibid. L'Année; or, The Year

Ecclesiastical Preferments

324 Delia; or, the Disconfolate Maid 298 Bankrupts


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Printed for HARRISON and Co. No. 18, Paternoster-Row; by whom Letters to

the EDITOR$ are received.


TH "HE Editors are happy to hear from their old Correspondent Mr. C.

Roope, whose elegant Verses will be given in the next Number. Mr. Abby's very beautiful Poem will also appear in our next.

Clario's Hint will be attended to.

A. G.'s Poem will be returned as directed, the first Opportunity.

G. H. of Edinburgh is informed, that he may himself remedy the Inconvenience of which he complains, by giving a regular Order to his Bookseller.

Matilda's elegant Verses, in Favour of a Singing Bird, are received, and will be inserted in our next.

The Favours of Amintor are likewise come to Hand, and will be properly attended to.

The Epigram on Meffrs. Flood and Grattan, beginning, When Rogues fall out,' &c. is too gross for our Miscellany.

There is a confiderable Portion of Merit in Miss G.'s Verfes, considering them as her firft Poetical Attempt, but the Subject is too unimportant.

Horatio's Serenade seems rather calculated to lull his Rosalind to Sleep, than to rouze her from the Arms of Morpheus.

We have not forgot, or neglected, An Old Correspondent, but only treated him as Friends too often are treated-put him off a little longer.

The Subject recommended to our Attention by the Reverend Mr. B. is not fufficiently entertaining.

The several Articles transmitted for our Review, and hitherto neglected, will be noticed in the next Number.


We are happy to find that our disinterested Strictures on the Drama give so much Satisfaction to Lady and shall certainly continue them with the same Spirit and Freedom.

Sir Joseph M-is refpe&tfully informed, that Master Lexox's moftastonishing Productions will be published at the Beginning of the ensuing Year, but that no actual Subscription is neceflary,







the year 1725:

Lord Keppel is the second son of LORD KEPPEL.

the second Earl of Albemarle, by his T HE Right Honourable Augustus lady, Anne Lenox, fifterto his Grace

Keppel, Viscount Keppel, of El the late Duke of Richmond. veden in the county of Suffolk, First His lord ship having early conceiv. Lord of the Admiralty, was born in ed a very stronginclination for the sea.

service, was placed under the care of His lordship is descended from Ar- Lord Anson, with whom he failed nold Jooft Van Keppel, a member of into the South Seas, and was at the the Noblesse of Holland, who accom- taking of the town of Paita, (where he panied King William into England narrowly escaped being killed by a at the Revolution in 1688; and, after cannon-ball, which carried away part attending his majesty in several cam- of a jockey-cap he happened to have paigns, with distinguished courage on at the time, but did him no other and ability, was created a peer in 1695, damage) and at the capture of the faby the title of Baron Ashford, of Ash- mous Thip Acapulco, in 1744. ford in the county of Kent, Viscount On the 16th of November, in the Bury, and Earl of Albemarle. same year, he obtained his commission : This noble ancestor of Lord Keppel as á captain of the navy; and, in 1746, was held in the highest esteem by King being commander of the Maidstone William, who bequeathed to him, in man of war, he greatly diftinguished a codicil annexed to his last will, the himself, by taking, finking, and deLordship of Breevoft, and a legacy of stroying, many of the enemies priva. 200,000 guilders; being, indeed, the teers and frigates, some of them of only legacy left by the king from the very considerable force. Prince of Nassau Friesland, his ma- In the year 1751, he was appointed jesty's heir.

commodore of a squadron in the MeThe late Earl of Albemarle, son of diterranean; and, on the ist of May the first earl, and father of Lord Kep- in the same year, failed from Minorca, pel, was named William-Anne, from to accommodate the differences which her majesty Queen Anne, who ho- then fubfifted between the English noured his lordship by ftanding god. merchants and the Dey of Algiers; a mother in person.

bufiness which he compleatly effected,

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