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and governors of Christ's Hospital, attended divine three children are likewise said to have been burnt. service at Christ's Church, where an excellent Two houses fell among the engines, and buried sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Bowyer; several of the firemen under the ruins; but they after which they proceeded to the Great Hall, were luckily all dug out alive, though greatly where two oracions, the one in Latin, the other bruised. One of the men belonging to the New in English, were delivered by the senior scholars, Fire Office is so much hurt, that his life is deaccording to annual custom.

fpaired of. It was near fix o'clock in the morn22. The ringleaders in running the Swift cut- ing before the fire was got under. ter on shore near Rye, convicted last week of The concourse of nobility and gentry at the being found at large, after receiving sentence of Chester Musical Meeting was great and brilliant transportation, were executed at Tyburn. Trusty beyond example. The stewards for the present was a fine stout young fellow, not 20 years old; year were-Lord Penryn, (late R.Pennant, Esq.) Thomas, Matthews, and Millington, were little Honourable Mr. Fitzmaurice, Sir Robert Cota men, all between 23 and 25; Hart seemed near ton, Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, Sir Robert 40, and Hyams not much younger than 60. Stanley, and William Egerton, Esq.

23. Mr. Barolett, a native of Switzerland, The entertainments were conducted on a larger who for several years past has lived with Meffis. scale, and with a much greater liberality of exCotion and Gooch, merchants of Yarmouth, was pence, than usual. They began on Tuesday the sent over to Bruges to transact some business; 16th, with the Oratorio of the Messiah, performwhere he had been but a few days, when he was ed in the cathedral; the vocal parts by Mrs. Kena seized and dragged to prison, charged with being nedy, Miss Harwood, Mr. Meredith, and Mr. a criminal named Durand, who had been cona Harrison. The band was led by Mr. Cramer. victed of having committed a murder on the 22.d On Wednesday Acis and Galatea, with a mis. of September 1782, and sentenced to die, but cellaneous concert, was performed at the Shire had escaped from gaol. What is most remarka- Hall in the morning; and in the evening there ble, the judge who tried Durand swore to Mr. was a masquerade, at which about 500 persons Earolett's being the identical person whom he of the firft rank in the country were present. tried; the gaoler and five other persons corru- On Thursday the oratorio of Jephtha. borated his testimony, and the unfortunate Mr. On Friday the oratorio of Juðas Maccabæus, Barolett was consequently ordered for execution, and in the evening a miscellaneous concert. which would have taken place next day, not- There were several masterly folos both by Crawithstanding all his declarations of innocence, mer, Crofdil, and Parke; and the band and choa had it not been for Lord Torrington, who pro- rus were, on the whole, the best ever seen in a cured a refpite, and furnithed Mr. Barolett with country cathedral. After paying the performers means of sending to England for evidence. The liberally, the charity received an accesfion of bool. very inftant the alarming news arrived, Mr. Cot- 27. Official application has been made to the ton procured several affidavits, all clearly proving king, by Lord Northington, Lord Lieutenant of that Mr. Barolert was at Yarmouth when the Ireland, for the grant of the sum of 50,000l. itermurder was committed at Bruges, and that he ling promised to the Genevan emigrants. A had remained at Yarmouth till the time he was warrant under the Great Seal of Ireland is inclosed sent to Bruges on business. These affidavits, in the dispatches, for appointing a commission, however, were not sufficient to procure the re- (composed of certain great officers of state, and lease of the unfortunate man, for the judge de- of certain nobility and gentry of that kingdom toclared they only went to prove that a Mr. Baro. gether with the Genevan commissioners) to whom lett was at Yarmouth, and by no means satisfied the said grant of 50,000l. is to be made, in trust, him that the person in custody was not the cri- for the use of the Genevans settling in that couna minal named Durand, who had escaped. Lord try, whereof a fum not exceeding one half is to

Corrington then applied for a farther respite; be applied to defray the expences of their jours, and, a few days fince, Mr. Gooch set off for

ney, and the carriage of their effects, and the reBruges, to produce the cash-book kept by Mr. mainder to be expended in the building the town Barvlett for months before and after the murder intended for them on the crown-lands, in the was committed, without a single entry made by county of Waterford, near the confluence of the any other person. There is no doubt that Mr. Rivers Barrow, Suire, and Nore. Gooch will procure his release: but what recom- The Lords of the Admiralty have appointed a pence can be made to the unfortunate man, who veffel to convey the Genevan emigrants from has not only been chained down to the floor, and Oftend to Waterford. in every other respect treated as a criminal, but would certainly have suffered death had not Lord Circus closed for the summer season, when a cha.

This evening the entertainments of the Royal Torrington accidentally heard of the affair! 24. This evening, between 10 and 11 o'clock, racter came forward, and spoke the following ada

dress to the audience a fire broke out at a brazier's, near Gun Dock,

apping, which burnt very fiercely till near one; LADIES AND GENTLEMIN, te tide being down, the firemen could not get ' I Am requested to make the thanks of the maa a v water for upwards of two hours. Near forty pagers of this place to an indulgent and generous h ures were entirely destroyed, and about ten or public, for the encouragement with which we tv lve greatly damaged. The master of a trading- have hitherto been honoured ; and to assure you, veflel, and his wife, just arrived from a voyage, that no exertion shall be neglected to render our both perished in the flames; and a woman and endeavours worthy fo distinguished a patronage,



With great deference and gratitude we humbly ers Hall, Maiden Lane, Wood-Street, where they take our leave till the re-commencement of our

were elegantly entertained by Mr. Sheriff Skinner. entertainments.'

BIRTHS. 29. This being Michaelmas-day, a commonhall was held for the election of a Lord Mayor för

Countess of Harrington, a daughter. the year ensuing. Ar eleven o'clock the Lord

Viscountess Lewisham, a daughter. Mayor and fourteen aldermen, with the deputy-re

Dutchess of Athol, a son. corder, and city officers, met in the council-cham- At Brighthelmstone, the Countess of Rothese ber, Guildhall; from whence they proceeded to St. lady of Dr. Pepys, a son. Laurence's Church, where a sermon was preached

Lady of Sir J. W. Pole, Bart. a daughter. by the Lord Mayor's chaplain. After divine fer- At Stanlake, Berkshire, the lady of Richard. vice, they returned to the council-chamber; and

Aldworth Neville, Efy. member of parliament at half past one went on the huftings, where for Reading, a son. Mr. Harrison opened the business of the day, ob- In Jermyn Street, the lady of Sir James serving that Alderman Peckham was last year,

Cockburn, Bart. a ftill-born child. when the Livery made choice of him, in a bad

MARRIAGES. state of health, and unable to take upon him the

The Honourable Major General Dalrymples office of Lord Mayor; but, being now recovered

brother to the Earl of Stair, to Miss Harland, from his indispolition, he was willing to serve the

eldest surviving daughter of Admiral Sir Robert faid office: all the aldermen below the chair, who Harland, Bart. had served the office of theriff, being put up, the

At Pirbright, in Surrey, Sir Robert Wilriot, Thew of hands appeared for Aldermen Peckham

Bart. of Ormalton, in the county of Derby, to and Clarke, who were returned to the court of al.

the Honourable Mrs. Byron, daughter of the Hodermen for their choice, which fell upon Mr.

nourable Admiral Byron. Peckham, who was accordingly declared duly

Mr. John Harrison, of Cowick, in Yorkshire, elected. Mr. Dornford moved that the representatives The bridemaid was 74, and the bridegroom's

aged 101, to Mrs. Anne Heptonitall, aged 98. of the city of London be instructed to use their ut.

man 83. They were attended to and from most endeavours to procure a repeal of the act

church by a prodigious concourie of people. The palled iaft session, imposing a tax on receipts, it lady to whom he is now married is the fourtha being vexatious, partial, and burdensome to the

within the space of two years and a few months; kingdom in general, and this city in particular. and, what is fill more remarkable, the brideOn which the Lord Mayor assured the livery for

groom expressed his hope, that he should be again himself, and said he could venture to do it on the

called to that huly state, by the following address part of his colleagues, that every effort would be

to the clergyman on this occasion.

Come, exerted to procure the desired repeal. After which

' man! 'tis only 35. 6d. I paid thee laft, therethe resolution passed.

« fore don't advance upon us. I've been a good Mr. Tomlins then moved, that the Livery of

customer; and, if thou uses me well, I may be London, being the cashiers and trustees of the re

a customer to thee again in a little time." venue of the city, the auditors elected last Mid

DEATHS. summer-day be by them authorized to audit the city accounts, and continue auditing the same till At his feat at Ugbrooke Park, Devonshire, Christmas, which was carried unanimously. after a lingering illness, the Right Honourable

A string of other motions had been prepared by Hugh Lord Clifford, baron of Chudleigh. His this gentleman, calculated to regulate and expe- lordship was descended from a younger branch of dite the auditing of the city accounts, which the the Cliffords, Earls of Cumberland, who were Lord Mayor would not suffer to be read, conceiv- created barons of Chudleigh by King Charles II. ing them to involve matter of law, as tending to April 12, 1672. He married a daughter of the infringe upon the accustomed privileges of the cor- Earl of Litchfield, by whom he had three sons poration, and which might militate against the in. and two daughters, all living; Hugh, the preterest of the city of London; his lordship there- fent Lord Clifford, married a daughter of Lord fore diffulved the hall, in opposition to the appa- Langdale, by whom he has no issue. rent wishes of the Livery assembled. In confe- Of convulsions, occasioned by the thunder earquence, it is to be expected that a common-hall ly in the morning of the ist of this month, Miss will be hereafter called at the requisition of the Hallam, of Inington, daughter of the late Rev. Livery, for the express purpose of determining on Mr. Hallam, a diffenting minister. the propriety of Mr. Tomlins's motions to regu- At Dr. Burney's, in St. Martin's Street, late the city accounts.

Leicester Square, where he was on a visit, Mr. The two Lord Mayors went in the state-coach William Bewley, of Maffingham, in Norfolk; to the Manfion House, where an elegant enter- well known for his great abilities, particularly in tainment was provided for all the aldermen. electricity, chemistry, and anatomy. It is re

30. This day the Right Honourable the Lord markable that his death happened upon his birth Mayor, aldermen, recorder, and other city officers, and wedding day. went in the city barge to Westminster, where the In Park Street, Colonel Frederick Thomas, of two new sheriffs

were sworn into their offices before the Foot Guards, who, on the 4th instant, was the Barons of the Exchequer; and after going mortally wounded in a duel with the Honourable through the usual ceremonies, they returned in the Colonel Cosmo Gordon. See p. 237. same manner by water, landed at Black Friars In her 78th year, at the house of Doctor Sa. Bridge, and proceeded in procession to Haberdashe muel Johnson, in Bolt Court, Fleet Street, where



he had lived by the bounty of that benevolent mas, late Duke of Newcastle, who procured for gentleman near twenty years, Mrs. Anna Wil- his nephew the place of keeper of the records in liams, who had been long blind. She was the the Tower, together with the reversion (upon the author of several literary productions; and pub- death of the Honourable Richard Arundel, fon lished, in 1745, the Life of Julian, from the French of John the second Lord Arundel of Trerife) of of M. de la Bleterie; and, in 1766, a 4to volume that of clerk of the Pipe, both for life. In No. of Miscellanies, prose and verse, in which she was vember 1766, he was appointed treasurer of his kindly affifted by Doctor Johnson, who wrote fe- Majesty's houshold, in the room of the present veral pieces contained in that volume. Mrs.

Lord Mount Edgecumbe; and, about the same Williams was the daughter of Zachariah Wil- time, was sworn of the privy-council, but reliams, who, in 1755, published a pamphlet, printed signed that office in May 1777, and was fucin English and Italian, entitled, ' An Account ceeded by the Earl of Carlisle. He married, first, of an Attempt to ascertain the Longitude at Sea, the daughter of the late - Newnham, Efq. by an exact Theory of the Variation of the Mag- of Maresfield, in Sussex, by whom he has left ilnetical Needle: with a Table of Variations at the

sue one fun, a minor, now Sir John Shelley, Bart. most memorable Cities in Europe, from the year and, secondly, the daughter of Edward Wood1660 to 1860.' The English part of this perform- cock, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, by whom he has ance was written by Doctor Johnson, and the Ita- three daughters. lian by Mr. Baretti.

In Church Street, Spitalfields, aged 102, Mr. At Windsor, aged 84, Mrs. Vigor, who was Christopher Munn, filk-throwster. first married to Thomas Ward, Esq. consul- William Berners, Esq. of Woolverstone Park, general of Russia in 1731, and afterwards to Suffolk, aged 75. This gentleman, who was a Claudius Rondeau, Esq. relident at that court; descendant of Oliver Cromwell, was proprietor of where she wrote those truly original Rufian Let- Berner's Street, Oxford Road. ters published by Dodsley, anonymously, in 1775. In Charlotte Street, Rathbone Place, aged 43, Her third husband was William Vigor, Esq. one Tempie West, Esq. His death was occafioned of the people called Quakers, whom the long by a wound which he received, when a youth of survived.

sixteen, on board the Buckingham, in that me. At Limpsfield, Surrey, Mrs. Eugenia Stan- morable engagement, May 20, 1756, where his hope, relict of Philip Stanhope, Esq. natural son father, Admiral Weft, then a lord of the admiralty, to the late Earl of Chesterfield; who published and second in command under Admiral Byng, enhis lordship's celebrated Letters to her deceased - gaged the French line with only fix hips. This husband.

wound had, at different times, broke out, and In Church Street, Spitalfields, in his bift caused some uneasiness, but very little danger was year, James Penleaze, Esq. in the commission of apprehended till this last attack, which continuthe peace for the county of Middlesex.

ing twelve months, totally exhausted his strength, At Burleigh, in Somersetshire, the Right Ho. and put a period to his cxistence. nourable James Grenville, brother to the late, In Grafton Street, Lovell Stanhope, Esq. memand uncle to the present Earl Temple. He was. ber. of parliament for Winchester, uncle to the born February 12, 1715; was appointed one of Earl of Chesterfield. the lords-commissioners of trade, and deputy At Acton, George Hawkins, Esq. surgeon of paymaster of the forces, which he refigned in his Majesty's Houthold, and one of the surgeons 1757; and being reinstated, continued till ap- of St. George's Hofpital. He was son of the late pointed cofferer of the houshold in 1761, which Cæfar Hawkins, Esq. he resigned the same year, but continued receiver Mr. Holt, late secretary to the Eaft India Comof the crown-rents for the counties of Warwick pany. His lady died a fortnight before him. and Leicester. He was elected for Old Sarum In College Street, Westminster, aged 96, Lieuin 1741, for Bridport in 1747, and for Buck. tenant James Braidley: ingham in 1754 and 1761. He married Mary, In the worst year of her age, Mrs. Cotes, of daughter of James Smith, Esq. of Harding, in Woolfthorpe, near Belvoir Castle, Lincolnshire. Hertfordshire, who died in 1757, by whom he Thomas Lloyd, Esq. of Abertrinant, in Carhad issue James, member for Thirsk in 1766, and diganshire, brother-in-law to the Right Honournow for Buckingham, with his brother Richard, able the Earl of Lisbourne and the Honourable of the Coldstream regiment of Guards.

General Vaughan. At Sledmere, in Yorkshire, in his 730 year, the Rev. Sir Mark Sykes, Bart. D. D. and

CIVIL PROMOTIONS. proctor in convocation for the East Riding of Edmund Lincoln, Esq. to be captain-general Yorkshire. He is succeeded in title and estate by and governor in chief in and over the Illand of Sta his only son, now Sir Christopher Sykes, Bart. Vincent, Bequia, and such other of the illands,

At Michel Grove, near Arundel, Sussex, the commonly called the Grenadines, as lie to the Right Honourable Sir John Shelley, Bart. mem- northward of Cariacou, in America.. ber in the last parliament for New Shoreham. John Orde, Esq. to be captain-general and goHe was the fifth baronet in lineal descent from vernor in chief in and over the INand of Dominica, Şir John Shelley of Michel Grove, Bart. so and it's dependencies, in America. created at the first erection of that dignity, May Anthony Storer, Esq. to be his Majesty's fecre72, 1611, and only son of the late Sir John tary of embaffy to the Most Christian King. Shelley, by his second lady, Margaret, fifth daugh: James Murray, Efq. to be receiver of his Maa ter of Thomas Lord Pelham, and filter to Tho- jesty's land-rents in Scotland.


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George Abercromby, Esq. advocate, to be the. Captains Oliver Lambert, of 3d foot; William riff-depute of the shire or sheriffdom of Elgin and Cairnes, of 39th foot; Honourable Major Charles Nairn, in the room of Alexander Gordon, Esq. Cathcart, of 98th regiment, (Lieutenant Colonel deceased.

in the Eait Indies) quarter master general to the William Little, Esq. to be commissary clerk of forces in India'; Captain John Grattan, of tooth the commissariot of Peebles, in the room of Wal. Tegiment, adjutant-general to the forces in India, ter Ladlaw, Esq. deceased,

and Major in the East Indies only-To be Majors

in the army by brevet. Dated March 19, 1783. MILITARY PROMOTIONS.

War-Office, August 26, 1783.
War-Office, August 9, 1783.

13th Regiment of Foot. Major Coppinger 18th Regiment of Foot. Captain Lieute

Moyle, to be Lieutenant Colonel. Captain Wila

liam Thompson, of the 68th regiment to be Dant J. B. Riddle, from the half-pay of the late 19th dragoons, to be captain of a company, vice

Major. Thomas Gorges.

46ch Regiment of Foot. William Rankin,

of the 6th root, to be captain of a company. Ditto. ' Major Jeffery Amherst, from the 2d battalion of the both regiment, to be Major, vice,

6oth Regiment of Foot, zd battalion. Cape

tain William Gooday Strutt, of the 97th regi. Anthony Botet.

33d Regiment of Foot. Lieutenant Arthur: ment, to be Major. Beaver, to be captain of a company, vice Thomas

820 Regiment of Foot. Henry Lambert, of

the 7th dragoons, to be captain of a company. Greening. boch Regiment of Foot, 2d battalion. Major

Majors Alexander Robertson, of 8zd regiment;

Richard Downes, of ist dragoon guards; Robert Anthony Botet, from the roth foot, to be Major,

Douglas, of 47th regiment; James Wemyss, of vice Jeffery Amherst. Ditto. Colin M-Kenzie, Gent. to be adjutant,

63d regiment; James Mackenzie, of 73d regipice R. Coghlan.

ment, ist battalion; Hamilton Maxwell, of 734 56th Regiment of Foot. Major the Honou- regiment, 2d battalion; William Dancey, of 334 rable Vere Poulett, of the 99th regiment, to be

regiment; Simon Fraser, of 7 ist regiment; James Major, vice B. Fancourt.

Stewart, of 68th regiment; Honourable S. D. 99th Regiment of Foot. Captain R. H. Buc

Strangeways, of 20th foot; James Flint, of 25th keridge, of the 82d regiment, to be Major, vice regiment-to be Lieutenant Colonels in the army. the Honourable Vere Poulett.

Commissions figned by bis Majesty for the Army 82d Regiment of Foot. Major Thomas Gola

in Ireland, dated ibe 11tb of August 1783. die, of 8th dragoons, to be Lieutenant Colonel,

32d Regiment of Foot. Edward Williams, vice Enoch Mackham.

to be captain of a company. Edward Brookes, War-Office, August 11, 1783.

to be captain-lieutenant. Commifrons figned by bis Majefy for the Army is War-Office, September 9, 1783. Ireland.

7th Regiment of Dragooons. Captain Harry 8th Regiment of Dragoons. Charles New- Lambert, of the 82d foot, to be captain of a man, to be captain.

troop. 14th Regiment of Dragoons. Major William

zift Regiment of Foot. George St. John, Richardson, of 104th foot,, to be Majot.

of the 33d foot, to be captain of a company. 5th Regiment ot Foot. Edward Charlton, to

82d Regiment of Foot. Captain Sir Nacha. be captain.

niel Dukinfield, Bart. of the 7th dragoons, to be 66th Regiment of Foot. John Hatton, to be captain of a company. captain.

War-Office, September 13, 1783.
War-Office, August 16, 1783.

15th Regiment of Foot. Brent Spencer, of 99th Regiment of Foot: Major John Camp- the 99th regiment, to be captain-lieutenant. bell, from half-pay in the 96th regiment, to be

.71t Regiment of Foot. John Rose, clerk, Major.

to be chaplain. gth Regiment of Foot: Major John Camp- 97th Regiment of Foot. Major Honourable bell, from the 99th regiment, to be Lieutenant Henry Fitzroy Stanhope, late of the 86th regio Colonel.

ment, to be Major.

199th Regiment of Foot. Henry Harding, of War-Office, August 23, 1783.

the 15th foot, to be captain of a company. ift Regimentof Dragoon Guards. John Hen. War-Office, September 16, 1783. my Pakenham, to be captain of a troop

Ift Regiment of Foot Guards. Lieutenant 13th Regiment of Foot. Robert Cranford, Colonel John Jones, to be captain of a company. to be captain of a company. :

Major the Honourable Henry Fitzroy Stanhope, • 29th Regiment of Foot. Lieutenant Gene.

the 97th regiment, to be ain-lieutenant ral William Tryon, to be Colonel. - 70th Regiment of Foot. Colonel John Eari Commissons Agned by bis Majefy for tbe Army in

Ireland. of Suffolk, of the 97th regiment, to be Colonel.

79th Regiment of Foot. Timothy Rufell, 2d Regiment of Horse. Honourable Major to be captain-lieutenant.

Henry Skeffington, to be Lieutenant Colonel; 99th Regiment of Foot. Brent Spencer, of Captain John Dillon, of the sth dragoons, to be the 15th foot, to be captain of a company, Major.

sth Regiment Sth Regiment of Dragoons. James Watkins

BANKRUPTS. Wilbraham, Esq. to be captain. Hans Hamilton, of the ad horte, to be captain.

William Kimber, of Portsmouth, Hampshire, 8th Regiment of Dragoons.

Captain Sir coal-merchant. James Erskine, Bart. of the 14th dragoons, to be

David Cobb, of Kingston upon Hull, corn-fac

tor. Major. irth Regiment of Dragoons. Robert Ho.

John Coles, formerly of Basinghall Street, Lon. bart, Efq. of the 5th dragoons, to be Major.

don, since of New York, in North America, but 67th Regiment of Foot. Captain John

now of Hadley, in Middlesex, merchant. Brown, of the 13th dragoons, to be Major.

James Boydell, of Charterhouse Square, mere

chant and insurer. 1o5th Regiment of Foot. Archibald Dou. glas, of the 77th foot, to be captain.

Thomas Hart, late of Bishops Waltham,

Hampshire, linen and woollen-draper.
War.Office, September 27, 17830

Nicholas Hane,and Gerard Berck, of Crutched 42d Regiment of Foot, ift battalion. Cap- Friars, London, merchants. tain-lieutenant Robert Potts, to be captain of a William Hopps, of Darlington, in the county company. Lieutenant Robert Franklin, to be of Durham, linen-draper. captain- lieutenant.

Benjamin Cottrell, late of Deptford, Kent, ma.

riner. GRENADA.

Daniel Roberts, of Fenchurch Street, London, Nicholas M'Loughlin, Esq. to be commiffary. merchant. general of stores and provisions.

Thomas Cheslyn, of Coventry, mercer and dra. Fort Adjutant John Charlton, from half-pay, per. to be fort-adjutant and barrack-master.

William John Banner, of Birmingham, butChaplain John Mackenzie, from half-pay, to

ton-maker. le chaplain.

John Postlethwaite, of Liverpool, merchant, Kenneth Francis M’Kenzie,Gent. to be deputy surviving partner of John Benson, late Liverjudge-advocate.

pool aforesaid, merchant, deceased. ST. VINCENT.

James Davies, of the Minories, London, wool. Commiffary William Walker, from half-pay, len-draper. to be deputy-commissary of stores and provisions. Samuel Partridge the younger, and Samuel

Fort Adjutant Archibald Montague Brown, Punfield, of Birmingham, merchants. from, to be fort-adjutant and barrack. Thomas Webster, late of Wavertree, Lanca. mafter.

ster, wheelwright. Chaplain Michael Smith, from half-pay, to be William Miller, late of Warrington, now of chaplain.

Manchester, Lancaster, linen.draper.

William Dandifun, of Spilíby, Lincolnshire, Deputy Commiffary Archibald Calder, from balf-pay, to be deputy-commiffary of stores and James Fowler, of Wapping, Middlesex, branprovifions.

dy-merchant. Ensign Cumberland Campbell, of the g9th re- John Sutton, and Thomas Rylands, now or giment, to be fort-adjutant and barrack-master. late of Liverpool, shipwrights.

Chaplain George Watts, from half-pay, to be Mary Murgetroyd, Mary Farrar, Margaret chaplain.

Farrar, and Sarah Farrar, all of Hallifax, York.


William Wallingham, of Birmingham, liquorThe Rev. Henry Reg. Courtenay, D.D. to be merchant. a prebendary of Rochester, in the room of Dr. Benjamin Oldknow, of Derby, hofier. Pinnell, deceased.

Edward Wheeler, of Pencoyd, Herefordshire, The Rev. Dr. Lackman, canon of Windfor, miller. to be clerk of the closer to the Prince of Wales. Annesli Shee, late of Frith Street, Soho, Mid

The Rev. William Smith, M. A. to hold the dlesex, wine-merchant. re&tory of Weft Worthington, together with that Thomas Venture, of London, merchant. of Biddeford, both in the county of Devon, William Fenton, now or late of Hadleigh, Suf.

The Rev. James Simpson, to the rectory of folk, tanner. Binbrook St. Mary, in Lincolnshire.

William Wilby, of Northampton, dealer and The Rev. V. L. Bernard, to the rectory of chapman. Frienton, in Efex.

William Brookbank, of Cooper's Court, Corne The Rev. Thomas Randolph, M. A. chaplain hill, watchmaker. to the Bishop of St. David's, to hold the rectory of Edward Jones, of Chester, linen-draper. Saltwood, with the chapel of Hyth, together with Thomas Rutherford, of Scotch Yard, near Bush the vicarage of Waltham, and the vicarage of Lane, London, factor. Pettham annexed, all in the county of Kent, and James Foot, of Queen-Street, Cheapfide, maHocess of Canterbury.



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