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coast. In the course of this attack, the Algerines at Nonais en Vivarez, of a philosophical cura let off 97 hells, and 1318 bullets, which greatly of mind, conceived it pollible to form a ballon, damaged some of our Thallops. The weather did or air-glybe, which mould rise without the aid noc permit us to attempt any thing on the sth. of wings, foar beyond the reach of fight, and But the next day, as the general was preparing lose ittelt above the clouds : Monf. De St. Fond, and advancing to attack the enemy, he obierved a member of one of the learned academies, hapo the Algerines making towards us with red-hot pened to hit upon the same idea ; but, whether builets, the heat of which was exhausted before in consequence of a previous communication with they could reach us. Ac half pait fix, our fire Monlieur Montgolfier, or not, is yet undetermigrew brisker; we threw up 447 thells anu 699 can- ned. However, a globe or machine of taffety, non-balls, which occasioned new fires within the twelve feet in diameter, was made by the latter,

The enemy plied us with 1842 cannon- and plaistered ali over with an elastic gum; the balls and 68. shells. In the afternoon we re- whole weighing 25 pounds. Public notice had sumed our destructive work; and, by means of 506 previously been given by government of this busibullets, and 446 shells thrown into the town, the ness, to prevent the terrors which such an apfire broke out in three different places. On the pearance might otherwise have excited among other hand, the Algerines returned our fire by the people, and two cannons were fired as a signat 1366 balls and shells, by which fix of our bomb- for the machine to be launched off, when the inketches and three gun-boats were damaged; the ventor cutting a cord that held it, it immedilong-boat belonging to the Maltese trigate, St. ately mounted into the air, and turning occaIsabella, was sunk, one man killed, and one fionally round it's own axis, it was in about a wounded. On the 7th, early, we returned to the minute carried complcatly out of sight. A label, attack; and, during the two hours and a half it containing the year, month, and day, when it laited, sent into the town 430 sheils and 526 can- was sent into the air, with a promise of 50 ecus, non-balls, which greatly damaged their batte- or 150 livres, to the person who should find it, was ries, and occafioned the blowing up of a powder- fixed to the globe, which fell three quarters of magazine. We received, in return, 1348 can- an hour after, at Goneffe, four leagues from non-balls, and 38 shells, by which the frigate

Carmel was confiderably damaged, and the ma-

It may appear surprizing that this machina
fter dangerously wounded. At tour in the after- should continue to mount, in spite of the attrac-
noon, the attack was renewed, and two new fires tion which draws bodies to the earth; but, extra-
broke out in the town, occasioned by 426 balls ordinary as it may appear, it is perfectly natural.
and 444 shells from us. The enemy tiring 1493 The globe being hollow, was filled with inflam-
balls, and 23 thells, over our gun-boat, No. d. mable air, or æther; and as it is the nature of
was sunk, by which accident Sub-Lieutenant Den Aame to ascend, the machine, by means of the
J. Villavicencio, and 19 men, were drowned; fiery particles it contained, continued to ascend,
The commanding officer, Don Irisari, and 19 or at least foat, and refift the attraction of the
more of the crew, were to fortunate as to escape earth, tiil the internalæther evaporated, and then,
with their lives. On the 8th, our general de- in obedience to the laws of gravitation, it ne-
tached a number of gun-boats and bomb-ketches, eefiarily fell. The whole affair is in general lua
supported by the frigates Santa Rota, Carmel, dicrously tieated.
and two Maltese, with the xebecs Murcien and

Elfinerir, Sept. 5. An Engliih ship has just St. Anthony, by the good conduct of whose ofñ- pasied the Sound, having on board 16 officers vers and crews, the boats and gallies which the and 20 lurgeons of that nation, engaged in the enemy had sent out early in the morning, were Ruffian service. driven back; after which our general gave the The officers of the customs at Riga having fignal for a fresh attack, during which we fired demanded of fix French ships arrived there the 83 cannon-balls, and 220 shells: from these one duty for the timber they had on board, the of the Algerine gallies received contiderable da- French consul refused to pay it, alledging they mage. The fire returned by the enemy consisted were ships of war, and in consequence exempted of 18 shells, and 453 balls. At twelve o'clock from ali duties. at noon, a large ihallop of the Algerines blew up, Paris, Sipt. 7. An account of our naval occafioned by our well-directed fire of 440 balls lofies is handing about; whereby it appears, that and 443 thells.

during the courte of the war 27 ships of the line Matters being thus fituated, the commander and 43 frigates and flccps were either taken by in chief came to a resolution, confirmed therein the enemy, destroyed, or luft; an amount that by the unanimous voice of the pilots and otñcers, nearly equals that of the preceding war, when to retire; and, on the gth, at mid-day, was un- England (except for the year that Spain engader fail with the whole squadron, except the ged in the quarrel) had no other power to conSanta Pascale, the frigate Santa Roia, and tend with. the xebec Santa Sebastiano,, which ere left to Ibumburgh, Scpt. 12. We learn from Copene cruize in the Bay.

hagen, that in the parish of Skaperfeld, not far Paris, Aug. 28. All Paris was yesterday from Mount Hecla, the volcanoes are opened, evening drawn to the Champ de Mars, or Cami- which fend forth imoke and fiames, and whose pus Martius, which lies in front of the military lavas have overflowed an extent of fifteen miles academy, founded by the late king for the eda- in length, and seven in breadth, and destroyed cation of the young nobletle in military tactics. three churches. Since this event the atmosphere Monsieur Montgolier, a paper-manufaciurer has been covered with fc thick a vapour, that


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. [SEPT. the sun is not discernible, and the lands have Hague, Sipt.21. Baron Thulemeyer, envoytufíered greatly. she new illand near Raickenas extraordinary from the King of Pruslia, has preis tirinly fixed; but Imoke and fire continually fented a memorial to their High Mightinesses, issue from it.

expressing, as it is said,' that his Majesty, feeing Paris, Sept. 18. Sixteen brokers, suspected of the war at an end, is no longer willing that his havi. g circulated several false bills of exchange, 8

subjects residing in this country should pay the were arrested on Monday latt, and committed to double (laft en veilged) duty of import and exthe Great Caitle.

port for their ships and cargoes.'

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St. James's, Sept. 12. Yesterday evening DaHIS Gazette does not contain any intei- vid Hartley, Esq. arrived with the Definitive ligence.

Treaty between his Majesty and the United States SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6.

of America, which was signed at Paris the 3d

instant, by him, as his Majesty's plenipotentiary, At the Court at St. James's, the 5th of Sep

and by the plenipotentiaries of the United States. tember 1783,

Petersourgh, Aug. 12. On Saturday last, at PRESENT,

nine o'clock in the evening, her Imperial HighThe King's most excellent Majesty in Council. nets the Great Dutchefs was lafely delivered of

a Princets at Czarsko-Zelo. His Majeity in council was this day pleated to

This joyful event order, that the parliament, which fands pro

was immediately announced to the public by a rogued to Tuesday the ninth day of this initant discharge of two hundred and one pieces of canSeptember, should be farther prorgued to Thuri

The new-born princess is named Alexan

drina Pawleona. day the 16th day of October following.

Constantinople, Aug. 8. The unseasonable At the Court at St. James's, the 5th of Sep- weather still continues here with little variation, tember 1783.

but the mortality occasioned by the contagion PRESENT,

feems to increase, more people having been car

ried off during the last three days, than in so The King's most excellent Majesty in Council.

Thort an intcrval at the time of the memorable It is this day ordered by his Majesty in coun- plague in 1778. cil, that the embargo at present subfifing upon [This Gazette likewise coniains the address tips and vessels lader, or to be laden in the ports of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common of Great Britain and Ireland will provisions, be Council of the city of London, on the safe delitaken off; and that the several regulations con- very of the Queen, and birth of another Printained in his Majesty's order of the 18th of August cers, with his Majesty's ansiver.] 1780, fhall ceale ard determine: and the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of his Ma- TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16. jesty's Treasury, the Lords Commissioners of the

Whitehall, Sept. 16. Advices have been reAdmiralty, and the Lord Lieutenant of his Ma- ceived over land from Fort William, Bengal, jeity's kingdom of Ireland, are to give such di- dated the roth of March last, which confirm rections for taking off the laid embargo, as to the accounts of the treaty with the Mahraita them may respectively appertain.

State being concluded on the 17th of May 1782, W. FAIKENER. and ratified at Fort William on the 6th of June

following; that it was compleatly ratified by the TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9.

Peshwa and ministers at Poona, on the 20th of St. James's, Sept.9. On Saturday night last December; and that the original counterparts Captain Warner arrived with the Preliminary

of the treaty were finally interchanged, with Articles between his Majesty and the States Ge

every public formality, between Mr. Anderson peral, signed at Pa:is on the 2d of this month; and Madajee Sindia, on the 24th of February as also the Definitive Treaties of Peace between last. his Majesty and the most Christian and Catholic kings, figned at Versailles on the 3d, by his

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20. Grace the Duke of Manchester, his Majesty's am- St. James's, Sept. 18. This evening the cea baffador-extraordinary and plenipotentiary, and remony of the christening of the young princess by the relpective plenipotentiaries of their most was performed in the Great Council Chamber by Christian and Catholic Majesties, and the States his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury. Her General.

Royal Highness was named Amelia. The Definitive Treaty with the United States The fpontors were, his Royal Highness the of America was also signed at Paris on the 3d, Prince of Wales, and their Royal Highnesses the by David Hartley, Esq. his Majesty's plenipo- Princess Royal and Princess Augusta. tentiary, and by the plenipotentiaries of the St. Ildefonso, Sept. 5. The Princess Afturias United States



i and Mr. Hartley is hourly ex- was this morning happily delivered of two prin. pected to arrive with it.

ces, the eldest of whom was christened by the


name of Charles, and the youngest by the name of faid treaty of peace and friendship be obferved inPhilip. Her Royal Highness is in a fair way of violably, as well by sea as land, and in all places recovery.

whatłoever; strictly charging and commanding all

our loving subjects to take notice hereof, and conTUESDAY, sePTEMBER 23.

form themselves thereunto accordingly. Given St. James's, Sept. 23. Last night one of the

at our court at St. James's, the twenty tixth day king's messengers, dispatched by his Grace the

of September one thousand seven hundred and Duke of Manchester, arrived with the Most Chris

eighty-three, in the twenty-third year of our tian and Catholic Kings ratifications of the Defi

reign. nitive Treaties of Peace, signed the third of this

GOD save the KING. month, which were exchanged with his Grace,

Copenhagen, Sept. 9. · Accounts are received against those of his Majesty, on the 19th instant, ac

from Iceland, of a violent eruption having taken Versailles, by the ambassador and plenipotentiary place in that island, upon the 8th of June. Seof their Moft Christian and Catholic Majesties.

veral villages have been destroyed, and a confide. On this occasion the Tower and Park guns were

rable tract of country is buried under immense fired this day at one o'clock.

depths of lava: the new island also continues to The ratifications of the Preliminary Articles by emit great quantities of fire, and was still increasing the States General were not arrived at Paris when

when the last ships came from thence. the messenger set out, but were daily expected.

Letters from Iceland, of the 24th of July, conSt. James's, Sept. 23. Yesterday being the an- tain the most dismal detail of the devastations ocRiverfary of their Majesties coronation, the Park

cafioned by the course of the lava, and affirm that and Tower guns were fired at one o'clock; and in

the eruptions continued even at that date. the evening there were illuminations and other

[This Gazette likewise contains a proclamapublic demonstrations of joy.

tion by the king for the farther prorogation of the SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27.

parliament, from Thursday the 16th day of Octo

ber, to Tuesday the 11th day of November next.] BY THE KING,


Dublin Castle, Sept. 23, 1783. Yesterday be-

ing the anniversary of their Majesties coronation, WHEREAS a Definitive Treaty of Peace and in the morning the flag was hoisted on Bedford Friendship between us, the Most Christian King, Tower: at noon the great guns in his Majesty'spark and the King of Spain, hath been concluded at the Phænix were fired three rounds, and answered Versailles on the third day of this instant Sep by vollies from the regiments in garrison, which tember, and the ratifications thereof have been ex- were drawn out in the Royal Square at the barchanged upon the nineteenth instant: in confor

racks: in the evening a play was given by his Exmity thereunto, we have thought fit hereby to cellency the Lord Lieutenant for the entertainment command, that the same be published throughout of the ladies, and the night concluded with bonall our dominions. And we do declare to all our

fires, illuminations, and other demonstrations of loving subjects, our will and pleasure, that the joy.




in his way at Newgate, agreeably to ancient cura SEPTEMBER 1.

tom, and partaking of a cool tankard with the VIVE of the convicts who escaped from the keeper.

Swift transport, on the coast of Sussex, be- 4. The Honourable Colonel Gordun, of the ing afsembled at a house in Onslow Street, Saffron Third, and Lieutenant Colonel Thomas, of the Hill, three constables were sent to apprehend Fift Regiment of Guards, met, at fix this mornthem; when a scuffle ensuing, two of the villains ing, at the Ring in Hyde Park. It was agreed san up stairs, and escaped from a back window: upon by their seconds, that after receiving their the other three armed themselves, one with a po- pistols, they should advance and fire when they ker, another with a fhovel, and the third with a pleased. On arriving within about eight yards of clasp-knife; crying aloud, as with one voice, Cut each other, they presented, and drew their triggers 6 away! we shall be hanged if taken, and we will nearly at the fame time, when only

Colonel Gore • die on the spot rather than submit. The conteft don's pistol went off. Lieutenant Colonel Thobecoming bloody, one of the constables had his mas having adjusted his pistol, fired at Colonel forehead laid open, and received three deep wounds Gordon, who received a severe contusion on his from his right-eye downwards; another of them thigh. Their second pistols were fired without was terribly wounded by a large poker a little above effect, and their friends called to re-load them; one of his temples, but closed with his antagonist, after which they again advanced to nearly the same and threw him down; the third constable, by strik- distance and fired, when Lieutenant Colonel Thom ing the villain he encountered, on his right-hand mas fell, having received a ball in his body. Cowith a cutlass, disarmed him: upon which they all lonel Thomas received immediate assistance from submitted. They were carried before W. Black- a surgeon who attended Colonel Gordon, and who borow, Esq. who committed them to Newgate. extracted the ball on the field, but the wound

3. The Lord Mayor went in state to Smith: proved mortal. field, and proclaimed Bartholomew Fair; calling 6. The Coroner of Westminster, and a most VOL. III,



2 H


respectable jury, sat on the body of Lieutenant (P.S. I commit this into the hands of my Colonel Thomas; when, after hearing witnesses, friend, Captain Hill, of the First Regiment of and examining into the case from ten in the Guards.' morning till five in the afternoon, they brought in their verdict--Wilful murder committed by in his gardens of Ayott, St. Lawrence,

8. Sir Lyonel Lyde gave a public harvest-home

The • Colonel Gordon.' The principal evidence was the servant of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas, fa

company allembled at eight o'clock, which con

Gifted of the French ambassador, Earl and Counvourite and confidant of his late master, who gave

tess of Salisbury, Countess of Clarendon, Lord a regular and connected account of the quarrel Hyde, Lady Ann Cecil, Lady Charlotte Villars, from the action at Springfield to the fatal period. Lord and Lady Melbourne, Lord and Lady GrimHe said, that Colonel Gordon had sent a chal, ton, Honourable Mr. Stuart, Honourable

. Mr. lenge to his master foon after the court-martial Lamb, Honourable Mr. York, Honourable.Mr. was held upon him, and before the confirmation Nugent, Sir Ralph Milbank, Sir Charles, Lady, of it was received from the king-That his ma

and Miss Cocks, Sir Thomas and Lady Rumbold, fter refused the said challenge, as Colonel Gordon

Captain and Miss Rumbold, and all the neighdid not stand in a proper situation to be anfwered

bouring gentry. The company were faluted by That the colonel followed his master to Eng

the militia-band of music as they landed at the land, and had not ceared from that moment to

door. In the entrance of a very venerable grove demand satisfaction for the words which the de.

fronting the house, a spacious covered building ceased had uttered in speaking of his conduct at

was erected for dancing. The whole grove was Springfield That his master always declared him not entitled to satisfaction, and went out of beautifully illuminated, and the building was or

namented with festoons of natural flowers, at protown for nine months to avoid him-That he

per distances from the four angles of the buildgave the witness peremptory orders not to receive

ing. Tents were erected, two of which were any letter from Colonel Gordon, and that he, in

served with tea and other refreshments; one was consequence, had refused several letters which he

appointed for the militia- band of music, and the suspected to come from the colonel That at length a letter was contrived to be delivered,

other for a set of country people to sing catches, which was a direct and most peremptory challenge; the dances. The voices were uncommonly me

glees, and rural songs, in the intervals between in consequence of which they met, and fought,

lodious, and the songs were selected with great A warrant was granted to apprehend the colonel, but he had withdrawn on the death of his anta.

propriety. In the inner part of the grove, anogonilt. Sir Edmund Thomas, brother to the de.

ther large rural building was erected for the vil.

lage-feast; a lamb roaited whole, making the ceno ceased, entered into a recognizance to prosecute.

tre dish; the old tower, the several buildings in The following is a copy of the will made by

the garden, and the portico of the new church, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas, on the evening

were very beautifully lighted up with lamps of previous to his fatal interview with Colonel different colours. The fete opened with a musical Gordon.

act, which was performed by a groupe of country London, Sept. 3, 1783.

people singing harvest-home, and other rural songs "I am now called upon, and, by the rules of suitable to the occasion. The company then bewhat is called honour, forced into a personal in

gan to dance, and at twelve o'clock retired to an terview with Colonel Cosmo Gordon-God only

elegant supper. The house was illuminated with can know the event, and into his hands I com. party-coloured lamps hanging in feftoons. The mit my soul, conscious only of having done my

dessert represented a beautiful landscape of farms, duty.

houses, &c. of prowing, sowing, and all the counI therefore declare this to be my last will and

try employments. The ladies dreffes were exteftament, and do hereby revoke all former wills, tremely elegant, and adapted to the occafion with &c. I have made at any time.

great taste; their headsbeing decorated with wheat. " In the first place, I commit my foul to Al,

ears and other ornaments, in honour of Ceres. mighty God, in hopes of his mercy and pardon After supper, the company danced in the drawfor the irreligious itep I now (in compliance with

ing-room, and broke up at four o'clock, perfectly the unwarrantable customs of this wicked, world)

pleased with their entertainments. put myself under the neceflity of taking.

10. There was this evening a remarkable to' I leave 15ol. in Bank notes, inclofed, to my tal eclipse of the moon, visible, not only to Eudear brother, John Thomas, Efq. I alfo bequeath rope and Africa, but also to great part of Asia and unto him whatever fums may be due to me from

America. The following is it's calculation." the agent of the ist Regiment of Guards, reserve

M. ing a sufficient sum to pay my debts, which are

Beginning of the eclipse

9 38 inconfiderable; and I alto give and bequeath unto

Beginning of total darknefs 10' 38 him all my books and houshold furniture, and


II 29 every thing of which I am now pofleffed. I give

Ecliptical opposition

II 36 and bequeath to Thomas Hobber, my servant, 501.

End of total darkness which I request my brother will pay him. What

End of the eclipfe

I 19 debts may be now owing, I request my brother

Duration of total darkness will immediately discharge.

Total duration

3 41 *FRED. THOMAS, During the eclipse a body of light, equal and fimi. Wednesday night, Sept. 3,1783.'

lar to what is called Saturn's Ring, was feen


'12 22

I 4%


round 2 H 2

round the moon, at first only with glasses, but af- the feet his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, terwards with the naked eye; a phænomenon the Princess Royal, and Princess Augusta; and equally curious and uncommon.

on each side the whole of the royal children, ar15. A Court of Directors was summoned to ranged according to their age. The great miniexamine the contents of the dispatches which ar- fters of state, the King's and Queen's attendants, rived on Monday morning at the East India House, foreign ministers, peers and peeresses, formed the in Leadenhall Street, from Bombay; the leading outer circle. The service on this occafion was circumstance of which appears to be-that a read by Dr. Moore, the archbishop of Canter. compleat victory had been obtained by the British bury. The Prince of Wales, Princess Royal, troops over the confederated army of the French and Princess Augufta, were the sponsors to the and India forces, which had been followed by the young princess, who was named AMELIA, in capture of several forts, and terminated at lart in compliment to the Princess Amelia, the king's the capitulation of Mungolore, the capital of Tip- aunt; who, we understand, was one of the fponpo Saib, on the Malogartoos, on the 6th of March, fors, represented by the Princess Royal. After in which he himself was present during the greatest the ceremony her Majesty received the congratu• part of the fiege, but contrived, with several French lations of the nobility, &c. and his Majesty, after officers of rank, to make his escape a few days conversing some little time, withdrew. As soon previous to the surrender of the garrison. A great as the king had retired, the greater part of the quantity of artillery has fallen into the hands of company paid a visit to the royal nursery, where the British general, and the defeat is deemed of so they were entertained with cake and caudle, as is decisive a nature, as to remove all apprehensions usual on these occalions. of any material disturbance in future from the fac, The King was dressed in a light blue; the Queen tion under Tippo Saib. The success on this oc- in white, with an elegant head-dress; the Princess casion is afcribed principally to the prudence of Royal and Princess Sophia in white filk, adorn. the British general, in advancing to the enemy ed with fancy-trimmings. and giving them battle at the very period when 20. The feffions, which began on the 10th in. the death of Hyder Ally was publicly known, and ftant, ended this day. the spirit of defection in consequence of it unio The convicts who received sentence of death versally diffused.

this sessions, under the denomination of prisoners 16. Mr. Silvester attended at the Old Bailey, in the ordinary course of the session, were as on behalf of the crown, for the Attorney Gene- follow. ral, and moved the court, that William Marston William Sharman, Margaret Ann Smith, alias Rothwell, convicted of counterfeiting halfpence, Gibbs, William Glanvill, John Barber, Robert might be brought to the bar, in order to receive Steward, Thomas Sutton, John Fuller, John judgment of DEATH, pursuant to the statute of Booker, alias Brooker, Ann Farmer, Elizabeth 4 Henry VII. which excludes all laymen from Jones, Peter Williams, ThomasTanner, for highreceiving the benefit of clergy, having been twice

way robberies. convicted of felony. He remarked, that courts John Burton, Thomas Duxton, John Anderof justice always were, and ever would be, inclined son, William Blunt, John Barryman, Joseph to listen to the recommendations of juries, fo coin- Abrahams, Juhn Pilkington, for burglaries in ciding in their sentiments, and paying all due different dwelling-houses. deference to such recommendations, the crown Matthew Daniel, John Scott, John Francis, wished to extend it's humanity to the woman, and Andrew Reman, for forging seamens wills. therefore he should not produce either the record William M‘Namara, James Neal, alias John or the evidence against her, but proceed to put in Nowlan, Morgan

Williams, Thomas Smith, John his counter-plea againft the man, and pray that Starkey, Mary Parry, for privately stealing in he might receive judgment of death; upon which dwelling-houses. the deputy-recorder passed the usual sentence of Robert Mott, for wounding a horse, John death.

Wright, for stealing a mare, William Moore, for 17. The report was made to his Majesty of coining shillings, and Thomas Limpus, for rethe prisoners who escaped from the transport-ver- turning from transportation before the expiration fel, and were found at large in this kingdom, when of his term. the following were ordered for execution on Mon- Several of the felong who had been sentenced day the 22d, viz. Charles Thomas, William Mat. at former feffions to transportation for seven years thews, Thomas Millington, David Hart, Abra- to Africa and the East Indies, and had been parham Hyams, and Christopher Trusty. The re- doned, on condition of transportation to America mainder of those who have been taken, were par- for the same term, refused to accept of the king's doned on condition of being transported for life to pardon, and chose to abide by their former fenAmerica.

18. About seven o'clock, the ceremony of chris- After the sessions were over, twelve men who tening the young princess was performed at St. received sentence to be publicly whipped, were James's palace. The peers and peereffes, foreign tied up in the court-yard, and received two dozen ministers and their ladies, assembled in the Queen's lashes each, from the hands of the common drawing-room fome time before the ceremony be- hangman, except one, who being an old man, gan, and from thence were introduced into the Sheriff Taylor ordered to receive one laf only. grand council-chamber, where the Queen was ly, The sessions were adjourned till the 29th of ing on an elegant bed of white fattin

under a ca- October. nopy of crimfon velvet, embroidered with gold. 21. This being St. Matthew's day, the Right On the right-side of the bed stood his Majekty, at Honourable the Lord Mayor, aldermen, sheriffs,



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