Shakespeare's Beloved: The Solution to the Riddle of Shakespeare's Sonnets

AuthorHouse, 2003 - 136 Seiten
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Shakespeare's Sonnets have been a mystery every since they were first published in 1609 by Thomas Thorpe in London. Millions have been fascinated by their wisdom and beauty, and more millions puzzled by the way their content has been formulated in terms of a hidden "dramatis personae": the lovely boy, the black-eyed mistress, the rival poets, the tenth muse, the fair friend, the better angel, the female evil, etc.

Taking the reader on the journey through the sonnets, Rudolf Schmid shows, in the "truth and beauty" of the Poet's own words, how this adventure reveals itself to be a path latently present as a dormant seed in the will of "Everyman", every human soul, leading it to the birth and unfoldment of its own "sweet self", thus answering the Poet's call: "make thee another self for love of me."

In the course of the adventure the riddle of the "who" behind the personages of the dramatis personae, including the object of the Dedication itself --- Mr. W. H. ---, and, of course, Shakespeare's Beloved, is, once and for all, solved.

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