The Martyrs of Science: Or, The Lives of Galileo, Tycho Brahe, and Kepler

Harper & Brothers, 1841 - 240 Seiten

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Seite 246 - Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion derived from the Literal Fulfilment of Prophecy. By ALEXANDER KEITH, DD 37th Edition, with numerous Plates, in square 8vo.
Seite 245 - Description of other Objects, whether Natural, Artificial, Civil, Religious, or Military ; and an Explanation of the Appellative Terms mentioned in the Old and New Testaments.
Seite 76 - We have lovingly embraced him ; nor can We suffer him to return to the country whither your liberality recalls him, without an ample provision of Pontifical love. And that you may know how dear he is to Us, we have willed to give him this honorable testimonial of virtue and piety.
Seite 241 - THE HISTORY OF MODERN EUROPE ; with a View of the Progress of Society, from the Rise of the Modern Kingdoms to the Peace of Paris, in 1763.
Seite 244 - ENGLISH SYNONYMES, with copious Illustrations and Explanations, drawn from the best Writers. By GEORGE CRABB, MA A new Edition, enlarged. 8vo.
Seite 217 - God far from the confines of Egypt. If you forgive me, I rejoice : if you are angry, I can bear it ; the die is cast, the book is written, to be read either now or by posterity, I care not which. I may well wait a century for a reader, as God has waited six thousand years for an observer.
Seite 241 - In one volume, 8vo. With a Portrait and Engravings. The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V. ; with a View of the Progress of Society in Europe, from the Subversion of the Roman Empire to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century. By William Robertson, DD To which are added Questions for the Examination of Students.
Seite 212 - ... who had for some time past complained that she was not consulted in this difficult negotiation. When she produced No. 10, and the first visit was paid, the report upon her was as follows : ' She has, undoubtedly, a good fortune, is of good family, and of economical habits : but her physiognomy is most horribly ugly ; she would be stared at in the streets, not to mention the striking disproportion in our figures. I am lank, lean, and spare ; she is short and thick. In a family notorious for fatness,...
Seite 246 - Receipts for Cookery, and Directions for Carving. With a Complete System of Cookery for Catholic Families. By William Kitchiner, MD 12mo. The Plays of Philip Massinger. In 3 vols. 18mo. With a Portrait. The Dramatic Works of John Ford. With Notes Critical and Explanatory. In 2 vols. 18mo.
Seite 243 - The Study of Medicine. By John Mason Good, MD, FRS Improved from the Author's Manuscripts, and by Reference to the latest Advances in Physiology, Pathology, and Practice. By Samuel Cooper, MD With .Notes, by A. Sidney Uoane, AM, MD To which is prefixed, a Sketch of the History of Medicine, from its Origin to the Commencement of the Nineteenth Century.

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