Memoirs of the Life of Anne Boleyn, Queen of Henry VIII

Longmans, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1827 - 56 Seiten

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Seite 331 - Forget not yet the tried intent Of such a truth as I have meant ; My great travail so gladly spent, Forget not yet ! Forget not yet when first began The weary life ye know, since whan The suit, the service none tell can ; Forget not yet ! Forget not yet the great assays, The cruel wrong...
Seite 400 - YOUR grace's displeasure and my imprisonment, are things so strange unto me, as what to write, or what to excuse, I am altogether ignorant. Whereas you send unto me (willing me to confess a truth, and so obtain your favour) by such an one, whom you know to be mine ancient professed enemy. I no sooner received this message by him, than I rightly conceived your mean ing ; and if, as you say, confessing a truth, indeed, may procure my safety, I shall with all willingness and duty perform your command.
Seite 401 - You have chosen me from a low estate to be your queen and companion, far beyond my desert or desire. If then you found me worthy of such honour, good your grace let not any light fancy, or bad counsel of mine enemies withdraw...
Seite 149 - I nothing malign for that you have done to me, but the eternal God forgive you my death, as I do; I shall never sue to the king for life, howbeit he is a gracious prince, and more grace may come from him than I desire. I desire you, my lords, and all my fellows to pray for me.
Seite 250 - In winter nights, that are so cold, Plaining in vain unto the moon ; Thy wishes then dare not be told ; Care then who list, for I have done. And then may chance thee to repent The time that thou hast lost and spent To cause thy lovers...
Seite 250 - My lute, awake, perform the last Labour that thou and I shall waste, And end that I have now begun, And when this song is sung and past, My lute, be still, for I have done.
Seite 402 - ... touch the innocent souls of those poor gentlemen, who, as I understand, are likewise in strait imprisonment for my sake. If ever I have found favour in your sight — if ever the name of Anne Boleyn hath been pleasing in your ears — then let me obtain this request ; and I will so leave to trouble your grace any farther, with mine earnest prayers to the Trinity to have your grace in His good keeping, and to direct you in all your actions. " From my doleful prison in the Tower, this sixth of...
Seite 213 - ... me ; and when I think of the continuance of that, which I must of necessity suffer, it would seem intolerable to me, were it not for the firm hope I have of your unchangeable affection for me ; and now, to put you sometimes in mind of it, and seeing I cannot be present in person with you, I send you the nearest thing to that possible, that is, my picture set in bracelets, with the whole device, which you know already, wishing myself in their place, when it shall please you. This from the hand...
Seite 60 - God, to be busy with the goff,* for they take it for .... passtime ; my heart is very good to it and I am horribly busy with making . . . standards, banners, and bagets. I pray God first to send...
Seite 401 - Try me, good king, but let me have a lawful trial, and let not my sworn enemies sit as my accusers and judges ; yea, let me receive an open trial, for my truth shall fear no open shame ; then shall you see either mine innocency cleared, your suspicion and conscience satisfied, the ignominy and slander of the world stopped, or my guilt openly declared.

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