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A Proprietary Governor a wretched Thing. Artful Conduct of Gover-

nor Keith. Penn's Death. The Province left in the Hands of

Trustees. Logan, one of those Trustees, obtains a Majority in the

Council against the Governor. Logan makes a Voyage to Eng-

land, and returns with Private Instructions to Keith. A 'Breach

between the Go' ernor and the Speaker. The Province in a State

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Sir William Johnson's Treaty with the Six Nations. The Governor

appears strongly inclined to involve the Province in a War with

the Delawares and Shawanese. He also demands farther Supplies.

The Resolutions of the Assembly concerning a Plan of Military

Operations. They adjourn and are re-assembled. A Petition of

the Association Companies in Philadelphia, concerning the Insuf-

ficiency of the Militia Law. The Governor proclaims a Suspen-

sion of Arms. The Assembly's Message to him; in which they

again press him to pass the Indian-Trade Bill. Six Members

desire Leave upon the Adjournment to quit their Seats. Their

Resignation accepted, and new Writs issued.

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