The little child's fable book, arranged in words of 1, 2, and 3 syllables. (Taken from The ladder to learning).


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Seite 80 - Bull of mine, and I should be glad to know how I am to make you reparation.
Seite 67 - George, do you get a couple of good sickles ready against to-morrow morning, and we will even reap the corn ourselves." When the young ones told their mother this,
Seite 66 - hold your silly tongues ; for if the old farmer depends upon his friends and his neighbors, you may take my word for it, that his wheat will not be reaped tomorrow.
Seite 56 - I am almost frightened to death ! I have seen the most extraordinary creature that ever was. He has a fierce look, and struts about upon two legs , a strange piece of flesh grows on his head, and another under his throat, as red as blood : he flapped his arms against his sides, as if he intended to rise into the air; and stretching out his head, he opened a...
Seite 72 - Upon which he continued to nibble first at one piece and then the other, till the poor cats, seeing their cheese gradually diminishing, entreated him to give himself no farther trouble, but deliver to them what remained. — "Not so fast, I beseech you, friends...
Seite 72 - I beseech you, friends," replied the monkey ; " we owe justice to ourselves as well as to you ; what remains is due to me in right of my office.
Seite 67 - When the young ones told ihor mother this, " Now, my Hale dears," said she, "we must be gone indeed, for when a man takes it in hand to do his own work himself, you may depend upon it that it will be done.

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