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much at know it was necessary.

„Necessary! (cried he) O Lord, O Lord! I find I must instruct you come along with me, and I'll give you some information about that matter, So saying, he carried me into an ale-house, where we called for some beer, and bread and cheese, on which we breakfasted. While we sat in this place, he told me I must first go to the navy, office, and write to the board, defiring them to order a letter for me to. the Surgeon's - hall, that. I might he exa. mined touching my skiil in surgery • Tbat the surgeons, after having examined me, would give me my qualifications sealed up in form of a letter, directed to the com: missioners, which qualification I must deliver to the secretary of the board, whe would open it in my presence, and read the contents.

After which I must employ my interest to be provided for as soon as possible. That the expence of his qualification for second mate of a 'third rate, amounted to thirteen shillings, exclusive of the warrant, which cost him hialf a

amount to


guinea and half a crown, besides the pregent to the secretary, which consisted of a three-pound-twelve piece. This cal. culation was like a thunder bolt to me, whose whole fortume, did not twelve shillings. I accordingly made him acquainted with this part of my distress after having thanked him for his information and advice. He condoled me on this occafion ; but bade

be of good cheer, for he had conceived a friendship for me, and would make all things easy. He was run out at present, but to morrow or next day he was certain of receiving a confiderable fum; of which he would lend me what would be sufficient to answer my exigencies. This frank declaration pleased me so much, that I pulled out my purse and emptied it before him, begging him to take what he pleased for pocket-expence, until he should receive his own nuoney.

With a good deal of pressing he was prevailed upon to take five shillings, telling me that he might have what money, he

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wanted at any time for the trouble of going into the city, but as he met with me he would defer bis going thither till to morrow, when I shonld go along with him, and he would put me in a way of acting for myself, without a servile dependence on that rascal Cringer, much less on the lousy taylor to whom I heard him turn you over. „How, (cried I) is Mr. Staytape a taylor? ,,No less, I'll assure you, (answered he) and I confess, more likely to serve you, than the member: for, provided you ean entertain him with polities and conundrums, you may have credit with him for as many, and as rich clothes as you please.“ I told him I was utterly ignorant of both, and so incensed at Cringer's usage, that I would never set foot within his door again. After a good deal more conversation, my new acquaintance and I parted, having made an appointment to meet next day at the same place in order to set out for the city. I went immediately to Strap, and related every thing which had happen, ed, but he did not at all approve of my being so forward to lend money to a stranger, especially as we had already been so much imposed upon by appearances. ,,However (said he) if you are sure he is a Scotchman, I bellieve you are safe,

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