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to furi again : to save him that troublé, I told him my name was Random. Upon which he went on, „Ay, ay, Random, Random, Raudom-I think I remember the name on ywell he might not this very individual, Mr. Cringer, had many a time rode before my grandfather's cloak bag, in quality and a footman, Well, (says,he) you propose alement

board a man of war das surgeon's

I replied by a low bowl si bé lieve it will be a difficult matter (continued he) to procure a warrant; thare being already such a swarm of Scotch surgeons at the Naxy-office in expectation de the

that the commoners are afraid of being torneo disco and have

apple & for? guard to protect them. However, some ships will soon be put in commilistop, and then, we shall see what's to be done. So me exceediugly mortified at the different reception Meesexky jade podráhneewithe from this upstart, proud, mean member, who, (I imagined) would have been glad

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to the door to steak with him. One day, while I enjoyed this occafion, a person was introduced whom Mr. Cringer no sooner nye than running towards him, he saluted him with a bow to the 3. very

The ground, and afterwards shaking him by the hand with great heartiness and familiarity, called him his good friend, and asked very kinayatt, MeanStaytape and the young lacules; then after a whisper which continu ed some minutes, wherein I overhed the word honour/repeated several times with great emphasis ,

Mr/ Criøger introduced me to this gentlemany fas to a person whose-advice and affiscayce I might depend upon, and having given me his direction followed Ane to the door, wher he told the I need not give myself the trouble to call at his house any more, for Mr. Staytape.would do my business At that instant my fello:y dependant coming out after me, overheard the discourse

பறி the street, accosted me very citly. ykis addrets Y looked upon as no small hopour,

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condering time figa flowerades for the
was dressed fin a blue frock with a gold
button, y seen ilk bilera trimmed with
gold, blah keret Bredehgs, whitformen
stocking/ Cilver hyckles, a goldenced bestehen
a spencer wig, and a filyer hilled hanger,
with a fine clouded cane in his land. „I
perceive, (says he) you are hut latély
come from Scotland; pray


may your 'hufiness with Mr. "Cringer be? I suppose it is not secret,

and I may posa sibly give you some advice that will be serviceable; for I have been surgeon's second mate on board of a seventy gun ship, and consequently know a good deal of the world." I made no scruple to disclose my fituation, which when he had learned, he shook his head and told me he had been pretty much in the same cir. cumstances about a year ago! that he had relied on Cringer's promises, until his money (which was consideratle) as well as his credit, was quite exhau: bed : 'and when he wrote to his relations for a fresh supply, instead of money, he received

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nothing but reproaches, and the epithets
of idle, debauched fellow: that after the
had waited at the wavy office many months
for a warrant to no purpose, he was fain
to pawn some of his clothes, wliich raised
a small
sume here with. he bribed

tite s twy, who soon procured a warrant for him, notwithstanding he had affirmed, the same day that there was not one vacancy. That he had gone one board, where he remained nine months; at the end of which, the ship was put out of commisfion: and he said the company were to be paid off, in Broad street, the very next day. That, his relations being reconciled to him, had charged him to pay his devoirs regularly to Mr. Cringer, who had informed them by lefter, 'that his interest alone had procured the warrant; in obrdience to which command, he

e came to his levee every morning as saw, though he looked upon him to be a very pitiful scoundrel. In conclusion he asked me if I had yet passed at surgeon's hall? To which question I answered, I did not so

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