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The Balloon


Cottage of Rosa, on visiting the 170 Barrett's Heroine 218 Days of Yore

314 Carpot on the Defence of Fortified Places 265 Defence of Fort M`Henry

433 Correspondence between Foxand Wake- The Dead Twins

518 feld 89 Indian Gold Coin, Verses to

346 Cnvier on the Theory of the Earth 206 Kigs of the Rose

517 Damiano on Chess

273 Lines in Remembrance of a Lady the Edgeworth's Patronage

Author saw but once

256 Essays on the Pleasures of Literary

to a Fire-Fly

434 Composition 105 Melo-drame, on the

171 Feinaigle's Art of Memory 117 Sabbath Morning

169 Horsley's Speeches in Parliament 268 Sonnet to *****, on a Moonlight View Kirwan's Sermons

457 of Highland Scenery Mawe's Travels

to the same

ib. Moore's Irish Melodies

282 Spencer, Rev. Thomas, Verses on the Madford's Life of Cumberland 368 Death of

347 Musical Biography

441 Stanzas on a Picture of Newstead Nelson's Letters 452 Park

166 Semple's Tour 36 Tell-tale Eyes

256 Sir Hornbook 286 Tomb of the Humming Bird

344 Southey's Carmen Triumphale

19 Suisine Détails sur Moreau

25 DOMESTIC LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC Tableau de la Litterature pendant le

XVIII. Siecle

American Biographical Works

Buckminster's Sermons

262 Benschouten, Rev. Mr. V.

263 130

Bigelow's Flora Biography of Barlow

84 -Lord Byron

Bladensburg, Battle of

437 -Gov. Colden

Campaigns of Western Army

351 -Gen. Pike

Cicero, Translations of

Clarke's Naval History
-Capt. Porter

174 -Gen. Scott

-Homer, New York edition of 520 465

Collectinng of New-York Historical Earthquake at Venezuela

301 Ichthyology, Mitchill on


349 Porter's Journal

Cutbush's Manual 396

436 Review of Hunt's Feast of the Poets

Dunlap's Life of Brown 243


-Peters' History of Connecticut 49 Eustaphieve's Peter the Great
-Waterman's Life of Calvin 42
Harper's Works

520 The Lost Traveller

Henry's Herbal 158

435 Vanity and Flattery, a Vision

Gummere's Surveying 486

175 French Statistics

175 Lafon’s Urano Geography

83 SPIRIT OF FOREIGN MAGAZINES, &c. Literary and Philosophical Society,

Tragsactions of

350 Account of a familiar Spirit 313 Mr. Leslie

173 Arts, Present State of in England 489 Marion, Life of

521 Bonaparte, Character of

513 Melshesmer's Insects of Pennsylvania 83 Day by the Fire, 409 Mitchill on Fish

84 Entrecasteaux, Chev, D’, Petition of 339 Muhlenberg's Botany

83 Hupt, Leigh, Memoir of 73 New England Magazine

350 Johnson's, Dr. Preface

250 Original Pieces in prose and verse May-Day 252 Palmer's Register

172 Monks of La Trappe 430 Rodman's Commercial Code

81 Porson's Character of Gibbon 515 Reid's Works

262 Smith on Psalmody

435 Ровтки. Wait's State Paperg

261 Wellington, Life of

172 Arabian Deserted Village, 257 Wheaton's Digest

437 Ballad 79 Wilson's Ornithology





86 352 352 438

85 523 352 522 351 523 352


Russia, Sketches in

Scenite Granite Bible Society, History of

352 Seppins on Shipbuilding Colquhoun on the British Empire 439 Spurzeini's Craniology Colburn, Zerah

85 Strut's Dictionary of Engravings Crichton on Vitality

35! Turner's Histcry of England DavySir A. ou the Diamond 438 Ware on Near sightedness Davy, John, on Animal Heat

85 Westall's Paintings Dectot's Hydraulic Machine

176 Wordsworth's Poem Elba, Voyage to

352 Vaccine Matter, mode of preserving Englefield's Transit Instrument 176 Herschell on the Stars


OBITUARY. Horne on Bibliography

439 lode, its Properties

351 Brock, Gen. Accum's mode of preparing 264 Browne, William Iconographia Reynoldsiana

523 Hartley, David Lendi's Hygrometer

439 Larcher Maid of Norway

523 Martyn, Rev. H. Read on the Solar Ray

176 Ogilvie, Rev. Dr. Roderick, last of the Goths

352 Prince Popiatowski Roman Costume

264 Paine, R. T.

87 440

88 440 ib. 87 88 523

The vignette prefixed to this volume, from a design by Sully, represents Milton in bisbliodness, hearing the favourite autbors of his youth read to him by his daughters.

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Patronage. By Maria Edgeworth: Author of Tales of

Fashionable Life, Belinda, Leonora, &c. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1814.

[From the Edinburgh Review, for January, 1814.] None of our regular readers, we are persuaded, will be surprised at the eagerness with which we turn to every new production of Miss Edgeworth's pen. The taste and gallantry of the age may have at last pretty generally sanctioned the ardent admiration with which we greeted the first steps of this distinguished lady in her literary career; but the calmer spirits of the south can hardly yet comprehend the exhilarating effect which her reappearance uniformly produces upon the saturnine complexion of their northern reviewers. Fortunately, a long course of good Forks has justified our first sanguine augury of Miss Edgeworth's success, and the honest eulogy we pronounced upon her efforts in the cause of good sense and virtue; and it is no slight consolation to us, while suffering under alternate reproaches for ill-timed seve

VOL. IV. New Series. 1

rity, and injudicious praise, to reflect, that no very mischievous effects have as yet resulted to the literature of the country from this imputed misbehaviour on our part. Powerful genius, we are persuaded, will not be repressed even by unjust castigation; nor will the most excessive praise that can be lavished by sincere admiration ever abate the efforts that are fitted to attain to excellence. Our alleged severity upon a youthful production has not prevented the noble author from becoming the first poet of his time; and the panegyrics upon more than one female writer, with which we have been upbraided, have not relaxed their meritorious exertions to add to the instruction and amusement of their age. In the prosecution of our thankless duties, it is, indeed, delightful now and tben to meet with authors who neither dread the lash nor the spur ; whose genius is of that vigorous and healthful constitution as to allow the fair and ordinary course of criticism to be administered, without fear that their ricketty bantlings may be crushed in the correction. No demands on the tenderness of the schoolmaster; -no puling appeal to sex or age;—no depreciation of the rod! Praise may be awarded--severe truth may be told--and the reviewer be as guiltless of the blame wbich the author may afterwards incur-as he is uniformly held to be excluded from any share of the fame he may ultimately achieve.

Such a writer is Miss Edgeworth. In her case, we are not obliged to insinuate, to venture, to hint, but called upon openly to pronounce our opinion. The overweening politeness which might be thought due to her sex is forgotten in the contemplation of her manly understanding, and of a long series of writings, all directed to some great and paramount improvement of society ;to destroy malignant prejudices, and bring down arrogant pretensions--to reconcile humble merit to its lot of obscure felicity, and expose the misery that is engendered on the glittering summits of human fortune, by the pursuits of frivolous ambition or laborious amusement--to correct, in short, the vulgar estimate of life and happiness, by exposing those errors of opinion which are most apt to be generated by a narrow observation, and pointing out the importance of those minor virtues and vices that contribute most largely to our daily sufferings or enjoyments. Her earlier essays were addressed to the middling classes of society. In her later productions, she has aspired to be the instructress of the fashionable world; a pursuit in which we ventured to predict that her direct success, at least, would not be extremely encouraging. We do not know whether she begins to think so too; but it seems to us that she has endeavoured to unite both these objects in the work before us—a short analysis of which we shall present, without farther discussion, to our readers.

The work is intended, as its title indicates, as a picture of the miseries resulting from a dependence on patronage, in every form

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