The Physician's prescription book

Lindsay & Blakiston, 1857 - 282 Seiten

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Seite 17 - Wales, be it enacted, That if any Person using or exercising the Art and Mystery of an Apothecary, shall at any time knowingly, wilfully and contumaciously refuse to make, mix, compound, prepare, give, apply or administer, or any way to sell, set on sale, put forth or put to sale, to any Person or Persons whatever, any Medicines, Compound Medicines, or Medicinable Compositions, or...
Seite 139 - Words of two syllables, either Greek or Latin, whatever be the quantity in the original, have, in English pronunciation, the accent on the first syllable: and if a single consonant come between two vowels, the consonant goes to the last syllable, and the vowel in the first is long ; as Cato, Ceres, Comas, &c.5 See Principles of English Pronunciation prefixed to the Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, No.
Seite 69 - everlasting pill" was composed of metallic antimony, which was believed to have the property of purging as often as it was swallowed. This was economy in right earnest, for a single pill would serve a whole family during their lives, and might be transmitted as an heirloom to their posterity. We have heard of a lady, who having swallowed one of these pills, became seriously alarmed at its not passing. "Madam," said the physician, "fear not; it has already passed through a hundred patients without...
Seite 113 - Misce, mix; mcnsurii, by measure; manipulus, a handful; minimum, a minim. Mane pr. Mane primo, very early in the morning. Man. Manipulus, a handful.* Min. Minimum, the 60th part of a drachm measure. Minutum,} a minute. MP Mnisa pilularum, a pill mass.
Seite 118 - Uncia, an ounce troy : or, in liquids, the 16th part of a wine pint.
Seite 123 - But if a nominative come between the relative and the verb, the relative will be of that case, which the verb or noun following, or the preposition going before, use to govern.
Seite 109 - Decubitus, of lying down. De d. in d. De die in diem, from day to day.
Seite 17 - And whereas it is the duty of every person using ing, refusal or fraud in. or exercising the art and mystery of an apothecary to prepare with exactness, and to dispense such medicines as may be directed for the sick, by any physician lawfully licensed to practise physic by the president and commonalty of the faculty of physic in London, or by either of the two universities of Oxford or Cambridge...
Seite 125 - Partitives, and words placed partitively, comparatives, superlatives, interrogatives, and some numerals, govern the genitive plural ; as, AKquis phUoiophorum, Some one of the philosophers.
Seite 118 - Jupiter, as may be seen in many of the older works on pharmacy, although it is at present so disguised by the addition of the down stroke, which converts it into the letter R , that were it not for its cloven foot, we might be led to question the fact of its superstitious origin.

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