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s waded of doth concern me; and then Volume it hath several Effects according to the XII. nature of the thing I am perswaded

of, or the degree of the perswasion, or the capacity of the Person that believes or is perswaded. If the thing believed be of great moment, the Effect of the Faith is proportionable, cæteris paribus; and so according to the degree of the perswasion: but if the Perion be indisposed to the proper Etects of such a perswasion by the power of contrary habits, as it often happens, the feat will be abtained with more difficulty, and inay pofsibly be totally defeated, by casting off the perswasion: for while it remains, it will operate and endeavour and strive to work its proper effect. For Example, a Man may believe that Wine is very pernicious to him ; and yet a strong inclination to it inay render it very difficult for this perlwalion to work its proper effect upon him, which is to leave off Wine, and may at length wholly defeat it, by furnishing him with some colour of Arguinent that may perswade him


IV. For

IV. For the Kinds of Faith they Sermon are several, according to the variety of Objects or things believed. I shall reduce them all under these two General Heads.

1. Faith is either Civil or Humane, under which I comprehend the pers swasion of things Moral, and Natural, and Political, and the like: Or, ;

2. Divine and Religious, that is, a perswasion of things that concern Religion. I know not whether these terms be proper, nor am I very solicitous, because I know none fitter, and tell you what I mean by them.

The first kind of Faith concerning things Humane and Civil, I shall not speak of, it being besides my Design.

The second, which I call a Religigious and Divine Faith, comprehends three things under it, which are diftinctly to be consider’d.

1. A perswasion of the Principles of Natural Religion, which are known


min by the light of Nature, as the ExiVolume stence of a God, the Immortality of XII. the Soul, and a Future State.

2. A perswasion of things Supernatural, and Reveald.

3. A Perswasion of Supernatural Revelation. These I design fully to handle. Thus I have prepard Materials for a large Discourse, which tho' it be necessary, is, I am sensible, but too tedious, and yet possibly more tedious to me, than you.




Of a Religious and Divine Faith.

The second Sermon on this Text.

HEB. XI. 6.
But without Faith it is impossible to

. please God. .

IN my last Discourse I came to treat I of a Religious and Divine Faith, I which, I told you, comprehends under it three things, which I now pro. ceed to consider distinctly.

First, A Perswasion of the Principles of natural Religion, which are known by the light of Nature.


Volume Secondly, A Perswasion of things su-
XII. pernatnral and reveald. ...

Thirdly, A Perswasion of supernatųral Revelation.


First, A Perswasion of the Principles of natural Religion, such as the light of Nature could discover; such are the Existence of God, the Iinmortality of .. the Soul, and a future State. The ? things to be enquired concerning this kind of Faith are these.

I. Whether this be truly and properly call’d Faith.

II. What are the Arguments where-
by it is wrought.
• III. Whether it admit of degrees or
not, and what differences are observa-
ble in them.

IV. What are the proper and genu-
ine Effects of it.

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