Origin and Services of the Coldstream Guards, Band 1

R. Bentley, 1833 - 552 Seiten

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Seite 94 - that according to the ancient and fundamental laws of this Kingdom, the government is, and ought to be, by King, Lords, and Commons.
Seite 372 - The British behaved well, and could be exceeded in ardour by none but our officers, who animated the troops by their example, when the Highland furies rushed in upon us with more violence than ever did a sea driven by a tempest.
Seite 432 - Colony, und disposable by Parliament), and shall engage to make provision also for the support of the civil government and the administration of justice in such Province or Colony, it will be proper, if such proposal...
Seite 326 - ... account of the battle, knowing you have a better in the prints. Pray, give my service to Mrs. Cook and her daughter, to Mr. Stoffet and his wife, and to Mr. Lyver, and Thomas Hogsdon, and to Mr. Ragdell, and to all my friends and acquaintance in general who do ask after me.
Seite 326 - Hartwell desires to be remembered to you, and desires you to enquire of Edgar, what is become of his wife Pegg ; and when you write, to send word in your letter what trade she drives. ' We have here very bad weather, which I doubt will be a hindrance to the siege ; but I am in hopes we shall be masters of the town in a little time, and then, I believe, we shall go to garrison.
Seite 5 - Haslerig : which were so prodigiously armed, that they were called by the other side the regiment of lobsters, because of their bright iron shells, with which they were covered, being perfect cuirassiers; and were the first seen so armed on either side...
Seite 431 - were so much exhausted with fatigue that they were obliged to lie down for rest on the ground, their tongues hanging out of their mouths, like those of dogs after a chase.
Seite 113 - The Dutch, during the Civil wars in England, had encroached on the English trade ; .... Sometime after, the king gave the duke a patent for Long Island, in the West Indies, and a tract of Land between New England and Maryland, which always belonged to the crown of England, since first discovered; and upon which the Dutch had encroached during the rebellion.

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