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Assessors, proceedings on a report respecting the compensation
of the

259, 323

(not further acted on)
Attorney General, his compensation increased,

(see bills from the

Senate, No. 2)
reports on the case of colonel Thomas, 135

sums paid for extra services to the 323, 354
Augusta, in Maine, inquiry into the propriety of increasing

the compensation of the post master at
Austin, major Loring, and George R. Wells, motion to amend the
act for the relief of




Alabama, inhabitants of Mobile,

24, 41

(petition rejected)
Aldrich, Gustavus

Amory, Nathaniel and al.
Avery, Park

Adams, Nathaniel and al. (see Townsend, and al.)
Alverson, George

46, 56, 156
Anderson, Joseph

55, 62, 156, 301

(leave to withdraw)
Alabama, legislature of (admission)

(General court)

66, 74
Anderson, John (see John Baer)
Alabama, inhabitants of Huntsville,

Andrews, James

Axson, Dr. Samuel jr.

132, 144

Alabama, act for government of the port &c. of Mobile, 133
Addoins, John (suggestion)
Alabama, inhabitants of St. Stephens,

-in favor of colonel Dale, (see Sam-

uel Dale)
Atkins, Mary

Allen, Holden,

Ash, George (see E. Hathway)
Arbutlinot, William (see R. Spalding)
Arendell, Bridges (suggestion)

Abbott, William F. and others,

Anderson, John (see A. B. Lord)
Aliens of Baltimore, (see R. Carmichael,)
Alabama, inhabitants of Blakely,

Austin, Benjamin

Alvoid, Elieb and al,

Allis, Lemuel (see Alvoid.)


Baker and Touillet, proceedings on the bill for their relief, 115
Balances, unsettled, annual reports of

123, 151, 282, 304
Ball, Mottrom, relief granted to (see bill No, 125)
Bank of the U. 8. inquiry into the conduct and management of

38, 45, 48, 56, 191
bill to enforce those provisions of the char-

ter which relate to the choice of director's
of the


(see bills, No, 281)
resolution submitted by Mr. Trimble, direc.
ting a scire facias to be issued against the

198, 248, 305, 308
resolution submitted by Mr. Spencer, direc-

ting a scire facias to be issued against the,
unless the President and directors shall
agree to certain propositions therein spe-

223, 248, 322
memorial of William Jones, late President
of the

memorial of George Williams, a director of

resolution submitted by Mr. Johnson, of Vir-
ginia, for a repeal of the charter of the

248, 305, 309, 310
statement of moneys transferred (to places

where there was no public money) for
government accomodation, by the

report required of what part of the balances

transferred from the Treasury, to the
bank, were drawn by the government be-
tween 31 January, and July, 1st 1817, &c.

299, 300, 302
report required of what part of the balances

transferred from the state banks,for which
the Bank of the United States was to re-
ceive interest, were retained as special de.
posits, for which it was not obliged to pay
specie on demand,

300, 306
the Secretary of the Treasury required to

report at the next session, a general state-
ment of the condition of the


Banks within the District of Columbia, statements of the situa

tion of the 164, 174, 176
consolidation and renewal
of charters, of the 259

(not acted on
within the several states, the Secretary of the Treasury

to report upon the condition
of the

Bankruptcy, bill to establish a uniform system of


(not further acted on)
Barron, James, extra pay allowed to

Barrow, Matthew, relief proposed to be granted to

(see bills from the Senate, No, 8)
Barton, William, relief granted to (see bill No. 109)
Bassett, sailingmaster, (see bills No. 158)
Beaumarchais' heirs, proccedings on the bill for their relief,

(see bills No. 105)
Bermuda hundred, authorization of the sale of a lot of land in

203, 226
(see bills No. 303)

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BILLS of the House of Representatives-

35. A bill to provide for organizing, arming, and

disciplining the militia, for calling them into the
service of the United States, for governing them
therein and for compensating them for their ser-
vices, (reported last session)

185, 189
86. A bill supplementary to the act, entitled “ An

act to probibit the importation of slaves within the
jurisdiction of the United States,” passed 2d
March, 1807, (reported last session)

42, 179

(see bill No. 272)
46. A bill establishing trading houses with the in-

dians, and for the organization of schools for their
instruction and civilization

(reported last session) 92
81. A bill supplementary to the several acts for the

adjustment of land claims in the State of Louisi.
ana and Territory of Missouri

92. A bill explanatory of the act authorizing the sale

of certain ground belonging to the United States
in the City of Washington

rreported last session) 39, 150, 156, 180
07. A bill to establish a judicial district in Virginia,
west of the Allegheny Mountains
(reported last session) 35, 38, 216, 219, 229, 257


BILLS of the House of Representatives

98. A bill authorizing the apprehension of foreign

seamen deserting the vessels to which they belong 70
99. A bill confirming certain claims to land in the
Illinois territory

39, 323, 328, 347

100. A bill granting to Mehitable Cole the land there-
in mentioned
(reported last session) 43, 48, 97, 123, 132, 134

102. A bill respecting Invalids

(reported last session) 73, 76, 236

(postponed in Senate)
103. A bill for the relief of William B. Lewis
(reported last session) 73, 76, 140, 142, 143, 173

104. A bill concerning widows of the militia

(reported last session) 76, 81, 259

(postponed in Senate)
105. A bill relative to the claim of the heir and repre.
sentative of Caron de Beaumarchais
(reported last session) 43, 45, 51, 54, 57, 60, 63

106. A bill for the admission of Cadets into the mili
tary academy (reported last session)

109. A bill for the relief of William Barton
(reported last session) 70, 73, 97, 123, 132, 154

110. A bill for the relief of Benjamin Pool
(reported last session) 180, 185, 269, 278, 296, 298

111. A bill for the relief Thomas Hall Jervey
(reported last session) 83, 164, 167, 280, 282, 299, 304

112. A bill authorizing the distribution of a sum of

money among the representatives of commodore
Edward Preble, and the officers and crew of the
Brig Syren
(reported last session) 87, 92, 213, 219, 229, 257

113. A bill to extend for the further term of five years,

the pensions heretofore granted to the widows and
orphans of the officers and soldiers, who died or
were killed in the late war

(reported last session) 92, 97, 252

(postponed in Senate)

BILLS of the House of Representatives

114. A bill to incorporate a company to build a bridge

over the Eastern Branch of the Potomac,from the
southern termination of 11th street east, in the
City of Washington
(reported last session) 101 108, 279, 298, 299, 304

121, A bill for the relief of Thomas B. Farish
(reported last session) 102, 108, 208, 214, 229, 258

124. A bill directing the payment of certain bills

drawn by general Armstrong in favor of Will am
(reported last session) 108, 112, 259, 278, 296, 298

125. A bill for the relief of Mottron Ball
(reported last session) 108, 112, 180, 181, 184, 197, 201

128. A bill to regulate passenger ships and vessels
(reported last session) 108, 112, 232, 295, 301, 305,

318, 331, 332

129. A bill regulating the payments to invalid pen-

(reported last session) 108, 112, 210, 212, 334, 335, 343, 852

150. A bill for the relief of William King

(reported last session) 70, 73, 135

(postponed in Senate)
131. A bill for the relief of the legal representatives
of John Baker and Peter Trouillet

(reported last session) 115
182. A bill to authorize the settlement and payment
of certain claims of the state of Massachusetts

(reported last session) 115
135. A bill relating to the duties on foreign merchan-
dise (reported last session)

137. A bill for the relief Thadeus Mayhue

(reported last session) 116, 120, 132, 161
138. A bill for the relief of Henry Davis
(reported last sesion) 181, 185, 269, 278, 296, 298

140. A bill for the relief of the heirs of Adolphus
Burghart, deceased (reported last session) 70, 73, 135

(postponed in Senate)

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