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has uniformly animated every one to promote what appeared to him to be for the prosperity of our common country.

One painful circumstance fills me with the deepest regret. It is that after having co-operated with many of you, with some for years, to advance the public good, we separate to meet perhaps no more. I here bear testimony to the fidelity with which you have all labored to fulfil the high and honorable trust committed to us by the nation. And every one of you will carry with you my most ardent wishes for your individual welfare and happiness.

The House proceeded by ballot, to the election of a printer, to execute the printing ordered by the House of Representatives during the next Congress, in pursuance of the “ Resolution directing the manner in which the printing of Congress shall be executed, fixing the prices thereof, and for the appointment of a printer or printers to Congress.” And upon an examination of the ballots, it appeared that Joseph Gales, Jr. and William W. Seaton, under the firm of Gales and Seaton, were duly elected.

Ordered, That the Clerk acquaint the Senate therewith.
A message from the Senate, by Mr. Cutts, their Secretary:

Mr. Speaker: The Senate have elected Gales and Seaton printers on their part, to execute the printing of the Senate during the next Congress, pursuant to the resolution on that subject. The Senate passed a resolution for the appointment of a joint committee, to wait on the President of the United States, and inform him that the two Houses of Congress are about to adjourn, if he has no further communications to make to them, and have appointed a cominittee on their part. And then he withdrew.

The said resolution was read and concurred in by the House, and Mr. Pitkin and Mr. Harrison were appointed of the said committee on their part. Ordered, That the Clerk acquaint the Senate therewith.

On motion of Mr. Mercer, Resolved, That the account of Messrs. Davis and Force, for printing the documents accompanying the letter of the committee of the American Colonization Society to the Speaker of this House, amounting to S259. be paid out of the contingent fund of the House.

The Speaker laid before the House, a letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, in answer to the resolution of this House of the 27th ult. directing him to inform this House what sums of money have been paid to the Attorney General of the United States, for extra services, designating the service, and the fund from which the money has been paid: which letter was read and ordered to lie on the table.

Mr. Pitkin, from the Joint committee appointed to inform the President of the United States, that the two Houses of Congress are about to adjourn, if he had no further communications to make to them, reported that the committee had waited on the President of the United States, and was informed by him, that he had no further communications to make.

A message was then received from the Senate, by Mr. Cutts, their Secretary, as follows:

Mr. Speaker: The Senate have completed the legislative business before thein, and are ready to adjourn. And then he withdrew; wbereupon,

The House adjourned sine die.





Absence granted to--
Mr. Miller

Mr. Butler, of N. H.

Mr. Nesbitt

Mr Bellinger

Mr. Strong

Mr. Simkins.

Academies, (military) proposition to establish additional 22
proposition to establish one on the western waters,

(not acted on) 218, 269
Academy at West Point. the Secretary of War to report the

rules and regulations for the government of &c. &c. 317
Accounts, committee of (see committee
of colonel Thomas,

135, 167
of long standing, provision for the settlement of

Suhere, votes to

Adjournment, the daily hour of, fixed

7, 20, 157
for the christmas holidays, motion for an 116, 120
Ad valorem dnties, (see duties)
African slave trade, ( see slave trade and slaves).
Agricultural Societies, (see Franking)
Alabama, John Crowell, the delegate from, appears

territory, statement of the lands sold in, and kind of
money received in payment for, &c. &c.

59, 106
memorial of the legislature of for admission as a state, 66

(see bills from the Senate, No. 16)

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Alabama, information required of the disposition of the lands
reserved for towns in the

107, 239
proposition to sell such lands as have been reported
not worth two dollars per acre, lying in

to form a constitution and state government, and to
be admitted into the Union,

(see bills from the Senate, No. 16)
Ambrister, Robert C. captured in Florida, and put to death, 13

(see Arbuthnot
Amelia Island, inquiry, whether it remains in the possession of

the United States, and by what laws governed, 195, 223
Anderson, colonel John sues the sergeant-at-arms,

155, 139
bill for his relief,


( not acted on
Application, for the artillery, military school of (see practice)
Appropriations, estimates of

bills making (see the various bills)
Arbuthnot, Alexander, and Robert C. Ambrister, captured in Flo-
rida, and put to death,

proceedings on the case of 18, 72, 75, 96, 173, 239
Army, motion to reduce the 87, 248, 254, 262, 263, 264, 271
list of officers of the

report of the Secretary of War upon reductions in the
expense of the

new organization of the


(see bills, No. 241)
a report required of the amount of fatigue daty perform-
cd by the

162, 165, 189
partial appropriations for the

(see bills, No. 215)

appropriations for the


(see bills, No. 242)
--when employed on fatigue duty, regulation of the pay of

(see bills from the Senate, No. 45)
Arkansas territory, inquiry into the propriety of establishing

107, 119

(see bills, No. 238)
Armstrong, general, certain bills drawn by him in favor of Wil.
liam Morgan, to be paid,

(see bills, No. 124).
Armory, proceedings on a resolution of last session to establish
an additional

22, 56

(not acted on)
Artillery, new organization of the heavy

(see bills, No. 241)

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