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Sheldon & Company's Text-Books.

520 pp.


FRENCH SERIES. Pinney's Easy Lessons. 137 pp. Price 80c. Pinney's First Book in French. 182 pp. Price 60c. The Same, with Key. Price 75c. Pinney & Badois's Practical French Teacher. 12mo.

408 pp. Price $1.50. Key to Same. Price $1.

Especial pains have been taken in this volume to render clear and easy those particulars which are apt to present difficulties to the learner. The first half of the book contains but few new words introduced into each lesson, while the phrases illustrating their use are abundant. The work is furnished throughout with a series of lessons for translation into English, which are perfectly adapted to the learner's progress. As a clear, systematic, and complete treatise on the Grammar of the French language, the book is commended to the judgment of every intelligent teacher. Pinney & Arnoult's French Grammar.

Price $2.00. Key to Same. $1. Pinney's Elementary French Reader. 12mo. 192 pp.

Price $1. Pinney's Progressive French Reader. 12mo. 344 pp.

Price $1.50. Williams's English into French. 12mo. 366 pp. Price

$1.50. This is a book of practice in French conversation, designed to accompany any speaking French grammar. No phrase has been admitted, from beginning to end, which has not been subjected to the test of practice. It admirably meets the want which every teacher has felt of a manual by which the learner may put in practice the rules which his grammar has taught him; and as a text-book, supplementary to the grammars in use, there is no work so well calculated to impart a conversational familiarity with the French language. It may be begun at any period of the school year, and it will not interfere with any course the pupil may be pursuing; and, at the same time that it affords a pleasing exercise for both teachers and scholars, it imparts a satisfactory conviction of progress.

SPANISH SERIES. Pinney & Barcelo's Practical Spanish Teacher.

12mo. 360 pp. Price $1.50. Key to Same. Price $1.

This work was prepared by NORMAN PINNEY and JUAN BARCELO, the latter of whom is a native of Spain, an eminent scholar, and a skilful teacher. It is adapted to the oral method of teaching, the superior value of which is now generally acknowledged. It is a practical work, progressively arranged, and is in itself a grammar, dictionary, and reader ; and he who studies it thoroughly, which can be done in a comparatively brief time, will be able to express his ideas in Spanish, both orally and in writing, and to enter with ease and satisfaction upon the perusal of Spanish authors.

Any of the above sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of price.

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