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GOVERNMENT has for its great object the maintenance of justice among men. That men may live together in peace, there must be laws restraining them from injustice, and protecting them in the enjoyment of their rights. The office of government is to make and execute such laws.

Civil society cannot exist without government. By civil society is meant men living together in a social civilized state. Men cannot live together in such a state without government. Experience shows that some men are disposed to do injustice to others,

and must be restrained by laws. Were there no laws, every one could do as he pleased. The wicked could defraud, rob, and murder with impunity. Such a state of things is called a state of anarchy.

Civil society is an institution of God-is of divine origin. God made men to live together in a social civilized state. He gave them a social and moral nature, which makes that condition their natural condition. He has given man desires and capacities which can find exercise only in society. The solitary or the savage state is not the natural state of man.

The social civilized state is necessary to the ful. development of man's physical, intellectual, social, and moral nature. The solitary state is an impossibility, that is, all men could not lead solitary lives. If the atteinpt were made, the race would become extinct. The savage state is possible. Savage tribes do exist, but savages are in all respects inferior to civilized men. They have not those means of guarding the body from disease which civilized men have. Their intellectual, social, and moral powers are very imperfectly developed. Man's powers are developed by exercise, and the savage state does not furnish the conditions of that exercise. It will be admitted that God makes nothing in vain. It is as plainly Flis will that man's nature should be developed, as it is that the fruit-tree should grow and bring forth fruit. The civilized state alone furnishes the conditions for the

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