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Quakers' Meeting, the first house Franklin entered at Philadelphia after bis arrival, 19-anecdote

of the, 92—they take an active part in opposing the rioters denominated Paxton Boys, 163.


Ralph, the historian, curious anecdote of, 29–becomes schoolmaster, 34–obtains a pension for

political writing, 127.
Read, Mr., father of Franklin's wife, 21.
Religion, a new one proposed to be established, 27.
Religious Creed of Franklin, 76.
Richman, Professor, introduces Franklin's Electrical discoveries into Russia, 175.
Right of British Parliament to tax America, 180—argument against it, 216.
Rittenhouse's funeral oration for Franklin, 411
Rochefoucault's eulogium on Franklin's system of government, 303.
Roy, Mons. Le, refutes the Abbé Nollet, 124.
Royal Society of London, Franklin chosen a member thereof, 125.

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Salaries, Franklin's Speech thereon, 384.
Selkirk, Lord, anecdote of, 343.
Shelburn, American business taken from Lord, 179.
Shirley, General, anecdote of, 130.
Slave Trade, 405.
Sloane's, Sir Hans, visit to Franklin, 35.
Smith, Dr., pronounces a funeral oration for Franklin, 411.
Spangenberg, Bishop, some account of, 117.
Spotswood, Colonel, governor of Virginia, 83.
Staël, the Baron De, letter on the peace with Sweden and requesting Mr. Temple Franklin to be

employed at the Swedish court, 356.
Stamp Act, origin of, 167---caricature occasioned thereby, 169—disturbance in America, occasioned

by passing the, 167—its repeal, 169.
Stuber, Dr., observations on the right of the British parliament to tax America, 217.
Swimming, great feat in the art of, 38.


Temple, Mr. John, his duel with Mr. Whately, 186.
Tennent, Rev. Gilbert, account of, 99.

Treaty of Peace between France and America, 315.
Tucker, Dean, controversy with Franklin, 210—reflections thereon, 215.
Tyron on vegetable diet. Influence of, 12.


Vaughan's, Benjamin, letter to Franklin requesting him to continue his memoirs, 59.
Vergennes, the Count de, receives the American commissioners, 312.
Vernon's confidence in Franklin, 24.

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Walpole's, Hon. Thomas, letter to Franklin, 281.
Washington, General, letter of congratulation to Franklin on his return to America, 382.
Watson, Dr., draws up an account of Franklin's discoveries, which is read before the Royal Society

of London, 125.
Webb, George, anecdote of, 42.
Wedderburn, (afterwards Lord Loughborough) bis abuse of Franklin before the privy council, 184.
Whately's duel with Mr. Temple of Boston, 186—their dispute stated, 203.
Whitfield, Rev. George, arrives at Philadelphia, 84–departs for Georgia, builds an orphan honse

there, 85.
Wilson's, Mr., objections to Franklin's lightning conductors, 322—his system overthrown by Messrs.

Henley and Nairne, 323, 324,
Wright, Dr., introduces Franklin's discoveries in philosophy to the Royal Society of London, 125.



No. 1. Journal of Franklin's voyage to Philadelphia in 1726



2. Rules for a Club at Philadelphia
5. Remarks on a protest against Franklin's being appointed agent in England for

6. Franklin's Examination before the English House of Commons
7. Account of Governor Hutchinson's letters, and the Examination of Dr. Franklin

before the Privy Council
8. Constitution of the United States of America
9. Queries relative to the federative constitution




Page 26. line 5 for hand read head.

33. line 8 for in play read at Plays.
166. line 10 for No. 6 read No. 5.
169. line 11 from bottom, for No. 7 read No. 6.
208. Note, for No. 7 read No. 6.
419. line 13 for 1778 read 1788.






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