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who had rendered a service so worthy of all her gratitude. Vaughan's slight and accidental mention, drawn from him by the strong excitement of Leonora's despair, had thrown sudden light upon the transaction. The only proof wanting was his acknowledgment of the locket. She trembled as she drew it from her bosom ; but her doubts were delightfully closed by his recognising this little memorial of his " ladye love."

Leonora flew to her husband with the intelligence. His haughty spirit resisted réconciliation, though it could not resist evidence, and the result was the singular meeting in which he satisi fied, however strangely, at once his sense of injury and of gratitude. Bat the Spaniard's nature was generous; chis love for Leonora wás ardent; she taught

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it to be confiding, and Vaughan, without an effort or an explanation, was gra dually adopted into the complete intimacy of the Spanish noble. 1. All now seemed to be auspicious; life shone around him. He wanted but a letter from his fair mistress, to place him beyond the reach of human anxiety..:

When her letter at length reached his hands, it found him in that light and joyous frame of mind which appeared anything but the prelude to the coming ill. He tore it open. The impulse of surprise and joy occasioned by tidings of the General's arrival at first superseded every other feeling.

« Now then all is safe and happy; we have had our evil day; but the storm has passed harmlessly over our heads. Lovely Catherine, there was surely a similarity in our destinies, which decreed that, toge

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ther or apart, Fortune should dispense
her frowns and smiles to both alike.
On A second perusal, it may well be sup-
posed, tended materially to moderate
his transports. He could not fail to
detect a singular and studied coldness
in her expressions, completely foreign
to her usual style." And at such a mo-
ment, too. In what light could he view
the unwelcome change? Thus wrote
Catherine : “My father has returned at
last, prosperous as I could desire, kind
and indulgent as I could wish him."
Murmured Vaughan, “Prosperous as I
could desire him! No congratulation
no' kind word on this approach to what
was once a mutual hope no Temem-
brance of the faith she pledged. Had

our situations been reversed, is it thus that I should have written? Let us read on: *I'am no longer the orphan you

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left behind! How am I to understand this intimation? That she is now an heiress that I must aspire to her no more.' 5389**ytoint

1220 o He dropped the paper, and in feverish bitterness of soul spoke as if she had been standing before him. Cathering, there was a time, when scarcely daring to anticipate the event which has now come, you grieved that you had no thing but empty professions to bestow. Your father's return was to be the proof of your faith and fondness. Then,' you, exclaimed, in a voice that was made to deceive, then may we lift up our heads, and defy this heartless world, But you have learnt to follow the ex

ample of that heartless, world; that aygung heart, was not formed to withstand prosperity. Whatı

What promises were z not in the very silence of your lips !

What love and truth strong as life or: death were not in those eyes, that then seemed to have brought their light from Heaven! And, after all, to send this cold, heartless, haughty, insulting letter.”

He caught it from the ground, tore it into a thousand pieces, and stood at his window, watching with a lover's vindictiveness the fragments as they fluttered through the air, and fell in the stream that floated, coloured with the richness of the setting sun, beneath his feet.

What was to be done? What reply could he send? or should he send none? To remind her of claims, which she appeared'intentionally to have forgotten;" was not to be thought of. There rex mained but one course to pursue, to utterly renounce, disdain, and forget her forever.

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