British Journal of Dental Science, Band 44

Oxford House., 1901

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Seite 637 - There are nine and sixty ways of constructing tribal lays, And — every — single — one — of — them — is — right!
Seite 830 - A Degree in Arts Of any University of the United Kingdom, or of the Colonies, or of such other Universities as may be specially recognised from time to time by the Medical Council, is considered a sufficient Testimonial of Proficiency.
Seite 915 - The superficial portion, the larger, arises by a thick tendinous aponeurosis from the malar process of the superior maxilla, and from the anterior two-thirds of the lower border of the zygomatic arch: its fibres pass downwards and backwards, to be inserted into the angle and lower half of the ramus of the jaw.
Seite 819 - ... of the motion is also preserved by the shape of an intermediate cartilage. " In this joint there is a moveable cartilage, which, though common to both condyle and cavity, ought to be considered rather as an appendage of the former than of the latter, being more closely connected with it, so as to accompany it in its motion along the common surface of both the cavity and eminence. This cartilage is nearly of the same dimensions with the condyle, which it covers ; is hollowed on its inferior surface...
Seite 940 - Domini one thousand eight hundred and ninetyfour, appoint three separate boards of medical examiners, each board to be composed exclusively of members of the same medical society. In case of failure of...
Seite 861 - The objects for which the Association is established are the promotion of dental and the allied sciences, and the maintenance of the honour and the interests of the dental profession...
Seite 717 - Each dissertation to be distinguished by a motto or device, and accompanied by a sealed envelope containing the name and residence of the author', and having on the outside a motto or device corresponding with that on the dissertation.
Seite 833 - The three years of instruction in Mechanical Dentistry, or any part of them, may be taken by the Dental Student either before or after his registration as a Student ; but no year of such Mechanical instruction shall be counted as one of the four years of Professional Study unless taken after registration.
Seite 607 - Dr Simpson's first perception was mental - 'This is far stronger and better than ether', said he to himself. His second was to note that he was prostrate on the floor, and that among the friends about him there was both confusion and alarm.
Seite 419 - In an examination on anatomy a very callow lad got the valves of the heart wrong, putting the mitral on the right side; but Huxley took compassion on him, with the remark, " Poor little beggar! I never got them correctly myself until I reflected that a bishop was never in the right! " On another occasion, at the end of a lecture, he asked one of the students if he understood it all. The student replied, " All, sir, but one part, during which you stood between me and the blackboard.

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