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"My good friend, Artopolus, I have really a regard for you: You serve me extremely well. How do you "manage to make such good bread as '* you fend me? 'Tis excellent; there "can be no fault found with such "bread. Let me see what it is I owe "you? Two thousand three hundred "and forty-six livres—That's just what "I owe you.—Well, I shall not exa"mine your account; I don't question "but it is right. Two thousand three "hundred and odd livres. I shall be "able to pay you.—Well, Mr. Arto"polus, the first money I receive shall *' be yours. You shall not be at the "trouble of coming for it; 'tis not "reasonable you should ;—why man,'tis «' you who keep me alive.

"So, here is my wine merchant:— "I have longed for an opportunity, my "friend, to take you to talk. ' You "know full well, Mr. Vintner, that

"you "you have a pleasure in poisoning me "with your wine. What the devil is "it you put into it? I cannot drink "three bottles but it deprives me of "my understanding; and yet it is mo"ney you want—Go about your busi"ness—go; people who expect to be "paid never serve their customers in "that manner. You shall have no "money till every body else is paid, if "it were only to teach you to fell good "wine.

"As for you, Monsieur Guillaumet, "I am quite ashamed to have been so "long without paying you. I am sen"sible of all the complaints you have "against me. You have cloathed me "and my whole family these five years, "and I have not as yet paid you a sous. "I promised to pay you towards the "end of the last year, but I disappoint"ed you.—Is not that all you have to "fay to me? You know me very well,


Monsieur Guillaumet; do you ima-* gine I could be so cruel as to let you be all this time out of your money, after you had disbursed such considerable sums for my use, if my tenants did but pay me? I must be a great villain if I could behave after that manner: But they will pay me by and by, and then you shall have your money.—Your servant,—Giveme leave to speak to that gentle-' woman.

"Good morrow, Mrs. Pernelle, I suppose you are come to demand your money for those thirty pieces of linen which I had of you two years ago? Well, I cannot pay you very soort. You see what a number of people I have promised already. But you can afford to wait a little. You are well to pass!"—" No, Sir, you are mistaken, my circumstances, are very indifferent."-;-" Oh, so much

"the '* the worse, my good mistress: whert "people cannot afford to give credit, "they should never pretend to fell.

"As to the, rest of you, my good "friends," fays Misochristis, addressing himself to those creditors who had not as yet received audience i "I fancy I "don't owe you any great matters. *' You fee I am endeavouring to regu"late my affairs. Give me a little more "time; and if I can do no better at "present, I will at least look over and "settle your accounts."

As soon as Misochristis had finished these words, the flew from them like lightening, leaving his creditors so astonished at his impudence, that he was quite out of their hearing before they had recollected themselves sufficiently to make him a reply.

But if men of honor have been bad pay-masters, because punctuality was unfashionable, they have been found equal

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ly so in those happy play-times, when their good old master, the Law, fell drowsy, and took no notice of his pupils actions.

Young Adrastus, hard run for money, determines to try his friends. He goes to Agathocles, and in the bated breath and whispering humbleness of a borrower, begs the loan of a thousand guineas.—A good round sum! But the benevolent Agathocles, a stranger to suspicion, grants the loan. Adrastus pockets the money and rides off, the happiest man in the world. For three years the good Agathocles got nothing from Adrastus but empty promises and sorrowful details of disappointments and losses. At length a war breaks out, and the country wanting money, the press is converted into a mint, and paper dollars are struck off by the ream. These the legislator pronounces to be of equal value with gold and silver, as a and

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