Manual of Examinations for Engineering Positions in the Service of the City of New York

Engineering news publishing Company, 1906

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Seite 181 - The mind of man naturally hates every thing that looks like a restraint upon it, and is apt to fancy itself under a sort of confinement, when the sight is pent up in a narrow compass, and shortened on every side by the neighbourhood of walls or mountains. On the contrary, a spacious horizon is an image of liberty...
Seite xiii - When two or more eligibles on a register have the same average percentage, preference in certification shall be determined by the order in which their applications were filed, but neither priority in the date of application nor of examination will give any other advantage in position on the registers of eligibles.
Seite 181 - ... on every side by the neighbourhood of walls or mountains. On the contrary, a spacious horizon is an image of liberty, where the eye has room to range abroad, to ex"patiate at large on the immensity of its views, and to lose itself amidst the variety of objects that, VOL.
Seite xiii - ... said appointing officer, unless the person so certified is a veteran, in which case his name shall continue to be certified so long as it remains on the eligible list under these rules.
Seite xvi - ... there is not required by these rules, in the opinion of the Commission, an examination involving essential tests or qualifications different from or higher than those involved in the examination for original entrance to the position formerly held by the person proposed to be reinstated.
Seite 152 - Every false statement knowingly made by any person in his application for examination, and every connivance by him at any false statement made in any certificate which may accompany his application, or any willful complicity by him in any fraud...
Seite 5 - A person residing in the United States who is appointed to the Philippine civil service may pay his traveling expenses from the place of his residence in the United States to Manila: Provided, That...
Seite xiv - If his conduct or capacity on probation be unsatisfactory to the appointing officer the probationer shall be notified in writing that at the end of such period he shall, for that reason, not be retained; his retention in the service otherwise shall be equivalent to permanent appointment. Veterans of the Civil War, honorably discharged from the military or the naval service of the United States, shall not be subject to such probation.
Seite 5 - He shall be allowed half salary from the date of embarkation and full salary from the date of his arrival in the islands : Provided, That he...
Seite xvi - ... thirty days, or in case of sickness six months, but the Commission, in exceptional cases, the circumstances of which shall be stated in its minutes and in its annual report, may extend such periods. Absence without leave for a period of five days, unless it be subsequently shown that such absence was unavoidable, shall be construed as a resignation.

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