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Since that statement was written, the following remarks on the subject have been communicated to the Gentleman's Magazine by an intelligent correspondent :

“ The estate has not hitherto been forfeited, although as appears from the Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into Public Charities (wherein it is particularly described,) complaints have occasionally been made that the money was not distributed with perfect impartiality. The subjoined accounts of the manner in which the receipts have been expended in one or two recent instances are from the Stafford Newspaper.

This week has been dispensed to the poor of the Borough of Stafford the bounty of the celebrated and ingenious Izaak Walton, a native of the place, who bequeathed a portion of the “rents and profits of a farme" for the purchase of coals "for some poor people,” to be delivered in January or February. “I say then,run the words of the humane testator, “because I take that time to be the hardest and most pinching time with poor people.” The farm in question is now of considerable value, bringing in, we believe, about Sol. a year, and after deducting a moiety of the protits directed to be applied to the apprenticing of two boys, and in a gift to a maid servant, or some honest poor man's daughter, a sufficient sum has this year remained for the purchase of a small allowance of coal to almost every poor family, which has this week been distributed.'Staffordshire Advertiser, 27th January 1827.

On Monday last (Sunday being St Thomas's Day) the Corporation of this borough, in pursuance of the will of “good old Izaak Walton,” gave 51. each with the son of Charles Smith's widow, and the son of William Pilsbury, on their being bound apprentices; also 51. to Martha Smith, for long servitude in one place and general good conduct, and 40s. each to ten burgesses of this borough.'-Ibid. 27 Dec. 1828.”Gentleman's Magazine, vol. xcix. pt. ii. p. III.





Izaak Walton, by Ilousman, æt. 79.

a crayon drawing, æt. 82.
Izaak Walton, Jun. by A. Bega.
Dr Hawkins, by
Mrs Hawkins, Daughter of Izaak Walton, by Hous man.
Anne Hawkins, Daughter of the above.
William Hawkins, Esq.
His Wife.
Bishop Ken, by F. Skiffer.




In 1627, 1628, 1629, 1630, 1631, 1632, and 1640, Izaak Walton resided in Chancery Lane about the seventh or eighth house from Fleet Street, and paid 2s. Sd. to the scavenger's rate. His house was never described as a shop.

He was nominated on the petty jury on St Thomas's Day, 1628.

He was presented for the office of scavenger for the parish of St Dunstan’s, 21st December, 1632.

He was on the grand jury in 1633, and 21st December, 1638.

He was on the wardmote inquest of the parish of St Dunstan's on the 20th December, 1636, and was then appointed a constable. On the 18th April

, 1639, Isaak Walton and Daniel Holtenby were elected overseers of the poor and sidemen to serve for the year ensuing.

He and others were elected vestrymen in February 1639-40, and he was appointed examiner of St Dunstan's on the 27th August, 1641.

He was also on the vestry in February 1643-4.

At a vestry holden 20th August, 1644, divers persons were chosen vestrymen in the room of Thomas Taglis, &c. and " Isaak Walton, lately departed out of this parish, and dwelling elsewhere."



1627. Dec. 19. Izacke, the sonne of Isack Walton, was baptized out of Chancery Lane.

1629. July 23. John, the sonn of Isaack Walton, was baptized. 1630[1]. Jan. 20. Thomas, sonne of Isaack Walton, baptized.

1630[1]. Mar. 6. Thomas, sonne of Isaack Walton, was buried out of Chancery Lane.

1631. Mar. 28. Isaac Walton, sonne of Isaac Walton, was buried out of Chancery Lane.

1632. Oct. 12. Henry, sonne of Isaac Walton, was baptized. 1632. Oct. 17. Henry, sonne of Mr Isacke Walton, was buried out of Chancery Lane.

1633[4]. Mar. 21. Henry, sonne of Isaac Walton, was baptized out of Fleet Street.

1634. Dec. 4. Henry, sonne of Isacke Walton, buried.
1637. Aug. 19, William, sonn of Izack Walton, was buried.
1640. Aug. 25. Rachell, wife of Isaack Walton, was buried.
1642. May 13. Anne, daughter of Isaac Walton, was buried.

OTHER ENTRIES OF THE NAME OF WALTON. 1607. June 3. Ellin Walton, from Fewter Lane buried. 1620. June 27. Jeffrey Walton, Gent. was buried.

1622. Nov. 19. Mary, daughter of Thomas Walton and Mary his wife, baptized.

1623. Dec. 14. Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Walton and Mary his wife, baptized.

1625. Sept. 4. Alice, daughter of Thomas Walton, was buried out of Fetter Lane.

1625. Sept. 28. Thomas Walton buried out of Fetter Lane.
1630. Nov. 28. Sara, the daughter of John Walton, was baptized.

1630. Dec. 11. Sara, daughter of John Walton, was buried out of Fleet Street.

1630. Feb. 20. William Walton and Alice Chapman married by banns. 1632. Aug. 8. Margaret, daughter of John Walton, baptized. 1632. Oct. 2. Margaret, daughter of John Walton, buried out of Fleet Street.

1641. Sept. 14. William Walton was buried.

It appears from these extracts, which were not discovered until very recently, that Izaak Walton had four children besides those mentioned in the pedigree in the Appendix, No. I. ; namely, Izaak, born in December 1627, who died in March 1631; John, born in July 1629, of whom nothing more is known, and who probably died very young ; Thomas, who was born in January, and died in March 1630-1 ; and William, who died in August 1637.

The register of St Dunstan's contains also notices of the following persons, who were probably related to those of the same names mentioned by Walton.

1610. April 22. Jane Marriott, widow, Fewter Lane, buried. 1622. April 9. John, the sonne of John Marriott, stationer, buried.

1628. March 25. John, son of John Marriott, was buried out of the Gardens in Fetter Lane.

1628. August 29. Edward, son of John Marriott, (buried) out of the Gardens.

1626. May 15. Mary, the daughter of John Marriott, baptized.

1629[30]. March 2. Elizabeth, daughter of John Marriott, was baptized.

1634. April 17. Valentine and Sarah, sonne and daughter of John Marriott, baptized.

1635. April 17. Elizabeth, daughter of John Marriott, buried. 1638. September 7. Ann, daughter of Richard Marriott, was buried. 1649. January 23. Elizabeth, wife of John Marriott, bookseller.

1656. July 12. Richard Marriott, infant, buried out of Crane Court in the churchyard. 41613. April 17. John Grinsells, son of Thomas Grinsells, buried.

1609. July 8. Thomas, a chrizom child of Thomas Grinsells, buried. 1609. October 24. Walter, sonne of Thomas Grinsell, buried. 1644. March 5. Mr Thomas Grensells was buried.

1647. October 2. Mrs Ann Grinsell, widow, buried in the body of the church.

1621. July 15. Francis, son of John Cranmer, buried. 1621. December 8. Humphry Cranmer buried. 1631. November 8. Samuel, son of Mr Francis Underhill, buried out of White's Alley.

1635. January 23. Francis Underhill buried.


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Extracts from the Registers of St Mary, Stafford. Jun. 1564. Baptizatus fuit Edwardus Walton filius Willielmi Walton, et Agnetis uxoris ejus primo die mensis et anni prædictorum.

Jan. 1579. Baptizata fuit Elizabetha filia illegitima Margaretæ Phil. * lippes ex fornicario concubitu cum quodam Francisco Waltone ut dicit, sexto die mensis Januarii.

Sept. 1593. Baptizatus fuit Isack filius Jervis Walton xxj die mensis et anni prædictorum.

Oct. 1593. Sepultus fuit Ricardus Walton lethaliter vulneratus decimo quarto die Octobris.

Mar. 1595. Sepultus fuit Ambrosius filius Jervis Walton tertio die mensis et anni prædictorum.

Feb. 1596. Sepultus fuit Jarvicius Walton xjo die mensis prædicti.

Mar. 1597. Sepultus suit Georgius Walton xxiiijo die mensis et anni prædictorum.

Sept. 1605. Matrimonium solemnizatum fuit ive, Johannem Forde et Elizabetham Walton quarto die Septembris anno 1605.

Jun. 1606. Baptizata fuit Elizabetha filia Johannis Walton et Elizabethæ uxoris ejus quarto die Junii an. 1606.

Feb. 1613. Baptizata fuit Helena filia Johannis Walton et Elizabethæ uxoris ejus decimo die Februarii, 1613.


With reference to the early part of the Walton pedigree, it may be observed that it is extremely probable that George Walton was a younger son of Henry Walton of Dovebridge, by Margaret, daughter of Henry, and sister of John Milward of that place, whose descendants are mentioned in Izaak Walton's will. George Walton, of Yoxhall above mentioned, died in 1571 ; and it appears from his will, which was dated on the roth of February, and proved by Isabella his widow on the 7th of April in the same year, that he had three sons, Denstell, Jervis, and William ; and two daughters, Anne and Alice, the latter of whom was then the wife of a person of the name of Haslam. Extracts from the wills of several persons of the name of Walton will be found in Note A.

NOTE L. The following is a full abstract of the will of “Samuel Walton, of St Mary's Cray, in Kent, gentleman,” dated on the 2nd of April 1631, and proved at Doctors' Commons on the oth of the same month. He bequeathed to his uncle John Walton, of Mathfield, in the county of Stafford, yeoman, an annuity of five pounds; to his brother-in-law, Henry King, of Foster Lane, London, gentleman, and John King, of Fleet Street, London, gentleman; to his sister-in-law, Elizabeth Long, of Bury St Edmunds; to his “kinsnian,” George Rowell, citizen and upholder of London ; to his cousin, Anne Brookhouse, of Bubton in the county of Derby, sister of the said George Rowell, and wife of Robert Brookhouse, husbandman; to his cousin, Thomas Kerobyn, of Burton, in the county of Stafford, chirurgeon ; to his cousin Anne Aldridge, sister of the said Thomas Kerobyn, and wife of Robert Aldridge, gentleman, of Burton, a gift. of thirty shillings each : to his cousin and late servant, William Walton, of Bromley, in Kent, yeoman, a house and garden in Bromley, which was purchased by the testator's late father, Henry Walton, citizen and clothworker, of London: to his cousin, Margaret Burrows, of Ashbourn, in the county of Derby, widow, and to his cousin, Matthew Andrews, of Mathfield, a gift of thirty shillings each ; to Elizabeth Chatfield, of Bermondsey Street, in Southwark, wife of William Chatfield, twenty shillings; to his tenant, Ellen Hobson, of Bromley, widow, thirty shillings ; and he appointed his cousin, Henry Walton, of Whitechapel, citizen and haberdasher, his residuary legatee and sole executor.

The other reasons for supposing that Izaak Walton was apprenticed to Henry Walton of Whitechapel, besides those already mentioned, are his friendship with the family of King ; his having become connected with the county of Kent, in which Samuel Walton resided and had property; and his having called two of his children by the baptismal name of Henry, a mark of respect which he is very likely to have shown to his master and kinsman.


Since the Memoir of Walton was printed, the following Deed, to which he was a party, has been obligingly communicated by Thomas B. Chinn, of Lichfield, Esq. It appears from it, that in December 1658, Walton was at Worson Farm, in the parish of St Mary's, in Stafford.

This INDENTURE TRIPERTITE made the second day of December in the year of our Lord God accordinge to the Englishe accompt one thousand six hundred and fifty eight between Mary Fitzwilliams of Malpas in the County of Chester Widdowe Walter Heveningham of Aston neare Stone in the county of Stafford Esquire and Isaacke Walton of Worson Farme in the parish of St Marye's in Stafforde in the county of Stafforde Gent. and Raphe Smith of Stone aforesaid Gent. of the first part. Francis Bagshawe of the Middle Temple London Esq. and Richard Bold servant to the said Francis Bagshawe of the second part and William Chetwinde of Rugeley in the said county of Stafford Esquire and Edward Arblaster of Longston in the said county of Stafford Esquire of the third part. WITNESSETH that for and in consideracion of the summe of tenne pounds

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