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It shall be the duty of every Parish, to send annually to the Trea. surer of the Convention, a sum equal to one per centum on the sal. ary of its minister, at least ten dollars annually, and the sum so raised shall be appropriated by the Standing Committee to pay for publishing the Journals, and other contingent expenses of the Convention. Each Parish shall be entitled to at least twenty copies of the Journals. The Treasurer's annual report to the Convention, shall contain a statement of the sum received, the Parishes from which they were received, and the purposes for which they were expended. The Secretary shall have the Journals published and ready for distribution within sixty days after adjournment of the convention, and the delegates from each parish are required to furnish the Secretary with written directions how, and where to transmit their respective copies, and no Parish shall be entitled to receive the Journals, unless the amount required by Canon shall have been paid.



Every Minister shall keep a Register of Baptisms, Confirmations, Communicants, Marriages, and Funerals, within his cure, agreeably to the twenty-ninth Canon of the General Convention of 1832. The Record shall specify the name and time of birth of the child baptized, with the names of the parents and sponsers; the name of the adult baptized; the names of the parties married, and of the persons buried; and also the time when each rite was performed. The register shall be kept by the minister, in a book belonging to the Vestry; and in case of a vacancy, by the senior Warden. It shall be the duty of the Minister, to present to the annual Convention, a statement of the number of Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, and Funerals within his cure; together with the number of Communicants; distinguishing the additions, removals and deaths, since the last report. He may also include in the statement any other matters tending to throw light on the condition of the Parish.



The Standing Committee shall organize on the day of their election, by choosing a President and Secretary: the latter of whom shall keep a record of all the transactions, and present an abstract of the same to each annual Convention. The meetings of the Standing Committee may be called at the discretion of the President; and it shall be his duty to call a meeting when requested thereto by any two of its members.,



Every Convention shall be opened with prayers and a sermon, and the administration of the Lord's Supper; and the preacher shall be nominated by the Bishop, or in case of the vacancy in that office, by the Standing Committee. There shall also be prayers every morning during the session of the Convention.

Resolutions Passed in the Convention,

The Bishop of the Diocese is authorized to admit to deacon's or ders, under Canon 6th of the General Convention of 1844, such persons as may apply for the same, and shall, to his satisfaction and to that of the Standing Committee of the Diocese, comply with the requirements of the said 6th Canon.

There shall be a board of Education of five or more persons, annually chosen by the Convention, of which Board the Bishop of the Diocese shall always be ex-officio chairman, and to this Board shall be confided the supervision of the work of Education in the church.

The Board shall meet at least once a year, at the time and place of holding the Convention, for the purpose of deliberating on the interests of Education, and shall present to the Convention a report of the state of the schools connected with the church in this Diocese. At every such annual meeting, the Board shall cause a sermon or address to be delivered on the subject of Education, the preacher or speaker having been appointed at least three months previously.

Any of the parochial clergy may proceed to the formation of parochial or other schools, if they deem it expedient, reporting their proceedings therein to the Board of Education, to be laid before the next Convention, subject to the controlling action of that body.

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Teachers to parochial schools shall be chosen by the Board of Education, upon the nomination of the Bishop, and shall be removable by the Board with the approbation of the Bishop. In case of a vacancy in the Episcopate, the Board shall have power to act alone in appointments and removals.

The Bishop shall be ex-officio visitor of all schools in the Dio

cese that are connected with the church. He shall also prescribe the religious services to be used in said schools, and together with the Board designate the books to be studied on all matters appertaining to the doctrine, ritual and government of the church.

Whenever an individual is desirous of establishing a private literary institution in this Diocese, under the direction of the church, he shall make his desire known to the Bishop, who on being satisfied with his or her qualifications, and with the locality of the proposed school, shall license him or her, and shall appoint three discreet Episcopalians as visitors of the establishment. It shall be the duty of such visitors to visit the school at least once a quarter, and examine the pupils and government thereof. They shall report to the Board of Education at each annual Convention, and to the Bishop oftener, if necessary, the true condition of the school, and endeavour generally to promote its true interest and efficiency.

The Rectors of the several Parishes in this Diocese are to take up collections in their several churches on Christmas day of each year, in aid of superannuated clergymen, their wives and children, and report the annual amount of the same to each annual Convention thereafter.

Each minister in this Diocese having a church in charge, is to procure annual contributions to the Episcopal fund, either by making a collection or otherwise, as he may deem best. The Wardens in each Parish are to open a book for the subscription of money in hand or in annual instalments, at the option of the subscribers, and also for obtaining donations in hand or in any other species of property; and such books, together with a report of any other collections for said fund, shall be laid before the Convention at their annual meettings by the respective clergymen of each Parish.

Every clergyman in charge of a Parish in the Diocese, shall hereafter furnish at each annual Convention, to the Education Committee, a statement in writing of what is being done in his Parish, in the work of Education under the auspices of the Church.

A sermon on Missions shall be preached at the annual meetings of the Convention, with particular reference to the support of Missions in the Diocese. The preacher to be appointed by the Bishop.

Every clergyman in charge of a Parish in this Diocese, shall hereafter take up a collection in his church, annually, on or near Epiphany, for the aid of Diocesan Missions, and report the same to the next Convention thereafter.

Rules of Order.

I. At the opening of any session of the Convention, the President shall take the Chair, and shall continue to preside during the sitting. He shall possess the usual powers of presiding officers in deliberative assemblies, to preserve order and decorum, and shall decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal to the House. He shall have the right to name any clerical member to perform the duties of the Chair; but such substitution shall not extend beyond an adjournment, unless directed by the House. The person so named shall possess all the powers of the President, but shall not lose the right of voting while so presiding.

II. If the Secretary of the preceding Convention be in attendance, he shall officiate as such until another be chosen. If he be not present, a temporary Secretary may be appointed, on motion, by

a viva voce vote.

III. After the Chair being taken by the President, the Secretary shall call over the names of the Clergy entitled to seats in the Convention, and shall enter in the journals those who are present. Notice shall then be given to the lay deputies to place their certificates on the table. They shall be examined by the Secretary, and a committee of two members, to be appointed by the President. Any irregular or defective certificate shall be suspended until a quorum shall have appeared. The names of the lay deputies, duly appointed shall then be called, and those who are present shall be entered on the journal. The irregular and defective certificates shall then be reported to the Convention, who shall decide on the admission of the deputies named in them.

IV. A constitutional quorum being found to be present, the President shall declare the Convention duly organized.

V. A Secretary shall then be chosen for the Convention. He may appoint an assistant, who shall perform all the duties of the office in the absence of the Secretary.

VI. The President shall then appoint the following Committees to wit:

1. Committee on new Parishes.

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