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Present-Rev. N. S. Wheaton, Rev. Charles Goodrich ; James Hopkins, Ambrose Lanfear, John Whitehead, Richard Swain, Thomas Sloo, Jun., and Thomas N. Morgan.

On motion by Dr. Wheaton, a Committee was appointed by the chair to nominate a Standing Committee for the ensuing year; whereupon the following persons were nominated, and confirmed by a vote of the Convention :

Rev. N. S. Wheaton, Rev. Charles Goodrich; Richard Relf, and L. C. Duncan.

The President of the Standing Committee reported, that agreeably to the instructions they had received from the last Convention, they transmitted to the Rt. Rev. Leonidas Polk, Missionary Bishop of Arkansas, the resolutions of said Convention, placing the Diocese of Louisiana under his Episcopal charge ; and that they had received the following reply; which, on motion, was directed to be placed on the Journal.

COLUMBIA, FEBRUARY 14, 1839. To the Rev. N. S. Wheaton, President of the Standing Committee of the

Diocese of Louisiana. REV. AND DEAR SIR, – Your favor of the 16th January, covering certain resolutions of the Convention of the Diocese of Louisiana, placing that Diocese under my “full Episcopal charge and authority, according to the provisions of the 3d Canon of the General Convention of 1838, and requesting my acceptance of the same,” is received.

For the kind manner in which the Committee has chosen to discharge the duty imposed on it by the Convention, you will please accept my cordial thanks; with assurances that I accede to the wishes of the Convention with much pleasure, and that I will contribute whatever services I can, consistently with other engagements, to the furtherance of the interests of our beloved Church in your Diocese. With sentiments of great respect,

Your friend and brother,


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The President of the Standing Committee read & dismissory letter from the Bishop of Pennsylvania, transferring the Rev. William B. Lacey, D. D., from that Diocese to the Diocese of Louisiana.

On motion, by the Rev. Mr. Goodrich, Resolred, That the Parochial Reports be now received and read.


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The Rector of Christ Church, New Orleans, reports for the last year, the following ecclesiastical transactions in his parish, viz.

Baptisms, (infants, 45; adults, 2;) 47:—Marriages, 13:-Interments, 46:-Communicants, about 150. There are about 70 pupils in the Sunday school, principally the children of members of the parish. $700 have been contributed to the Missionary Society; $500 towards erecting a church at Matagorda ; and $170 for a similar purpose at Key West.

N. S. WHEATON, Rector.

Report of St. Paul's Parish, New-Orleans.
Baptisms, (infants, 6; adults, 2;) 8:-Marriages, 2:-Funerals, 2:-
Communicants, (2 died and 4 removed,) 31.

Since the meeting of the last Convention, a neat edifice has been erected for the congregation to worship in—a flourishing Sunday school is connected with the parish, and the ladies of the society have formed A sewing circle for missionary and other benevolent objects.

C. GOODRICH, Rector of St. Paul's.

The Treasurer of the last Convention reported, that the bill for publishing the Journal of the Primary Convention had been paid by the Vestry of Christ Church.

On motion, by Dr. Wheaton, Resolved, That the Secretary be instructed to publish the Journals of this, and the preceding Convention; and to call upon the different pa



Journal of the Convention of the Diocese of Louisiana.

rishes for the assessments specified in the 3d Canon, to defray the expenses thereof.

On motion, by the Rev. Mr. Goodrich, Resolved, That the Convention adjourn to meet in Christ Church, New Orleans, at 11 o'clock, on the third Wednesday in January, 1841.

No more business having been presented, after prayers by the Bishop, the Convention a:djourned.


THOS. N. MORGAN, Secretary.

List of the Clergy residing in the Diocese.

Rev. N. S. WHEATON, D.D., Rector of Christ Church, New-Orleans.
Rev. CHARLES GOODRICH, Rector of St. Paul's Church, New-

Rev. DANIEL S. LEWIS, Rector of Grace Church, St. Francisville.
Rev. WM. B. LACEY, D. D., President of College at Baton Rouge.
Rev. RODERICK H. RANNEY, Professor in the College at Baton


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