Health Security Act of 1993: Hearings Before the Committee on Labor and Human Resources, United States Senate, One Hundred Third Congress, First Session, on Examining the Administration's Proposed Health Security Act, to Establish Comprehensive Health Care for Every American, Teil 3


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Seite 200 - Congressional enactment of the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act of 1984...
Seite 149 - PL 95-471 and the proposed amendments. We are deeply indebted to all of you for the interest and concern you've shown toward Indian Education as a whole and for your special help to the tribally...
Seite 206 - The enactment of cost-containment programs, price controls, or both, on a national level often results in decreased levels of R&D spending in that these programs reduce revenues that can be reinvested in R&D programs. Several countries that have implemented such programs have seen their pharmaceutical industries weaken or shift outside their borders . " Regulation of drug prices would be especially harmful because it would bias research towards low-risk, low-benefit new products.
Seite 198 - The first principle is that coverage for prescription drugs must be provided to all Americans just like coverage for other medical treatments. Drugs not only prevent disease and save lives — they save money. They keep patients out of hospitals, out of nursing homes, out of emergency rooms, out of doctors
Seite 205 - Secretary believes the drug is "not cost effective." Two of the Administration's major goals in healthcare reform are to achieve simplicity and reduce costs. In an address to congress last September, the President promised to "simplify government rules and regulations so that a doctor doesn't have to check with a bureaucrat in an office thousands of miles away before ordering a simple blood test.
Seite 203 - Products now in the pipeline could provide more cures and better controls for many of today's most intractable and costly diseases. For example, the industry has almost 300 medicines in human clinical trials or awaiting approval at the Pood and Drug Administration for juct eight diseases that afflict older Americans.
Seite 228 - Because there is no such thing as a "me-too" patient. The truth is that a drug that works for one patient may not work for another — even if they share the same condition. And giving lupue patients the wrong drug can cause them great physical distress or even kill them. Let me point out a few other critical and related concerns. Appropriate medication is often determined only through trial and error. Patients frequently require combinations of medicines to bring their symptoms under control. Lupus...
Seite 292 - It seems to me that the safest and most prudent of bets to lay money on is surprise. There is a very high probability that whatever astonishes us in biology today will turn out to be usable, and useful, tomorrow. This, I think, is the established record of science itself, over the past two hundred years, and we ought to have more confidence in the process.
Seite 17 - This program will be targeted to areas with high needs, including poverty, births to adolescents, and sexuallytransmitted diseases among school-aged youth. The School-Related Services program will support the provision of health services - including psychosocial services and counseling in disease prevention, health promotion, and individualized risk behavior in school-based or school-linked sites. Grants will be made to states for the development and implementation of state-wide projects targeted...
Seite 228 - ... more options that can help them cope with their painful affliction. The one hope they have is that advanced medical research may bring a cure. What concerns me most about the President's proposals for drug pricing is that I fear they will curtail the options available to people with lupus. My first concern is that without continued and increased research and development, there may never be a cure. It would be tragic to create a new health care system that discourages cost-saving medical research...

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