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Whale, bobbed for, 672.

Wife, man directed by a, 232.
What a fail was there, 876.


she was a, if ever such, were, 723.
can an old man do but die, 322.

Wild ambition loves to slide, 798.
can ennoble sots or cowards, 781.

in their attire so withered and so.863.
care I how fair sho bc, 193.

thyme blows, bank where the, 495.
constitutes a state, 599.

with all regret, 315.
has been has been, 792.

Wilderness, lodge in some vast, 593.
has posterity done for us, 793.

bird of the, 473.
he knew what's, 808.

of building, 867.
is done is done, 702.

of single instances, law that, 810.
makes all doctrines clear, 809.

Wiles, more unexpert, boast not of, 539.
is more miserable than discontent, simple transient sorrows, 128.

wanton, quips and cranks and, 785.
is what he knew, 808.

Will, and fate free will fixed fate, 808.
perils do environ, 540.

be there a, wisdom finds a way, 798.
stronger breastplate, 790.

complies against his, 803.
we have we prize not, 801.

if she, do't she will, 795.
What's her history, 251.

left free the human, 870.
in a name, 84.

or won't dedend on't, a woman, 795.
one man's poison, 815.

puzzles the, 297.
mine is yours, 205.

river glideth at his own sweet, 678.
yours is mine, 205.

served not another's, 736.
Whatever is, is right, 489.

star of the unconquered, 802.
rcalms I sce, 218.

tempcrate, the reason firm the, 128.
Wheedling arts, by her first taught, 795. to do, the soul to dare, 670.
Wheel, butterfly upon a, breaks a, 909. unconquerable, study of revenge,540.
the sofa round, 810.

Willie Winkie, wce, 83.
Wheels, madding, of brazen chariots, Willing to wound afraid to strike, 910.
of weary life stood still, 309.

Willowed shore, wild and, 494.
of Phæbus' wain, the hindmost, 830. Wills to do or say seems wisest, 209.
When Israel of the Lord beloved, 372 Win us to our harm, tellus truths to, 396,
lovely woman stoops to folly, 330.

with honest trilles to betray, 396.
we two parted in silence and tears, Wind and his nobility, betwixt the, 506.

blow, come wrack, 541.
Whence is thy learning, 804.

blow thou winter, 316.
Whene'er I take my w Iks abroad, 398. breathing of the common, 922
Where my Julia's lips do smile, 131.

hollow-murmuring, 816.
none adınire useless to excel, 133.

hope constancy in, corn in chaff, 806.
the bee sucks there suck I, 869.

ul, turn none to good, 802.
was Roderick then, 511.

invisible and creeping, 631.
Where's my child, 309.

large a charter as the, 602.
Whereabout, stones prate of my, 882.

pass me by as the idle, 797.
Where'er I roam, 248.

stands as never it stood, 802,
While stands thé Coliseum Rome shall streaming to, imperial ensign, 725.
stand, 682.

that follows fast, 626.
there is life there's hope, 794.

that grand old harper, 493.
Whining school-boy with satchel, 711. Winding bout, with many a, 786.
Whipped the offending Adam out, 395. way, I see them on their, 491,
Whipping, tutoress of arts, 108.


unfinished, in Aladdin's tower,
Whips and scorns of time, 297.

Whirlwind, rides in the, 539.

Windowed raggedness, looped and, 494.
Whirlwind's roar, torrent and, 603. Windows richly dight, storied, 787.
sway, sweeping, 103,

Winds, ask of the, 614.
Whisper, busy, circling round, 688.

blow, crack your cheeks, 494.
hark they, angels say, 365.

beteem the, of heaven, 206.
Whispered it to the woods, 209.

courted by all the, 631.
Whispering for lovers made, 686.

happy, upon her played, 721.
humbleness, bated breath and, 724.

posting, rides on the, 811.
I will ne'er consent consented, 205. rough with black, 632.
tongues can poison truth, 116.

stormy, do blow, 629.
wind, watch-dog's bark bayed, 688. wailing and naked woods, 466.
with white lips, the foe ! 512.

Wine, I'll not look for, 125.
Whispers of shades and wanton winds, of life is drawn, mere lees is left, 346.

old, to drink, 118,
the o'erfraught heart. 312.

poison of misused, crushed sweet,558.
Whist, the wild waves, 860.

Wine, across the walnuts and the, 814.
Whistles, pipes and, 711.

Wing, quiet sail as a noiseless, 685.
Whistling aloud to bear courage up, 107. dropped from an angel's, 908.
the foolish, of a name, 939.

see the human soul take, 705.
White black and gray, 397.

Winged hours of bliss, 347.
is not so white, 805.

the shaft, his own feather, 800.
nor, so very white, 805.

Wings, hope flies with swallow's, 800.
radiance of eternity, 540.

hovering angel with golden, 830.
wench's black eye, stabbed, 791.

lend lend your, 365.
whose red and, 122.

love spreads his light, 215.
White handed Hope, 830.

of night, falls from the, 490.
Whiter than the driven snow, 708.

of silence, float upon the, 726.
Whitewashed wall, sanded floor, 689.

the soul, 725.
Who a sermon flies, verse may find, 364. Winking Mary-buds, begin, 474.
breaks a butterfly on a wheel, 909. Winkie,

wee Willie, 83.
builds a church to God, 797.

Winsome wee thing, she is a, 216.
dares do more is none. 800.

Winter in thy year, no, 472.
love too much, hate, 207.

of our discontent, 541.
never mentions hell to ears polite, ruler of the inverted year, 492.

when the dismal rain, in, 193.
shall decide when doctors, 803.

Winter's fury, long withstood the, 948.
steals my purse steals trash, 811, Wiped away the weeds and foam, 406.

would not weep if Atticus, 910. Wisdom, vain false philosophy, 808.
Whoe'er she be, 192.

at one entrance quite shut out, 407.
Whole of life to live, not the, 311.

calls seek virtue first, 803.
parts of one stupendous, 287.

man of, man of years, 791.
perfect, 406.

married to immortal verse, 806.
world kin makes, 811.

mounts her zenith with stars, 431.
Wholesome, the nights are, 397.

nearer when we stoop, 798.
Whom the gods love die young, 107.

of a thousand years, 602.
Why don't the men propose, 214.

such as practice taught, 798.
is plain as way to church, 803.

vain, all, and false philosophy, 808.
so pale and wan fond lover, 263,

will not enter, nor true power, 348.
Wick, within the flame of love, 271. Wisdom's aid, music, 774.
Wicked cease from troubling: 330:

part, this is, 296.
Wickedness, method in man's, 395. Wise, be not worldly, 798.
Wickliffe's dust shall spread, 939.

enough to play the fool, 798.
Widow of fifty, 131.

exceeding fair spoken, 723.
some undone, sits on mine arm, 541. for cure depend on exercise, 671.
Wielded at will fierce democratie, 804, folly to be, where ignorance is bliss,
Wife and children, knots of love, 28%

dearer than the bride, 215.

passiveness, 397.

Wise saws and modern instances, 711.

the only, wretched aro the, 739.
type of the, who soar, 474.
who are a little, 793.

with speed, 793.
Wisely, loved not, but too well, 724.

worldly, be, 708.
Wiser, I am no, than a daw, $10.
Wisest, brightest, meanest of mankind,

censure in mouths of, 811,

virtuousest, discreetest, best, 209.
Wish fled from her, 723.

was father to that thought, 800.
Wished she had not heard it, 145.

often that I had clear, 121.
Wishes in idle, fools supinely stay, 795.

sober, never learned to stray, 306.
Wishing of all employments worst, 801.
Wit, a man in, simplicity a child, 724.

able enough to justiiy the town, $39.
and social eloquence,

brevity is the soul of, 803.
brightens, how the, 812
courage is as little as his, 140.
craves kind of, to do that we 11, 793.
high as metaphysic, can fly, F08
in the combat gentle as bright, 940.
invites by his lcoks to come, 802.
is a feather, and a chief arcd, 780.
men of, will condescend, 810.
put his whole, in a jest, 939.
she hath without desire, 140,
that can creep, 910,
to mortify a, there still remains, 804
true, is nature dressed, 807,

ye'll find nae cthcrwhere, 343.
Wit's deep quintessence, 938.
Witch hath power to charm, 397.

the world with horsemanship, 67L
Witchcraft, what a hell of, lies 204.

this only is the, I have used, 145.
Witchery of the soft blue sky, 450.
Witching time of night, the very, 491.
Withered and so wild in attire, S.
Withering on the virgin thorn, 493.
Within, I have that, passt th show, 205.

that awful volume lies, 397.
Without Thee we are pcor, 30-4.
Witness of all-judging Jove, 811.
Wits, keen encounter of our, 801.

to madness near allied, 909.
Witty, though but downright fools, 308.

though ne'er so, words, 24.

to talk with, 134.
Woe, laughing wild, amid feverest, 899.

bewrays more, silence in love, 204.
careful pilot of my proper, 223.
day of, the watchiul night, 300.
deepest notes of thrill the, 201.
eloquence to, truth denies, 343.
every, a tear can claim, 207.
heritage of, lord of him elf that,

mockery of, bear about

the, 312.
Nature gave signs of, 899.
new scenes of, 639.
one, upon another's heel. 345.
ponderous, bear it calmly tho a, 312.
rearward of a conquered, 271.
sabler tints of, chastised by, 346.
sleep thu friend of, 816.
teach me to feel another's, S70.
tears of, the smiles of jy, 399.
trappings and the suits or, 295.
voiceless, 720.

Woes at midnight rise, 492.

cluster rare and solitary, 345.
easer of all, 816.
Galileo with his, 938.

shall serve for sweet discourses, 241.
Wolf on the fold, came down like, 500.
Woman is at best a contradiction, 795.

believea, oran epitaph, 806.
could play the, with mine eyes, 346.
dark eye in, light of a, 650.
destructive, damnable, deceitful,

excellent thing in, soft voice an, 723
frailty thy name is, 207.

how divine a thing, may be, 73.
Woman, a perfect, nobly

planned, 12.
in her first passion, 796.
in our hours of ease, 509.
in this humour wooed (von), 796.
lovely woman, 133.
loves her lover, 796.
man is but half withont, 232
moved like a fountain troubled. 79
nature made thee to temper man, 13
one that was a, 309.
perfected, earth's

noblest thing, 723
play the, 321,
scorned, like a. 207.
she is a, therefore to be won, 735
smiled, till, 204,

Woman, still be a, for you, 185.
World but two nations bear, 796.

Wretch condemned with life to part,
stoops to folly, when lovely, 336.

contagion to this,

such duty
oweth to her husband, 215. daffed the, aside, 793.

friend to the, whom every friend
take an elder, let the, 215.
dissolves, when all the, 396.

forsakes, 311.
take some savage, 257.
Columbia queen of the, 588.

hollow-eyed, sharp-looking, 722.
that deliberates is lost, 796.
falls when Rome falls, 682.

once conscious of the joy, 800.
'tis, that seduces all mankind, 795.

fever of the, 404.

Wretched are the wise, 730.
what mighty ills done by, 795.

gave his honors to the, 311.

Wretchedness, hug all, 243.
who trusts himself to, 271.

glory, jest, and
riddle of the, 792.

in his conception, 320,
will or won't, depend on't, 795.

the wags. 791.

Wretches hang jurymen may dine, 810.
win a, with his tongue, 133.
humanized a, 806.

poor naked, 494.
Woman's eyes, light that lies in, 203.

I have not loved the, 271.

Wrinkle, time writes no, 607.
gentle brain,
I hold the, but as the, 804.

Wrinkled Care derides, Sport that, 785.
looks, my only books, 204.

if all the, and love were young, 158. Wrinkles, the dd democrats, won't
love, brief as,
in a naughty, 797.

flatter, 791.
reason, no other but a, 723.

in love with
night, 134.

Writ by God's own hand, 489.
whole existence, love is, 796.
inhabit this bleak, alone, 465.

stolen forth of holy,

Womanhood and childhood, 104.

into this breathing, 938.

strong as proofs of holy, 207.
Womb of uncreated night, 794.

is all a fleeting show, 399.

Write as funny as I can, 976.
Women, alas the love of, 203.

is too much with us, 403.

those that, in rhyme, 807.
and brave men, 511.

light awakes the, 490.

Writing, ease in, comes from art, 806.
dil as glasses, 232.

man is one, and hath another, 792. Wrong, always in the, 909.
framed to make false, 207.
might have stood against the, 876.

can't be, whose life is right, 397.
like princes find few friends, 795.

name at which the, grew pale, 909. condemn the, 395.
Women's weapons, water-drops, 346.

new, which is the old, 175.

ne'er pardon who have done the, 798.
Won, if haply, perhaps a hapless gain, of death, back to a, 308.

once, will need be always so, 798.
of sighs, for my pains a, 145.

rival in the, 799.
not unsought be, 209.
of waters dark and deep, 407.

reverse of, mistook for right, 808.
she is a woman therefore to be, 795. proud, good bye, 311.

treasures up a, 899.
showed how fields were, 688.

rack of this tough, stretch him out, we are both in the, 121.
Wonder all mankind, 134.


Wronged orphans' tears, 541.
grew, still the, 688.

rink, let the, 398.

Wrongs of night, repay the, 489.
how the devil they got there, 815.

so fair, God hath made, 399.

Wroth with one we love, 116.
of an hour, school-boy's tale the, 792. steal from the, 225.

Wroghte, afterwards he taught, 697.
of our stage, 905.

so shines good deed in naughty, 797. Wrote, what he was all his own, 939.
Wonderful is death, 714.

sudden visitations daze the, 812. Wrought in a sad sincerity, 736.
Wonders to perform, 632.

the whole, kin, 811.

Wut's words to them, 539.
Wondrous kind, fellow feeling makes, this work-day, 215.

Wyd was his parisshe,


this runs the, away, 671.
pitiful, 'twas, 145.

to darkness and to me, leave the, 304. Xerxes did die and so must 1, 397.
strange, but this is, 808

to spite the, 347.
sweet and fair, 125.

too much respect upon the, 803. Yaller-pines, under the, 493.
Wonted fires, in our ashes live their, 306. too wide, 711.

Yarn, web of our life is a mingled, 792.
Woo, April when they, 214.

uses of this, 346.

Yawn, heard thy everlasting,confess,724.
her, my story, and that would, 145. vain pomp and glory of this, 321. Ye mariners of England, 629.
was not made to, 795.

was all before them where to choose, Year by year we lose friends, 120.
Wood, deep and gloomy, 404.


heaven's eternal, 311.
old, to burn, 118.
was sad till woman smiled, 204.

if all the, were playing holidays, 108.
one impulse from a vernal, 494.
weight of this unintelligible, 404.

inverted, ruler of the,

Woodbine, luscious, over-canopied, 495. witch the, with horsemanship, 671. melancholy days the saddest of the,
well-attired, 494.'
without a sun within our arms, 206.

Woodman spare that tree, 101.
World's a bubble, 320.

moments make the, 815.
Wood-notes, native, wild, 786.

a stage, all the, 711.

rolling, is full of the, 417.
Woods against a stormy sky, 587.

a theatre, 792.

Years, flight of, unmeasured by, 399.
green-robed senators of mighty, 494. Worldly

wise, be not, 798.

eternal, of God, 534.
pleasure in the pathless, 607.
Worlds, allured to brighter, 688.

thought of our past, 758.
whispered it to the, 209.

exhausted, and imagined new, 905. we live in deeds not, 742.
Wooed, beautiful therefore to be, 795.

moving about in, not realized, 759. Yellow melancholy, 251.
that would be, 209.

conquer twenty, 308.

primrose was to him, 495.
we should be, 795.

wrecks of matter and the crash of, Yesterday, O call back, 792.
Wooer, was a thriving, 204.


Yesterdays, cheerful, and confident to
Wooing in my boys, I'll go, 215.
Worm in the bud, like a, 251.

morrows, 793.
caress, 814.
is in the bud of youth, 308.

have lighted fools to death, 792.
Woolen, odious in, 779.

needlessly sets foot upon a, 782.

look back wards, 792.
Word as fail, no such, 802.

the canker and the grief, 250.

Yielded her heart in dots and under-
a reputation dies at every, 811.
the smallest, will turn, 798.

lines, 254.
Farewell ! a, that must be, 241. Worms and epitaphs, let's talk of, 310. with coy submission, 711.
for teaching me that, 803.

of Nile, outvenoms the, 811.

Yoke, how hard thy, cruel thy dart, 204,
He was the, that spake it, 398.

Worn out with eating time, a clock, 309. Yore, race of, 308.
many a, at random spoken, 803. Worn-out word, alone, 813.

York, this sun of, 541.
no man relies on, 940.

Worse appear the better reason, 724. Yorkish turn again, 123.
of Cæsar might have stood, 876.

change for, 207.

You meaner beauties of the night, 124.
of promise to our ear, 345.

for wear, not much the, 959.

Young and so fair, 335.
sweet in every whispered, 491.
gives greater feeling to the, 345.

both were, one was beautiful, 764.
tempted her with, too large, 204. Worship, give me, and quietness, 541. desire, hope thou, nurse of, 800.
whose lightest, 725.
of the great of old, 681.

Fancy's rays, 108.
worn-out, so idly spoken, 813. Worst, the, speak something good, 364. idea how to shoot, 214.
Wordes, finden, newe, 3.

this is the, 346.

man's fancy, 254.
fearen babes, 540.
Worth, afflicted, retire to peace, 804.

Obadias, David, Josias, 397.
Words, apt and gracious, 723.

a thousand men, 511.

to be was very heaven, 490.
are like leaves, 803.
celestial, promise of, 398.

when my bosom was, 529.
give sorrow, 312.
in anything, what is, 803.

whom the gods love die, 107.
immodest, admit of no defence, 805. makes the man, 781.

Youth, bud of worm is in. 308.
move slow, 806.
prize not to the, 801.

flourish in immortal, 759.
must appear in other ways than, 121. sad relic of departed, 581.

had been friends in, 116.
of all sad, of tongue or pen, 159.

virtue and the conscience of her; 209. is vain, 116.
of learned men, 688.

Worthy of your love, he will seem, 205. in the lexicon of, 802.
that burn, thoughts that breathe, Wot not what they are, 804.

of labor, 687.
Wound, earth felt the, 899.

on the prow pleasure at helm 108.
that weep and tears that speak, 804. tongue in every, of Cæsar, 877.

perpetual, 602.
Work for man to mend, 671.

with a touch scarcely felt, 806.

sheltered me in, 101.
her noblest, she classes O, 191. Wounds, bind up my, 510.

spirit of, 490, 492.
honest man's noblest, of God, 780.
wept o'er his, 688.

steals from her, 215.
like madness in the brain, 116.
Wraps their clay, turf that, 563.

unknown to fame, 307.
to sport as tedious as to, 108.

Wrath, infinite, infinite despair, 396. Youthful poets dreams, 786.
Working out salvation, tools of, 396.

nursing her, to keep it warm, 847. poets fancy when they love, 134.
Works, these are thy glorious, 417. Wreathed smiles, 785.
World, anywhere out of the, 335.
Wreaths, with victorious, 511.

Zaccheus he did climb the tree, 397.
bank-note, 677.
Wreck of sober vows, 558.

Zealots, let graceless fight, 397.
blows and buffets of the, 347.
Wrecks of matter, 759.

Zekle crep' up quite unbeknown, 993.
books are a, 806.

Wren will fight against the owl, 232. Zenith, dropt from, like falling star, 725.

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