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in 1859......

PAGI ABOLITION Conv. at Warsaw, N. Y., 1839. 12 Bell, John, of Tennessee, nominee of she ABOLITIONISTS (Garrisonians) for Disunion. 173

Union party for President, 1860. ......

29 His Compromise Proposition..

75 ACCEPTANCE of Presidential candidates.... 210 His letter accepting the nomination for Presi. ADAMS, CHARLES FRANCIS, of Massachusetts,

212 President Buffalo Convention, 1848; Nominee of BENJAMIN, Juda: P., of Louisiana, on Popdo. for Vice-President.....

ular Sovereignty.

194 Adams, GOVERNOR, of South Carolina, re

His opinion of Douglas....

196 commends in a Message the reopening of the Afri- BIRNEY, JAMES G., of Michigan, Abolition can Slave-Trade.... 208 candidate for President in 1840.

12 Adams, Johx, of Massachusetts, chosen

Liberty Party candidate for President in 1844.. 14 President 1796–7: Reëlection defeated 1800-1.... 9 Bonham, MILLIDGE L., of South Carolina,

for Dissolution.. ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY, of Massachusetts,

172 elected President 1824 ; defeated candidate for Boyd, Linn, of Kentucky, defeated for do. 1828...


Vice-President by Democratic Convention, 1856.. 24 ALLEN, CHARLES, of Massachusetts, offers BRECKINRIDGE, JOHN C., of Kentucky, Resolve in Whig National Convention, 1848....... 15

nominated Vice-President by Democratic ConAMERICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION, 1856.... 23 vention, 1856..

24 Elected Vice-President 1856.

22 AMERICAN National COUNCIL, 1856...... 23

Speech on General Politics at Frankfort Ky., ANTI-MASONIC NATIONAL CONTENTIONS of


Gives casting vote against Free Homestead bill 187 1830 and 1831......

Accepts nomination for Presidency...

211 Anti-SLAVERY ORDINANCE of 1784.


Bronson, Judge GREENE C., on Slavery, ANTI-SLAVERY ORDINANCE of 1787..... 52 letter affirming Slavery to exist only by positive


202 ASAMUN, GEORGE, of Massachusetts, Presi. dent Republican National Convention, 1860..... 26 BROWN, AARON V., of Tennessee, de

feated for Vice-President in Democratic ConvenArchison, David R., of Missouri, beaten

24 for Vice-President in Democratic Convention, 1852 20 BANKS, NATHANIEL P., of Massachusetts,

BUCHANAN, JAMES, of Pennsylvania, beaten defeated for Vice-President in Rep. Conv., 1856... 22

for President in Democratic Convention, 1844.... 13

Beaten for President in Democratic Conven. Supported for Vice-President in Republican National Convention, 1860.

tion, 1848....


Nominated for President by Democratic ConBates, EDWARD, of Missouri, President

vention, 1856.

24 Whig National Convention, 1850.

25 Elected President of the United States, 1856. Candidate for President before Republican Con.

Message on Lecompton.

113 vention, 1860.. 27 Special message on do.

117 Letter to the Missouri delegates to the Republi

Veto of Homestead bill.......

191 can Convention.


BURR, His letter in support of Lincoln and Hamlin.. 199

Aaron, chosen Vice-President, 1800-1..

9 BARBOUR, PAILIP P., of Virginia, beaten for Vice-President....

10 BUTLER, WILLIAM O., of Kentucky, Demo

cratic nominee and defeated candidate for ViceBARBOUR, JAMES, of Virginia, President

President, 1848..

16 first National Republican Convention...


Defeated for President and Vice-President in President Whig National Convention, 1839..... 12

Democratic National Convention, 1852.... 20 BarXBURNERS of New-York retire from Do.

CALAOUN, Jonn C., of South Carolina, mocratic National Convention.


elected Vice-President in 1824, and reelected in Nominate Van Buren and Dodge for President

10 and Vice-President...


CAMBRELENG, C. C., of N. Y. on Slavery... 204 BARTLETT, G. B., of Kentucky, President American National Council, 1856.

23 CAMERON, Gen. Simon, of Pennsylvania,

candidate for President before Republican Na. BAYARD, JAMES A., of Delaware, defeated

tional Convention, 1860

87 for Vice-President in Democratic Conveation, 1856 24 Presides over Seceders' Convention at Charles- CAMPBELL, LEWIS D., of Ohio, offers a re

solve in Whig National Convention, 1848.


tion 1856. ....





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PAON CARROLL, Gov. William, of Tennessee, Fourth Democratic National Convention, 1844 .. 18 President of the third Democratic National Con.

Fifth Democratic National Convention, 1843 ... 16 vention, 1840....

19 Sixth Democratic National Convention, 1852.. 20

Seventh Democratic National Convention, 1856 24
Cass, Gen. Lewis, of Michigan, beaten for

Eighth Democratic National Convention, 1860 .. 29
President in Democratic Convention, 1844.. 18
Democratic nominee for President, 1848;

Mr. Avery's (N. C.) Majority Report, from Com-
beaten for President, 1848

mittee on Platform; Mr. H. B. Payne's Mi.

16 Beaten for President in Democratic Conven

nority Report from Committee on Platform;

Senator Wm. Bigler's Compromise proposition 80 tion, 1852

20 Beated for President in Democratic Conven

Mr. Avery's amended Majority Report; Mr. tion, 1856

Avery's remarks in favor of same; Mr. H. B. 24


Payne of Ohio in reply
Nicholson Letter on Popular Sovereignty. 179 His extracts from Breckinridge, Orr, and Ste-
CHAPMAN, Gen. John G., of Maryland,

phens; Mr. Samuels's (of Iowa) Minority RePresident, Whig National Convention, 1852.....


82 18

Minority Report adopted, 165 to 138; Alabama CAASE, SALMON P., of Ohio, candidate for

protests and withdraws..

89 President before Republican National Conven.

Mississippi withdraws

34 tion, 1860.

27 South Carolina, Florida, and Texas withdraws... 86 Proposes to Allow People of Kansas to probibit

Arkansas retires....

81 Georgia retires.

ÇLAY, Cassius M., of Kentucky, supported

Louisiana withdraws; Speech of Wm. B. Gaulden
of Georgia in favor of the Slave-Trade

for Vice-President in Republican National Con.
vention, 1860.....

Fruitless ballots (57) for President; Adjournment 28

to Baltimore; The Seceders at Charleston ; SeCLAY, HENRY, of Kentucky, beaten for

nator Bayard, of Delaware, Chairman; They President, 1832..

41 11

adopt the Avery Plat Defeated for President in Whig Convention at

They adjourn to Richmond; They meet at Rich-
Harrisburg, 1889. Defeated for President in

mond June 11; They finally adopt Breckin1844.


ridge and Lane; The adjourned Convention at Defeated for President in Whig Convention,

timore; Gen. Cushing's opening Speech 15

Mr. Howard, of Tennessee, moves admission of

original Delegates; Mr. Kavanagh, of MinneCLINGMAX, Thomas L., of North Carolina,

Bota, moves to lay on table; Previous question for Dissolution.....


43 CLINTON, DE Witt, defeated for President

Proposition of Mr. 8. E. Church, of New-York;
Report of Committee on Credentials

44 CLINTON, GEORGE, chosen Vice-President,

Minority Report of do.; Admission of Douglas 1804..

Delegates from Louisiana and Alabama

Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland
COCHRANE, John, of New-York, presents

and California withdraw.

4€ Anti-Slavery Resolves to Mass Meetings...

207 Delaware, and part of Kentucky, and Missouri CONSTITUTIONAL Union CONVENTION, 1860 29

withdraw; Gen. Cushing resigns the Chair;

Gen. Butler, of Massachusetts, offers & pro-
CRAWFORD, MARTIN J., for Dissolution 172
CRAWFORD, William H., of Georgia, beaten DEMOCRATIC PLATFORM (Davis's Resolu-
in Democratic Caurus for President in 1816;

tions), adopted by the United States Senate, affirm-
Democratic Caucus candidate for President, 1824 9 ing the duty of Congress to establish a Slave Code
Beaten for President 1824.....
10 in the Territories

199 CURRY, J. L. M., of Alabama, for Dissolu

DICKINSON, DANIEL S., of New-York, suption...


ported for President in Democratic National ConCUSHING, Gen. CALEB, of Massachusetts, vention, 1860

41 President of Democratic National Convention, 1860...

Dıx, Gen. JOHN A., advocates Freedom

20 Retires from the chair at Baltimore,

for the Territories in the United States...

207 Presides over the Seceders' Convention at Bal.

DISUNION AVOWED by Southern Statesmen 48

in the event of the election of a Republican Presi. DALLAS, GEORGE M., of Pennsylvania, nomi.


170 nated for and elected Vice-President, 1844..


DOBBIN, JAMES C., of North Carolina, beaten Davis, GARRETT, of Kentucky, defeated for for Vice-President in Democratic National ConvenPresident in the American National Convention... 28

tion, 1856.. Davis JEFFERSON, of Mississippi, supported, DODGE, Gen. Henry, of Wisconsin, nomi. 1860, for President in National Democratic Con

nated for Vice-President by New-York Radicals in vention

1848, but declined..

His resolutions as they passed the Senate....... 194
Davis, JOHN, of Massachusetts, defeated for

DONELSON, ANDREW J., of Tennessee, nomiVice-President in Whig National Convention, 1844. 18

nated for Vice-President by American Convention. 23

Indorsed by Whig National Convention, 1856 ... 25 Davis, John W., of Indiana, President Democratic National Convention, 1852....

20 DOUGLAS, STEPHEN A., of Illinois, beaten

for President in Democratic Convention, 1852... 29 Dayton, WILLIAM L., of New-Jersey, Re

Beaten for President in Democratic Convenpublican nominee for Vice-President, 1856; de

tion, 1856.

24 Teated therefor..

Nominated at Baltimore in 1360

43 DEJARNETTE, DANIEL C., of Virginia, for Dis- Proposes to extend the Missouri Compromise to solution

the Pacific .....


Mr. Douglas' reply to Lincoln at Freeport... 180 DELAWARE Declares for Free Territories

Mr. Douglas' “Harper" Essay on Popular Sothrough Legislative resolves in 1820.. 62 vereignty in the Territories..

182 Abo in 1849 ... 201 Speech at Springfield, Ill., June 12, 1857.

154 DEMOCRACY OF MAINE for the Wilmot Pro

Speech on the John Brown raid, July 16, 1860,

199 viso

proposing a Sedition Law.. 201

He tells what Popular Sovereignty has done for DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTIONS. -First


159 at Baltimore in 1832.. 10 Accepts Nomination for Presidency.

212 Becond at Baltimore in 1885

11 Extract from Speech in favor of Missouri CumThird Democratic National Convontion, 1840 12 promise





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PAGE Downs, SOLOMON U., of Lonisiana, beaten

Whig nominee for Vice-President, 1848

15 for Vice-President in Democratic Convention,

Elected Vice-President, 1848..

16 20

Defeated for President in Whig National Con. vention, 1852..

18 EVERETT, EDWARD, of Massachusetts, Union

American nominee for President in 1856...

23 candidate for Vice-President in 1860..

25 296

Indorsed by Whig National Convention in 1856. His views on Slavery–His “Knapsack" Speech

His views on Slavery-Buffalo Letter of 1888, in Congress Replies of Messrs. Mitchell, Ran.

and Albany Speech of 1856..

202 dolph and Cambreleng-Mr. Everett on Geo

His Letter to New York Union Meeting, 1860.. 203 graphical Parties-Later Views on Slavery, in Letters of 1837 and '89,.

FITZPATRICK, BENJAMIN, of Alabama, beaten

204 Uis Acceptance of the Nomination for Vice.

for Vice-President in Democratic Convention of President of the United States....

1856. 214

34 His views on the Sumner Outrage....

Nominated by Democratic Convention, 1860... 48 215 Declines the Nomination...

218 ELLMAKER, Amos, of Pennsylvania, Anti- FLOURNOY, FRANCIS B., of Arkansas, tem

Masonic candidate for Vice-President, 1882..... 10 porary Chairman of Democratic National ConELECTION RETURNS IN DETAIL, of all the

vention, 1860. Presidential Elections since 1836...


FLOYD, JOHN, of Virginia, supported by Aggregate vote by States, for President, from

South Carolina for President, 1832..

11 1824 to 1856....

289 FREE HOMESTEADS-Action of Congress on Alabama vote for President..

228 Governor, Congress, etc. 1869 248

granting free Homesteads to actual settlers.. 182 Arkansas vote for President.


Mr. Grow's Ten-Year proposition defeated in Congress, 1858...........

the House.. 248

184 California vote for President..

Mr. Grow introduces another bill which is

Governor, 1859.

passed in the House....

185 Connecticut vote for President..

The Senate refused to act upon it.. 223

187 Governor, 1560.


Mr. Grow introduces another in 1860, which Delaware vote for President.

passes the House...

188 Governor, 1858.

Rejected by the Senate..

189 Florida vote for President.

A compromise bill agreed upon. 238

190 Congress, 1858.

Vetoed by the President..

191 Georgia vote for President.

Veto sustained by the Senate...

198 Congress, 1859

243 FRELINGHUYSEN, THEODORE, of New-Jersey, Illinois vote for President..


Nominated and defeated for Vice-President in Congress, 1858. 246 1844.

18 Legislature, 1858.

247 Indiana vote for President..

222 FREMONT, Col. JOAN C., of California, ReCongress, 1858

246 publican nominee for President, 1856. Iowa vote for President..

Defeated for President, 1856

28 " Governor, 1859..


clines a re-nomination, 1860.. Kentucky vote for President.

288 GARTRELL, Lucius J., of Georgia, for disCongress, 1859. Louisiana vote for President..


172 Congress, 1859..

243 GEORGIA LEGISLATURE censures Senator Maine vote for President..

216 Governor, 1859.

Berrien for voting to confirm Mr. Everett as Min240 ister to England...

213 Maryland vote for President.

224 Congress, 1858.

241 GRAHAM, WILLIAM A., of North Carolina, Massachusetts vote for President. 217 Whig nominee for Vice-President, 1852.

18 Governor, 1859.

240 Defeated for Vice-President, 1852. Michigan vote for President... Chief Justice, 1859.

225 GRANGER, Francis, of New York, Presi

246 Minnesota vote for Governor, 1859.

dent Anti-Masonic National Convention...

10 Missouri vote for President,

Beaten for Vice-President, 1836.

12 Congress, 1858.

245 GUTHRIE, JAMES, of Kentucky, supported Mississippi vote for President..


for President in National Democratic Conven. Governor, Congress, etc., 1859 248

tion.... New Hampshire vote for President.

216 Governor, 1859. 240 HALE, JOAN P., of New Hampshire, Free New Jersey vote for President. 217 Democratic nominee for President, 1852..

21 Governor, 1859.

241 New.York vote for President..

Hamlin, HANNIBAL, of Maine, nominated

219 Sec. State, Controller, etc.,

for Vice-President by Republican National Con1859.

240 vention, 1860. North Carolina vote for President..


Renounces the Democratic party in the U. S. Congress, 1859

Senate.... 242

209 Ohio vote for President...

Accepts nomination for Vice-President..

211 * Governor, 1859..

245 HARRISON, Gen. WILLIAM H., of Ohio, nomOregon vote for Congress, 1859.

inated and defeated for President in 1836.

12 Pennsylvania vote for President.


Nominated for President at Harrisburg, Decem-
Congress, 1858.

ber, 1839; elected President in 1840..

19 Rhode Island vote for President.

216 Governor, 1860.. 240 HICKMAN, Joan, of Pennsylvania, support. South Carolina chooses Electors and Governor ed for Vice-President in Republican Conventivo, by Legislature...... 248 1860....

23 Tennessee vote for Presidente

231 Houston, Gen. Sam, of Texas, supported Congress, 1859.

244 Texas vote for President.

for President in Union Convention, 1860...

99 " Congress, 1859

248 HUNTER, ROBERT M. T., of Virginia, supVermont vote for President.


ported for President by Democratic National ConGovernor, 1859


vention, 1860....... Virginia vote for President.

226 Governor, 1859.

241 ILLINOIS DECLARES FOR FREE TERRITORIES Wisconsin vote for President. 287 through Legislative Resolves.....

208 Governor, 1869.

Gen. ANDREW, of Tennessee, FILLMORE, MILLARD, of New-York, defeated beaten for President in 1924 and elected in 1828... 10 ky Tice-President in Whig Convention, 1844..... 13 Reëlected President in 1832.




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JOHNSON, ANDREW, of Tennessee, supported

for President in National Democratic Conventiɔn : Johnson, HERSCHEL V., of Georgia, beaten

for Vice-President in Democratic National Conven-
tion in 1856...
Nominated for Vice-President by Democratic

National Committee, 1860...
Speech on Slavery in the Territories in 1848 ..
Holds that capital should own the laborer, in a

speech at Philadelphia in 1856. His Report
affirming the absolute right of holding slaves

in the Territories... OHNSON, RICHARD M., of Kentucky, beaten in Convention for Vice-President, 1882.

Nominated and elected Vice-President in 1836..
Beaten for Vice-President in 1840.
Beaten for President in Democratic Convention,



PM MARSH, EPHRAIM, of New-Jersey, President 41 American National Convention.... MASON, JOHN Y., of Virginia, beaten for

Vice-President in Dem. Nat. Con., 1848 ... 24 MASSACHUSETTS DECLARES FOR FREEDOM 48 through Legislative Resolves; Whigs of Massa. 168 chusetts for freedom....

202 MCLEAN, Judge John, of Ohio, defeated for President in Republican Convention, 1856.. 28

Also, in Republican Nat. Convention of 1860... 27 169

McKay, JAMES J., of North Carolina, beat

en for Vice-President in Dem. Convention 1548... 16 10 12 McRea, John J., of Missis,ippi, for Dissolu. 12 tion....

172 Missouri COMPROMISE, Adopted

64 18 The Compromise Repealed,....

87 MITCHELL, JAMES C., of Tennessee, ngainst 11 Slavery.

204 “MONROE DOCTRINE."-Extract from the 21

Message of James Monroe on the influence of
European Powers on this Continent.

21 92 MONROE, JAMES, of Virginia, elected Presi. dent in 1816 and reëlected in 1820

9 MOORE, SUYDENHAM, of Alabama, for Disso23 lution

179 MORGAN, William, revealer of Masonic Se18 crets..

10 MOREHEAD, John M., of North Carolina,

President Whig National Convention, 1848....... 16 20 MORRIS, Thomas, of Ohio, Liberty Party 22 nominee for President in 1844..


tions, at Baltimore, 1881 ; at Washington, 1832... 11 New-HAMPSHIRE DECLARES FOR THE WILMOT Proviso through Legislative Resolves...

208 20


61 212 New-YORK FOR FREEDOM.-Resolutions of

the Legislature against Slavery in the Territo23 ries in 1820,

60 Ditto in 1847-8-9.

216 Gen. John A. Dix presents resolutions to United 15 States Senate..

207 The Whigs in State Convention declare for Free172

dom. Address reported by James Brooks... 207 Free Democracy of New York for Freedom.

Resolutions presented by John Cochrane..... 207 11 ORDINANCE of 1784 (Jefferson's) against Slavery in Territories....

61 12 ORDINANCE of 1787 (Dane's) prohibiting Slavery in Northwest Territory.....

52 172 O'Conor, CHARLES, New-York, defends

Slavery as intrinsically just in a speech at Union 18 Meeting, New-York, 1859.

164 His letter to Committee of Merchants...... 167 22 Ohio DECLARES FOR FREEDOM through Legislative Resolves


FREE 127 Territory

61 129 144 PIERCE, FRANKLIN, of New-Hampshire,

Rominated for President in Democratic Conven.
tion, 1852...

20 206 Elected President,

22 210 Defeated for President in National Cod., 1836 .. 24

Receives one vote for President in National 10

Convention, 1860....
Pillow, Gen. Gideon J., of Tennessee,

beaten for Vice-President in Democratic Conven.
tion, 1852...

:0 PINCKNEY, CHARLES C., of South Carolina, 201

beaten for Vice-President, 1800; also for President
in 1804 and 1808......

9 12 POLITICAL National PLATFORMS. - None

adopted by first Democratic Convention; Nation20 al Republican Platform.


Johnson, WILLIAM Cost, of Maryland, Pre

sident of Young Men's National Convention...., JULIAN, GEORGE W., of Indiana, Free De.

mocratic candidate for Vice-President, 1852.... KANSAS OUTRAGES, Report of Howard and

Sherman thereon KILLINGER, JOAN W., of Pennsylvania,

offers an Anti-Slavery resolve in the American

Convention, 1856. KING, LEICESTER, of Ohio, President of Lib

erty Party National Convention, 1843..... KING, WILLIAN R., .of Alabama, beaten

for Vice-President in Democratic Convention of 1848...

Democratic nominee for Vice-President in 1852.

Elected Vice-President in 1852.... LANE, Col. HENRY S., of Indiana, Presi.

dent of the Republican National Convention, 1836. LANE, Gen. JOSEPH, of Oregon, beaten for

President in Democratic National Convention,
Nominated for Vice-President by Seceders at

Baltimore in 1860..
Accepts nomination..

GEORGE, of New-York, defeated for President in American National Convention, 1856. LAWRENCE, ABBOTT, of Massachusetts, de

feated for Vice-President in Whig Convention, 1848. LEAKE, SHELTON F., of Virginia, for Disso

lution.... LEE, HENRY, of Massachusetts, supported

by South Carolina for Vice-President, 1832. LEMOYNE, Francis J., of Pennsylvania,

Abolition candidate for Vice-President, 1840..... LETCHER, JOHN (Governor of Virginia),


at Buffalo in 1843...
LINCOLN, ABRAHAM, of Illinois, defeated for
Vice-President in Republican Convention, 1856...
Nominated for President by Republican Conven-

tion, 1860..
Speech at Springfield, III., June 17, 1858
Discussion with Mr. Douglas at Freeport, Ill.
Speech at Cooper Institute, New-York, 1860..
Letter to Boston Committee on the Jefferson
Birthday Festival; Letter to Dr. Canisius on


Accepts nomination for Presidency.. Locas, Gen. ROBERT, President first Demo

cratic National Convention... Madison, James, of Virginia, elected Presi.

deat 1808, and reëlected in 1812.... MAINE DEMOCRACY FOR THE WILMOT PRO

viso. MANGOM, WILLIE P., of North Carolina, sup

ported by South-Carolina for President in 1836... MARCY, WILLIAM L., of New York, beaten

for President in Dem. National Convention, 1852.





Letter ........


Para No Platform adopted by second Democratic SLAVERY EXTENSION or RESTRICTION, HisConvention; no Platform adopted by Whig

tory of the struggle for..

49 Convention at Harrisburg, 1839; First Demo

49 cratic National Platform, 1840.


Origin and Progress of Slavery in America. Whig National Platform, 1844.

British Decisions affecting Slavery in the Colo18

50 Democratic National Platform, 1844 18

81 Liberty Party Platform, 1844

Slavery under the Confederation. 14

Jefferson's Ordinance of 1784, providing for the No Platform adopted openly by Whig Con

Government of the Territories and the exclu. vention, 1848.

sion of Slavery therefrom..

81 Democratic National Platform, 1848.


Yeas and Nays thereon in Continental Congress 52 Buffalo Free Soil Platform, 1848.

17 Whig National Platform, 1852.

Ordinance of 1787, prohibiting Slavery in the 18 North-west Territory.

52 Democratic National Platform, 1852.

The Federal Constitution on Slavery...

58 Free Democratic Platform, 1852


Constitutional Amendments affecting Slavery; Republican National Platform, 1856.


Cessions of Territory by Slave States; Early American National Platform, 1856.. 23

53 Democratic National Platform, 1856.

attempts to override the Ordinance of '87

24 Whig National Platform, 1856.

Reports of John Randolph of Va., and Franklin

25 Republican National Platform, 1860.

of N, O., in opposition thereto; The first Mis26 souri Struggle..

54 Constitutional Union Party Platform, 1860... 29

Slavery Restriction proposed by Gen. James Democratic (Douglas) Platform of 1860...

Tallmadge of N. Y.; Proposition sustained by Addition thereto by Baltimore Convention, 48

the House ; Remarks thereon by Mr. T. Fuller Seceders’ Platform adopted at Charleston..

of Mass...

55 The same readopted by the seceders' (Breckin

Remarks of Gen, Tallmadge of N, Y.

56 ridge) Convention at Baltimore......

Reply of Mr. Scott of Mo.......

57 POLK, JAMES K., of Tennessee, nominated

Restriction negatived in the Senate.

58 for and elected President, 1844..

House refuses to concur; Second Missouri

Struggle ; Mr. John W. Taylor of N. Y. moves POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY IN THE TERRITORIES,

a Committee; Memorial of Daniel Webster in invented by Gen. Lewis Cass, in his Nicholson

favor of Slavery Restriction...

59 Resolves of Legislature of N. Y., in favor of 179 Slavery Restriction..


Resolves of N. J. and Pa...

61 ries : Letter of Martin Van Buren thereon...... 181

Resolves of Delaware; Counter Resolves of

Kentucky Legislature; Compromise proposed Pugu, James L., of Alabama, for Dissolu

by the Senate..

62 tion...

172 Adopted in the Senate, and Bill passed; House refuses to concur..

63 QUITMAN, Gen. JOHN A., of Mississippi,

Senate asks & Conference, beaten for Vice-President in Democratic Conven

Compromise finally carried in the House by 90 tion, 1848..

16 Yeas (14 only from Free States) to 87 Nays Beaten for Vice-President in Democratic Con

(all from Free States).. vention, 1856.

24 The third Missouri Struggle; Enlargement of

Missouri in 1836; Annexation of Texas, ANDOLPI, John, of Virginia, on Everett, 204 Address of John Q. Adams and other Whig RaynoR KENNETH, of North Carolina, de

members against such Annexation....

66 feated for President in American Convention,

Mr. Calhoun's dispatch to Mr. King; Mr. Joha
P. Hale proposes a division of Texas.


Annexation project of Milton Brown of Tenn. ; REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION, 1856 22 Adopted, Yeas 118, Nays 101; Proposition of REPUBLICAN National CONVENTION, 1860

Mr. Foster of Tenn..

70 26 Annexation carried in Senate, 26 to 25; The REVOLUTION PROPOSED by Williain L. Yan

Wilmot Proviso....

71 vey..


The Clayton Compromise; Mr. J. M. Root's Re

solve for Slavery Restriction; Proposition of Rives, WM. C., of Virginia, defeated for

Isaac P. Walker of Wisconsin,

79 Vice-President in Democratic National Conven

Proposition of Mr. Richard W. Thompson, of tion..

12 Ind.; Slavery excluded from Oregon Terri

tory.. Ross, RICHARD, beaten for Vice-President

Mr, Douglas, of Illinois, proposes to extend the in 1829.


Missouri line of restriction to the Pacific. Rosk, Gen. Thomas J., of Texas, beaten

Senate agrees, but House refuses ; The Comprofor Vice-President in Democratic National Con

mise of 1850; Gen. Taylor's recommendavention, 1852.


tions ; Gen. Sam Houston's proposition; Hen

ry Clay's plan of Compromise; John Bell's Scott, Gen. WINFIELD, of New-York, de


35 feated for President at Harrisburg, 1889.

12 Objections to Mr. Clay's scheme by Foote of Defeated for President in Whig Convention,

Miss. and Mason, of Va..

76 1848.

15 Ditto by Jefferson Davis of Miss. ; Mr. Clay Nominated for President, 1852.

18 in reply; Messrs. Downs of La., King of Ala., Letter accepting nomination for President

and Butler of S. C., in further opposition to 1852.

Mr. Clay..

77 Defeated for President, 1852.....

22 Mr. Foote of Miss, moves a Committee of ThirSECEDERS' CONVENTION at Charleston, and

teen; Mr. Clay reports from said Committee; Platform...

Mr. Jefferson Davis's Amendment..

Mr. Chase of Ohio moves a prohibition of SlaSECEDERS' CONVENTION at Baltimore nomi

very ; The Omnibus defeated as a whole, but nates John C. Breckinridge for President, and

passed in separate bills; The Kansas-Nebraska Gen. Joseph Lane for Vice-President... 48 Struggle.

79 SEWARD, Wv. H., of New-York, candidate

Mr. Atchison's remarks thereon; President for President before National Republican Conven

Pierce protests against the renewal of agita.

tion; Mr. Douglas's first Nebraska Report... 80 tion, 1860.


He amends his bill; Mr. Chase proposes to auHis “ Irrépressible Conflict " Speech at Roches

thorize the people of Kansas to prohibit Sla160

very therein; Opposed by Messrs. Bell, Doug. SERGEANT, JOHN, of Pennsylvania, beaten

las, etc., and defeated..

81 for Vice-President in 1882...


Nr. Clayton's "American” amendment; Mr. Defeated for Vice-President in Whig National

Chase moves that the people of the Territory Convention, 1844..


be authorized to elect their own Governor;

Defeated by 80 to 10; Mr. Seward's speech SINGLETON, OTHO R., of Mississippi, for Dis.

against the bill...

S2 solution.

172 The Kansas-Nebraska bw passes the Senate... 84



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